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Discovering the Perfection of You

Message from the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello, Divine Ones,

We greet you in love. We are excited because you’re starting to discover your capacity for unconditional love. You’re starting to pay more attention to your ability to choose what you focus upon, and many of you are taking to heart this idea that you might focus on what you easily love. That is the most effortless to bring more ease and alignment into your experience.

You’re also discovering that ease comes from allowing yourself to flow, allowing yourself to flow, allowing your life energy to flow freely, from not pushing yourself, not making so much effort, not trying so hard, to flow more easily, to flow with more allowing, is to let yourself flow as it feels right.

You’re beginning to understand how your orientation to the moment, to the present, expresses your point of view energetically. You’re feeling the outcome of that, and you’re making the connection between all these things and sensing too how your point of view manifests tonally. Your point of view, when it manifests energetically, has tonal quality. You feel that tonal quality as your mood.

From our perspective, the encouragement we have for you and the suggestion we have is to completely focus on allowing your life to flow.

Focus on allowing yourself to be who you are. Let that be your aspiration and experience. You don’t need any other aspiration. If you were to aspire in your embodiment to allow yourself to be who you are and allow what wants to come through you to come through you, you would have a very beautiful, expressive life that benefits everyone in the most powerful way.

You can feel this flow that wants to come through you very easily, because this flow will always feel good. What wants to come through you, what is your true self, will always, always, always feel good. What wants to flow through you and into your experience, what is arising within you and what gives you clarity in the moment, will always feel good to you.

We want to expand on this and offer some further clarity. The true you, the clarity in the moment, the coherence you are, what wants to flow through you, will never feel bad. It will never feel stressful. It will never feel overwhelming. It will never feel demanding. It will never feel scary to you.

What wants to flow through you, what you can allow and know you are furthering your experience, will always feel good.

Once you not only get this, but embrace this, life gets easier. Once you understand that what wants to flow in your life and through you always, always, always feels good, you stop feeling ambivalent. You stop feeling confused. You stop feeling like you don’t know what to do. You stop pushing yourself. You stop feeling bad about what you’re not inspired to do, and you stop trying to make yourself do things that aren’t arising effortlessly and naturally. You stop feeling you need to do things because, because, because, and instead you feel caught up.

Can you imagine feeling caught up? You no longer have a to-do list. There’s no longer a long list of things you’re supposed to be doing in every moment you have a breather which you should start focusing on. No. You feel caught up. Isn’t that an amazing idea? You feel right where you need to be.
The interesting thing that happens when you really start to live the way we’re describing is you feel perfect. Now, isn’t that a beautiful thing? You feel, you discover the feeling of your own perfection. Imagine that.

Imagine how amazing and wonderful that is. Once you truly get from your own direct experience that what wants to come through you, what is aligned and perfect for you, will always be what feels good and always be the easy way. You’re free.

You are free. No more lists. No more things weighing you down. No more stuff you have to do. No more pushing yourself to try to do things that you don’t want to do. You’re free from all that, and you’re also free from all lesser circumstances and situations. The manifestation of that freedom in all the things that reflect it in your outer life, in the physical world, is a done deal.

You, when you allow yourself to flow, allow the manifestations that demonstrate this new energy state to arise.

When you focus on the knowing of your wholeness flowing through you and the feeling of pleasure you get when you let it be easy, indicating to you that you’re in sync with all you are, then the done deal of everything that is, can manifest and demonstrate to you in your life, and it will.

If you don’t take score all the time of how fast it’s coming and look at why it’s not there and think about stuff like that, it will flow easier. Just let yourself flow. Allow yourself to be in your knowing and allow yourself to flow.

We want to give you a funny example about this that will make the point to you very easily. If you won $10 million and a bunch of other great stuff, and you knew that it was all going to be delivered to you exactly one year from now, say, $10 million, and a perfectly healthy body and new amazing friendships and a new house and maybe a new car and maybe even a new wardrobe and a perfect way to express yourself and an exquisite form of all the things you’d like…all of it is going to be delivered to you and the keys handed to you when you woke up one year from now, what would you be doing today?

What would you be doing today? You would be squealing with joy in anticipation of this, and taking it easy. You’d be enjoying your life. You’d be having fun knowing it was coming. You wouldn’t be worried about anything. You would be letting yourself be. You wouldn’t be trying to figure things out.

You would be enjoying life, so enjoy life. Enjoy life. Enjoy life and let it come. Enjoy life and let it come. Enjoy life and let it come. Let it be easy.

One of the other things that will happen from this in addition to discovering your own feeling of your own perfection, is your body is going to sigh a big sigh of relief.
Some of you have health things you really want to improve. Guess what? What feels best is best. And what feels best will liberate your body.

When you feel better more and more and more and you give your focus to that, your body can do its thing. Your intelligent, wise body will be liberated to thrive, and things that you couldn’t fix for the longest time in regards to your health and your body and also the rest of your life and your finances and your relationships, just start to sort themselves out.

Your life will really start not only to work, it will start to hum. Again, we’re going to say this, you will feel the perfection of you. You will discover the perfect way you’re present, the perfect guidance system in your energy and your emotions, and you will feel powerful and perfect and free and happy.

To experience this doesn’t mean there’s not going to be ups and downs and moments when you get off track, because living here if full of newness and you’re not always going to be completely in sync with what is coming forth. Yet because you know that when you’re feeling good and letting it be easy, it all works better, you’ll get back to it.

You’ll get back to it more quickly and more easily, so continue. Let it be easy now. Let the easy way guide you, and do this as much as you can. Let life be gentle. Let yourself feel no pressure about anything. Let no criticism or making yourself wrong be the way you view experiences.

What if you just let it be easy and continued this, continued this focus on more pleasure and learn to spend more time enjoying life and less time thinking and trying to figure things out. When you spend less time thinking, your energy gets better, because thinking is so often about trying so hard, and you’re emanating energy all the time, and when you’re thinking and trying hard, are you emanating the energy you want to be emanating, and do you want more moments like that? No, you want the relief on the other side of that. Step into the relief now.

When you let it be easier cooperating with creation, and that’s what this whole Soar Fest is all about, you’re learning how to expect good things and let pleasure be your guide and to allow your life to get even better as you allow your flow. That’s ease.

What you don’t know in all this is that the way you’re learning to think and feel and focus and shape your life will bring you to an experience in which there is this kind of crazy, natural, steady sense of your own perfection.
We love this for you, because we feel an unconditional enthusiasm about you, and we’re excited for you to feel it. If you’re not feeling it already, we promise you living this way, you will feel so good about you.

You will find in this way of living you feel a profound sense of love and relaxation and completely natural enthusiasm about you. As you create pleasure and joy in your choices, as you let your life flow, you will find that you just kind of feel perfect, and we can’t choose another word, for no other word would do, especially given the meaning this word has in your world, it’s exactly the right word.

You will find that when you choose and tune this way that the beauty and perfection of life is resonant with you. You will bring out the best in others and in your experience, and you will notice the best in life, and that will shape everything, including how you feel about you. You will find that you have the most natural love for yourself and for life.

Then you’ll know what it’s like to be who you really are.

Then you’ll know what it’s like to be in the ascending current, loving unconditionally.

If you stay focused on your pleasure, this will be your life. Ease is the way there, and you’re getting it. You’re understanding it. You’re seeing the reason for it. You’re tuning to it.

We feel you doing this with more comfort and more confidence, so we say today, get hooked on it. Get hooked on feeling good. Get hooked on feeling good. Get hooked on pleasing yourself and discover how this works in a very real way. The less time you have to be focused on things that don’t feel good and do not allow your flow, that’s what happens when you choose ease. There is less time to focus on things that you don’t like and focus on things that don’t allow your flow.

Because of this, life gets better, and you will find shift after shift occurring for you, and you will find that you will be in your groove much more often and feeling good much more often. In that, feeling the perfection of you and your life in a really profound and new way. So easy.

We are complete.
We are the Council of Radiant Light.


Jade .... hummingbird art

Art : Jade Leyva

Conscious Media Festival Notes: Pure Creativity and the Creator State of Consciousness – Sandra Walter

Bodhisattva White Tara - by Lilyas at Redbubble

Bodhisattva White Tara – by Lilyas @ Redbubble


Conscious Media Festival Notes: Pure Creativity and the Creator State of Consciousness

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

I had the honor of speaking at the Conscious Media festival in Austin, Texas last weekend. Festival Creator Giselle Koy launched a brilliant platform with this inaugural event. It was wonderful to witness the emergence of a new tribe of truly heart-based beings focused on manifesting conscious content through various creative mediums.

The topic was Pure Creativity, and we shared some Mastery practices which would assist creatives as the energies shift to support our service work. I promised to share my notes here, and there is also a facebook live version of the talk shared on my facebook page.

Mastery Practices for Pure Creativity

Maintain the multidimensional perspective: We are witnessing and creating our transformation simultaneously.

Highest Intent

Honor your personal path of Mastery in thought, word, action and intent.

Write your Highest Intention statement, say it aloud as an invocation, as your Highest Self. Go BIG with your intentions. Align them with the Global, Galactic, Universal intent to amplify the timelines of Divine LoveLight.

Every creation begins with an intention. If you don’t consciously set your intentions, you are probably creating some else’s intention via your subconscious mind or emotional fields. Say your intentions out loud to set the energy into creation.

At this point in the timeline acceleration, everyone who works from pure intention, in alignment with the highest good of all, is greatly amplified. We are receiving new templates of Self to align us with the new energies; engagement with this level of awakening and Ascension is key. Your heart can generate pure magnetics of creation if you align with highest intent.

Intend to be the kind of Creator people can trust.

Redirect your thoughts about possibility

Go boundless; fearless but not reckless. Redirecting the mind takes practice until the brain, heart and energy fields are rewired. What is the coolest, clearest thing you can create to assist? Focus on the higher light, bypass the lower interference.

Surrender to Divine Service

Put your faith in the Mission of Divine Love. Go all-in, 24/7. It gets easier after you surrender your fears about trust and risk. When you hit that level of faith in yourself and Source, nothing makes sense except service. Then pure creativity can work through you.

We have your back. Divine LoveLight has your back. The Tribe has your back.

Align with Divine Self-Realization

Align with the calm, centered state of the infinite. The more you know, the more you interact with Higher Beings, the more humble, confident and authentic you become. Breathe, meditate, knowing you are a fractal of the Creator. Stay vulnerable and on point.

Having access to pure creation dynamics, the True Self, is innocence and wisdom at once. Be gentle enough to hear intuition, be wise enough to ask questions.

Listen to Divine Will rather than Personal Will

Practice Divine Neutrality about outcomes. Let the Higher Self lead. What is in the highest interests of all concerned? What will truly raise the conversation to a 5D level? Create from a pure 5D perspective of no limits, total prosperity. It changes your energy and thereby your services. All of your creations will encourage the collective to participate in their own path of self-empowerment.

Check the egoic level: The leader-follower vibration is not new paradigm.

We are reeducating the collective for self-empowerment by way of example and expression. Self-empowerment is the hardest thing to teach; Be a reliable Guide.

Be absolutely Present in order to be the Presence.

Open as a pure conduit of Source: Let the Creation flow though you, express as your Creator self, exercise this Creator muscle. All of our power is in Zero Point, the Now.

Honor your unique experience and expression. We are the answer to Source’s question of Let me know all that I AM, Let me explore all that I AM. What if I forgot myself in the density of duality and explored returning to Oneness, and celebrated my return with a brand new creation of Self?

Would you do it if no one liked, shared or donated to your creation? Would you do it anyway? That is where you find your true expression of the Creator Self. Think like an artist; Create to honor yourself as Creator.

Step forward as Wayshower, walk ahead and demonstrate it is safe to move forward into the unknown. Face your fears about trusting the collective, sharing your heart, abundance, personal value, or competition issues. Wayshow by being authentic; it encourages others to open up.

Be a Responsible Creator

This new freedom means we need to create responsibly, unlike the Old Paradigm leadership. We cannot replicate any of those old dynamics; they do not serve and are being removed. We have the new keys to the kingdom and this Now Renaissance is literally creating new timelines for everyone to experience higher truths.

Speak to the Highest common denominator: The multidimensional conversation. Much current content is uninteresting to those further down the path. Experiment with higher creations which stimulate the heart, the higher consciousness. Open for expansive conversations and experiences, rather than reexamining the past, or speculating on the future.

Manage your Self as a conduit for the Shift. Be wise about the effect of co-creation; it is getting stronger. Stay on point with your intention and your service. The veils are thin, which means your heart will need to be clear. We see you.

The awakened are being flooded with ideas as well as energies. Much of the collective turns to the online world for how they feel, what to focus on, etc. Avoid using old paradigm dynamics to attract attention.

Triggering fears or drama is not progress, it is mimicking the old system of dis-empowerment. Acceleration is upon us and we require solutions, not re-creating what has already been done.

There is a lot going on right now and not every impulse needs to be shared. What will serve forward momentum?

Serve as One Heart, One Unified Creation, just like Source.

Multidimensional awareness is a popular conversation. As we unify we make it a tangible experience for all.

There is a new tribe born at the Conscious Media Festival. Conscious Media is a conduit for pure expression in a rapidly emerging New Paradigm.

Trust Source, trust yourself, trust each other as one force of Source, dedicated to service. Share as one Tribe. We need to dispel scarcity and competition.
The glass is, and always has been, full.

Love and reach out to each other. Practice with this Tribe; connect, face your fears of expression. We’ve got your back!

Remember that the last piece of this grand puzzle is placed together. That’s the only way it can be completed, through Unity.

Gratitude and blessings to all of us during this brilliant phase of our Ascension.

In Love, Light and Service,


Bodhisattva White Tara - by Lilyas at Redbubble

Bodhisattva White Tara – by Lilyas @ Redbubble