What is “Ignition”? – Part 3/4 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Shakyamuni Buddha @ Exotic India


What is “Ignition”? – Part 3/4

(Continued from Part 2)

The Arcturians describe an ignition which most conforms to my own vision of it.

“When you recognize…when you begin to allow a more conscious experience of merging your superconscious mind with your conscious mind, there will be a flash of higher consciousness in which you will be able to perceive a fifth-dimensional message with your conscious mind, and you will recognize it as REAL.”  (1)

“A flash of higher consciousness” is how I expect to experience ignition.  Not seeing a light, or seeing a form of God, or even experiencing a kundalini explosion. But having a flash of higher consciousness; in all likelihood, a deep realization.

Nonetheless, this is not a time of individual ascensions, but of collective ascension.  All our hands are on the ignition key, the Divine Mother reminds us:

“Dear hearts, my beloveds of Earth, of Gaia, this is a collective action. It is as a collective ascension. The action, the movement, is every realm, all of us, yourself included. You are the bravest of the brave, the most determined, the most committed, the most stalwart, and you have faced challenges that are legendary. But we do this together. I do not do it for you. I do it with you.

“The archangels, the masters, as a group, have come forth to assist me, to mentor you in this shift. Your guides, the kingdoms, your star brothers and sisters, there is not one element or one group that you can even dream of, let alone know of, that is not standing right here with you.

“And if you wish to think of it this way, all of our hands are on the ignition key. You who are the most committed and faithful — and this is not judgment, it is a reflection of how you have been committed and driven and focused in your lives — you are ready to go, not merely flying through the portal and back. (2)

Sandra Walter believes a “global intense shift” will happen in 2017.

“An acceleration is occurring regardless of our choice. Evolution is evolution. We are receiving a third wave of photonic light in September, the third in a series of waves intended to prepare us for the global intense shift in 2017.

“The first wave was in December/January, the second in April/May, and the third arrives in September. All of these waves are focused on amplifying the shift in consciousness and Ascension. This is a natural force of evolution in progress.” (3)

I wouldn’t be surprised if she was right. What will life be like after ignition? In the concluding installment, we look at that.

(Concluded in Part 4, tomorrow.)


(1) “Straight Talk on Ascension – Part 3. By Suzanne Lie,” January 26, 2016, at http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/

(2) “The Divine Mother: Beloveds, You are at a Critical Juncture – Part 2,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 24, 2014, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/07/25/the-divine-mother-beloveds-you-are-at-a-critical-juncture-part-2/.

(3) “Acceleration and the Solar Eclipse: Making the Choice,” by Sandra Walter, August 29, 2016, at http://www.sandrawalter.com/acceleration-and-the-solar-eclipse-making-the-choice/



Shakyamuni Buddha @ Exotic India



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