Normally and Naturally Sacred – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Normally and Naturally Sacred

I wish I was spiritually evolved enough to really see and “get” that everything is sacred partnership. I get it intellectually, but that’s not deep.

I don’t get it experientially yet and I haven’t realized it.

But it bubbles up in me like magma. Everything is in sacred partnership. Ohhhh, it’s just beyond my grasp.

To get it takes commitment. Are we in or out? Because if we’re out, we’re just a tourist and that spot is ruled out of bounds to us.  That knowledge is reserved for the committed.

Full commitment. No leaky balloons that fall out of the sky.

And I’m not there yet. I’m holding back. I’m not sure why.

When I look, as one does on the awareness path, I see a tangled mess of misunderstandings and hurt feelings, desires to control and attempts to avoid.

This jumbled mass of certain conclusions and ironclad decisions, of outlooks on life arising from them and lifestories that attend them like the cavalry is something we simply have to step away from.

We need to get off this train.  It’s headed for disaster. The ego is driving and is in – and out of – control.

There’s no fixing it. There’s no reasoning with it. The whole conversation is the problem and simply has to be stepped away from.

And allowed to go on its way. Without us.

But nature abhors a vacuum. We must fill this vacuum we’ve created.  We escorted an entire conversation about relationships out of town.  It vamoosed the ranch.

We must now fill the vacancy with a new ranch hand. That ranch hand is Love.

In a state of transformative love (or what Michael and the Mother call “sacred love”), I assert, all relationships would be sacred.


I just blossomed into the state of transformative love as I wrote that last sentence. Werner Erhard would call this “going above the line” separating unconscious from conscious awareness. He’d also call it “transformation.”

Life looks different from this vantage point, which we’d probably call interdimensional.

The difference would be like the difference in you, setting out for Disneyland as a kid with your parents and traveling a long way. You finally reach your hotel room, with your bags inside, and go to the balcony where, with excited eyes, you see Disneyland not a block away from you. You’re bursting with excitement about tomorrow and satisfaction that you made it.  Yayayayayayayay, everyone!!!!

The difference in how you felt on the road vs. on that balcony is the difference between how you feel in a state of unconscious awareness vs. how you feel in a state of conscious awareness.  On the road you felt miserable and dragged out; on the balcony you felt exhilarated and excited.

From this vantage point of excitement and exhilaration, of outflowing, universal love, it’s simply natural to hold that all relationships are sacred. It’s normal in this state. I cannot conceive of things being any other way. The question would not arise.

It’s in the nature of the ocean of love to receive and give – to flow this way and that. It cannot be corralled or controlled or contained.  It must move around the room, around the world.

When love flows through us like a swiftly-flowing but silky-smooth river, there’s nothing we can do but to surrender to it.  It’s questionable whether we surrender first or it swallows us first. It’s probably the latter. Whichever way we go, our ego is washed away – for a time.

In that state, one could do no harm to anyone. Nor would one want to. All relationships are normally and naturally sacred.

I’m not sure that residents of that state would know that of themselves. It may be so accepted and obvious that the matter is never discussed.  Werner called this “the background of obviousness.”

The challenge in getting to this place of transformative love or conscious awareness, as Werner called it, is to carve a pathway that others who come after can follow.  Not only on Gaia, but on any of the other planets who ascend by this mass/physical model, which we’re pioneering.

I’ll bet no one knows the way through this particular jungle of the relationship conversation we’ve been having and into one of sacred partnership. No one has ever done what we’re doing before.


unknown artist


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