Process of Re-Integration & Bliss – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Process of Re-Integration and Bliss

I tried to describe to a friend the process of re-integration that’s happening for me right now.The various experiences that I’ve had in recent years – that the mind can be still, that bliss will make the world work, that the Natural Self was for me a deep state of peace, etc. – are beginning to be drawn into me in a way that I can scarcely put words to.

It’d be as if, on a long in-breath, parts of me were reconstituting or emerging from the mist and rejoining me.

Kahlil Gibran talked about laughing but not all our laughter, crying but not all our tears. These re-integrating parts of me – stillness, bliss, peace, etc. – are more substantially me than the images of myself I polish up and try to sell to others.

Managing my image, I laugh but not all my laughter.

In these other, higher states like bliss and peace, I laugh all my laughter and cry all my tears. They’re undoubtedly what Kahlil Gibran was pointing at.

I’m awash in bliss at this moment, a very rare occurrence these days. I wish I could describe what it’s like.

There’s nothing in our experience prior to being in bliss that can match it and thus nothing to compare it to.

All cares and concerns are immediately released. They’re shown to be noise and just disappear. (1)

I experience bliss on the in-breath and assume it arises from the heart. But it could condense from the very prana in the air.

On the in-breath and upon my becoming aware of its presence, bliss fills me up and lifts my spirits. It uplifts me. It inspires me as I inspire it (i.e., breathe it in).

This is its most notable feature – that it whooshes one up, lifts one up in an ever-increasing experience of joy. It then plants one in a state of utter satisfaction.

I very much imagine that that’s how Ascension will prove to be – a lifting up of consciousness, not a relocation of the being.  We’re not going anywhere. Our consciousness is expanding. We’ll be lifted up to a state of love and joy and peace, but this time we’ll stay there.

Bliss is the space of everything being OK, everything being attended to, nothing left to do.

Bliss is the space of having eaten a large Thanksgiving dinner together and enjoying the company. Afterwards, you’re satisfied in every way.

Bliss is the space of having carried out an emergency operation as a team. The operation was challenging but a complete success.

What we think of as “peak,” “transformational,”or “magic” moments are really moments of bliss. Trips, yachts, cars are all bought to achieve for ourselves that magic moment, which, on examination, turns out to be bliss.

We could save ourselves a lot of money by just going for the bliss itself – and hold the trimmings.

Metaphorically speaking, bliss lifts us up to our Natural Self. But that’s just one way to try to capture the experience. I could have said that bliss expands us. Or that it anchors us in peace and joy. We land up in the Natural Self again, just as we did on another occasion by recognizing the space and on a third occasion by following “not this, not this.” (2)

Expand into the Self, emerge as the Self, unveil the Self – who knows what actually happens? All these experiences are wordless. They don’t come with a label or tag.

Does it matter if we ran, jumped, or fell into the lake of bliss? As long as we’re in the lake? Not in my books.

One minute the Self is not there and the next moment it is. One moment we recognize it and the next moment we “become” it.  Did we expand, emerge, or unveil? As long as I’m in bliss, all of the mind chatter stops immediately and I don’t even remember what my earlier concern was. Nor do I care to resurrect it.

The process of re-integration seems to require a lot of solitude these days and just the right amount of companionship. I have both right now.

I also don’t think it’ll prove to be the last time I draw in aspects of myself that have become visible to me. I suspect that the Mother’s design here is peaks and valleys, peaks and valleys. (3)


(1) The words we use to describe bliss are metaphors for processes that happen in consciousness. They’re approximations.

I have no words for what actually happens. It happens without words.

I try to reduce it to words. As long as we all know it can’t be done and yet we agree to try or accept these approximations as the best we have now, or just enjoy them, I’m willing.

(2) See “If the Natural Self was the Default,” at

(3) The world follows the Mother’s design. Part of the Mother’s design is the sine wave we call Aum/Amen, the Word that is God, which creates, preserves and transforms worlds. The sine wave that Aum is contains peaks and valleys, peaks and valleys. That phases of experiencing and realizing should be followed by phases of assimilating and re-integrating in alternating fashion fits with the Mother’s overall design of eternal spiritual evolution, in my opinion.


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