Transcending the Four Pillars of Belief – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet


I became aware of my Protector/Rescuer script again today, just by watching myself out on a walk.  Triggered by a trivial matter, not worth describing.

But exactly because it was trivial, it left my fear-based reaction standing out like a sore thumb. It “came to my attention” and I “noticed it.”

Any fear-based role like this one inhibits us and makes us dense and un-alive. I was a little dismayed that I still carry the role around. I’ve seen it cause so much havoc for people around me.

My role has me be super-suspicious and super-vigilant. I have to be “on guard.” My wife would remark on my “scared-wolf” look. That was me saying to myself, “You have to watch out. You can’t trust anybody.” All tied up with my Dad (long story, ancient history).

Kathleen would call this broken trust leading to worry. I guess I’m a brilliant example of it.  Violent father breaks trust and I’m forever on my guard, worrying.

OK, that’s where it came from. I got the source of the vasana. But what about the conditioned behavior? What about the behavior pattern that revealed itself?  What is its nature?


Drawing on the awareness path, I looked deeper. What was absolutely basic to this tendency?

Once again I saw the same four pillars of belief that I’ve seen before. They hold up or provide a platform for the entire structure. These four beliefs are not the structure itself; they’re the foundation of the structure, the platform.

And this is something that we as lightworkers may want to look at because we may have to encounter it in ourselves and transcend or eliminate it once we assume leadership positions. Much better before.

The four pillars are a belief in (1) Separation, (2) Self, (3) Scarcity, and (4) Survival.

We think we’re separate from one another. When we’re immersed in sacred love, we see that we’re not. We’re all immersed in the same ocean of love and indeed made of it, I’m told. But “down here” in relative density, that isn’t apparent.

There are no ties that bind here. Our belief in separation from each other sets up all that follows and serves as a foundational belief.  A technological world of laptops and cellphones has contributed, in my view, to a lack of bondedness and connection. It has reinforced our sense of separation.

We also conceive of ourselves as being our small “s” self, our ordinary, everyday consciousness, or “ego,” which has identified it and its interests with our mortal, physical frame. All of that proves untrue when we once leave our bodies. “Oh. I’m not my body,” we find. “I’m something else. Fancy that. What was I afraid of?”

It’s a matter of great relief when people make the transition and simply walk out of their exhausted bodies – alive, aware, happy. Many simply laugh. Few inquire past that into what it is that survives.

We further think that the condition of the world is one of scarcity– scarcity of resources, scarcity of energy, scarcity of money, etc. Our problems in 3D were more to do with distribution and service-to-self than with resources, I think. Scarcity was a result of our beliefs and actions.

By an act of financial sleight of hand, incredible riches are about to be created in our world. That’ll be done with digits, paper currency, and some shiny metal bars.

With this combination of devices, and the public’s agreement, dams will be built, villages will be reclaimed, schools will be constructed. And all that changed began with numbers on a screen.

If that isn’t Abracadabra magic, what is? Why then did we tolerate scarcity and inequity? Why were we getting poorer and poorer when there was so much wealth around?

Taking these three notions as presuppositions, we conclude that what we need to do, under all circumstances, is to ensure our own survival and ensure it first.  We separate selves facing scarcity were physically determined to survive, to look out for Number One. We became in service to self.

All else after that – the self-serving bias, corruption, business Darwinism, elites, cabals, shadow states, suborned officials, economic hitmen, secret societies, secret space fleets – flows out of the system built on those four pillars of belief.


In my view, this is the mindset that we lightworkers will have to break out of if we’re to create a new paradigm for building Nova Earth.

I know I have the old paradigm in me. I observed it go off in me today. Separation/Self/Scarcity/Survival – the four pillars of belief – subtly permeates even the most mundane of my activities.

It shows up like second nature, automatic, conditioned behavior. Hardly noticeable and, if noticed, somehow felt to be natural. It also shows up like fear.

I won’t be able to build a strong foundation on those four pillars. I need to tackle each one and cleanse myself of them by whatever means, preferably before the abundance dam breaks. (1)


(1) By whatever means I can: Invoking the universal laws of change, transmutation and elimination; using St. Germaine’s violet flame or Michael’s blue sword of truth; processing them as vasanas; whatever works.

After the Reval, whatever residue of vasanas and conditioned behavior is left could become magnified.

Resist/resent/revenge could take off. We could still come from separation/self/scarcity/survival and looking out for Number One.

These are entrained behavior patterns that we as societies have. If lightworkers can break free from them, it’ll enter the collective consciousness.


Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet


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