If We Don’t Set the Example, Who Will? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Lord Krishna – unknown artist


If We Don’t Set the Example, Who Will?

Krishna once said that he had no need to work, but, if he stopped working, the whole world might as well. He held that he had to set an example.

I’m starting to see the inescapable need for me as a lightworker to accept responsibility for setting an example. The particular issue that brought it on was a discussion of Post-Reval life.

I discovered I had an almost-unconscious reflex action toward wanting to be ostentatiously rich, at least for a short while.

But I realized almost instantaneously that doing that would be setting a pretty undesirable example. It also had the potential for inadvertently setting an unfortunate but lasting impression of me and perhaps of financial wayshowing in general. Do I want that? No, I don’t.

On the contrary, I’m now seeing the usefulness of maintaining my present lifestyle – in order to set an example.

I’ll continue flying economy class, using my ordinary debit card to pay bills – yes, using services that are convenient like those of a concierge, but no yachts, no private jets, just life as it was before, but perhaps with more of a feeling of security.

I’ll take advantage of various services, as the need arises, but nothing to excess.

I asked myself, what’s the context behind what you’re describing, the picture that appears when all the puzzle pieces fit into place? What’s the principle that your heart and mind are leaning towards?

And I got it. The context is what the Buddha called the Middle Way, the way of moderation. The only difference is that I resolve not to let the change in my circumstances result in a deviation from it.

What is the Middle Way? As I see it, moderation, the middle, the center, the heart. What’s it not? The extremes.

And believe me, I’ve lived as much on the extremes as anyone else.

I always like to have an experiment on the go. In this case, my hypothesis is: If I increase moderation (and/or relaxation), I expect the extremes of thought, word, and behavior to decrease.  I need to explore my gentle side so the experiment is relevant.

I predict that the example we lightworkers set will prove persistent.  And persistent not only in these parts, but in far-flung parts of the universe, wherever a planet is ascending into the new space which we’re the first to open up.

If we do little or nothing by way of setting the example, the new paradigm, the new template, the ship will still limp along. If we act up to the high ideals that the Company of Heaven has consistently set us, this ship may sweep us to the heavens.



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