For Those Who Asked for “My Story”, Here’s a Small Portion Mixed in with this NOW – Lisa Transcendence Brown

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For Those Who Asked for “My Story”, Here’s a Small Portion Mixed in with this NOW and a Collective Overview Since 2012….. What’s Next?


We continue huge integration and particle re-alignment today. I awoke to be called straight outside to sun charge and bring through writings to share. At first it was almost channeled, yet while writing it became me as one with all and observing my own further integration/embodiment while I wrote for all. So very cool. At the end it went into a higher frequency/channeled and then quickly moved inside, integrated and my physical body continues the vast integration process that continues even now. I’ll share it in it’s original form (1/2 channeled & 1/2 me to become all me by the time I completed it. From I to we to one to we. Oh yeah, I am to now start using my Galactic name more often as a part of my signature too. Ithara. How do you do!

Our bodies are weak when we are integrating high frequency light and raising our overall frequency for higher light consciousness embodiment here. Every process (which is all the time now), takes much dedication and honor on our part until the physical process is complete.

For me, today, I pull away, sleep where called, write where I can, remain silent and uninterrupted in my own completion process here. I will post my writings (one to humanity) and others for different dimensional timelines as they apply for each. I do my best to explain a process that is unexplainable until it’s experienced to be understood by each.

Today is a multitude of things, not just one. It is vast. It is the Marrying/Union/Joining/Merging/Convergence of Galactic, Heavenly/Holy & Earthly planes all in one physical space here. ONENESS ON A PHYSICAL LEVEL of all PURE timelines and existences merged and lived out by each of us here.

For me, in 2009 I was abruptly awoken from my own deep slumber of heavy unconsciousness and my human existence. Sooooo disconnected/out of alignment and not integrated at all. It took much cleansing, detoxing, purging and sleeping to bring the higher dimensions through and to move into the higher dimensions within, then physically too.

I spent about a year & 1/2 in heavy Dark Night of the Soul (death of my human ego) and focused on my own physical body vibration. I pulled away for several years to do nothing but upgrade in Light, Learn from my Teams/Higher Self Aspects on how all of this works, listening/following “being told” what to do (full surrender to my own higher consciousness), honoring my own journey first and what I was here to be/do above all. It was relentless, hard and challenging to “give up my life” while others continued to play, have fun, live in abundance while I had to relinquish everything to exist on virtually nothing in order to re-built/construct a whole new existence here. This new existence was NEW Earth, yet I did not realize this at the time. I was merging with/AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT the whole time and in early 2013 I descended into physical form as my higher self aspects and did my first huge Quantum Leap as a multi-dimensional Ascended Master Aspect in my continually upgrading physical body form here. Deep tears for humanity streamed as I re-experienced our fall from consciousness and how we incarnated/came to be here. A walk-in, I’d spent a life on the wrong planet/wrong family/being displaced and experiencing every reality not-love. Nothing is ever the same when you leave your body and re-experience all as pure consciousness without a physical body form. Your whole life changes from that point on. You have new purpose and are on a mission, even though full access may not yet be available. It doesn’t matter, you are driven to “do” above all. Nothing will stop you. It’s that determination that allows each one of us to obliterate the old and hold the highest vibration of love while we do.

Early 2013, I was shown to get ready, as I had completed the phases physically necessary to walk out of the 3rd/4th Dimension and fully into the 5th Dimension, but I had to get my physical body vibration up as high as I could and hold PURE SOURCE LIGHT from within me, fully, all of the time and never allow myself to go unconscious ever again. I left “seeker mode” and moved into full-service mode and into Source, Creator, Galactic, Global, God Unity Consciousness and it was “boots on the ground” as a WayShower and Foundational NEW Earth Anchor Point here.

Once we move into those highest frequencies/dimensional aspects of ourselves, playing in the old unconscious reality games is not an option anymore. We are here to fulfill soul purposes and complete Galactic Missions and become the PURE ONES in physical form. Every moment and experience shows us/teaches us what we need to know. We move from physical experiences to holographic/energetic ones. By tuning into the ENERGY of all, we see/understand/know all before/as it occurs. Realities and timelines are vibration. We create & choose the ones we desire to experience here. We let the rest go. We don’t need that anymore. It’s not productive, serves no purpose, does not openly contribute to the whole and why we are here…

As the Guardians of NEW Earth, we are here to observe, assist & guide Humanity into much higher dimensional planes of existence and all of these new (higher frequency) timelines that were not available to any of us before now. Literally, the fate of humanity is in ALL of our hands. As the Guardians of NEW Earth we offer/provide that which can transform/move humanity from separation and devastation back into the purity of peace, love and unity again.

In December 2012 we/Earth Gaia/all, went multi-dimensional as the Gates of Heaven and the Higher Density Realms/Planes opened up for all of us to achieve from within and for WALKING IN. Our higher selves merged into our physical form and cleared all human karma (unconscious programs) to Quantum Jump timelines like nothing we’d ever seen. In 2013, the Crystalline Gridwork amped up it’s structural forming to come fully online and merge all with the Unified Field.

We spent the next two years building these Christed Grids/Crystalline Structures, in Gaia and simultaneously our physical bodies while holding Christed frequencies in our realities too. We also opened up access to the highest dimensions of God/Galactic Consciousness here simultaneously activating Purity frequencies to return us to our original template and open Earth 3, a holding station where quarantines are lifted and each remains until the completion of certain processes and phases for highest existence here.

In December 2015, we “flew through space” and into/through the Galactic Grids (accessible through our own consciousness and in our psychical body form too) cleared Galactic Karma from our own gridwork (heavy heavy heavy intensity) and for all ready to come through too. We also cleared our/the Askahic Records for all on Earth & Higher. Now, each must complete their own individual process in their own way. We lay the groundwork as the Gatekeepers and Gridworkers here. Each completes their own personal journey to accomplish this for themselves.

In January 2016 we went through the Divine Holy Union of the Three Fold Flame from within, the marrying of our Divine Aspects and in August completed an Embodiment as a PURE ONE, being granted the Keys to the Heavens/Kingdom in September 2016. Physical Earthly Existence continued to materialize faster with each embodiment and completion phase The next 3 months were beyond pristine, magical, magnificent and important to complete the final “Experiment Phases” while also going Super Quantum and experiencing StarGate Travel naturally and easily, just by BEing. Heaven on Earth opened up fully in December 2016. Profound is an understatement for all of these experiences here.

We entered 2017 ready to anchor Galactic everything here. Our physical bodies continually integrating huge encodements, schematics and vast abilities as Avatars (OverSoul Embodiment in 2016 as well). We continue to upgrade/re-calibrate and integrate more powerfully than ever before. We all have a great responsibility in every timeline/existence and all run simultaneously with this one here. Access is granted as each achieves each phase from within. There are initiations, passageways and completion cycles for each. The more all embrace, the “faster” these can be incorporated into the physical body structure to raise the overall vibration for a physical higher existence here. One must fully vibrate at the frequency of the reality they desire to achieve. Every cell in your body must hold this frequency for this to occur. The amount of light one holds determines this. Each bombardment of light must be integrated into the physical body structure so that these new/higher DNA/Genetic encodments can replace your old ones and diminish their capacity until completely dissolved/merged into the purity of love from within.

Every day deeper into the core of our Divine Core Soul Essence to experience a whole new existence, one we dreamed or remembered, yet never believed possible or seemed so long off in the distance, always just beyond our grasp. Those days (vibrations) have passed for all who truly fully embrace the entirety of this NOW.

The deep soul work necessary to emerge “on the other side” to cross that Rainbow Bridge and to anchor Heaven on Earth in each of our own physical realities here. This is a dedicated service and mission journey, one that each must embrace fully in order to accomplish this. The only way through is by way of one’s PURE SOUL and by embracing the absolute highest consciousness existence and anchoring it into the physical body/reality by living it, applying the knowledge, implementing it as a whole new way of being/functioning… in every moment…. with every action, thought, belief and through pure presence.

Where you hold back for you, hold out for you, think only about you, then this keeps you from experiencing this until you open up, you unite, you step up, you support, you contribute, you care enough to make a difference through absolutely everything that you have access to in your own physical reality world/you.

We now merge the etheric and the physical like nothing believed before. Galactic (Space), Holy (Heaven) & Earthly (Physical) all now continually merge into one. Inside and outside, for both are the same. I will share an additional writing to hopefully further explain. I’ll post this when it’s completed. It takes awhile with me having to honor my own processes and work schedule here too.

Today we have active StarGates again and our cells are still jumping, if you will. There’s really nothing to do anymore, just honor and complete each integration/alignment/embodiment process fully. When the process is complete, then physical realities will “start back up”. In a much higher vibrational timelines and old realities will all collide/converge in the same space. It’s up to each to move through these, at the speed of light (love), fully empowered, processing all simultaneously, and stopping external disruptions as these transmit frequencies that interrupt increased field spin.

It is up to each to fully align their own reality as it presents, while staying wide open for all to align for you where this is appropriate. You will know when to be or do or both simultaneously. Your human will be sluggish at times, spanning many dimensions and so much light it’s hard to function, think, move, do anything at all. You must learn to acclimate yourself in how to function in each state. Merging everything in one space is challenging to your human, which likes to give up and not even try. There are times you have to push through and other times you stop and just allow your body’s upgrades to complete before you “try” to do anything at all. This is part of your expansion process as a multi-dimensional here. To go beyond your perceived limits until they no longer exist.

Those things all avoided, were not important, didn’t care about, discounted before…. all of those move to the forefront for humans to see/experience now. Those who truly fully embrace as light, open their hearts and “put their little human aside” to open up to something more, knowing that more is available and are ready to anchor that here, those shall be supported more now, yet not as they thought things would be. None of this is. ♥

I love you guys. Others asked, so I shared a part of my own journey here, which “overview/existence review” always occurs right before the physical aligns fully. Physical particle alignment…. this is what’s occurring in the highest dimensional realms today. In the other ones too, yet in a very different way. All are being moved to higher existences. Some are fighting and expelling the energy that kept them tied to those realities so more consciousness can emerge, some are pulling away, being alone with their soul while their field clears and clarity can come through, others are jumping, continually, intentionally…. from one timeline to the next.

The more in-tune one is the more this can be done just by shifting/tuning/changing vibrations. Realities take new form faster now…. often instantly. The amount of density determines how long the physical takes.

Denser realities require more “force” energetically to move particle matter and form into a different shape. Lighter realities are easy. Just focus, think, speak as love and all re-aligns instantly. It is that easy here. ♦

Yep, this was the short writing. lol. The others come later. I still have a newsletter to get out to all and work-work, which waits a bit right now. ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼, Ithara of the Galactic Races

Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth, Embodier, Gatekeeper, WayShower and all kinds of cool things here!


2 thoughts on “For Those Who Asked for “My Story”, Here’s a Small Portion Mixed in with this NOW – Lisa Transcendence Brown

  1. Dear Lisa, This is amazing reading, this is something I have experienced all this physical lifetime, have had moments when I have found it very hard to remain and do the work I came for. Planet Earth is very challenging at times but she/he is going through the transitional phase to the 5th dimension to become a sacred (physical) planet. The tectonic plates are moving many changes are occuring. Our consciouses never dies, so much more to learn and be part of. Blessings to you now and always, Gleneys.

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  2. Reblogged this on wayofpeac's Blog and commented:
    Wow…a clear and concise explanation of what we are going through. Many thanks, this helps greatly.
    I keep to myself mostly as I am an INFJ. Pacing myself with the inner urgency that will never go away. Blessings…

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