Super Full Dragon Moon Adventure – Altair Shyam

Karough by Zenida @ DeviantArt


Diary of a Yogi – 31st January 2018

Super Full Dragon Moon Adventure


*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆

My super full Dragon moon adventure was very moving in so many ways.

I always enter into such portals in the spirit of total surrender. So expect nothing, offer all my Blessings from my day to all beings for their liberation and go about my day practicing as normal.

So the first thing that hit me was a massive headache. I have had them before, like a sinus headache as I am very sensitive to environments, pollution, noise pollution and so on and here I am traveling from the country to and fro from Tokyo!

My wife made me an appointment with the local doctor who is a very jovial fellow like the Laughing Buddha, so I had the day off and went instead to my daughter’s preschool which Maia will go to in April.

The first thing we were introduced to was a room full of children practicing mindfulness and being taught how to sit straight and still. The next room was a teacher doing creative dance to indigenous music. In the third the teacher told us all a story about a Dragon that was birthed from an egg. It seemed somewhat surreal on the full moon.

Then we proceeded on to the doctor. He speaks English and when he poked the endoscope up my nose he said “You have chronic sinusitis”. He showed me the video and said “Your right nasal passage is normal. Your left is shaped like a Serpent. That is somewhat rare. I haven’t seen one before. I think I will send you to the hospital for a CT scan to check for further infection.”

I was somewhat taken aback. Anyway my wife and I went, got the scan done and brought the imaging back to the doctor. “Oh” he exclaimed. “There is hardly anything at all there now. So little! You don’t need any medicine”.

Both my wife and I looked at each other. Instant full moon creative manifestation? It was a very surreal day. So we got home and Maia said she wanted to draw. It was most unusual. We asked her to explain. Being only 3 she said most confidently. “This is a Rainbow, this is a Serpent, this is New Zealand.” When you turn the painting on its side she drew New Zealand like a whale.

I decided to go to bed early so after watching the Dalai Lama’s teaching on The Stages Of Enlightenment I had a bath. As is my practice I use all ways, sitting standing lying sleeping breathing eating bathing as meditation practice.

I drifted off in the bath and then got a sudden shock. Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava arose as Maitreya in bright radiant extraordinarily stunning blinding light and looked straight at me and drew His finger in circles in the water. It was a spine chilling vision in terms of how deeply it touched my heart. Goosebumps in a hot bath lol.

Then I emerged filled with awe and went to sleep practicing dream yoga. I had 3 dreams, one as a child, one as a teenager, and one as an adult, each one teaching 5 people. The first dream was to remember who we are, the second to recognize form as form, the third to know your dharma or personal teaching for your path. So a very beautiful creative day.

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Padmasambhava/Maitreya’s teaching to me was simple. “I am without Beginning or End. I AM Absolute Being”

I am moved to tears by love … ♥ 


Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆

ALTAIR SHYAM – meaning:

Altair (Eagle, Pillar of Heaven) and Nirbandh Shyam (Unlimited Light of Divine Mother’s Love) when I was given them I was told I would be ‘unbound’. So I AM.

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ 

A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.

Appreciation & Gratitude to Artists, credit given where this is known



The January 31st Lunar Eclipse gives Wings to your Highest Visions – DL Zeta @ Celestial Vision

Neptune’s Horses by Grant Devereaux (1910) Imagekind.


The January 31st Lunar Eclipse gives Wings to your Highest Visions

New timelines aligned with divine feminine energy become more accessible with the January 31st full lunar eclipse at 11° Leo. With close proximity to the Crab Constellation, this eclipse has heavy Cancer overtones, making it especially powerful. It has echoes of the August 2017 eclipses though the energies of this eclipse are softer. Intuition rather than logic is the way to navigate this emotion-driven eclipse.

Issues that have bubbled beneath the surface since last August’s eclipses may erupt onto the surface now. Seeds planted in the last six months may sprout during this time or they may fail to sprout depending on your intentions and actions since the last eclipse.

A lunar eclipse is a turbocharged full moon. It represents a resetting of emotions, helping clear away any emotional backlog of the last six months. This clearing sets the stage for the February 15 partial solar eclipse at 27° Aquarius. The February 15 solar eclipse is strongly aligned with Mercury and focuses on ideas and communications. The energies of the January 31st lunar eclipse and the February 15th solar eclipse set the tone for much of what happens in our lives until the next solar eclipse on July 12.

Eclipses are powerful cosmic events that affect everyone – though some may experience an eclipse more strongly than others depending on how an eclipse falls in their natal chart. An eclipse activates the house in which it falls in our chart and we may experience emotional situations connected to that house.

Themes and influences of an eclipse can emerge up to four weeks before an eclipse and can last for six months after or until the next eclipse. A lunar eclipse helps purge and release things from your life that no longer serve your higher purpose. People, situations or ways of being may leave your life around the time of an eclipse.

Lunar eclipses have a way of bringing hidden truths to light or they may open our eyes to any ways we have been deluding ourselves. They may also reveal ways others have deceived us. Relationships may experience shake-ups at this time; some may end while others may begin. You may become aware of an unfulfilled need or desire at this time. You may suddenly recognize a need to heal or nurture yourself, or you may recognize a need to reach out and assist others. Whatever the universe brings your attention to during the time of an eclipse is significant and has the power to shift you to new timelines aligned with the next phase of your life journey.

The January 31st eclipse brings focus to women’s issues, a topic that has synchronistically taken to the world’s stage in recent weeks and months. Modern versus traditional motherhood, women’s independence, equality and all matters on the home front will take center stage during this eclipse. People and events from the past may return to our lives during this time. Venus is on the south node and has the power to bring love relationships and people from our past back into our lives.

Neptune makes an aspect to the eclipse, bringing sensitivity and psychic awareness into the mix. It will be easier to perceive timeline potentials at this time and make conscious choices about the future. This psychic awareness combined with emotional clearing triggered by the eclipse can propel us to new and more empowered future timelines. This is a good time to journal and set intentions. Sit in meditation, observe whatever emotional issues arise and allow them to release. Neptune could bring conflicting emotions leading to overwhelm. If this should occur, it may be a time to step back from emotional overload rather than undergo a meltdown.

Jupiter is also in the mix, making harmonious aspects to the eclipse, shoring us up and helping us to face whatever challenges the eclipse brings our way. This is a time to focus on the environment and assisting others. Avoid any narcissistic tendencies. It is important to nurture and care for the sick and others in need and to donate to charities that help people in need. This is also a good time to help a homeless animal or donate to a charity that helps animals.

The moon in close alignment to the asteroid Ceres brings the potential for healing during this eclipse, which is supportive for those who work for the good of animals and the environment, for healers, for those who volunteer for humanitarian efforts and those teachers and guides who clear the way for others to follow.

Donate, volunteer, contribute during this time. Whatever you feel is missing in your life, find a way to give that to others. Express gratitude for the love and blessings you have. Raise your vibration and the energies of this eclipse will give wings to your highest visions.

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Time Line Shift: Major Energy Causing Timeline Shifts | Ascension Symptoms – Diane Canfield

To Touch a Star – Fine Art by Heather Theurer


Time Line Shift: Major Energy Causing Timeline Shifts | Ascension Symptoms

January 30, 2018

By Diane Canfield

Beloved Tribe,


What is a time line shift? It is any time shift having to do with matrix glitches in time. It can and does include missing time, time running too fast or too slow, people repeating the same activity or discussion that was already seen or heard by others and overall glitches in the matrix. It can include jumping to new timeline or looping timelines. It also can happen when we jump into a new reality by upgrading our consciousness. There are many ways time shifts  can happen and no limits to what is possible. These can and do increase in times of HIGH Energy.

We are experiencing timeline shifting NOW due to the increasing energies of the Eclipse that is soon to arrive. The last few days I have noticed in increase in spirt activity in my house. I see beings and then turn to get a better look and they disappear. I see beings standing or moving, either moving quickly or standing in one spot. I have to do a double take and then they are gone. Many times with planetary events, psychic anomalies can increase and timeline shifts can and do occur. I have been posting about this for some time as I noticed this increase many years ago. (2010)

Today, my husband came in from outside and walked past me in the kitchen as we talked for a few minutes about something in our day to day life. He then went to a different room in the house, to a room at the far end of the house, the den. A few minutes later, while I was still in the kitchen, he walked past me again to go outside and I thought to myself, why is he going outside again when he just walked in from outside? While I was waiting for him to come back in to see why he had gone outside again, he walks out of the room at the end of the house, the den and walks into the kitchen to talk to me again. I was floored and stunned. I had just seen him walk outside.

 I asked him “What happened ? I just saw you walk outside, right past me a few minutes ago”

He answered “No I have been in the den the entire time. I never went back outside” 

I was shocked and kept repeating “But I just saw you walk outside?”

We did have a good time with it as this is not the first time this has happened with either one of us, but normally it is just a glance of seeing one of us pass through a hallway from an open room.

So what happened here ? This was a timeline glitch in the matrix.  I either saw a preview of him walking out the door before he actually walked out the door (precognition)  or I actually saw a double of him walking out the door when he was still in the den.( bilocation) The matrix can act up this way creating a glitch in their system.

Either way this is a timeline shift that is occurring.

You may also see objects disappearing and then reappearing where you already looked within a matter of seconds. This has been on the increase the last week.

Remember- there are many timeline shifts that have occurred and many more will occur before complete Ascension takes place. This is part of the matrix system breaking down. We see the evidence of this in politics, sports and Hollywood as I have been talking about, where the old ways no longer work and darkness is being brought to the forefront.

 Ascension Symptoms Occurring:

  • Increasing Hunger
  • Increased Urination
  • Possible Outbursts From Others
  • Increased Energy
  • Continuation of Intense Dreams ( I have been reporting about this for weeks now, we had a few days of no dreams and now back to intense dreams again)
  • Increased Blissful Feelings
  • Other Worldly Feelings of Walking In Two Worlds At Once
  • Sleep Issues

These symptoms have been going on for a few days now and increasing today. I many times report increased hunger and thirst during timeline shifts. This can manifest as – when just eating a short time ago, being super hungry again and even eating more than usually at meals. This goes hand in hand with energy increases.

I promised I would update regularly during this Eclipse Portal so stay tuned as I continue to keep everyone informed of the current energies taking place on this Special Event. Also to know how to prepare and what to expect in this Ascension Eclipse Portal check out my last posting with loads of information here

In Service and Love

Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET Contactee, having had many in person visitations from many different races of our Star Family. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood and were reactivated in 2000 when visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

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Gratitude to artist



You are living in this moment of speed, the transition place to bring something into manifestation…so be careful with your thoughts, your wishes, and your communication. Channeled by Lee Degani.

I am Gabrielle, bringer of joy, bringer of communication so that you may further understand. And you have asked a question, and it is my joy to answer, of the stillness that you feel within but yet you feel the rushing around you.

With this new stage that you are in, beloveds, you can choose which dimension you will be in. And so when you choose to enter into the dimension that is of speed, because things are coming and being done now speedily, much more quickly than ever before, you choose to go to that dimension, to that time frame which could help you understand it a little bit more. And just as you would slide down a sliding board in the pool, the silver glinting, and go very quickly, so that is what can happen here.

And you are seeing from your multidimensional viewpoint so that is why you can feel and be the stillness and yet at the same time you can be in the place of speed. And this is a transition place for you to go when you want to bring something into manifestation. It is almost as though you are putting a request in through a mailbox slot and there is a slide that takes it down to the pile. From that pile it will then be sorted out and go into the correct slot for further action to be taken. This is what happens when you send out your wishes, your thoughts.

And you are wondering and you are seeing that no sooner do you have a thought or a wish it seems that it is being fulfilled almost immediately. For that is the time and the place that you are living in at this moment. It is a cause for celebration is it not? So that is why I am asking you to be careful with your thoughts and be careful with your wishes and be careful with your communication.

But that is what I do know, the art of communication. Let us take an example. You think of a person and how you would like to offer a gift or perhaps even return something that belongs to this person. And when you go out to the store all of a sudden that person is there. Yes, you have noticed this in times past. But begin to pay attention to this. Begin to pay close attention to every thought, to every word, because you will see that it does come to fruition.

And then you say, well, if this is the case, Gabrielle, what about the huge projects that I would like to have come to fruition, the ones that I have been working on for many years? And so it is the same dear ones. What are your thoughts? What are your words? Be aware. Remember your skill to be the observer, to be aware of where you are in each moment, for what you put out will have an effect on what you have already asked for.

Now you may wish to take a breath and fill it with love, with peace, with joy and send it into the dimension of the speed and see it like a shiny silver train that speeds down the railway. And then when it reaches its destination, the ending stop, the railway station, just as the people get out so do your wishes. Your thoughts get out too and they are set free to go along their way to where their next destination is.  Watch them be released into the air and become one with the particles of the air. And now see them enter back into the train as it speedily makes its way back to you.

So this is what you have been feeling. You have been feeling the work, the work of love that happens in this dimension. You have been feeling the speed of how it works. But as you have learned and as you are learning, when you stay in this place of centeredness, of love, of peace, of following your joy, that is just a place that you feel, like the train going past you. You do not need be part of that or make the train go. But you can enjoy watching it as it merrily speeds by, as it takes off for its destination. Enjoy the glinting silver, the sun, and yes even the sun smiles.

And so we smile with you now, for each smile brings more joy. And what joy there is to know that you have reached this place of being the one to decide what it is that you are bringing into your life, to the world! And knowing that each thought of love, of joy, is being sent to all.

How can our hearts not sing with joy as we witness this! You are commended. You are loved. You are partners with thee and we love you without measure.

I am Gabrielle, bringer of joy, bringer of the understanding of communication.

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

BEING GENTLE WITH YOURSELF – Archangel Zadkiel Through Linda Robinson ❤️

Angel Colours by Breten Bryden @ Bryden Art


February 2018 Message





Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Archeia Holy Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss being gentle with yourself.

Being gentle with yourself in the new energy is very important. You are continuing to ascend to higher and higher levels. With each rise in level, the energy is more rarified and vibrates at a higher rate.

You are like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon each time you experience a new, higher level. You are adjusting to the new energy, and you are experiencing the opportunities and lessons that are congruent with that level. It is an ongoing process that keeps your ascension path new and refreshing.

Each level offers you a higher perspective of things on the Earth plane as well as those in the higher dimensions. You may see the reasons why events have occurred at lower energetic levels and the dynamics that were involved.

With each rise in level, being gentle with yourself is important. This could be compared with the gentleness that is given to a child when it is learning to walk. The child is encouraged with each step it takes. There is no question of giving up.

Now it is time to give yourself encouragement and support in the same way.

The third dimension was an energetic vibration of needing validation from others in many situations. The opinions of others often determined whether you would move forward on a particular path or whether you would abandon it to comply with cultural expectations.

Now, at a higher level, you are becoming your own source of validation. You are inner-directed rather than outer-directed. You know in your heart whether a course of action is appropriate for you, and you have developed the courage to do what you know is right for you.

With all of these changes, being gentle with yourself can enhance your progress and assimilation of the new energy.

To begin the process of gentleness, think about how you would encourage a friend if they were in a similar situation. You would provide encouragement and support. You would praise them for each new step they were taking. If they made a misstep, you would tell them it was okay and to try again. You would never be harsh or critical in your interaction.

Harshness is a characteristic of the third dimension. Gentleness and understanding are traits of the higher dimensions.

In the higher dimensional energy, looking at the overall picture and providing support involve surrounding yourself with Love. As you take each step and succeed, give thanks for what you have learned or accomplished. Acknowledge your abilities and talents, and they will expand. Remember that what you focus on increases and expands.

If you find that you have taken an action that is not productive, look at it from a higher perspective and see what you would do differently the next time. Tell yourself that you were doing the best you could at the time with your current understanding. With your new insight, you have the opportunity to make a different decision the next time.

You can ask your guides and the Beings of Light to assist you in the process. Remember that this is a free-will planet, and they are not allowed to interfere unless invited. If you ask for their assistance, they are more than happy to help you.

Also, at the higher levels, ask for your decisions and actions to be for highest good. This will provide a sense of peace as you navigate the new energy.

The more you practice being gentle with yourself, the more natural it will feel, and soon it will become your default mode of the way you treat yourself. You will automatically turn to thoughts of Love and caring for yourself, and this allows you to rise to even higher levels of consciousness.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are practicing being gentle with yourself as you rise to higher levels and incorporate the new energy in your Being.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Lady Amethyst
…and we surround you with Love.
And so it is.

Copyright © 2017 Linda M. Robinson, All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson,
This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:
26 Towne Centre Way #184, Hampton, VA 23666, USA


Angel Colours by Breten Bryden @ Bryden Art


Evolving beyond the Bifurcation of Earth – Sharon Lyn Shepard

Evolving beyond the Bifurcation of Earth


To many the bifurcation of earth may be a new concept. Within the new age community this is one of the new buzz words of the moment. For several years there’s been a lot of talk about a new earth. Some feel that humanity is ascending to new earth as a group, leaving no one behind. There are others who feel that we are in the midst of a bifurcation of earth with two different groups of humanity formulating. One attempting to maintain the old earth. The other choosing a new earth.

At first creating a new earth and allowing those on the old earth to continue as they are sounded exciting to me. I was ready to move forward while allowing others to live as they choose and awaken at their own rate. I was never a fan of evangelizing a new earth to shepherd everyone into one golden moment of ascension. But something’s been niggling in the back of my mind and this whole idea of bifurcation began feeling “off” to me. As is my usual practice, I tossed a few questions into my cauldron of wisdom and allowed it to bubble until clarity ensued.

The clarity finally came to me during this recent dream:
I was packing a small box of crystals and stones, which I considered to be wisdom keepers, for my sister. When she saw what I was doing she shook her head and said, “I don’t want those.” I realized my sister doesn’t have any interest in what I have to offer so I returned the box to its resting place and replied, “Okay that’s fine.” This confirmed that my sister and I are living in very different realities. I do not resonate with her reality, nor she with mine and that’s perfectly okay. Then I was packing a second box of crystals and stones for my daughter. She also shook her head and said, “I don’t want those.” This was another validation of living in different realities. As with my sister, I felt at ease about it. I harbored no judgment, nor any hopes of my daughter and I ever working together spiritually as I had once desired. I recalled having realized this about our relationship a few years ago which made me sad at the time. Now I have no emotional reaction about it at all. I fully bless her soul path as she’s living it and I bless mine. Each of us simply living our reality of choice. Neither one better than another, simply different choices.

Upon awakening in the morning I realized this answered my question about the bifurcation of the earth.  Bifurcation: is defined as: the division of something into two branches or parts: the bifurcation of the profession into social do-gooders and self-serving iconoclasts.

What I realized is that bifurcation is simply another form of polarity. The reason this new earth/old earth model doesn’t resonate with me is that I have gone beyond the concept of duality. There is no either/or for me. Neither my sister nor my daughter are living the same reality as I am. And they are not living in the same reality with each other. Therein lies the question…. who goes to which earth? It looks to me like between the 3 of us there are 3 different realities, 3 different earths. None more right or wrong than the other. It’s simply a matter of choice.

Those of us who are aware of new earth are no longer living in duality, which is one of the constructs of the old earth. By breaking free of the old earth matrix, we are breaking free of duality. We are entering the time of the many, not the time of oneness where everyone is required to agree to the same reality. Nor a separation of those who are considered awake vs those who are not. For who defines or determines who is awake and who is not, for there are many degrees of awakeness.

I feel that the original idea of the bifurcation of earth was a stepping stone away from the confines of an old earth that has been cycling and recycling for eons of time. The old earth/new earth model initiated  “Releasing the old Collective Consciousness”  as mentioned in my prior blog, and inspired new potentials for all of us.

There are far more realities than the “old earth” and the “new earth”. Our evolution is happening so fast that as soon as we all agree on a new concept, there are multiple new potentials already presenting themselves. Attempting to fit everyone into a prescribed new earth reality very quickly becomes nothing more than an expanded old earth.

Thus, I feel we have already evolved beyond the limitations of the bifurcation of the old earth or the new earth. We each create our own reality. And each reality may change from one day to the next, from one moment to the next. Humanity has the opportunity to create as many new earths as there are conscious creators.

As humanity is awakening, we’re moving beyond the old collective consciousness, each person doing so in their own way with their own divine timing. I recognize that not everyone is ready for a huge leap and we each have a role to play. Thus I honor each person’s choice, including my own soul’s passion and desire to expand beyond this current reality. No longer held back by the belief that we are all One, with one agenda, and one new earth. Rather than attempting to restrain everyone into only one, we are the many, constantly expanding our consciousness. We each have the freedom to evolve and live in whatever way we choose. As we do so, old timelines are collapsing and consciousness is reforming accordingly for each of us.

We are all Master Creators! As Sovereign beings, we each have the ability to create our own reality according to our soul’s desires, free of all limitations. Do not allow your self to be influenced by the perception of others based on a yearning to be part of the group. Create your own new earth. Breath your divine consciousness into it. Live your own reality. And watch as those of us who resonate with each other naturally find each other’s playgrounds, living in harmony with each other rather than attempting to fit into someone else’s reality. And thus, we have the opportunity to live All That Is.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Eclipse Portal: What To Expect/How To Make The Most Of DNA Changes That Occur – Diane Canfield


Eclipse Portal: What To Expect/How To Make The Most Of DNA Changes That Occur

By Diane Canfield

Beloved Tribe,

Supermoon Blue Blood Eclipse Event : 

The SuperMoon Blue Blood Eclipse is coming into our physicality and consciousness January 31st at 5:51 Am. As this epic Event approaches we need to be prepared as the energies the last few weeks have already been intense and showed us so much about ourselves.

  • This Special Event has only happened once in 150 years.
  • January  31st, 5:51 AM EST the Eclipse Starts
  • It is called a Supermoon because it occurs during perigee the moons closest approach to Earth
  • It is named a Blue Eclipse because it is the second Full moon of the Month
  • They call it a Blood Moon because the Moon turns a reddish color during the Eclipse
  • Lasts about 90 minutes
  • Remember-we are entering the Eclipse Portal as the next Partial Solar Eclipse is Feb 15, 2 weeks after the this one

The energies of the last few days have brought otherworldly feelings of not being completely in one world or the next. Then a blissful feeling showed up today that always appears after the cleansing energies. These are part of the transition phase energies brought on by the coming Eclipse. When any uncomfortable energy symptoms take place, always go to your sacred place and do not let yourself become disempowered by them. Then work to tap into the blissful feelings that always come afterwards.

The few weeks before this we had intense energies coming in with no sleep, extreme fatigue and massive personal insights. These insights are there for everyone to grab onto, it doesn’t matter where one is in the ascension process. Remember we have to make our way through these energies as best we can. We do not want to resist them, as this makes them more intense. We accept and work our way through, empowered by our knowing they are bringing DNA changes to help us move into the next reality of the NEW Earth.

2018 The Year Of Light And Truth

2018 is finally the year of TRUTH. We see this already with the many layers of darkness that is being uncovered. I talked about this taking place is 2016 and many times since then. Many things are changing now, not only inside ourselves but in our “much needed to change” 3D society. The LIGHT IS NOW being shown on all that is dark, in ourselves and in all. What was once hidden is now being revealed. There was much hidden so this will be a lengthy process that will last all year and into the coming years.

For the Eclipse event, prepare for a magnification of this TRUTH and LIGHT hitting and activating each person on the planet. Eclipses tend to magnify what ever is going on on Earth only in Super Size. Eclipse energy can come in days before the actual event and last for days afterward. This eclipse is no exception.

How To Prepare 

You may have noticed that we are being SUPER affected by all things planetary now. Even just having solar wind heightened with no geomagnetic storms now has an affect on our consciousness.  Remember – I started noticing this last year and talking about in my articles. (the solar wind on it’s own giving DNA activations)

I anticipate a high energy transition for this Eclipse Portal. What can you do? I advise to start grounding if you have not been coming up to this portal. You can find my grounding video here. ( I cut the grounding section out of a larger video a few years when I recorded this and made it into it’s own video)  This is the technique to use as it actually stopped a near death experience happening for me midway in 2012 while it was was taking place. This is how powerful it is. I was able to bring my spirit back into my body when it was half way out, leaving through my crown chakra to move me into the next dimension.

I advise to manifest a calming serene atmosphere in your home, starting now. This way these same energies can carry you through the eclipse portal and this sets the tone for the energy you want to create/manifest.

If you do not meditate start mediating now. You must mediate regularly to have long lasting benefits. Just like everything else consistency is the key, but not overdoing either. We must create a harmonic balance, with not too little and too much as in everything in this reality. When we create this balance we are in harmony with the UNIVERSE and Creator.

Start living in the moment of NOW if you are not already doing this. I have been talking about this since 2012 and it is available for everyone to start. This will improve your life is so many ways. How do you do this? You do not multi task. You slow down and pay complete attention to everything happening around you at any given moment. You give others your complete attention when they are talking to you. You set boundaries to ensure you can do this. It takes time to implement, so give yourself time to incorporate it into your system and way of being. Start out by just trying it for a few hours a day and SLOWLY work your way up. I have lived this way for years, implementing it more than a decade ago. This is the way of being of the future, to be completely in the NOW. I will talk in more detail later in a longer article.

What To Expect 

What to expect? We may have geomagnetic storms during this time as well as earth changes. I notice now an increase in both these taking place when we have celestial events occurring in the last few years. This only works to enhance our already increased energy that occurs. I will be watching for both of these to take place and be reporting if they do.

Take note of DNA changes as the Eclipse comes close and occurs. This could be in the form of intense body heat or increased vibrations in the body. Eclipses can and do cause MANY ascension symptoms for us so be aware this has the potential to manifest.

Eat light and drink extra water during these upcoming days. Many are already making the change to vegan meals and many more will join. This is a sign of the NEW EARTH forming, which we are ALL creating.

Be aware our reality is in the process of changing for the better these days. There is a massive clearing going on of hidden darkness. Many were not aware this existed. But for me, I have always been able to differentiate LIGHT from Dark. I am aware many are still learning this, while more are coming on board. I have noticed an increase in this ability in the spiritual community in the past 2 years. Many are tired of being fooled and lied to and they have no tolerance for deceit anymore. This is a sign of activated DNA and being able to hold more light in the light body formation.

What to Expect from the EclipsePortal? Massive DNA changes leading us into the higher realms of LIGHT. Look for these changes to occur during this portal. Eclipses are known to be very powerful transmitters of LIGHT and this one being as powerful as it is may be a knock out.

Energy Portal Continuation 

I will keep everyone informed of what is happening in the way of DNA activations and symptoms during the eclipse window. This portal lasts from Jan 31st to Feb 15th. Stay tuned for more information coming from me and check in often. This is my service to HUMANITY as an ENERGY Expert, Psychic and Healer, to be on call during any HIGH Energy events to offer support in the way of information of energy changes during these increase activation times.

In Service and Love

Author : Diane Canfield

Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET Contactee, having had many in person visitations from many different races of our Star Family. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood and were reactivated in 2000 when visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, January 31st, 2018 in Leo ~ Living As Divine Light – L’aura Pleidian

Full Moon Mermaid’s Painting by Sue Halstenberg


Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, January 31st, 2018 in Leo ~ Living As Divine Light

A clearing out of emotions, a rebirth, an expanded awareness of both the mental thought patterns that lead to emotional sensitivity and belief systems, that once cleared, restructure your consciousness.

Your consciousness as Divine Light. Entering into the 5th Dimensional aspect of consciousness from 4th dimensional awareness. Is entering the Divine state of unconditional love. Of being your Divine Light.

Old patterns simply dissolve in this love.

This and more. activated as potential levels of expansion for you, during this Full Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo. The Lunar eclipse adds to the emotional intensity of this Full Moon. Which through self observation, leads to your rebirth.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in 11 degrees Leo, is at 9:26 am AST on January 31st 2018. This will be a powerful shift in consciousness and expansion into greater identity with ones pure Divinity depending on one’s life plan. Soul plan.

This long-awaited shift to greater knowingness of the Origin of Ones Higher God self Light, has always been what was to BE.

In the Now Moment ones heart purely opens to The Divine Love of self. It is humbleness. It is gratefulness. It is awareness and peace.

This Light has always shined in the Now throughout eternity. The 5th Dimension and all dimensions have always existed.

The Moon itself represents the subconscious self. That which acts from deep within itself the old patterns. When these patterns are cleared, the subconscious and conscious function as one, consciously. The subconscious becomes conscious. No longer hidden. All parts of self loved.

The Lunar eclipse is Quincunx Neptune. This may feel challenging as old memories and reactive responses resurface. Addictions, co-dependencies, rage, power struggles in relationships may show up. If anything left other than self-love shows up. It is to be loved. It is there for your non judgment awareness to love yourself. When you love yourself ~ you see when others are in suffering. Struggling to control outcomes. Struggling with the habitual thoughts, that are suffering in themselves.

The Lunar eclipse will be visible over the Pacific, Asia and Australia, the entire eclipse will last five hours and 17 minutes. During the totality of the Lunar Eclipse the Moon will turn to red. It does not matter where you are in the world as consciousness and Light exist without limitation of distance.

It is what is in your Blueprint and frequency that activates that which is to be activated for you. You Living as your Divine Light. Attuned and Aligned with the Eternal You. Your Higher Self. Your Presence, Your Divine Ascended Being.

Slipping in and out of dimensions as I began to write. I am here and I am there, already, all now. In what appears as leaving here. I enter the now, the expanded Divine Ascended Being. All with All That is, since before Earth Was created. With the Divine Council of Overseers. All in Divine Love and Glory and Now.

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Transforming fear to power – Kara Schallock

Artist appreciation


Transforming fear to Power – 26-Jan-2018

One of the most important things you can do is to release all fear. Having fear; no matter what it is related to; blocks you from being a powerful creator. Creating your life is your job in the New. No-one else can do this for you. There is no blockage; there is only fear of your Power. Fully accepting your Power to create and manifest is what is waiting for you. Nothing automatically happens; you (being the sovereign being you are) must take a first step toward that which you want to manifest…after you claim your Power. In fact, often taking a first step also activates your Power to create. Much is related to fear: all of the lower emotions like worry, doubt, shame, anger, control and all the others. Release the fear and step into your Power to create and manifest.

You are not alone in transforming anything; in fact, there has been a powerful whirlwind of energy available to you for any Opportunity you choose to manifest. While it helps you evolve, it also helps you release the old that you still may carry. This whirlwind can feel like being lost, feeling ungrounded, disconnected, sleeplessness, depression, headaches and other emotional and physical phenomena. This is true whether you are releasing or integrating. To access this Light, simply intend to receive. If you are still carrying your old wounds around, this Light can help you release and transform them. Your old wounds fester, affecting all aspects of your life, if they are not released. These wounds can be the result and perception that parents, past lovers, children, friends or anything in which you took on the perception of woundedness, did something to you. Once you release the wound, go deeper and find where you carry victim energy. This is the belief that things happen to you and not for you.

The New World. Do you think a brand new Earth is going to appear? No. The Earth remains the same, as you do…only different. It is your consciousness that shifts. The New Earth is here now. Being New means you see and experience through eyes of Love; not in the old way of seeing things in duality (good/bad, beautiful/ugly, right/wrong, etc.). When you are clear of the old, you see things through your Soul; your perfect self; Love. When you flow with Awareness, your consciousness shifts higher. There is no judgment or anger; there is only Divine Order. There is no resistance to perceived challenges; you flow through them with Grace. Suffering occurs when you attach to something; when you judge something and when you resist something. When you accept What Is as Divine Order, you flow. If it doesn’t feel right, go into it with Awareness and find what you are to learn or change.

When your consciousness expands, you experience Bliss. It doesn’t matter what is going on in your life, you feel Bliss deep within. Your frequency remains high and continuously shifts as you embody the Truth of you; that of Soul; your most perfect self. When you accept the truth of you; that you are Love; you ground this Truth into every aspect of life. It may not yet feel comfortable, as it is so new and continually shifts. As it moves through you (through all your bodies, cells, DNA, electrical system, etc.) eventually you become comfortable with all the shifting, yet you will not create another comfort zone matrix, in which you stop expanding. The New is always shifting and expanding, so the only place to be is in the present moment so you may observe all from a detached place.

When you are detached, you flow. In the old, being detached meant you didn’t care. In the New, Detachment is different in that you actually are more loving; you just don’t get caught up in drama or judgment. Peoples’ energy doesn’t stick to you. You hold all in Love without the old desire to fix or save. You allow others the space to create their own lives without the need to tell them what to do or who to be. You do not compare yourself to others, knowing and trusting that each being is a powerful creator, as you are. If you find yourself wanting to fix or save or compare yourself to others, go into that energy and discover where you still hold fear and then accept it and release it. Know too that grounding this New within you feels different than grounding in the old. In the old, grounding solidified you to all of who you thought you were. In the New, grounding helps the New You be more anchored as you.

You may wonder how you fit with those in your family (especially) or friends or groups when you seem to be the only one who is evolving. Stay true to you and remind yourself that dimming your light to suit others does not help you or them; it keeps all in the status quo. You can be with others and still be who you are. The more you are your Authentic Self, the more your Light shines and the more your consciousness expands. You will find that your gifts grow, as opportunities do, and you will not have a tendancy to dip into 3D any longer. The higher you go, the less duality is a part of you. So the only thing to do is to be yourself and do whatever helps you keep your Light bright and your vibration high. Don’t expect others, who may not want to shift higher, to be drawn to you. Some will reject you. Those who are ready to shift will be attracted to you. All is in Divine Order.

You may notice your physical body shifting as well as your mental and emotional bodies. What you used to like to do or eat or drink, who you liked to be with and many other things, may not appeal to you anymore. Your daily patterns are shifting. You cannot expect your physical body to act in the way it used to. Rather than fight or resist this, accept it; flow with the changes. Follow the rhythm of your body by tuning into it and asking it what it wants. When you feel disoriented or unsure, flow with what is being presented; you are merely expanding into being New. Stay in the moment and gently let go of the way you used to feel physically; this helps you flow with the changes.

You are not alone in this. While friends and family may drift away, you are surrounded and cheered on by many in the physical and beyond, who are choosing a new way of being too. Gaia is doing this as well; you may have noticed. She is letting go of lower energies. All is in a state of Transformation…dying to be born anew. There are those who blame lower energy entitities, like greys and lizzies, for the negativity that seems to be prevalent now. Don’t buy into this. This is victim energy. You alone are in charge. You can choose to dwell in lower or higher energies; the choice is yours. If you do find yourself buying into the negativity, you can clear it by remaining positive, meditating, burning sage, using Roses or Rosewater or chanting positive mantras…or whatever you are guided to do to transform the energy. You are Love; Light…you are not a victim. If you work with guides other than your own Soul, don’t connect with any being who just shows up. They could tell you they are so and so and they may not be who they say they are. Instead say this, “Only those of the Divine Light, Love and Plan be present now.” Those that are lower in vibration must leave your space. When your energy is nothing but Love, you will not be drawn into negativity nor will it be drawn to you.

As you shift in more positivity; i.e; consciousness; you attract wonderful opportunities to be more. You do not have to control this or do anything to make this happen, as all occurs in alignment with who you are within. This is the purpose of clearing and claiming yourself as Love. When you are clear, you are nothing but Love and all you attract is of this vibration. It cannot be otherwise.

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The Eclipse Transformations: Timelines, the Logos, Change and the Heart – Sandra Walter

Artist appreciation


The Eclipse Transformations: Timelines, the Logos, Change and the Heart

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

We continue to receive this strong Light code bombardment flowing through the cosmic stargate floodgates. The current influxes are harmonic-based, although they appear as vibrant light in our fields and visions. These incoming frequencies are delivered via plasma pulses, which is the flashing activity we see when we meditate or connect with the SUN. The frequencies are activating crystalline templates in the New Earth Grid system, and Gaia responds by releasing corresponding fire letters, geometries and light codes.

Since entering this dimensional-shifting, consciousness-shifting hot zone, the incoming and outflowing codes have steadily increased. Remember to ground (Earthing) with bare feet and hands on Gaia to receive, balance and integrate these emanations. If you can do this in the SUNlight, you may experience the cosmic flow of incoming light and Gaia code release. It feels quite transcendent and blissy, and stimulates the 5D DNA strands. I feel high from these activations and frequencies most of my days. It is stimulating to the energy fields and body meridians, however the transcendent state overrides the temporary discomfort. It also affects the way we experience time, which is addressed in this article.

The Trinity Stargate alignment began with last August’s Solar eclipse. Transition to higher trajectory collective timelines occurred with the Solstice. The Starseed mission of activating, aligning and attuning these intergalactic, interuniversal gateways (stargates) completed in mid-December.

Gatekeepers may now view the alignment from the intergalactic perspective, and track the activity of these influxes and frequency-triggering pulses. Last weekend I was shown the interdimensional phase-lock of these cosmic stargates with our galaxy, SUN and Gaia. All is aligned for ongoing, expansive energetic events this year.

2018 provides consistent flow through the Gateways. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers may phase-lock with these plasma fields any time Our unification opportunities are amplified (SUNday Unity meditations, eclipses, Solstice, Equinox, etc.) however with the timeline fluctuations and divisions, there are no Gateway dates as in years past. The consistent influxes will be ever-increasing, so we attune to being in the moment as these openings and anchorings present.

Some Gatekeepers and Gridworkers are becoming constant conduits of the cosmic flow as part of their embodiment process. This flow experience is complimented by the collapse of geomagnetic fields which held linear time dynamics in place. We are familiar with the function of phase-locking DNA with geomagnetic fields because that is how we unlock Gateways and clear Gaia.

A natural progression in our Ascension is to become a conduit of the plasma frequency pulses and flashing activity. The codes within the DNA, Higher Self, Gaia and New Earth Gateway phase-lock to migrate the consciousness to a new platform. This opens the crystalline Gateways to the New Earth for others to follow. It is an act of pure service, already happening, and requires regular alignment with zero point in meditation.

We are seeding the collective HUman heart grids with this flashing experience every SUNday during the Unity Meditations. It becomes stronger for the conduits, and we see this experience presenting for others, even those who don’t participate. In brief, you see and feel the plasma light flickering in your fields. Feel it, let it do its work. It is a natural progression of Wayshowership to become aligned with this plasma-pulsing/flashing activity.

Fluid Time Dynamics: Change over Habit

One of our strongest lessons this year, which is already presenting with the incoming and outflowing codes, is our ability to experience time in a fluid non-linear state. We enter a period where change overrides habit. It tends to irritate those who want reliable same-ness, as well as those who cannot tolerate busy-ness as usual. Activated DNA is attuning us a new experience of time, and it serves the Ascension process to apply this lesson of fluid time right now.

We have had phases of this, and last year there were stronger windows of this pliable-time experience as collective timelines dropped and shifted. In this Now, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage linear time. Some may consider *no planning* as the solution to this anomaly. There have been phases when no plans felt reasonable, a day or a week here and there, however the guidance in this Now is to dive into the experience in order to Master it.

As Wayshowers, we may demonstrate how to navigate the waters of fluctuating time dynamics. We have experienced the creation windows in January already; there have been days, even hours, when all is GO for creating and manifesting. Other days are for preparation, meditation, integrating, activating, and less linear activities. It teaches us to be sensitive to the new energies, stay in the moment, maintain cosmic perspective and Mastery-level patience.

The Now time can feel trance-like. Again, this is DNA attempting to migrate us to a new reality. It requires a balance of surrender and focus; allowing the new to penetrate our psyche, and dealing with any resistant thoughts or emotions which arise.

This is a year to gather, to express our experience of Ascension, and play with our co-creative power. Fears that you won’t be available, or in the right mood, or capable of interaction, must be dismissed. Those are old paradigm expectations, and we must demonstrate trust in the 5D flow. Often when we are guided to connect something much larger is at work.

Trust your heart and learn to receive, serve and create in this new light from moment to moment. It is training us for the New Earth experience.

Neutralization of Timelines, Personal and Collective

Another side-effect of increased change over habit has to do with timelines. You may have noticed the wavering state of the collective as the energies force us to choose timelines. The wavering of higher highs and lower lows is the personal and collective timeline fluctuation. If you cannot or do not choose your experience, this fluctuation gets intense. Habit wants a familiar experience, change demands a choice.

The frequencies coming in support change, they are changing the magnetic fields of Gaia and your own consciousness to provide multiple dimensional experiences. If you are having a roller coaster experience of daily ups and downs in this new light, this is your Mastery lesson presenting. If you have not committed to creating a new reality, you wobble between old and new. This is a passage of higher vibrational choices, even if that choice is as basic as exploring the big, positive unknown of Ascension. You may consciously choose your next step, your higher timeline, align your heart, actions, words and moment-by-moment choices with it, and end the wild fluctuation. Change over habit.

Once you choose conscious creation, the fluctuation evens out, clarity and peace return (good for all concerned) and clearing occurs in the DNA to resonate with timeline choice. Remember the Primary High-Vibe Christed timeline experience has been available since last September. It is a very different experience which requires a consistent phase-lock in the magnetics of the heart center. For some, the fluctuating stress of these new energies is simply mis-alignment with the higher trajectory of the Higher Self. Remember to reflect the heart’s choice in thought, word, and action. Vibrational mis-match grows wider with these plasma influxes, it is best to deal with your personal change vs habit challenges right now.

Changes in the Heart: The Eclipse Window

It’s funny to speak of the heart right now. My physical heart is still crushed up against my ribs from the impacts during the car crash. I feel my physical heart consistently as it settles back into place. The sensations are so similar to our heart activations, that it feels familiar and almost normal. However I also understand that cardiovascular and heart issues are a concern as the energies amplify. They always have been. So we take care. My personal trajectories are still sorting out; that is the nature of end-points and near-death experiences.

My etheric heart, the true essence of Source-as-Self, has also shifted during this eclipse-to-eclipse window. My heart is not diminished by other’s behavior, or even my own. I AM in a steady, Divinely neutral state, aligned with a consistent presence of LoveLight, even in challenges. My ability to forgive, and express gratitude are not diminished by the external, or internal world. There is an instantaneous perception of truth, love, goodness. These qualities are obvious, brighter, revealed. Lesser creations and distortions are also obvious, however they have no charge, no influence on my heart.

For me, this eclipse window has been transitional, because I have co-created it with my Higher levels as such. This is the initial lesson and focus of our first Gateway; to call forth the New Earth experience as a palpable reality for all concerned.

For many Wayshowers, this year is about demonstrating the impossible. The Universe has our backs, the influxes will be undeniable, and change over habit will get intense for the collective.

Losing Identity

Another are receiving amplification in this Now year is the concept of identity. The glue-like magnetics which held the structures for our old identity, our way of being in form, break apart in a dimensional shift. Bandwidths of frequency which hold dimensional realities in place are dissolving, revealing other options. The dynamics which held the old identity as a truth, and the illusion of separation, are breaking apart with the codes and light structures flowing through the Stargates.

It becomes difficult to define oneself. Your light signature will feel more applicable than titles or names, and we seem to (finally) be evolving out of the past-life or galactic titles. It is still necessary to use these tools for communication, as we remain in full acceptance of being here during the Ascension. Personally, my Light Signature is shifting. It felt Solar for many years, a projector for the fractalized beingness. Now it is now becoming more aligned with the Logos.

Embodiment of the Logos

The Logos is a template for pure Source consciousness in form, often expressing as stars. Not all stars are a pure expression of the Logos. Some stars are stepped-down in frequency to provide an experience of evolution from separation to oneness. Solaris, our magnificent SUN, is following this transition from sub-logos to Logos. This provides the experience of Christed evolution, reflected in our current Ascension process as embodiment of the Solar Cosmic Christ. We are becoming more crystalline-based to support this. The higher vibrational version of Gaia, the New Earth, is a platform for this type of spiritual evolution, which is why the ascended Gaia is on a trajectory to become a spiritual SUN; a Christed planetary platform which affects the galaxy on multiple dimensional levels. The Solar Cosmic Christ, a stellar-based template for the Logos, can be reflected in HUman form.

We have observed the changes in the SUN since the alignment of the cosmic stargates last year. The light looks and feels different, and our realities are reflecting this. Things look and feel different. The changes in our bodies, minds, hearts and emotions are obvious to anyone engaging with an Ascension process. This is not the same platform, the reality menu is getting purified and divided into perceptional bandwidths.

We use the SUN as a prism to project our consciousness into these planetary realities. As the SUN changes, so do our opportunities. The SUN transitions to a purer expression of Logos, which allows Gaia to provide a Christed/crystalline platform, and all willing consciousness may align with that new platform via embodiment of the principles of Logos.

Solaris will transition to a higher expression of the Logos with the Solar flash. Remember the projector analogy; changing the projector changes what films can be shown. Leading up to that event are multiple pulses of encoded plasma, which many are experiencing in vision and meditation for the last few years. Since the Stargate alignment with the eclipse last August, these plasma influxes have been steadily shifting the collective realities to compliment the New Paradigm. The DNA cleansing mechanisms increase, which is why so many are ill, emotional, sleepy, vibrating … all of the ascension symptoms are increased on a collective level.

Eclipse Passage Reminders

My time-flow needs to complete this article for Now, so here are a few reminders for this eclipse passage:

  • We unify on SUNday in meditation and preparation of the Gateways, for the highest outcomes of the Lunar eclipse frequencies.
  • Total lunar eclipse on Wednesday, January 31 at 5:28AM Pacific Time. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers will unify in ceremony and Gate-activation during the eclipse. Tap in, meditate, pray, create your own ceremony to express New Earth Now.
  • Be patient, kind, and compassionate with everyone. Everyone. No matter what they appear to be in this reality. Apply this classic lesson to align with the Ascended state: Treat them as you would treat God.
  • Migrate your personal reality into alignment with your highest choice, and implement moment by moment creation.
  • Express conscious creation of peace, and responsible creation which amplifies Love. This can be done even if you are involved in conscious protests and activism. Take your heart to the table, show the way.
  • End judgment habits and exercise discernment, especially with online activities. Deny the dramatic and judgmental click-bait; that seems to increase whenever the energies intensify.
  • We feel the radiance of what is about to unfold. Cultivate a rich inner life, get to know your Universe as it changes. The upgrades are strong and consistent. What habits must be changed in this now to create change?

Have a radiant eclipse week, Beloveds. Let us do the good work and co-create the revelation of New Earth in this Now, and call forth the palpable, beautiful experience of Ascension. Stability (not prevention) is a fine act of service as Gaia releases these codes through Earthquake activity. Guide these physical shifts to be balanced throughout the plates and grids. We Love You, We Bless You, We Thank You.

In Love, Light and Service,

Artist appreciation


La Vouivre by Alexandra V Bach @ DeviantArt – half-woman, half-snake (or dragon)




*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆

On January 31st, the magnificent Full Moon will take to the sky at 11° Leo, activating an incredibly rare 11-11-11 dragon portal.

2018 is an “11” Universal Year and the Sun is currently in Aquarius, ruler of the 11th House of the Zodiac.

11° Leo is the Sign of the Dragon in Tibetan and Vedic Nakshatras.

If you are reading this then you are likely to have had a past life as a Dragon Rider in many ancient cultures both on this world and others, identify with the Kundalini as the Serpent or Dragon Energy and know that you are in a cycle of deep Alchemy/Tantra/Union activation and empowerment of the mystical mandala in the coming week.

Dragons, as you know, having nurtured and reared them, are a living energy force that arise “within and without”, ‘within’ meaning in the spine, and ‘without’ meaning as real manifestations in your dreams and visions.

As a traveler of parallel and inter-dimensional worlds, you know that dragons are a powerful force.

With current physics “discovering” multiple dimensions (in bosonic string theory spacetime is 26 dimensions) you realize it is only a matter of time before we all make real physical connections through our Light Body to the inter-dimensional worlds we already connect to, in our visions and dreams.

“Just like a person dreams at night the universe also dreams”

(from ‘The Place Promised In Our Early Days’)

(Thank you Katherine)

Dragons are spoken of by all Masters and Djedhi when they refer to Shakti, the Divine Feminine Creative Power or the Pure Primeval Force of the Great Mother, the Creative Source underlying all things.

Yogananda wrote in Autobiography of a Yogi

“The astral universe is hundreds of times larger than the material universe with many astral planets, teeming with astral beings.”

The dragon portal opens the door to astral creativity and powerful abundance so whatever you focus on will manifest with stunning results.

Try the following –

Take one precious thought, make a pure intention, and visualize hear and feel it throughout the day.

See how long you can do this for.

It will give you an idea of just how powerful your focus is, or just how much training you need!

You will already be finding dream consciousness is awakening deeper new insights into the powers (siddhis) you truly have through activations and empowerments.

You will be noticing synchronicities, partners and friends intuition opening, crystals attuning, and healing practices more powerful, with lovemaking in all its forms more deep and light-forming.

I had a dream of a monkey-dragon-whale connected to this portal.

It was amazingly clear and powerful.

I can still feel it now.

It means that this portal for me is asking for focused intent (the mischievousmonkey brain) in the inner spine of fire and bliss (the dragon spine) and to immerse myself in Divine Mother’s Ocean (whale tail).

Whenever dragons arise for me they are traditionally azure-blue.

This is partially to do with my connection to Sirius B and dragon worlds and partly to do with Chinese past lives.

Blue Water Serpent Dragon

The azure-blue dragon is also called Shenlong, also Shen-lung, literally meaning a “god dragon” or “spirit dragon”.

In Japanese it is Shinryū and is a spiritual dragon from Chinese mythology who is the master of storms and also a bringer of rain.

He/She is of equal significance to other creatures such as Tianlong, the celestial dragon.

The spiritual dragons are azure-scaled and govern the wind, clouds and rain, on which all agricultural life depends.

Chinese people would take great care to avoid offending them, for if they grew angry or felt neglected, the result was bad weather, drought, flood or thunderstorms.

Despite that, Shenlong appears to signify a special ranking in the splendid robes and regalia of Chinese emperors.

He/She was also five-clawed and therefore an imperial dragon.

I live right now in an area in Japan governed by a Shinryu Dragon called Inba.

Inba is a wish-fulfilling dragon and the boundaries of our area are marked by statues of Inba the Dragon bearing a pearl (a Chintamani Stone).

This is the final cycle of the planet, a time when your inter-dimensional alchemy is flowing.

You understand the power within and without, “as above so below” so you know many of the events happening on earth are reflecting the wider cosmos and your knowledge of how to use the alchemy you practiced as a Dragon Rider is awake.

So you know how to connect to the inner spine and the Dragon forms of Kundalini.

There are many forms of Kundalini or Shakti much as there are many forms of martial arts.

The Serpent Tree by Lynnette Shelley @ Redbubble

I studied the Praying Mantis style kung-fu for many years as a teenager with Master Wu from China.

He also spoke about the Dragon energies that can be harnessed by masters in all martial arts.

This year the rare super moon falls into the embrace of the Tibetan Goddess Dengchen Lhamo, the Dragon-tailed Goddess and the Chinese Mother Dragon Goddess Nu-Kua, and is the mystical ninth Vedic nakshatra Ashlesha, consisting of six stars in the constellation of Hydra, the female water snake or the azure-blue dragon.

The symbol for this intense nakshatra is the coiled serpent at the base of the spine, reflecting the potent kundalini energy that resides here.

Ashlesha means “the entwiner” and denotes the challenges of our addictions to sensory attachments.

It is a very mental asterism ruled by Mercury and located in the sign of Cancer ruled by Moon.

The main deities are the Nagas, the Serpent Kings and Mother Dragons.

The shakti revealed here is the “power to mesmerize” to use dreams and visions to cross dimensions.

Ashleshans have a rakshasa temperament with a primary motivation of dharma.

Great mystical talents and enlightenment can be experienced if the primordial energy of this lunar asterism is harnessed.

The Buddha had this nakshatra rising under a benefic full Moon during his blessed birth.

The King Cobra protected the Buddha from the storms of life as he performed his tapas (spiritual austerities) under the bodhi tree.

This full moon deity is Ahi who in the Vedic lore is the naga or serpent/dragon wisdom, an energy that brings mystical power, electrifying shakti and spiritual enlightenment.

Your knowledge of alchemy and natural magic is flowing through these connections and your consciousness is already reaching a point of presence in the sounds and light of the Dragon Portal, opening the language we call light language to communicate beyond this world, dream with the universe and retrieve information and energy from the Naga or Dragon Lore (see the practice below).

You can touch your deity consciousness, your Light Family, and bring healing to those around you by embodying god and goddess consciousness in the Light of this Dragon Portal.

Seeing all beings as Divine Beings.

Seeing all beings as Light Beings.

Your path is the Shambhala Path, a simple awareness of being and co-creation where you are aware that the veils cast over our earth with its limited perspectives and beliefs has nothing whatsoever to do with the unlimited eternal True Self.

When you fill yourself with compassion and gratitude you will naturally surrender and let go and attract the energies beyond this world that feed your heart and bring you divine connections across worlds to expand your true self and our shared heart.

You are the Light.

You know the Azure Blue Dragon Consciousness in the Pure Land of Divine Mother where She helps you embrace all events and circumstances knowing that everything is in order.

All conflict elevates to higher peaceful resolution.

The ocean of Divine Mother resolves and heals any situation that is in progress.

If you consciously visualize and feel relief of that situation now you will bring presence to that situation and more quickly receive the divine solution and Mother’s Blessing of Peace when it arrives.

It is all in the Divine Plan.

Dragon or serpent eyes can penetrate to the depths of understanding and explore the steamy caverns of the soul.

The Dragon or Serpent is the symbol of divine wisdom, procreation, sexuality and prosperity.

In Ashlesha the Dragon Wisdom must be respected and harnessed.

This time may be deeply philosophical thoughtful and penetrating.

You may wish to be reclusive or sleep like a cat, warm and protected in your own space.

It can also bring out magnetism, sensuality and seduction.

Exploration of sexuality can be deep and transcendental.

The shadow side can be mental anxiety or melancholy.

Sharp energies can arise with hot irritable feelings.

This is all a sign of divine restlessness.

Difficulty in controlling diet may occur.

Mahatma Gandhi with his natal moon in Ashlesha spent most of his life trying to purify and restrain his eating habits.

Cultivation of gratitude and courage to face life’s situations exactly as they are is the key.

Doing this develops powerful presence and opens the portal of Now for deep mystical intuitive insight.

The Dragon’s Heart is courage.

It represents the bliss drops at the center of your heart.

When activated it brings “undefeatable power”, yatna shakti and spiritual enlightenment.

Art: Ms Sarah Welch – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, wikimedia

The treasure is in the heart.

You may find yourself making gains from whatever you anchor this weekend in the following week, so long as you persist with determination in what you started.

The greatest good you can do is to help alleviate the suffering of others by reminding them of who they truly are.

The I AM Presence.

You are the Light.

A sattwic, pure foods or vegetarian diet and practice of ahimsa (non-violence) is advised to allow the Light to enter.

The Dragon energy within will be aroused.

The key is transmutation.


Keep the focus on unity consciousness.

Be careful not to be critical or complaining as this energy brings a period of a sensitive nervous system, skin sensitivity, allergies and mental restlessness and critical speech only heightens such sensitivities.

Gratitude and appreciation can heal many wounds.

Compassionate communication.

Gratitude, courage, purification of eating habits and time to be alone in nature and stillness with your loved ones and divine friends are the best remedies.

Heruka in union (Divine Consort) with Vajrayogini


The simplest way to practice the alchemy of the Dragon is to BE the energies of the Sky Dancer, the Dragon Rider, of whom you are one, as you have the Light Body of a Sky Dancer within.

The Sky Dancer energy is depicted as the Goddess Saraswati, manifesting as mantra and mudra (sound and symbol), and mystical mandala, which is experienced through meditating on the mandala of the Goddess and walking, breathing, eating from within this energy Source.

Perhaps the simplest Mandala is a Lotus.

See yourself as this Lotus.

The Dalai Lama in sharing the Avakokiteshvara/Guan Yin empowerment also shared the mudra and Mandala of Guan Yin.

You do this by holding your hands in prayer posture at the heart.

Then open your hands and fan them emulating a Lotus.

At your Heart.

The Heart of the Lotus.

The Heart of Divine Mother.

“Every person is a Divine Mother” as the Dalai Lama often says.

The 2nd Buddha, Padmasambhava, when he taught the Divine Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal said

“The Mandala of Ultimate Tantra or Alchemy is like an udumbara lotus flower.

It rarely appears, and remains only briefly.

Not all of the blessed encounter it, so rare is its blooming.

Be glad and offer your mystic mandala to Him/Her (your Divine Guru within).”

Alchemy and Tantra and the Five Buddha Families and the Lotus Mandala were taught in a way that the more complex the mandala meditated upon, the more powerful its potency to ripen one’s continuum throughout time and space.

As within so without.

As above so below.

Here is a way to activate the Mystic Mandala of the Lotus.

It is from ‘The Tantra of the Diamond Sky Dancer’.

Settle yourself somewhere quiet.

For a few minutes take your attention to your breathing.

Breathing in, I am aware I am breathing in love and light, wisdom and compassion, breathing out I am aware I am breathing out love and light, wisdom and compassion.

Be kind to yourself.

Take your attention to your spine, the astral spine, the sushumna, and visualize it as a spine of light.

Perform guru yoga meditation.

Simply you can visualize your guru within and offer strong prayers and blessings for the liberation for all beings.

Allow an intention to unfold that you visit a Pure Land or a world from the Guru Within’s direction or your choosing.

Sitting in Vajra posture with legs crossed and hands placed on your thighs (or sitting or lying depending on your physical circumstance) visualize yourself as the Guru Within and Consort.

This could be Yeshua and Mary Magdalene for example or Amitabha and Pandaravasini.

See the central energy channel running straight up the centre of your body.

The channel is the thickness of a wheat straw made of pure light, astral light to connect you to the astral world, and it runs from the crown of the head (the Brahma aperture) above to a point four fingers below the navel.

At the base of the channel is the Mystic Mandala which could be the Lotus or a triangular dharmodaya or a mandala of your own choosing or lineage.

Inside the lower part of the channel is your own mind in the form of a pure radiant Light Syllable.

This could be the syllable AH or a vibration of your own choosing like OM.

It is light and delicate.

Hold your mind here for some time until you develop deep presence of the vibration.

Above your head visualize your paramguru.

This could be God in the form of Light or a particular deity such as Vajradhara or Vajrayogini.

Summon and absorb the Wisdom Beings, invoke and receive empowerment from the Initiation Deities, be crowned by the Christ and the Buddha, make offerings and prayers and recite the mantra that is your root mantra.

God as Light or the deity you chose becomes your own root guru.

As you breathe in the central channel, the sushumna, on the inward breath, draw the breath as Light from the Mystic Mandala.

This sacred breath pushes the tiny radiant symbol AH which ascends up the sushumna to the crown.

When the radiant symbol reaches the crown a stream of nectar (amrita) issues forth from the Heart of God as Light and dissolves into the Light syllable AH.

On the outward breath, draw the breath as Light from the God consciousness (above the body) down and around the root or ground, connecting the Light of God Within to Your Mystic Mandala.

Do this 11 times.

Visualize the sushumna as a gateway that you have opened, a Dragon Portal, a Sky Dance, through which this God consciousness pours, so that the ocean of your heart fills with the love and light of the Dragon Portal that is opening.

Breathing in, I am aware I am breathing in love and Light, wisdom and compassion, breathing out I am aware I am breathing out love and Light, wisdom and compassion.

Love and soul blessings and a wishing you a magnificent Dragon Portal!

Sakya Pema (previously Palmo Shonu with Princess Mandarava)

serving as Tibetan astrological adviser to Sakya Pandita

at the request of the Protectress of Tibet Goddess Palden Lhamo, friend of Our Mother Guan Yin

(Altair and Mother) …


When I was 9 years old I lived next to three people who strongly influenced my path.

My next door neighbor on my left was the head of an alchemy group of St Germain.

She gave me two books to read as a young boy, Autobiography of a Yogi and The Kybalion when I told her I wanted to do magic, real magic.

I always thought she looked most otherworldly, like an angel.

We will call her Master S.

Next to her lived two sisters who were ardent somewhat crazy Sai Baba devotees.

They always had vibhuti (divine ash) falling out of and off Sai Baba’s pictures. I considered this marvelous proof of divine physics.

And around the corner on my right lived a world famous astrologer.

We will call him Master R.

When my neighbor the alchemist took me to meet the world famous astrologer to read the destinies of my birth, he consulted his charts and books and simply said “This boy has the capacity to be a famous astrologer.”

I would love to know which “ordinary people” amongst your family neighbors and friends influenced your Dragon’s Path.

Mother of Dragons by DaaRia @ DeviantArt


Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆

ALTAIR SHYAM – meaning:

Altair (Eagle, Pillar of Heaven) and Nirbandh Shyam (Unlimited Light of Divine Mother’s Love) when I was given them I was told I would be ‘unbound’. So I AM.

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ 

A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.

Dragon Spirit by dovahkiinfalconer @ DeviantArt

Appreciation & Gratitude to Artists, credit given where this is known

Violet Flame – An Ancient Healing Tool @ The Summit Lighthouse

Gratitude to artist

Gratitude to artist


Violet Flame – An Ancient Healing Tool

The violet flame can be used for its spiritual healing effects. Disease in the body isn’t just caused by germs. More and more we are learning that mental, emotional and spiritual states can greatly influence our health. If something in our lives is out of balance, our physical well-being is at risk. This is where the Violet Flame can help.

Violet Flame for Spiritual Healing

Perhaps you have been in several troublesome relationships, or have a profound sadness gnawing at your heart, or maybe you experience a deep and elusive fear that comes from nowhere. We now know that if these situations persist, you have a strong likelihood of becoming ill.

For centuries, Eastern and Western spiritual adepts have used a secret tool to promote positive, healing energy. Called the violet flame, it is an invisible, spiritual energy that appears violet to those who have developed their spiritual vision. It is not necessary to actually see the violet flame for it to work.

For those who know how to use it, the violet flame changes negative energy into positive, which makes it an effective tool for healing.  And, just about anyone can learn how to use it to improve any aspect of life.

Five Ways to Use the Violet Flame:

1. Revitalize a personal relationship or heal non-forgiveness by visualizing the violet flame around both of you.

2. Direct the violet light into any physical condition that needs healing, visualizing the violet flame all around the cause.

3. Saturate all aspects of an upcoming meeting at work: see the people, the agenda and the outcomes all radiating with violet light and recite a violet flame mantra for the event.

4. See your household, your neighborhood, the town where you live, the nation, even the entire planet saturated in violet flame while giving a simple violet flame decree.

5. Watch the news on television and as the images of war and disaster flash on your screen, see them inundated in violet flame and give a violet flame decree directing it into that event for the best outcome possible in any situation.

Violet Flame Decree

Heart violet flame mantraTry reciting this violet flame decree as you visualize the situation you desire to impact:

Violet Fire, thou Love divine,
Blaze within this heart of mine!
Thou art Mercy forever true,
Keep me always in tune with you (3x)

Violet Flame Mantras

Examples of how to direct the violet light into specific conditions by repeating a mantra:

I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires.My kidney is an organ of violet fire, my kidney is the purity God desires.

Or expand your area of healing and transmutation to loved ones, your organization or business, your city and country:

___________ (person’s name) is a being of violet fire, ___________ (person’s name) is the purity God desires.

___________ (organization’s name) is an organization of violet fire, ___________ (organization’s name) is the purity God desires.

___________ (city’s name) is a city of violet fire, ___________ (city’s name) is the purity God desires.

Violet Flame for Healing Training

Free Violet Fire eBook Offer

Calling all spiritual seekers, alchemists, healers and adepts-to-be looking to use the Violet Fire’s spiritual energy to bring about healing, balance and spiritual transformation to personal and planetary conditions!

Accept our free ebook offer of the Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul and get our monthly newsletters on events or new publications on the Violet Flame:

The Meaning of Life by Saint Germain – Natalie Glasson

Artist Appreciation


The Meaning of Life by Saint Germain

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  26th January 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I, Saint Germain, send forth my energy and light of a violet and golden clarity and purification to penetrate each of your chakras. Please receive my light into your being allowing each chakra to harmonise and unify creating a beautiful surge and upgrade of light within your being. As clarity and purification fill your being, emanating in all directions, allow your own inner clarity to awaken and rise into your conscious awareness. You are a being of divine clarity. I, Saint Germain, invite you to recite this to yourself as you experience the light surging throughout your being, ‘I am divine clarity in manifestation.’ When you feel as if you are embodying the statement, feeling and acknowledging its meaning, then simply sit peacefully observing all that you are; the divine presence of clarity. Enjoy the sensation even if you cannot understand or explain the experience.</ span>

As we begin our communication together today, with the awakened and acknowledged presence of your inner clarity, we discuss a profound subject matter; the meaning of life. It is only with the presence of inner clarity that this subject can begin to be comprehended. It is important for me to state that I am speaking of the meaning of earthly life and soul missions.

The meaning of life is personal to every being upon the Earth.

We cannot dictate to another being what the meaning, purpose or value of their life is. Even with the deepest connection to the Creator, acceptance of the Earth’s consciousness and exploration of the divine plan of the Creator, we still are unable to fully comprehend the purpose of their soul. It is also not for you to even try to do so. With a connection to the Creator, acceptance of the Earth’s consciousness and exploration of the divine plan of the Creator you have the ability to recognise the meaning of your own existence upon the Earth. Therefore, we can recognise that it is within your being that your exploration can delve deep, while it is your compassion, acceptance and forgiveness that is required by others.

To discover the meaning of your life is to sense your inner truth.

Depending on how you comprehend yourself and existence upon the Earth, this will influence the level of the meaning of your life you connect with. There is a version of your meaning of life within your emotional body, mental body, physical body, spiritual body and soul. Each version will be slightly different and will bring forth fulfilment to the aspect of your being it is held within. When one aspect of your being is not fulfilling its meaning or purpose in your current existence, this is when disharmony and unbalance can manifest within your being and experiences. Each version of your meaning of life is akin to a puzzle piece when all are engaged, activated and energised, you feel complete upon the Earth in your existence, feeling whole and balanced at a spiritual and physical level.

To discover the meaning of your life, you can begin by asking, in turn, your emotional body, mental body, physical body, spiritual body and soul, ‘What is your greatest goal in this current existence? What do you wish to overcome or heal and what do you wish to embody fully?’ Taking time to connect with these five aspects of your being will allow you to build and form a picture of clarity, direction and encouragement within your conscious awareness that will allow you to flow deeper into your truth. As a larger picture, vision, understanding or knowingness awakens within your being, so you understand the divine plan for your existence. This will ignite greater comprehension of how you can be of service, how you can heal yourself, how you can experience fulfilment and so much more.

Letting go of your ego’s demand for separation, fear and drama, brings you to a space of peace within your being.

When you experience a greater presence of peace within your being especially your ego, then it is far easier to recognise the presence of the Creator in every moment of your existence. Peace within the ego is when the ego is no longer focused on survival and instead focused upon the presence of contentment and happiness. When your ego is focused on survival, this influences your entire being and reality in powerful ways promoting experiences of challenge, pain and suffering. As well as negative and destructive thinking and feelings of being unworthy, unloved and undeserving. When you are experiencing the ego’s perception and focus on survival each day you are distracting yourself from the true meaning of your life. Therefore, the focus of the ego of survival becomes your meaning of your life.

You can call upon my energies and presence, Saint Germain, to heal and dissolve the energies of fear, separation and drama you may be holding onto and embodying as well as inviting me to realign your ego to its original purpose of supporting you in experiencing fully the meaning of your life.

‘Saint Germain, I call you forth to work with me during my sleep state from now on until your presence and service is no longer required. Please share the most appropriate healing with me to support me in the release of any energies of fear, separation and drama. With ease and perfection support me in making this energetic shift within my being. Saint Germain, I additionally invite you to dissolve the alignment of my ego to any negative aspects of survival and realign my ego to contentment, happiness and supporting me in knowing, experiencing and embodying the meaning of my life. I thank you in advance for the work you achieve with me.’

This request only needs to be made once to me, and I will begin the process during your sleep state, continuing until a greater sense of your meaning of your life manifests in your conscious awareness.

Inspiration expands your energy and allows you to access the wholeness of your being and the Creator.

When, I, Saint Germain, was in existence upon the Earth, I realised that if I encouraged myself to be continually inspired and sort out experiences, people and places that inspired me then I was constantly in a state of expanded energy able to connect with the Creator at a deeper level. This served me and encouraged me to realise that my inspiration and expanded energy/ consciousness was being projected from within my being. I then realised that the feelings and awakening of inspiration were the Creator speaking to me and through me, an activation of Creator energy from within me. I began to seek inspiration from within my being, I found every aspect of my being, thoughts, emotions and manifestations, inspirational, exploring them with great depth. The constant stirring of light, love and connection within my being created a profound oneness and unity with the Creator which was born within me. The birth of the Creator within me was far greater than any experience of connection with the Creator I had previously experienced. I discovered my self as a true expression of the Creator, feeling myself adopting the power to inspire the awakening of the Creator within others. My journey continued to deepen into the depths of the Creator within me, and so my pathways before me became an expression of the Creator, filled with clarity, direction, peace and meaning.

Invite me forth to walk beside you and direct your attention to what inspires you within and around your being.

With loving clarity,

Saint Germain  


Artist Appreciation

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THE HIGH PRIESTESS – Archangel Oracle – Divine Guidance

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The High Priestess, from the Shadowscapes Oracle Card deck, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, artwork by Barbara Moore

The High Priestess: “The The High Priestess opens herself to the sky. She basks in the radiance the stars cast upon her upturned cheeks. She soaks in that tremulous, incandescent light, feeling it glow within her mind, opening corridors and dancing into filigree patterns.”

The Stars Chant:

“We were here when the mountains were young
and the sea was only a dream…
we’ve seen the hills bloom with countless
millions of seasons…
we’ve watched the clouds paint their visions 
in a slow language across the centuries…
let us speak.”

‘The owl hoots in the darkness, calling out to his mistress with the music of the night. His white feathers gleam in the moonlight as if with a light from within. He glides through the darkness to come to rest near her.

In the gloom, the night is full of whispers – the secret knowledge of the stars, of the trees, and of the earth. The spirits of each murmur their collected stories and their wisdom in a sibilant descant.

She weaves those sounds through her fingers, drawing the voices into physical being, and in her fingers, a filigree key coalesces. She calls the owl to her. ‘Take this, and be the bearer of secrets,’ she tells him.

Card Meaning: “Wisdom, knowledge, learning, intuition, purity, virtue. The High Priestess lifts her arms out, and in that gesture, her very body becomes the living symbol of a chalice. The owl is a keeper of knowledge, and he bears a key to unlock mysteries. The pomegranate is an icon of Persephone, who tasted the seeds and thus tied herself to Hades; it is the fruit of fertility and death. The moons embroidered upon her garments wax and wane, the new crescent and gibbous moons that create the full cycle embraced in one.”*

~ By Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

There is openness and receptivity here as she spreads her arms wide, palms to the cosmos and receives what is hers for the taking; knowledge, wisdom, abundance. She rises up above the drama, the watery depths of the third dimension of consciousness, refusing to be caught up in the darkness and chaos. Her hair flows up above her head connecting into the Universal flow, Crown chakra activated and connected. She is both the Sun and the Moon. She has feathers of both black and white, suggestive of the polarity of the physical existence… the isolation, the connection to All That Is.

You are the living Chalice, you have the ability to access all that the Universe has to offer, all resides within you. You are a vessel of Love and of Light. You are the beacon, you are the portal, you are the connection.

Rise above the mundane, the worry, the doubt, the fear and the drama and find this aspect of yourself. Channel in all that it has to offer you. Lifetimes of the wisdom gleaned from lessons learned. The secrets of healing. The magic and mystery of the Universe.

Within you lies the Holy Grail



~Archangel Oracle

*Shadowscapes Oracle Card deck, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, artwork by Barbara Moore



Call on me, the Mother, Michael, or Raj, to make this process smooth and painless. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest healers of the heart and soul! I am Raphael, archangel of love and emerald green light, physician of this universe, multiverse and beyond, in service to the Mother, in service to you, and all that call on me.

Even just thinking of calling me draws me close to you, faster than either a phone call or a loud shout. For you see this is what I am here for, dearest hearts, to assist you and everyone in need that I am being requested to help. I have discussed this issue with thee that if one of you is asking me to fortify, to help and clear the negative energies, the distorted thought-forms and disease from the ones that do not understand what makes them feel less than happy and vibrant, then, that will be done swiftly and efficiently.

And so, do not hesitate to call on me to assist your close friends and family, and your beloved pets that are taking in as much if not even more of these new chaotic energies that are being released from the body of Gaia and from the human collective at large.

Dear hearts, you do understand that much of the compounded energies of powerlessness that are being released to be transmuted and eliminated, for it is the time, and it is the Mother’s desire to remove these shackles of disempowerment at last and for good. Many are being affected greatly, some are even becoming bedridden because these are very dense and heavy energies and they are causing severe back pains and kidney issues.

Yes, humanity was kept enslaved in these energies for thousands and thousands of years and it is the time to release all that is contributing to this predicament. The unaware dear souls are reacting, unfortunately, in the old-fashioned way, lashing out in anger,  projecting out their self-hatred and futility emotions, while feeling trapped in this game of powerlessness, limitation, and uncertainty. There is so much resentment, and feelings of rejection, fear of failure, and guilt have been used to perpetuate these feelings of powerlessness that have kept humanity in smallness and survival mode for so long.

You do not have to panic, for this is your beloved partner, your physical vessel, that is communicating with thee and asking you to eliminate…just as your kidneys are meant to completely get rid of these toxic energies that do not belong in this new world that we are creating.

Send the intention to do so by calling on me, or on the Mother, or on Michael or Raj, it matters not, for we will gladly assist in making this process smooth and painless.

The faster you are asking for assistance the easier it gets for you and for everyone around thee to remain balanced and loving, therefore breaking this self-perpetuating cycle of disempowering that occurs when one reacts in fear and anger.

You are the ones in the forefront, the trailblazers, and for a reason, for you are the beacons of light and hope, you are the healers of the heart and soul and so much more. And so, as does any healer and competent physician, you have to be able to keep yourselves healthy and vibrant at all times in order to assist everyone else effectively.

You have to see and feel the truth and to discern the cause of any disturbance that occurs in your world. And by choosing to respond in a novel and empowering way, you are not only removing and eliminating the old patterns, but you are also empowering others to do the same.

You are doing a magnificent work, dearest ones!

Know that I am with thee always and always proud and eager to work alongside thee.

Until next time. Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Energy Report: Lucid Vivid Dreams, Synchronicities And Extreme Fatigue Along With Massive Insights – Diane Canfield

Energy Report: Lucid Vivid Dreams, Synchronicities And Extreme Fatigue Along With Massive Insights

BY Diane Canfield

Beloved Tribe,

The past few weeks we have had many Ascension Symptoms occurring, signs of moving dimensions, into the Higher Realms of Light. There have NOT been any waves or flares and only small geo storms that spiked quickly and went away just as fast the last few weeks. Instead the upgrades we are received are not as “in your face” we sometimes experience, but instead subtle and full of synchronicities, action oriented vivid dreams, massive manifestations, and huge insights/breakthroughs.

I have had so many synchronicities recently. For instance, as just one, I came across an article on how to patch a butterfly wing if  one was found that was broken on an injured butterfly. Within a few hours I came across a butterfly in our yard with a broken wing!  I brought the butterfly in the house on a stem with flowers while my husband and I looked for another wing to fix it by finding a butterfly who had transitioned. Yet we could not find one. We searched our entire very large yard. Yet now I have an awareness and have the supplies on hand in case another butterfly shows up that is injured. Do not worry if a synchronicity does not work out exactly as planned like this one. I have upgraded awareness now in this situation of how to handle it next time and will look to be completely prepared. This is the Universal awareness, it gives us glimpses of what to expect in the future by presenting small experiences first.

As of late, we have been experiencing Intense “off the Hook Dreams”. The Dreams seem so real, vivid and they are real. We can experience dreams in the same realness as we do in waking life since everything is connected. You may have noticed messages and synchronicities in your dreams and even in your waking life. These have all increased and become more in depth recently.

My dreams have been showing me, and other family members bizarre lucid time travel dreams. In the most recent one, I traveled to Sedona in my astral experience. In my dream, my husband and I were looking at a picture of an old ancient temple in Sedona and suddenly we were transported there. I had been holding one of my cats, so my cat went along too. While there we found a car and traveled all over the town. Suddenly, I knew we must return so we went back to the temple and opened the portal to return. This dream shows me we will all be able to do inter realm travel in real life. This will happen once there are enough of us to break the tipping point and we move into the next dimension of time and space. This dream was so real and so intense, it is one of the many I am experiencing and hearing about with other Ascension Journeyers.

One of the other main symptoms the past few weeks has been extreme tiredness. I have been so fatigued, I have not had much energy for writing or updates. I know an update had to be published so I forged ahead, hoping this will get me back on track to inform everyone of what has been taking place energy wise.

Sleeping issues  have been an ongoing issue for the past 2 weeks as well. You might sleep for a few hours and wake up, be up for a few hours and then sleep again getting only a few hours sleep per night. You may find you are very fatigued through out the day, no matter what activities you do or do not do. This seems to be ongoing. I will let everyone know when this lets up.

Major break throughs and massive insights are still taking place. The answers are coming in fast and furious as to our past and why things worked out the way they did. You may have those from the past, wanting to mend their karma, getting in touch with you to begin a new relationship with you. Don’t be so quick to turn them away right now, they may have changed with the NEW LIGHT flooding the planet. Talk to them and hear them out, if needed meet up with them to see if they have indeed changed and done the inner work needed to have a healthy relationship with you. Take time and make your decision as many souls are reconnecting now back to their soul purpose. You may miss a soul opportunity based on your decision.

You may notice massive insights having to do with unhealed past aspects of your life you thought were healed. You may be NOW able to see your part in all of it and how you could have handled it differently for a different outcome. We are being shown all sides of relationships at the moment and clearing All Karma that goes along with it. This has been ongoing since 2009 when these massive clearings started taking place. When you get through one layer, a new layer opens up for us to clean up and heal. Just when we think we are done, in a few months time a new layer is here for us to work on. These past few weeks, this has again taken a new turn and we are being shown ourselves over and over again through others.

As the light continues to build and our new light bodies are being formed for our New Home, all darkness must be exposed in ourselves and ALL others. The dark is being exposed and the USA is the first place this has to happen en masse through politics, hollywood and sports.  This darkness has been hidden away for many years. It is only NOW this darkness can come to light. When the full darkness is revealed, there will be a big jump in mass consciousness as finally the ones still under programming will understand what they have been missing. They will then need to rethink and recalibrate everything they thought was true and found out is not. There is a gentle nudge happening now for this to happen as more and more awaken. As more darkness is revealed, more healing can take place through out the Entire planet. The healing must take place for our Planet to Ascend. We must heal ourselves and the Planet to rebuild our New Home.

Stay tuned for my next article will cover the upcoming “Super Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse” on Jan 31st. how to prepare and what does it mean for us Ascension Light Bringers and Transformers.

In Service and Love

Author : Diane Canfield

Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET Contactee, having had many in person visitations from many different races of our Star Family. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood and were reactivated in 2000 when visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

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February Ascension Energies – Looking Back – Jamye Price


The Year of Amplification (according to Areon, the Lyran Council of Time) is flowing along. This lunar eclipse on 1/31 is a powerhouse. It seems the eclipse energies have been impacting us early! I have felt the intensity of it since about mid-January.

January’s energy of Heart Amplification stirred up a lot of healing. 2017 had the effect of much collective movement, which had the effect of personal change. The two are always inter-related. 2018 will call you more to your inner realm to use your power more directly in your life.

Follow Your Heart

Boundaries, personal will and creative focus, relaxing and nurturing yourself in healthy ways—these themes may come up repeatedly in 2018 depending on what applies to you. It is a year where there is less collective focus, more personal focus. This is, of course, what creates the collective experience.

In essence, it is a year where you enact the new desires and focuses the collective movement of 2017 stirred within you.

January asked you, what does your heart want? 2018 asks you to live it.

The universe—our living, responsive universe—is shaping you and you are shaping it. January’s intensity, whether it has felt wonderful or challenging to you, is a reminder to focus on your heart. You are worth the effort of healing, you are worth the joy of dreaming a new you. A new Earth. This brings us to February Energies…



This was a curious topic for the Monthly Energies. Wallowing in the past doesn’t seem helpful. What about the power of the present moment? Being in the Now? Focusing on the positive? Areon is nothing if not consistent—still it is about our empowerment!

Heal the Past

The current energies strongly support letting go of the challenges from the past and enhancing the positives of the past. The two are always reflexive energies. If you release a challenge, you activate it’s opposite. If you enhance a positive, you release any discordant vibrational information.

Duality isn’t just a limitation to be moved beyond, it is an engine of Life’s continuance. On this path of Ascension, we are learning to use it in a powerful and helpful way as we integrate it into connection, thereby expanding our potential. Evolution speeds.

February is often a month of much movement. This month has a partial solar eclipse and Valentine’s Day (a total eclipse of the heart?), so there is a lot of movement to stir your thoughts and emotions.

Enhance the Present

When you use these energies to observe with detached compassion, you actually get into a healthy habit of “speaking to the moment.”

Healing Within is Powerful by Jamye Price

Looking Back is a wonderful utilization of your beautiful mind flow. The linearity of the mind uses known information to categorize, analyzes and assess (among other things) so that you are safe in the moment.

The mind is survival-based when it works alone, it is based in thriving when it follows the impulses of the heart, your connection and compassion.

In February, you are supported in using your beautiful mind to empower your compassionate heart.

This is natural to you, as Love is your core. There is a simple exercise in the monthly video to amplify this. There is a difference between wallowing in the past, and observing it to empower your present—just as there are those that only want to complain rather than release and redefine.

You are learning to release the binds of the past that keep you unconsciously interacting from pain, fear, trauma or misunderstanding. You are using the subtle nature of Time to shift your present moment. This also strengthens your empirical understanding of the subtle nature of Time, a 4th dimensional expression.

Form the Future

Your past influences the physical, present moment. When you utilize your subtle bridge(your thoughts and emotions) to redefine your past, you are adjusting your physical present moment, even if it takes Time to manifest. ;o) The future is formed.

In this Year of Amplification, your clarity in the present moment, your empowerment within, and your optimism for the future are powerful catalysts to transform your life. And ultimately the human experience. This is the quantum nature of our holo-fractal universe in action. Within you, of course.

Happy February!

I AM Individualized Consciousness @ Radiant Rose Academy

I AM Individualized Consciousness

The Individualized I AM, a Cosmic Activity of ‘I AM who I AM’

As we become more illumined to a kinder and more generous understanding of the Infinite Presence of our Universe that is the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, we come to understand they are the Source at the centre of the Universe that created all of us. They created Individualizations of themselves, Divine Replications, endowing each of us with the Divine Mind of the Father and the Sacred Heart of the Mother, sending us forth into this Universe as Individualized Creators.

Each of us are the Individualized Consciousness of I AM, however the self that we are presently experiencing is only a fraction of our true Divine Consciousness, Nature, and Self. Commonly referred to as our Higher Self, or more divinely referred to as our ‘Mighty Christ I AM’, we come to realize our Higher Consciousness Self lives in Higher Realms of Pure Light, and is the Source that provides life to us in our Earthly Embodiments. As we awaken to these great truths, we realize the journey before us is to once again begin to embody on Earth, the Perfection of ‘I AM’, our Individualized Presence of Source.

Image of our ‘Individualized God Presence’

The Ascended Masters have provided us with a Sacred Image of our outer self and our Higher Self Presence and Consciousness. The lower part of the picture represents our outer self; the upper part represents our Individualized Presence of Source, which is the Spiritual Light Body of our Higher Consciousness Self. It is our Higher Intelligence, Source of life to our body, and always stands ready to be a Source of Perfection in our life and world when we awaken once again to our True Self and enter into deep acceptance, acknowledgement, and begin to communicate with our ‘I AM, Individualized Consciousness’ that abides within and above us.

The Ray of Light which descends from the Heart of our Divine Self, down through the top of our head, anchoring within the heart of the physical body, is the very Life, Light, Substance, Energy, Intelligence, and Activity which animates our physical body, and is the Source of our Consciousness.

When our attention is turned to our Higher I AM Consciousness and Presence, this Ray of Life, Consciousness, and Energy begins to intensify and expand within our physical body, until the Point of Light within every cell of the physical garment responds. Then the process of removing the denser qualities of the physical body begins.

The Armour of Light around our outer self is a Gift of Protection from our Spiritual Self. The Sacred Fire passing in, through, and around our outer self cleanses, purifies, and heals our mind, feelings, and physical body when we begin to daily call forth the Sacred Fire Purifying Flames from our Presence and the Ascended and Angelic Host.

Reflections on the Awareness Game -Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Artist appreciation


Reflections on the Awareness Game

Light, love, and awareness are names for three divine qualities as we experience them from our vantage point.

Viewed from the One’s natural state, I have no doubt that things appear entirely different. But we’re not there at this moment. We’re here, down in Fourth Dimensionality, where the living is dense. We see Light, feel Love, and are aware.

I was trained in the awareness game at Cold Mountain Institute, on a three-month resident fellowship, and in the est Training.

I found that awareness dissolved unwanted conditions and allowed one to realize the truth. That truth might be the truth of a situation or a deep truth of Self-Realization. Realizations can be minor and major.

I enjoyed the awareness path the most. Others who follow it are Zen practitioners, Vedantists. western neo-advaitins, Enlightenment Intensive participants, etc.

What is the awareness game?

A game is about obtaining something that is felt to be or represented as being more important or valuable than something we already have. In our case, we make it better to be aware than to be unaware, to be more aware than we are rather than to rest in our relative unawareness, etc.

What the primary agreement of those who play the awareness game is is to remain aware, at all times, of ourselves and to be honest in owning or acknowledging what we’re thinking, feeling, and doing.

It doesn’t take long to see that there are levels of awareness, which I’ve written about on other occasions: the intellectual, experiential, and realizational.  The awareness student wishes to be Self-Realized and so pushes awareness up the ladder from ideas to experiences to realizations.

The student of awareness labors to expand their awareness outwards and inwards. Whatever enters their field of awareness is observed. Distinctions become clear from the simple act of observing. The awareness student doesn’t force that process but simply takes what awareness gives them.

The awareness student knows especially the dissolving power of awareness. Paint one’s issues with it (that is, bestow one’s aware attention on it), allow awareness to do its dissolving work, and the issues disappear. (They may return but they disappear in the moment.)

As all one’s issues settle down, the need to be vigilant, to defend one’s self, to have a comeback, a strategy, or a winning number disappear.  The ego finds less and less work and may be found nodding off in the corner for lack of tasks to accomplish.

Finally our awareness becomes like a monk in deep meditation – one-pointed, totally open, and receptive.

Awareness has its tools. Here are two.

I use my in-breath to tell me how I’m doing. If my breath is easy, I’m happy. If my breath is labored, I have issues that I haven’t cleared.

Here’s another tool. I listen to myself for short sentences that are actually commands to myself. If I hear one, I make a note of it and ask the mind where it originated. I raise to awareness everything I can about the command, the vasana it relates to, the decisions I’ve made out of it, etc.

What’s my reward?

I’m experiencing it right now. I just took a breath and a wave of bliss came up from what I believe to be my heart (I don’t actually know. It comes from inside me).

Here I am now, in bliss, and I can tell you, there’s nothing additional I want at this moment. Living life eternally in bliss or love, peace or joy is our destination, is it not? Is that not what Ascension is?

I can never forget you – Lucia Sullivan

Lucia Sullivan


“I was glad it was over.
The beginning wasn’t even my own.
I would have chosen,
For me,
A loving home.
I was glad it was over.
I had pockets full of springtime in the country.
I pulled out the laughter and the morning dew,
And sometimes,
I would see your face.
Squinty blue eyes,
And a glowing heart.
I never had one picture of you.
But god himself imprinted the memories,
All over my skin,
My being.
I was glad it was over.
There wasn’t anything left there,
Without you.
The woods were just the woods.
The dirt road was just dust now.
Without you plowing thru,
Without you picking the wild flowers.
I was glad it was over.
Now that they were left to hold the reigns .
They drove me into those thickets of thorns you used to warn me about.
They put me out at midnight for the owls to catch me.
The ones you told me about in the dark.
On the creaky porch while we talked about the hollow tree in the yard.
They put me inside the hollow and never came back.
But I pulled that sunshine out of my pockets,
There in the dark of those hollows.
With the howling of those strange creatures hidden in the boroughs.
And I found my way back to you in the dark.
All I could see was your face.
I was glad it was over.
And one day,
We will begin again.
And I can never forget.
Because you,
Are written all over my soul.” (For my grandma)


Written by Lucia Sullivan ♥ Copyright 2018 all rights reserved
New York
I am a clairvoyant, poet, writer, and seer. I believe all things are moving towards the light. I love music, dancing, boating, nature, and animals.

YOGA OF PRAJNA WISDOM – Altair Shyam Sound Cloud

Yeshe Tsogyal



In a dream I had, I was walking on water in the dream, the second time in a week that I had been walking on water. It was a very different dream in that I was alone in a boat that I was paddling for some time. I reached a point in the harbor I was in where I stepped out and walked back on the water. It was very practical. I expected everyone that was there could do it. At that point I received the empowerment from Yeshe Tsogyal. As I absorbed the empowerment a melody came to me over the next few hours that I wrote down and then played. This is the melody, devoted to all those dedicated to the Liberation and Freedom of All.


My birth name is Stephen. I AM blending with Guan Yin as my Light Family has directed me to do which is why I use Her name, gender and birth-celebration day. As you know She manifested a real rare deep sea ocean pearl out of the Heart of Her Statue in front of my friends when I prayed to Her and so She has been the focal Heart energies for directing me to the wisdom of exalted bliss, the heart of emptiness and the clear light of being in this lifetime.

I was initiated by the Dalai Lama into the Path of Avalokiteshvara/Chenrezig/Guan Yin and the seed syllable that arose in my heart is HRIH also the seed syllable of Amitabha Buddha, Guan Yin’s own teacher.

My name in that incarnation was HRIHDAYA which means the seat of Pure Consciousness, the Seat of God in Us, realized as Existence, Knowledge and Bliss through meditation and compassion.


GRATITUDE to artists, credit given where this is known


Artist appreciation


With my Silver Flame of IlluminationI am here to assist thee to bring in the future of love, peace, and contentment. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I am Uriel, archangel of love and silver light, bringer of the future in this now moment, your brother and family, partner in the co-creation process and so much more.

I am here with thee to assure thee that you are ready and prepared for this new stage of your journey.

“Surprise, surprise!” you are saying to me. “ How can I be ready and yet not know what I am to create or to co-create? How can I bring the future into this now when you all are saying that we should be living in the moment and, even better, to accept who we are in the present moment?”

And I am saying to thee that this is why my Silver Flame of Illumination is needed at this time of transition, at this time of travel between the New Ascended You and the remnants of the old you. This is why you need it now more than ever so that you can easily discern and then discard as invalid these very hidden and obscure types of manipulation from the dense third dimensional reality that are continually attempting to drag you down and hold you for longer periods of time in that failing and fading old type of paradigm.

I am here to assist thee to bring the future of love, peace and contentment. The future we are to bring in together is not anxiety producing, it is not based on pain, struggle and fears of the old third.

You are here to create all that is going to uplift thee and others, your loved ones, and everyone else, to bring peace and joy, to anchor within you that feeling of empowerment, that feeling of safety and constant connection with the Source of all abundance, with the Mother/Father/One.

You might not know exactly what you want to manifest, but what you do know for certain is that you need to create only win-win scenarios, only harmonious relationships and a space for safe growing and learning for your children, and indeed for everyone else.

You do want to bring in only loving ways of expansion and expression. You do want to create a world where there is no room for deceit and fear, but only freedom of choice by the allowing of ‘all there is’ to come forth into manifestation as they wish.

You are truly free to focus only on that which makes your heart sing and open up in joy. And I am saying this to thee, that you do not have to be concerned with the methods by which you are to pay for your expenses at this time, for they will be attracted by the love and joyful way of being that you display by being only that which uplifts you the most.

There will come a time when there will be no need to pay any bills. But you see, that will happen when there is no more fear and limitation in your world.

Sooner than you think you will embody that unique self into your beautiful and magnificent physical self, and those special talents that you possess will bear fruits that everyone is looking for and sorely needs. For you see, that which you have to offer will complement those equally unique products of other marvelous selves with whom you are to exchange love and energy.

There will still be challenges and trials but their nature and feel will be different, for they will come from your need to bring into reality more beauty and love, more of the personal touch and the signature of your virtuous and brilliant self.

I will be closing this message now with love and an abundance of silver sprinkles of light.

Until next time. Farewell

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Remembering Your Fifth Dimensional SELF – Suzanne Lie


Remembering Your Fifth Dimensional SELF–Arcturians through Sue Lie


Remembering Your Fifth Dimensional SELF

The Arcturians through Sue Lie

We, the Arcturians, have come into your awareness within this NOW to remind you of your own Inner Power. We realize that your taking an earth vessel in order to assist with personal and planetary ascension has been a difficult situation for many of you.

You have volunteered, mostly for the planet Earth, whose Soul is known as Gaia, to educate the humans who are still unaware that they, too, have a “Soul Essence” that is in total alignment with Gaia.

One of the things that all of our volunteers to Earth studied before they began their “Mission to Earth,” was how to be able to act, think, and become, a third dimensional human. Many of you who will choose to read this message have been among those who made this choice.

You may even remember making this choice, but likely only in your dreams, meditations and/or memories of Home. Therefore, we would like to assist you to remember your fifth dimensional Home, as well as the fifth dimensional forms.

We know that at some time, or very frequently, most of you have returned to your fifth dimensional Homeworld or Starship. These visits usually occur when your consciousness resonates to Beta Wave, and especially, to Theta Wave states of consciousness.

You may initially have these experiences while sleeping or in deep meditation. In fact, we the Arcturians, ask that you take a moment to go deep inside to see if you can remember any of your inter-dimensional experiences. We ask Suzille to go deep inside as well…


Hi, Sue speaking here. The Arcturians want me to share my experience. Therefore, I will begin here. First, as I allow my consciousness to calmly float into a higher frequency, I feel how my head moves back to be in alignment with my spine.”

Then, the first thing that I remembered about my fifth dimensional SELF is that my spine is naturally aligned, and each vertebra calmly resting on top of the others from the base of my spine and into my brain.

Now, as my neck and head align with my spine, my neck relaxes to assist my head to gently reston my shoulders. This experience reminds me how my shoulders move up and my neck moves forward as soon as I feel stress. How often have I not listened to my body?

Now, I can feel how difficult it is to remember to keep my head back so that the energies can more easily rise from my Kundalini and into the higher and higher chakras. I can now feel how I instantly relax as soon as my head gently moves into alignment with my spinal column, as well as all my chakras.


When you relax deeply, your shoulders naturally drop, which allows your head to rest and your heart to open. Our many brave volunteers to take an earth vessel within your NOW will be greatly assisted by this reminder.

As you move through your daily life on third dimensional Earth, it is very easy to forget WHO you really are and WHY you have chosen to take the form of a third/fourth dimensional body.

We mention your fourth dimensional, Astral Body because it is via that frequency of your Multidimensional SELF that you will have your first inter-dimensional experiences.

Actually, many of you have likely already had your first experience, but you forgot. For example, it has been Suzille’s experience that she has found something that she wrote years ago, which documented higher dimensional experiences that she is having in this NOW.

“How can that be?” we hear you ask.

The reason why your higher dimensional experiences and memories are often lost to your third dimensional mind is because the resonance of a fifth dimensional experience is too high for your third dimensional brain to hold onto.

Therefore, you may have a higher dimensional experience, but forget it—as if it never happened—in a very short amount of your “time.”

“Time” is also an issue because your third/fourth dimensional brain is often too slow to capture, file, and maintain any fifth dimensional input. This situation is because the fifth dimension is too high and fast of a frequency for your third brain’s neural patterns to maintain.

It is for this reason that we ask that you remember to document your messages via writing them, typing them, or speaking them into a recording devise. Please remember to date all of these messages, as your third dimensional brain will be more able to understand that which is laid out in a “third dimensional sequence.”

We Arcturians, will go into more detail regarding our above statement. We have Suzille write down these messages so that you will be able to also receive them and/or print out the messages.

Then, one day, you may find them and read these “new messages from the Arcturians.” Therefore, we suggest that you also remember to ALWAYS document any inter-dimensional messages that you ever receive from any of your higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

YES, you ALL have higher dimensional expressions of your SELF. You do NOT need to deserve this higher dimensional SELF, but it will greatly assist you if you document what you have received from that guidance.

Then, one day, you may be surprised when, for no known reason, an “old journal” falls from the shelf, or an “old message” somehow comes up on your computer. This is when you make sure that you take the “3D Time” to read that message, picture, communication because it has become the NOW for you to remember that which you once received—BUT FORGOT.

Forgetting your true, Multidimensional SELF is common. It is also common to forget the many messages and memories that your higher dimensional aspect of SELF has left within your 3D memory.

In fact, this “forgetting” is VERY common for our brave warriors who have taken an Earth Vessel to assist dear Gaia. In fact, as you all know from whatever area or country you are in, that this NOW is in the midst of “something.”

You may have a difficult time remembering, understanding and/or sharing these inner messages because, as we stated before, it is very often difficult for your third dimensional brain to remember and maintain a higher dimensional message.

This situation is similar to if you were at a party and saw your old friend from many years ago. You could remember them if you had spent a great deal of “time” together within your physical life.

However, if you only met them once or twice during an event that you were not enjoying, or were distracted from, you may not remember them. The secret is that if you deeply focus your attention on something, or some one, there will be a strong engram left on your brain.

(engram –noun– a hypothetical permanent change in the brain accounting for the existence of memory; or a memory trace)

The term “hypothetically permanent” states that different people will be able to maintain a conscious connection to this engram, but others will not. Many people have had the experience of seeing something that has been written, printed or documented long ago, that is no longer in their current memory.

In terms of perceiving your higher dimensional Starships, some people will be able to maintain the memory of that sighting, whereas others will not. However, the more often that you have that same experience, the more likely it is that you will remember it.

Also, if seeing a Starship frightens you, you will likely “push it out of your memory” as a means of protecting yourself. On the other hand, if you want to have the experience of consciously perceiving one our many Starships, you will be able to have that experience and, also, be able to hold it in your mind for a longer time.

On the other hand, novel perceptions—in this case the perception of a Starship—can be frightening. In this case, the memory may not be stored in your brain. You do have the ability to tell your brain what is important for you to remember and what you would rather forget.

However, either way, the memory may only come up in your fourth dimensional consciousness.Your fourth dimensional consciousness is often just before you fall asleep or just before you wake up. It also accesses more creative or novel events, especially if they have a “feel good” emotional marker.

Memories have “emotional markers.” Often you do not want to remember something that makes you “feel bad.” Therefore, this memory has a “do not disturb” emotional marker. On the other hand, if a memory has a “feel good” marker, it will be stored in our brain under “Feel Good Experience.”

Most people are “unconscious” about their process of “pulling up” or “hiding” memories, but their emotions and their emotional body may often remind them.  These memories are in “emotional files.”  So that when you want to “feel good” your consciousness can open up a “happy emotional file.”

On the other hand, unresolved negative and/or frightening memories are also filed in your brain, but in the “unhappy emotional file.” Just as the happy, positive, victorious emotional files are very helpful when you need to “pep yourself up, or prepare for something important,” the negative, frightening files can cause erratic emotional reactions and even embarrassment.

It is for this reason, that it is a good idea to “clean up the attic” of your brain to heal and erase negative emotional memories, as well as to find “lost gems of your life.” Bringing up happy, powerful, successful, positive memories remind you that you have had experiences of victory, creativity, love, endurance and more.

It is best to keep these positive memories in an “easy access” file so that you can pull them up into your emotional body whenever you need to “give yourself a hug” or a “pat yourself on the back.”

You all have experienced how much your words, and even your silent attitudes, affect your communications with others. We, the Arcturians, are asking you to remember how much your positive, silent, attitude assists you as you walk through the many changes of your daily life.

We, the Arcturians, wish to take a moment to address our grounded ones who had chosen to go into “active duty” to assist dear Mother Gaia with Her plans for Planetary Ascension. Yes, Mother Gaia has the same plans for “Planetary Ascension” as many of you have for your “Personal Ascension.”

We, the Arcturians, wish to remind all of our fifth dimensional beings, who are currently wearing a third/fourth dimensional body, to remember their OWN fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

Remember, all of the members of humanity, from the lowest to the highest states of consciousness, are Multidimensional Beings who have had many frequencies of personal and collective expressions of SELF!

The question that we wish to ask you is:

“Do you choose to be a Higher Dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF?”


“Do you choose to be a Lower Dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF?

You are now wearing a third dimensional Earth Vessel, which allows you to choose to happily remember and effectively live via your Power Within?  Or, you could choose to fall into the illusion of the Lost Ones who live their life via the illusion of Power OVER others?

We are aware that those who will find this message and read it, have likely chosen to live by POWER WITHIN, or you would not have chosen to read our message.

Thank you! We the Arcturians say to ALL of you who have chosen to live your life via the Operational System of “Power Within Your SELF”

We the Arcturians Thank You and Gaia Thanks You!

As you know, there are many who have chosen to live their lives via “Power Over Others.” To allow yourself to become frightened or angry towards these lost ones just pulls you into their reality. Therefore, we remind you to send extra Love and Light to these lost ones.

We also ask you to send Unconditional Love to those who chose to be,

“The Guardians for Gaia.”

In fact, we see all you Guardians NOW, and we thank you, the Guardians for Gaia, for the immense contributions you have made by remembering – and returning to – your Fifth Dimensional SELF!

One gift that you will receive for your great service is that you will begin to remember your true, fifth dimensional SELF, as well as your fifth dimensional Starship, your fifth dimensional life, and your fifth dimensional friends. In fact, it is likely that many of your Earthly friends are also fifth dimensional, and they have also come to Gaia to assist Her with Her Planetary Ascension.

Before you go to sleep, during your meditations, in your journal writing, or just whenever the call comes, give us—Your Galactic Family—a big hello! You may not be able to see us or even be aware of us.

However, we can always see you, and are always aware of our deep bond with you ALL!

See you soon on the Ship

The Arcturians

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:45 AM

A Balancing View – Beacons of Light @ Espavo

Artist appreciation


The Beacons of Light – Re-minders from Home

January 2018

 ~ A Balancing View ~

NEW Audible Light

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Greetings from Home. I am the Scientist of the Heart.

I have joined you this day to tell you about some interesting things taking place on your planet over the next several months. There will be opportunities appearing and many will see openings where they once found resistance. There is a shifting taking place and these new alignments are opening as humans evolve. Dear ones, you have had to experience massive changes to arrive here. There was no easy way to do that, but you have made it and are ready to move to the next level. You will find that it is up to you to choose whether or not to step through these new openings. These opportunities are entirely yours and you can move through them with your own energy. Let us share with you more about as the energy is changing planet Earth itself.

Pushed in the Timeline

Some time ago you were pushed into the timeline. Now earth is edging toward the other side of that push. What happened was that two neutron stars collided some time ago, sending a wave of energy that was predicted by Einstein many years before. That wave hit planet Earth in a massive wash, which started to shift your timeline because gravity and time have a relationship. It felt like the rug was being pulled out from under everyone, which created a panic wave. In turn that feeling caused many to overreact and move in ways that they normally would not, which caused somewhat of a separation that is still in progress today. The entire process was like a boat moving through water sending out incredible ripples, which are rippling through your world even today. But we tell you, something exciting has recently happened when all of your telescopes were fixed on an asteroid stretching some three miles across as it passed Earth. Such a large mass has not come this close to the Earth in recent times. Due to its proximity to Earth, it brought another small gravitational wave that is counteracting the original massive one that started back in late 2015. Humans and Earth have a much higher sensitivity to gravitational changes than is presently known. The tide will turn again with opportunities for hearts to come together as one. Humans will begin looking toward unity consciousness and see the ways they are alike, instead of the ways they are different.

That will start to open many doors and hearts on your planet, but it is still up to you to take hold of this. Re-member, dear ones, when people get set in their ways they tend to hold on tightly by justifying their decisions and actions. We ask all of you to look deep within yourselves. How can you open your hearts and see the many sides of a coin? In the true fifth dimension, how will you use many of your senses that you have not used before?

All Eyes in the Universe Are Upon Earth

Back in 2012 Earth stepped fully into the fifth dimension, but that did not necessarily mean that you have lost your third dimensional ways. There are many who are still trying to use the third dimensional attributes inside the fifth dimension, which is causing much of the wave of separation to stay much longer than it needed to. It was not simply an asteroid traveling by or just a gravitational wave that hit planet Earth. There were many things taking place simultaneously, all working together within an area to help humanity move to that next level. Now it is well underway, so we ask you to celebrate this and add your energy to the change. Celebrate the opportunity to move back into unity consciousness in a way that you have not been able to do for some time. By adding your energy, it will have the effect of a doorstop holding a door of opportunity open. It is time to awaken and play your part. For the first time in quite some time, you will start to feel the wind at your back. Look for it, use it, and step forward into your truth. When you do so in a way that makes space for others to speak their truth as well, you will start a whole new fifth dimensional ripple of empowerment.

Dear ones, all eyes of the universe are upon planet Earth, for something amazing has happened. You have not been the most technologically advanced planet throughout the universe. In truth, many other beings have been far beyond your technical capabilities. However, you are the only planet of free choice, the only one without a predetermined direction or outcome. You literally had to move through these experiences by making choices within yourself, and the fascinating thing is you have moved more than any other game throughout the universe. We tell you, dear ones, no game throughout the universe has ever shifted a collective dimensional reality the same way that humanity has.

Being able to move from the third dimension through the fourth to acquire all these new imprints, while landing firmly in the fifth is amazing and quite unexpected. You are still figuring out how all these different attributes work. Even physics has performed differently in the fifth dimension than in the third or fourth. Although you do not spend much time in the fourth dimension, you have gained many of the imprints that were necessary for you to shift. This collective dimensional shift has never happened anywhere before; all eyes of the universe are upon planet Earth and humanity is evolving right now. Our greatest dream for each and every one of you is to start moving further into light body, recognizing your spirit first and your humanness second. To do that, it will require going deep within your heart and evaluating yourself and everything around you in a slightly different light. You will view it from a different perspective, having an opportunity to see things as they truly are from Home rather than the tainted vision that you have had in the third dimension.

Dear ones, even your own physical bodies are changing. You will be gaining new attributes and senses. We have told you all along you actually have closer to eight senses than five. Other than the chakras, you typically have no idea of how you move energy into and within your physical body. You will start to learn how to discern it and use it, for you will learn how to carry more light within you. Even your own vision is changing. Visible light is only a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and you will begin to be able to see in wider ranges. Many humans are also starting to hear inter-dimensionally, and some are quite worried about the sounds you are hearing. You may be starting to feel a magnetism from your other dimensional realities. This is not the collective dimensionality of the third fourth and fifth dimension, but the multidimensionality of humans having eleven different experiences at one time.  These dimensions are separated by magnetic walls of energy, and what is happening now is that you are starting to be able to feel through those walls. The magnetism of the heart is moving through the walls at incredible speeds as they start to disintegrate, bringing about many opportunities.

Losing Separation

Understand dear ones, you are living on the planet of imperfection so you have had to hide your perfection between all eleven dimensions. That separation gave you the opportunity to pretend to be a human, to pretend to be separate from each other. As people feel these walls dissolving and the connection to others gets stronger, it is causing much fear because they feel they are losing their identity and uniqueness. This is causing many to act out rather boisterously as they try to hold onto their truths in the same way they did within the third dimension.

Be patient, dear ones. Know that there is no right or wrong, for this evolution will carry forward into light body as many who wish to go. It is not about a judgment; it is not about leaving behind those that are too slow or not good enough to go into the next level. All will have the opportunity, although there will be some that stay behind and simply choose not to move. Do not judge them and know that they are part of you as well, by helping to provide the ladder that is needed for you to open into that next dimensional reality. Dear ones, you have made it into the fifth dimension. Now we ask you to start fully letting go of the third dimensional pieces that sometimes hold all humans back.

Creating an Empowered Society

Belief systems will begin to fade in favor of individual beliefs.  Instead of judgment in seeing things as right or wrong, up or down, good or bad, and love or fear, start using discernment. Simply take what is for you at this moment without judging that something else as being bad. Look for the good in everything. Reflect the light in each other because that is how you empower yourselves, dear ones. As you empower the people around you, suddenly you are in an empowered society. It is as if you are working back in the days of Mu when you all had these open hearts and connections to each other. There are so many of you right now on the planet who are carrying this tremendous opportunity for empathy. The empaths are here in great numbers. Many of you have been in hiding and understandably so, because it is very difficult to be of such a high vibration on such a low vibrational planet. It is truly that high vibration that pulls everything up into it and you have made more of a difference than you will know until you return Home. We are so incredibly proud of you. Look forward to what is coming, dear ones, for there is no sadness in what is happening. We will say it again, just wait until you see what is coming.

You have earned your way into a higher vibration by taking steps that have never been taken before anywhere. There are more games like yours happening throughout the universe, than you have numbers to count in your systems. When you consider that, perhaps you can understand why you are so incredibly honored. You are stepping forward. Yes, it is difficult and painful at times. Sometimes it means you must live on a harsh planet in order to awaken everyone to move toward it, although you will never all believe the same things. There are a million ways Home, dear ones, so do not think that only one belief or a single belief system will get you there. Only those who are looking toward a unity consciousness will be able to make the biggest difference in what you are experiencing. We ask you to love each other unconditionally. Know that no matter which side you think you are on, in truth you are all in this together. Step forward into the new light and take your place in the Family of E on planet Earth, because this is now about empowerment. Find the ways to empower those around you in any way possible. Dare to step up, to step out of hiding, because now is also a time for your voice to be heard. It is not about who can shout the loudest, but those who stay the most in harmony with those around you. You have traveled a long way, dear ones, and some of you have spirits that are somewhat tired.  You have worked so hard and invested so much in this grand experiment of the planet of free choice. Know that you are no longer the only planet of free choice, for there are others that have started to replicate the miracles that are taking place here right now. You have already won the game and that is beautiful.

Enjoy this journey whenever you can, find the light within and reflect it back out. Pull that light through to help you understand and trust that you are truly spirit first. You have earned your place to be here and we are incredibly proud of you dear ones. Take this beautiful wave of magnetic energy and let it stir your heart to the highest of highs. Know that above all, you are loved. It is with the greatest of honor that I greet you in this way and ask you simply to treat each other with the greatest of respect. Nurture one another every chance you get and play this game well together.

I am the Scientist of the Heart.


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Security as a Created State – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Gratitude to artist


Security as a Created State

I was musing on something this morning when I noticed a deeply-buried state within me. This is the second time this has happened in the last few days. (1)

Last time it was anger. This time it was a hungering for security. For a while I was most focused on experiencing the hungering. But then I noticed something. I had mentioned the word “security.” That implied that I had some knowledge of it.

So I asked myself to experience security and report on it. And memories flooded in, going back to nestling with Mother as an infant. I knew what security is.

Not only that – not only that I had a memory of it – but also I created the experience of security in this moment. I saw myself do it.

One moment I was feeling as insecure as I always do. Insecurity was a deeply-buried background state – the “background of obviousness,” “unconscious awareness,” Werner called it.

And then the subject of security was brought up and, in pondering it, I found the experience of security in my memory banks and created the experience of it – by an act of will.

Therefore, just as I am the source of love, I must also be the source of my own feeling of security. And it’s the feeling of security we’re all looking for, is it not? Never mind the baubles. How do we feel?

Let me recap on the levels of knowledge. The intellectual level has me get the idea of something but my comprehension remains cerebral. My writing is dry and at best conveys some useful information.

The experiential level sees me feel into things and flow with the feelings I observe, to get the experience of them, inside and out. The awareness path proceeds at the experiential level.

The realizational level sees one reach a deep understanding of the truth of something and experience a discontinuous improvement – usually a radical expansion – in the experience of love, bliss, and wellbeing. Vedanta, Zen, Sufism, all sincere spiritual paths proceed at the realizatiional level.

There can be minor and major realizations. (2) But each of them makes a lasting impact on us.

While I’ve had realizations – as we all have – I’m not in a realized state.

But I do create my feeling states. I see that now.

Tell me some bad piece of news and I’ll generate righteous indignation. Tell me some heart-wrenching story and I’ll weep.

And by the same token I create my own sense of threat and security.

My head is reeling from these realizations.

If I didn’t write these matters down, there’d be no record of them. The memory would be lost. My recall doesn’t extend beyond a few hours these days. Nor does that of many people around me. I’m taking these as Ascension symptoms.

Get it and lose it. Get it and lose it, Werner Erhard would say. (3)

Loss upon loss, Lao Tzu would say, until at long last comes rest. (4)


(1) the last time I noticed a deeply-buried vein of anger, that was always with me in the background and colored everything. Again my “scared wolf” look arises from this. The scared wolf captures the close relationship between fear and anger. The angry mind protects the fearful child.  I traced it back to my Father and began another round of forgiveness work.

(2) The major realization we’re all headed for is Ascension, Sahaja Samadhi. It’s mukti, liberation from life and death, Fifth Dimensionality.

(3) When asked if the experience of “getting it” (realization) would last, Werner replied:

“The answer is ‘no’ – and ‘yes.’ ‘Getting it’ is not simply a ‘peak experience.’

“Ultimately, it is knowing from your own experience, that, whatever your circumstances, you have the power to transform the quality of your life at any moment of time.

“Thus, transformation or enlightenment is not merely a one-time event, but something which continues to unfold and be available to you as a part of everyday living.” (Questions people ask about the est Training. est, 1977, n.p.)

Transform the quality of our lives…. From insecurity to security?

(4) The Way is gained by daily loss,
Loss upon loss until
At last comes rest.

By letting go, it all gets done;
The world is won by those who let it go!
But when you try and try,
The world is then beyond the winning.

( Lao-Tzu, The Way of Life (Tao Te Ching). Trans. R.B. Blakney. New York and Scarborough:
New American Library, 1955, 48, 101.)


Gratitude to artist

Aquarius: The Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science – William Meader @ Emergent Light

Zodiac Digital Art – Horoscope Sign Aquarius by Peter Awax @ Fine Art America


Aquarius: The Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science

Aquarius is a sign long associated with progressive thinking, eccentricities and humanitarian awareness. As an air sign, it emphasizes the importance of the mind as an essential factor of human living. This first manifests as the mind of the individualistic and egocentric personality. However once the Aquarian steps onto the Path, this tendency is gradually transmuted into a commitment to progressive ideations in support of humanity’s welfare.  And, it is the Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science that underlies this evolutionary dynamic within the mind of the Aquarian.

Because the Fifth Ray of Science is the foundational energy behind Aquarius, this sign is the animating force of science today. Indeed, it was Aquarius that gave birth to science in the days of René Descartes and Isaac Newton. Given the fact that we are entering into the Age of Aquarius it is not surprising, therefore, that science continues to have a growing influence in the shaping of modern day society.

Historically considered, our relationship to Aquarius has also evolved.  In the 19th century, for example, scientific understanding was rooted in Newtonian Physics and was largely applied to dense and tangible engineering initiatives. Yet today it has evolved into subtler realms, such as Quantum Physics and String Theory. Such changes give clear evidence of the evolutionary influence Aquarius has had (and continues to have) on the scientific community and humanity at large.

William Meader

THE WORLD – CULMINATION – Archangel Oracle – Divine Guidance

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The World ~ Culmination, from The Enchanted Tarot, by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber



The World ~ Culmination

Quick Read Message: “You need to attain a degree of understanding that enables you to graduate to a higher level and enjoy real success. This rare time of culmination must be identified and honored. As the old cycle ends, inappropriate habits must be left behind.
Outcome: “You will soon attain a degree of achievement and understanding that enables you to graduate to a higher level and enjoy rewards of a physical, mental and spiritual nature. Savor this time of culmination. You have earned it.”

The Dream: “The Earth, divine mother of us all, evolved from the stars and materialized into reality. On her naked body, we dance the dance of life just as she dances through the cosmos. We have assumed our place in her temple, the Earth we must return to in an everturning cycle. When you are aware of being in tune with the universe, you then know how everything has its own seasons, rhythms, and cycles. But in our dimentional world these things not only come around in full circle but are part of a spiral carrying us ever outward and upward in our evolution and growth. Our world, too, is evolving and growing, for on this journey we are united in the joy of movement. As we learn the limits of our small world and of our physical nature, we are reminded that we are caretakers of the Earth’s body as well  as our own. The Spiritual Journey is one of going within and finding our essential harmony with all that there is. When we attain the knowledge of who we really are, we gain The World.”

The Awakening: “By uniting and balancing your inner harmony with the skills you have learned in life, you can achieve real success. Hard work is demanded to attain this, but material rewards and inner peace can be yours. You must see your life in the context of the world before you gain the knowledge you seek.”

The Enchantment: “Form a circle with a group of friends. Hold hands. Slowly move in a clockwise direction, dancing and swaying to this chant: “Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. The World is dancing, dance for all.” Complete the circle twenty-two times. Close  your eyes. Visualize the Earth in the center of your circle, bathed in white light, receiving the love and the healing energy from your group. Know that we are all blessed caretakers of the World.”*

~ By Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

The World card is one of endings and beginnings. Sometimes the cycle is so close, one blends right into the other seamlessly. And sometimes, there is such a huge difference between the two it can knock the wind right out of you.

The World is a graduation of sorts. A rite of passage has been accomplished and it is time to move on to the next level. All that you have been though, all that you have experienced and all the lessons learned have culminated into guidance for where you are about to go. Choose your direction wisely, for anything is possible for you at this time. Acknowledge lessons learned and use the knowledge wisely; avoiding repetitive patterns and habitual decisions.

Get out of your comfort zone. Stir up the energy by doing things differently, making new and courageous choices. Live a little… live a LOT!

Strive to gain a higher perspective; understanding the concept of being IN the world, but not OF it. Not wrapped up in the drama and the emotion, but sovereign in your power.

A beacon of light on this planet that needs it dearly now.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*The Enchanted Tarot, by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

Being Your Presence ~ Your Light – L’Aura Pleiadian

Being Your Presence ~ Your Light

Living as your Light is living through your Heart. This powerful radiation of Light ~ transmits all that you are everywhere.

Living through thoughts of the future, seeking or resisting, although appears very normal, is consciously missing out, as the experience of your Essence.

This tangible Presence in the physical, is the welcoming in of the Higher Dimensional Worlds, into this form, this world.

Form and mastery of it, includes freedom from pain and suffering.  As one transcends the appeared limitations of the physical, one enters into complete union with the Glorious Divine State of Being.

All the many forms of fear are then transcended. The memories clear and the reactive states the subconscious lives through, dissolve.

Love is pure, has no intentions, other than being its pure state. This is a level of consciousness, that is pure. That is innocent. That is the embodiment of Eternal Love itself. There is no agenda in pure love. It just loves.

The opposite of love is fear. It is a state of consciousness that can turn love into something dark and ugly, in its imaginings.

Both love and fear existing as states of consciousness here now.

Although in fear one is not conscious of now. This does not mean the consciousness of the Divine Presence is gone. It simply means, the subconscious energetic memories related to fear are living and radiating its impulses.

Love ~ loves. Fear ~ destroys.

True Love is the Higher dimensional aspects of the Soul.

Fear is the lower dimensional aspects of consciousness attached to the past or future. It is what many are in the process of transcending.

It is all a state of being. Which in all moments one is choosing or not. Aligning with the Higher Self Divine qualities. Or the lower dimensional fears.

Staying consciously aware of the states of consciousness that go through us,  is part of the self observing, of what reality is. Which leads to complete self-awareness.

This is the inner self-awareness, where all the internal processes of thoughts and feelings become the gateway to enlightenment.

What are those thoughts in the background of my awareness, that lead me to act or feel a certain way? Are they the truth of love or are they fear? Why am I only noticing them now. Have these love based or fear based thoughts and feelings led to greater self-love or to lack of love. The watching through the witness of ONESELF, never judges.

It is the Holy Presence, that in the process of Ascension, you identify with and become one with. Then it is all the process. All the journey.

In every moment. There is nothing outside of this. This all is ~ reality, states of consciousness.

In Holy Divine Love, Presence and Glory of the Divine Council of Overseers. Activating and Opening Hearts everywhere. All Now.


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