Love Itself is Unconditional – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Love Itself is Unconditional

I love another unconditionally, not because I’m a hero, but because love itself is unconditional.

Just as it’s unconditional, it’s also universal. Love itself is both unconditional and universal – by nature.

A corollary of these love axioms is that it doesn’t matter whether the other loves me in return or not. I live in the experience of love (at that moment) and love won’t permit me to impose conditions on it, regardless of what the other person does or doesn’t do.

When I live in the experience of love, my reward is so great that I don’t feel the need of anything from the other person.

Gosh, you know, if we could only get the way the heart operates, we could totally rearrange our relationships.

Currently we “seek” love from another. We believe we “get” it from another.  Then we complain when our partners “don’t love us.” These are just more illusory ways of seeing things that we need to let go of.

The truth is that the great torrent of love flows from our hearts. Yes, others can send us love. Yes, it can come from the Tsunami of Love and Porlana C. Yes, it can come from the air.

But our own personal, ever-flowing artesian well is to be found inside us.

Since I get love special delivery from my very own Fedex, I don’t need to bother the other person. That probably sounds hard to accept from someone who sees their partner as the source of their love.

Nonetheless, if we really get that love comes mostly from inside, we can stop looking to our partners to give us love. We could give ’em a break.

“I’ve been treating you like a gas station, wanting you to fill up my tank with love.  I apologize.”  The prisoners of our love could all be set free. (1)

It’s fine with me if my partner loves me more or less than I do her. Either is fine.  Everybody is where they’re at.

If I don’t feel love, I draw it up from my inner well. Prime the pump. Call it up on the inbreath.

Work the machine the way it was designed. Love up, love out. Love up, love out.

What could be more enjoyable than the rapture of love passing through us on its unconditional way to the universe?


(1) You know, the ones who don’t enjoy sex but do it because they “have to.” The ones who don’t enjoy outings, vacations, dinners out, etc., but do it to keep the peace.  The couple seeks love from each other and just isn’t “getting” it.

If they could stop the blame and shame that goes on and turn to seek love in the place where it can be found – and find it – relationships would take their first step towards working for everyone – as in win/win.


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