Culmination Points, New Moon and Eclipse Transformations – Sandra Walter @ Ascension Path

Art: Susan Seddon Boulet


Culmination Points, New Moon and Eclipse Transformations

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

We are at the culmination point of our Seven Sacred weeks, which completes with the New Moon Tuesday, January 16 at 6:19pm. This has been a deeply transformative passage which collectively prepared us for the energetic shifts of 2018. Note how the energy changes over the next week. We are coming out of a period of deep introspection, personal change, and global release. Now we witness the next steps of our Ascension laid out before us. Feel these glorious reality-changing frequencies, beloveds.

We endured a collective and personal transmutation of the cosmic memory of old self, lower trajectories, belief systems, family genetic imprints and soul monads. A massive clearing of the akashic for many, even for those who felt they were complete, as the collective subconscious records are released back to Source.

This occurs globally at a cellular level, as an effect of the incoming light level. This is why so many have been ill, nauseous or having unusual health challenges over the last seven weeks. The initial effect was intense, and clearing is ongoing as the energies accelerate bifurcation. DNA is overwriting old formats, and responding to the clearing by holding new light codes which were previously blocked. These frequency-based rewrites shake loose the old. Be diligent with detoxing and cleansing, and guide the mental/physical/emotional levels as needed.

The heart center is expanding as etheric imprints dissipate from cellular memory. Coping mechanisms must be surrendered for high-vibe activity, in order to resonate with the crystalline pathways opening in this Now. Blessings to everyone who is willing to be vulnerable and authentic, and keep their heart open and neutral for others through this process.

All limitations are being removed for our benefit. We learn how to operate in Unity Consciousness, flow with the highest trajectory of our path, express our new true voice, and level-up our service work. Avoiding or resisting the clarion call of the new cannot be avoided without causing psychological and emotional distortion. If you receive the call, answer it with an open heart in alignment with Unity Consciousness.

These upgrades have been continuous in our Ascension process, however the cosmic events unfolding for 2018 require this collective release. Removal of blocks to the rainbow bridge effect happened before the December Solstice. You may have felt moments of complete freedom since the New Year, followed by symptoms of clearing the next day. There are strong templates coming in, consistently activating starseed DNA and the templates within Gaia. The galactic hot-zone we have entered is accelerating the New Earth experience. In service, we simultaneously assist, surrender and let the light reveal the higher realities.

2018: Collapsing Time to Create the Miraculous

One of the strongest visions/downloads for 2018 is the activity emanating from the Trinity Stargates. These massive interuniversal portals aligned and activated with the Solar eclipse last August. The stargate alignment allows Crystalline templates of superior purity and vibration to merge with the SUN.

Solaris (the SUN) begins to pulse light codes, plasma, harmonics, and frequencies which trigger DNA in an unprecedented way. Solaris is flashing new geometries, emanating light codes and sacred fire letters, beaming 5D rainbow plasma, and delivering the command for new creation. In visions these waves of codes are rushing toward Gaia, engulfing her in sacred next-level symbols, bathing us in the dimensional-shifting, living light of Source. The SUN appears chaotic yet elegant in this realm. We are preparing for major energetic waves and events this year, Beloveds.

We sense the freedom as we unify with resonant hearts. The High-Vibe collective strengthens as Wayshowers to the New Earth, demonstrating Unity Consciousness itself. It literally feels light; many Unity Meditators reported strong lifting and levitating sensations during our last session on SUNday. We are merging with the crystalline realm to create the bridges and pathways to the next experience, and it feels sublime! The incoming crystalline templates not only amplify the New Earth experience for aligned hearts, they assist us in opening the Gateways for global transformation. Embodiment and untouchability are near.

This year reveals empirical evidence of what has been created by all of us in service. No one expects credit of course, that’s never been the point. Our starseed reward is completion of mission, however we can feel excitement beaming through the High-Vibe Tribe. Divine Love is delivering on ancient promises.

The Lunar Eclipse and January Triggers

The Solar eclipse of last August and the upcoming total Lunar eclipse on January 31 are linked. This window was highly transformative between these two eclipses. It affected the way we experience time, our multidimensional selves, and the bifurcation of realities. If the Solar eclipse was powerful for you, this Lunar eclipse will be as well. Take a moment to review what has transpired, how your trajectory has changed, and be diligent about preparation.

This eclipse does not require the extensive Gatekeeping and Gridwork of last August. It does require open-hearted anchoring of the next level of our Ascension. The New Earth grids merged with the crystalline grid during that event. Our current service focuses on unlocking as many node points as possible, continuous amplification, and merging our HUman heart grid as one stargate of Ascension. The New Earth grid went vertical last year, merging the crystalline core of Gaia with the crystalline grid and Solaris. Those Gateways will create access to the higher dimensional New Earth experience.

Our focus remains on opening the crystalline Gateways to the New Earth experience. I saw people rising through these Gateways during the Cosmic trigger last month, preparing for a pure Ascension experience.

The way that we work with crystals, especially quartz, is changing. Codes are activated within the crystal beds and Master crystals (many are from off-planet) between these two eclipses. It stimulates memories within the Starseeds, Gatekeepers and Gridworkers who have been working with crystals. Meditate on this; it is related to future memory rather than past, a side-effect of the embodiment experience. Your crystals will need to be cleared and reset between the New Moon and Lunar eclipse. Give them plenty of SUN exposure on the ground after the New Moon. They continue to assist bridging the worlds, and will assist with stabilizing the amplification.

With these new energies, our multidimensional Self penetrates levels of awareness. We are able to access the evolution of our higher levels, and co-create the new aligned in the Now.

Unified Focus: Here We Glow

Tuesday January 16: New Moon at 6:18pm PT. Seven sacred week passage ends. Set high intentions for the new trajectory.

Wednesday January 17: Gatekeeper & Gridworker focus: The eclipse portal begins, energies will build. Note the changes in your energy fields and heart as this opens up.

Wednesday January 31: Total Lunar Eclipse. Maximum eclipse at 5:30amPT. It is a Blue Moon (second Full Moon in a month) and will appear red, like a Blood Moon. This is a rare Blue Moon Total Eclipse. Totality will last just over an hour, and is visible in North America. Here is a visibility map:

The crystalline templates emanating from the SUN pulse and flash holographic imprints of themselves to prepare and change Gaia’s energy fields to become a Christed/Crystalline entity. You may see them in visions; giant light-encoded discs or geometries. That activity is caught and threaded through the New Earth grid system, activated ancient sites seen and unseen, crystal beds, aquifers, kingdoms, elementals, and activated heart centers.

It is shifting layers of the electromagentic fields to align with New Earth magnetics, which is the vertigo and dizziness some of us experience. You feel the shift in your personal magentics, as well as the shifts within Gaia. It is a release, a lightening of density. Sensations of euphoria, bliss or freedom become stronger for many.

We will continue to unify in Divine Co-creation on SUNdays with our global Unity Meditations. Gratitude to all who participate each week in this Divine Service. Details, guided meditation link can be found at

This passage is unprecedented, Beloveds. We join as one in walking through dimensional doorways this year. May we all be blessed and supported as embodiment manifests the New Earth experience.

In Love, Light and Service,


Art: Susan Seddon Boulet


Immersed in an Ocean of Love – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Water Painting by Antoine Renault


Immersed in an Ocean of Love – Part 2/2

Steve is on vacation until Jan. 11.

(Continued from Part 1.)

I’d like to continue looking at the feeling-level experience of love that I was immersed in the other day.

The space of love and bliss seemed unshakeable. I noticed that, while in it, I made choices, but without preferences. I was in what Sosan and Krishnamurti called choiceless awareness.  Just being here with nothing added. Acting without acting. Remaining centered. Doing what worked and whatever I did worked.

I saw then, a little more strongly than I do now – since I’m not in that space any longer – that I’m entirely a form made by love from itself, immersed in a sea of love.

I saw all traces of  “I want” (ego and desire) disappear.

The fact that I had no preferences was very important.  Preferences are not bad but they take us away from our center point, the stillpoint, the heart.

Away from the heart is another way of saying away from love. Going away from the heart is what Jesus called distraction:

“Come back to what is important. And that is, you are love. It is all you have ever been. Everything else — everything else, every other lifetime — is just a distraction.” (1)

We distract ourselves endlessly from the love that we are and that’s present in our very own hearts. And then we wonder why we feel so low or down or awful.

Preferences end up being a distraction from love, from our natural state. The only reason there isn’t a hue and cry raised and a global campaign started to restore love to all our lives is that so few of us have experienced transformational love. Hardly any of us know it exists. We know romantic love does but that’s the merest shadow of the other.

I’ve experienced transformational love around two dozen times in spiritual experiences prior to this latest, extended round.  But these earlier years covered mere minutes a year. And then the memory faded away and I was back to normal again.

And this would be after weeks, months and years of intense work in workshops and retreats. The real kicker is that each of these experiences repaid years of spiritual work.

I noticed the other day, as I flirted with my preferences, that it caused me to withdraw from the space of love. I could have kept going with the experiment but I probably would have found myself entirely out of the experience of love and back in lower vibrations again.

Viewed from another angle, love is the only thing we can desire that’s free. Everything else carries a karmic price tag.

I’ve already been using Archangel Michael’s blue sword of truth to cut away all attachments from the external part of my body each morning in meditation.

But preferences feel as if they’re on the inside. I now use Michael’s blue sword on the inside of my body too, to remove all preferences. And, yes, I really find it works.

Basically we have to eliminate every form of tie that keeps us in the lower vibrations  – preferences, strong desires, attachments and addictions. We have to remain in our centers.  Not like I’m so great at this. I’m not. But I’m getting better.

When we cut all preferences, we remain in the heart and exist in our natural, native state – which is love.

Sahaja samadhi, which this was not, is also our “natural state.”  I take it this time spent in bliss was just a nibble, a hint, a gift of the angels.

I remained in the loving state as I went about my errands in Vancouver.  Everything was different. Every interaction worked. If the whole world felt this way and lived it, the world would instantly work. This is what it will take – transformational love and bliss – to make the world work.


(1) “Jesus: You are Love. It is All You Have Ever Been,” channeled by Linda Dillon, December 18, 2013, at


Water Painting by Antoine Renault

新年会で親戚のこども達が「やってみよう」をおどりました!New Year 2018 Family Concert – Sumi In Wonderland

Frozen Elsa – Let it Go



New Year 2018 Family Concert


Sumi In Wonderland

Published 10 Jan 2018

Family Concert at New Year 2018

We sang…

Can’t Help Falling in Love

Double Hearts Emoji Art Print @ Redbubble


Maia sang…

One Little Finger

Let It Go ( as usual 🙂 )

The kids Danced to …

Yattemiyou by WANIMA

~~ 新年会ファミリーコンサート2018 ~~

まいあはいつもの通り大好きな Let It Go を披露。






♥ 🙂 ♥