Realizing Our Sacred Purpose – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Realizing Our Sacred Purpose – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

I’d advise anyone who realizes their sacred purpose not to share it with anyone but their loved ones. It’s too sacred to expose to ridicule.

In my case, I’m here as a communicator. I take risks that you probably shouldn’t.

There are things I’ve been asked not to do. I’m not to open a Treasury Direct Account (TDA), as many people are. That’s their mission and not mine.

I’m to fly under the radar as much as possible.

I’m not to get down into the trenches and duke it out with other commentators. There are others for whom it’s their soul contract. It isn’t mine.

So I talk about my sacred purpose because talking about these things is what I do for a living. Michael described my communication role here:

“There is much to be said for everyman, and that is part of the role you play. Yes, you are a pillar. You are an anchor. You’re an informant but you’re also playing the role of everyman – with curiosity, with exploration, with insight. So our desire is not to separate you from the collective. Let go of that fear.” (1)

As part of the role of communicator – a role which I don’t need to realize; it’s in my blood – I accept the risk of ridicule.

The role of pillar is allowing others to go ahead of you.  Michael described what being a pillar entailed, in this remarkable conversation from the 1200 pages of transcripts from our private readings:

Archangel Michael: Let us also say that your trips through the Ascension portal have not completely ceased and you are doing a great deal of this work during, what you think of as, your sleeping time.

Your primary role, and that is why I have begun with this soliloquy this day, is that you are truly acting as a pillar. So what you have done is basically moved from the front of the line to the back of the line and you are very gently, and sometimes not so gently, nudging people along.

Of course that is the role of the pillar. Think of it in some ways, and I do not mean to say that the Ascension doorway is closing, but think of it as if there are palace doors that are thousands of tons and very thick and they are beginning to close and you, my dear, are like those palace doors.

As they are very slowly swinging, you are nudging, nudging, nudging, making sure that everyone is within the sacred space, within the safety of their own sphere and helping them along, nudging them along. That is basically what you have been doing.

You have been introducing – not to you but to many – new concepts, [including] what we would call a different form of language, a different form of communication. It is all Saedor. (2)

Once I get that I’m here till the end, there’s no more wavering and waffling. I settle in.

This is me doing my job now, but I get it at a whole new level.

The impact on me has been transformative.  Many things now start to fall into place.

Michael once joked with me: “I’m not going anywhere,” meaning himself, “and you’re certainly not going anywhere.”

Now I get it.


Werner Erhard used to say the truth is what’s so. It’s also so what?

So what? In answer to the readers I was talking to in my mind, I’m here for the long haul. I’m not going to complain. That’s someone else’s role. Some very good complainers have become President of the United States. Recently.

I was one myself. But, knowing what I know, I now feel drawn to the non-complainers – Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus.

My perspective is altering. My sense of time is expanding.

If I’m here for the long haul, I want to install myself, rearrange the furniture.

“We will defend our island, whatever the cost. Mr. Hitler knows that he must defeat us or lose the war.”

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation.”


I’m crying. I feel as if I had amnesia and I’m now waking up.

No more hiding for me, not once one has realized their sacred purpose. However, no more hiding carries no more constraint with it than that. I’m not bound to any path or plan or action, save the Mother’s and my own.

I’m sharing this with you because what is unfolding for me is equally there for you. We’re all angels, dear hearts. If some of that starts to peep through, I don’t think we should be surprised.

I need to know more about the universal laws. Enough dallying. Back to work.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 11, 2015.

(2) Loc. cit. Saedor is loving or heart-centered communication.


Artist appreciation


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