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Secrets of Ascension
by Owen K Waters

Our physical bodies today exist in this realm of third-density existence. In a higher energy form, they can also exist in fourth density or the so-called “fourth dimension.”

Currently, the various sub-levels of fourth-density existence are home to the spirit realms of the afterlife and also to ascended masters. However, when The Shift has run its course, fourth density will also be home to us and to all physical matter, but there will be a difference.

In the fourth density realms, physical matter is part electromagnetic and part etheric. The amount of etheric energy in each atom varies from the lower to the upper sub-levels within fourth-density existence. In the lower sub-levels of fourth density, it is mostly electromagnetic while, in the upper sub-levels of fourth density, it becomes more refined and is mostly etheric in nature.

More insight into the nature of high-energy matter has emerged through the work of David Hudson, who popularized the concept of ORMES (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) as “high spin state” monoatomic material. He found that, with suitable encouragement, a metal could raise its energy level and become mono-atomic. In that state, each atom keeps other atoms at bay instead of joining together to form the clumps of molecules that we consider normal in physical matter. Gold, for example, could be transformed from a yellow metal into the ingestible white monoatomic powder described by early alchemists as a step toward their ultimate goal.

This white powder form of metals exhibits some decidedly spooky, etheric behavior. For a start, it tends to weigh almost nothing, as if it shields some of the effect of gravity. Secondly, when heated inside a sealed container, it can disappear from sight! Then, upon cooling, it reappears as if nothing ever happened.

Now, consider the natural sources of etheric energy. The air is filled with it, especially when the Sun shines. Specifically, oxygen molecules are carriers of etheric energy and that is why water (H2O) is also a carrier of etheric energy. Standing in the shower removes, not only the dust of the day, but also the emotional stresses and pollutants of the day because the etheric energy carried by the water is a great energizer and cleanser.

David Hudson pointed out that the transformation to a high spin state can be achieved by boiling fine gold dust in a strong alkali solution. No surprise there. Healthy diets full of etheric life energy leave the human body in an alkaline state while junk foods acidify the body, leaving it depleted of etheric energy. So, the alkali-supplied etheric charge boosts the physical gold to its higher monoatomic form. Then, it becomes not just a material made from electric atomic particles. It has an etheric charge as well. The material becomes, not just electromagnetic, butelectromagnetheric.

That brings us back to ascended physical bodies. They, too, are electromagnetheric. As they gain more energy and rise into higher sub-levels of fourth density, they become more etheric and less solid physical. Eventually, at the peak of one’s evolution within fourth density, the body becomes totally etheric and ready to move into fifth density, which is populated by nonphysical mental bodies and is also known as the soul realms.

At this point, a common misconception should be pointed out. Many people refer to upper fourth density as “fifth density.” The real fifth density level is nonphysical and populated by mental bodies. In the structure of the universe, anything with an etheric component is in fourth density or below. Ascended physical people and spirits in the afterlife all reside in the different sub-levels or layers of fourth-density existence.

There is a mass ascension coming. The Earth has the ability and the resources right now to raise all physical matter on earth to a higher energy level. When the cosmic time is right, all matter and all of us will ascend into fourth density existence.

It will come as quite a surprise to those who are unprepared but, to those who are ready and eager to evolve, it will open up doorways for personal growth that we never before even dared to imagine!


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Weekly Light Blast – Accessing Grace – Jamye Price

Blessed Being, you are the reflection of Love in your experience. At each moment choice beckons your courage to Love.

It is the paradox of Love, that such sweetness takes such courage. 

Love is the simplest, though at times, the most challenging path. All that you perceive in the world around you is reflective of the flow of Love. Do you observe others with the perception of their ever-changing courage to Love? Do you observe yourself as you grow in your own ability to forgive, to stand tall, to empower yourself and another?

As you strengthen your ability to Love in all situations, you are Accessing the Grace that unifies your world.

While separation is a beautiful truth of Life, it is merely half of the story. The connection, the interdependence of Life, the unseen bond of Love that unifies All Life is the other half of the story.

The visible, palpable separation can blind the senses to what is unseen. As you open your eyes and ears to the subtle, you are accessing the Truth of Love. Here you understand the value of saying no. Here you recognize your own resistance that inhibited flow. Here you see the courage and value of forgiveness. Here you understand the intention that speaks. Here you find the power that binds atoms into planets and your experience begins to form into the realm of physicality.

It is the Grace of Love that binds form.

It is the Grace of Love that destroys form.

It is the Grace of Love that continues Life.

It is the Grace of Love that exalts All Life. Unconditionally. Unconditionally. Can you do the same? With your own life, with another’s, with a choice, with a fear?

As we sit to Blast Accessing Grace, we are following our heart to the universal Truths of Love. We are perceiving our own barriers to Love and protective walls, as they are merely degrees of the same. We are understanding the exalting of Life as we choose what benefits the Self and benefits All Life simultaneously, as the nature of Life is transformation. We are remembering our Divinity and applying it to form, as the unseen becomes visible in the Light of our eyes.  We see the beauty in All Life, perhaps even before another sees it in the Self.  Blast on!

Pleiadian Message January 2018 – Christine Day

Art Linzy Arnott



Beloved ones we greet you,

Humanity has moved into a new potential of awakening as another phase of the ‘New Dawning’ energy has entered your planet at New Year.

At that moment when you entered the frequency setting of 2018 the Sun physically shifted its position, moving into a more direct path to planet Earth. This movement created a new multidimensional opening on your earth plane, as a series of expanded multidimensional settings of light rays from the Sun entered the planet. The Sun’s rays carry the emanations of God. This shift brings another form of the essence of God to the planet, and you are ready to receive this awakening. Earth has undergone a complete energetic reset since that moment of New Year.You, all of humanity have been moved into a different time continuum, into a new phase of potential for self-realization through this expansion of God consciousness that is flowing within the planet. Your Heart chamber is now in direct alignment to those multidimensional forms of God.

Through this reset there is a rapid process of acceleration in motion that is going to intensify your human experience, the human drama, while simultaneously you are being reconnected, reunited energetically to Self. Letting go and stabilizing within your Heart will be an essential component for flourishing at this juncture.

The actual physical shift between Earth and the Sun is revealing a series of new frequency settings of light that have been activated within the magnetic core of your planet and there is shift in the central pulse of rotation within the Earth. You are being changed through a new pure frequency patterning that is emerging. This design is being interwoven from the central pulse into your Heart cells. This developed patterning will strongly impact you, expanding your ability to realign within your own unique sacred aspect, which exists within the sphere of the Heart cells.

Your Heart cells are multidimensional and will fully respond to these emanations of God that are flowing onto our earth plane. As you choose, you will undergo a metamorphic process redesigning your Hearts multidimensional potential, through activating the chambers that exist on a multidimensional level within your heart.

You have been in a deep and continual process of ‘not knowing’ over the past months, and now it’s as though the Sun’s rays carry a light to illuminate your path. You are able to move as a conscious community, as a ray of light, like a torch.

Through this New Year dawning, your potential for reconnection to clarity, truth and a remembering of your own essence unfolds through the Sun’s rays. We witness you as you unfold, we hold an energetic ‘Platform’ to support you in your transition.


The Pleiadians