female face named art.





As the Masters say to us, all the Buddhas and Christs, all the Mothers of Divine Wisdom, and all sentient beings are the One Heart and Mind, Source, besides which nothing exists.

Source is without beginning, is unborn, is what you see within and without, boundless, and in that sense you are the Mother, the Christ, the Buddha. Whenever you are attached to external forms and seek outside yourself for the Buddha, you will lose it, for that is using the Buddha to seek the Buddha.

The moment you stop, and be fully present, dropping all worry of being this or achieving that, the Buddha will appear before you, for She is all living things and She is in you.

Ordinary consciousness is spilt into a thousand parts that need to be drawn together. Using our imagination as the path we draw all fully enlightened beings elsewhere into ourself, all energy is to return to Source.

This is why at the moment of enlightenment, within the Pure Light of Being, there is a literal experience of the Light described by all saints and sages.

The energy has returned to Source.

Within us.

Within you.

A direct experience of the cosmos and All That Is.

Alchemy and Tantra are described as using divine imagination as the path.

By imagining and identifying with ideal beings and drawing all deities, Our Light Families, in all world-systems into ourselves.

This is through the path of the divine imagination.

This is the Dalai Lama’s practice and the Dalai Lama’s words.

“Buddhahood…is not withdrawal into nothingness…but a dynamic expression of knowledge, compassion and power.”

You carry the golden flame of enlightenment within you.

Let it shine.

Art: Belén Segarra @ Kai Fine Art


This is the mantra of the Heart Sutra, the Prajnaparamita Sutra, the Sutra of the Blessed Mother.


Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi swāhā

Go beyond your self, go beyond what you know, go beyond the breath, empty yourself, bathe yourself in Divinity.

Love and soul blessings

Altair and Mother

Kuan Yin Goddess of Compassion painting by Justin Williams




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