A Message for Humanity: AS An Embodied Galactic, WE Are a Benevolent Race of ONE – Lisa Transcendence Brown


A Message for Humanity: AS An Embodied Galactic, WE Are a Benevolent Race of ONE


Exquisite Art by Jean Luc @ http://www.eyewithin.com

I started writing as me, then moved into accessing a higher vibration, then back to writing as me again. I was in the middle of embodying this as I wrote it to share with you/all. I pulled away the rest of the day to complete this vast embodiment process. These integrations are beyond powerful and they move us all into a much higher frequency bandwidth existence here. These timelines not accessible before are now open for all. Today was merging/marrying/union of Galactic (Space), Holy (Heaven) and Earthly (Physical) planes. What comes next will be unprecedented and powerful for us all. ♥ (This is a Quantum Activation for all who desire to read and receive).

As an Embodied Galactic

We are a BEnevolent Race of ONE

We are a Hybrid, if you will

All races merged into this physical form


We observe the Earth

We hold Galactic Gridpoints in place

We bring technology (te’ knowledg-e) of higher dimensional realms into this physical space

As Ambassadors and Elites

We Liaison all Galaxies Simultaneously


We see, yet we do not interfere

We do not impose a NEW Existence Way

We present it and we just wait

Unconscious humans require destruction and extreme polarity

To awaken from their own unconscious experience/experiment here


We’ve opened up these other timelines

For all to walk into

When they are ready to BOARD Galactic Earth


Your Humans either don’t believe

Or still have a mis-perceived, skewed, partial view

While yes, Angels, Christed BEing and Galactics do exist in an etheric realm (due to one’s physical/mental vibration)

They also exist on the Highest Physical planes of your NEW Earth here now


They are the Avatars & OverSouls embodied in physical form

They speak the purity of highest consciousness as LOVE and Intelligence from your beyond

These Embodiers also live a Pure Existence of Unity Consciousness as well

They have set themselves apart, yet are fully visible

Because they do not hide as human aspects do


They are the Ancient Sacred Key-Code Holders

The Grid Keepers of your NEW Existence here

To Save Yourselves, you must embrace them, support them, value what they bring forth and share for all of HUMANITY here

For in one aspect, they are a future version of you


Your human race is divided

Full of deep inner pain, betrayal, hate, anger and absolutely no trust

Rightfully so, yet they still do not fully understand (and many don’t want to yet)

That as Souls they chose very bit of their experiences here

And that they still live in dimensions of unconsciousness that are still veiled


These veils are vastly lifting

Dissolving from within

Everyone’s vibration is being raised/lifted

Out of the dense prisons once called the human existence and reality

A NEW Reality is birthed, born, conceived from within

As the old everything dies and dissolves

That was created and held in place by each’s human aspect


This is no more

As the Gridwork that held the old holographic illusions in place

Diminish substantially now

And are replaced with all new timelines

Not accessible by each before


What each must do to “get to the other side” of the veils physically

Is to actually truly care

For your human mind need not understand

Your Higher INtelligence Heart will guide you here

Your Actions dictate how long, how and when and what you must endure before arriving on NEW Earth here

Where you are not on-board fully

This is visible and keeps you from access to this here


This is a whole new physical existence

One beyond your wildest dreams and one that your human cannot fully perceive

A Higher Dimensional Timeline IS available

To all of you now – Right Now

If you are truly open and ready

You must dedicate all that you have and are

To your Highest Existence Here

You must choose

It must be the most important thing to you

Your Old Earth is continually reaching Critical Mass

The longer you hold back/hold out

The more chaos and collapse you will experience in those old timelines (realities) now

This does not have to be so for any of you

Because alternative realities are always available to you


Earth 3: A Holding Station

Was activated and anchored back in 2015 for all ready to experience collective Event Horizon now

This is a holding Station of sorts

Where your human body template is restored to your original Galactic Holy blueprint

And each goes through an intensified rigorous purification phase

This is challenging to your human aspect

Yet necessary to clear your physical body of all distorted programs

Interfering with your galactic soul missions and new civilizations here


The beauty is that realities are also pure, pristine, amazing and full of magic, bliss and abundance beyond your human’s reach

Your lower earth will become more of a nightmare while your dreams will become more real

This is because the lower dimensions now play out physical hell while the higher dimensions are  now Heaven in physical form

Your dreams more lucid as the old matrix inside of you dissolves

Your heart will open for your consciousness to expand from within you for you realize “more”

As a Quantum BEing expanded into the Unified Field

Peace beyond,  is what you have forgotten, as well as a Love that is completely pure

All will return each time you link up/connect up

To HOME inside of you

This connection cannot be severed

Unless you allow it to

You must do everything that you can do to maintain this ALL of the time

For this is what now keeps you alive

Feeds your body life (light)

In order to sustain Your NEW Existence

And transcend the old one completely from within


Your entire physical reality is about to dramatically change

Your resistance and unwillingness to embrace/participate to the magnitude of that which is required

Will keep you bound to a lower vibrational timeline

Until you truly desire to join all who are already here


You must stretch your mind to believe

That there are already benevolent galactic races walking amongst you in physical form here

That their timeline can interact with yours (briefly, for their vibration must be completely respected for what they bring forth here)

Your purest heart, mind, intentions and actions can only give you access to this/them

You cannot bring your old unconscious fears and stories of old timelines into these highest vibrations here


If you choose to continue the illusory stories of what once was “in another time/line” and believe that into your current reality

Then you will remain in that time/line/reality until you grow tired of your insistence, struggle (perceived loss) and fight

Those physical realities and your physical body cannot sustain anymore

All is collapsing faster and harsher than ever before

In order to get you to fully wake up

And so new realities can emerge

For it is your unconsciousness that kept you tethered there


If you are still fighting anything and protecting yourself

Then you are unconscious still and must activate and build your own light (power) from within

You are still in the old matrix, still disconnected inside

Holding programs in your cellular body/physical body structure

And debris in your field

Your Physical and Mental vibrations are too low

Release the emotions consciously from your cellular body

Allow your body template to cleanse and clear

Build your light from inside and hold this, no matter what

Move your energy intentionally as unity consciousness to increase your own field spin

You must reverse everything yourself

And bring all into alignment from within

You must honor these physical body upgrades, support your body, love and respect it fully

In order to raise your vibration high enough to bring your body into another physical dimension/timeline/higher density plane


This will take all of your attention and focus at first

As your cells go more quantum more of old you will dissolve

This gets easier until all occurs naturally for you… Just by BEing

Until then you have to work at it, intentionally do

Move through realities, and learn to process, differently and function in a whole new way too

Life as you once knew it will cease to exist and in it’s place a whole new everything will come forth for you


This will not be easy at first, as this process will be foreign to you

Your memory will go, your desires for the old will to, emotions will surface, as will thoughts for you to hear them

Their purpose is so that you can realize/hear/see the programs that used to run the show are no longer true for you anymore

As you choose to exist from your higher heart and mind

The depths of your soul will emerge from inside

You will NEED nature, silence, quiet, alone time away to just “be”

Honor this above all as there is much work that occurs inside your body on a cellular level to assist you with your dimension return to existences forgotten

NEW understandings will come and as you shift higher new colors and a lightness will be felt inside

This is you acclimating to higher dimensional frequencies

Be patient and kind to yourself

You will start to see things differently and have no desire for the old

You will feel experience a void space as your vessel empties out to be filled with a higher capacity for love and more light within

There is nothing to fear with this, as your human you might like to thing

You will separate off into different yous (aspects) and question your sanity as you start to experience the other dimensions

Go slow, very slow, sleep where called, relax, surrender to the experience that your soul has waited for eons for here

Seek the knowledge that is available to guide and assist you

Your world is flooded with it now


Soon you will experience surprises and blessings continually

A reward for all of your hard work and dedication for anchoring the higher dimensional realms in the physical one

These are in response to your stepping over that threshold and into the perceived unknown here

Your dedication to humanity and sharing yourself/your gifts/knowledge and physical world things to make a difference here

You’ve proven where you come from inside, your motivation no longer your self

You awoke each day committed to your own soul’s purposes and highest missions here

You died as a human and were re-born anew

Birthing new realities from this sacred place inside of you


Your gift is Heaven on Earth in the physical now as you fulfill your Galactic Roles

What is to come next? It’s a surprise. One that you already know.


With the highest love there is,


Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Embodied Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth ♦


Note: This continued into another writing about how StarGate Travel will become the norm. I shall share this one as well. A different writing at some point in time. Keep reading. There’s so much that happens so very fast! Love, unity & peace. ♥


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