Message from the Pleiadians September 2016 – Christine Day


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Message from the Pleiadians September 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

We, Pleiadians are holding the energy of a powerful Covenant that is creating a series of dimensional shifts designed to break down the illusion that has been forged in your world for lifetimes. These shifts make it possible for you, as an individual to stabilize into the sacred that exists within you and move beyond the currently held illusions on your planet. These illusions have kept you entrenched within the drama of your 3rd dimensional lives.

Each one of you is being called forward to open into a deeper reunion within your own heart structure enabling you to align to the Truth that can be found as you align within your heart space. This Truth reconnects you to the Collective Oneness that is a manifested aspect of you. In reality we, you, are an aspect of the ‘family of light’. Every human being holds an aspect of the One God Consciousness. Remember it is through your heart that you can transcend the illusion that is on your planet. You draw the strength and Truth from the sacred heritage, which exists through your heart connection.

It is important for you to understand that the greatest ingredient holding the illusion on Earth in place is the energy of fear. Fear is inbuilt within the consciousness of mankind. Now you can begin to consciously move away from the old way of reacting to the illusion of fear, which has dictated, impacted your decision making process.

The development of your higher level of consciousness connection originates through your heart structure. This pure source of energy, which has begun generating on your planet taking the form of the imprint patterns, supports your realignment to a place in reality that moves you beyond the illusion.

Your heart is your vehicle that will stabilize you beyond the illusion, allowing you to source a free unlimited pathway. Your sacred connection to the structure within your heart moves you naturally away from the limited perceptions of illusion enabling you to meet a higher aspect of Self of your being.

In the upcoming months there is going to be an enormous upheaval coming to your earth plane, the third dimensional arena for drama will increase. This is an urgent call going out to you now to support you in these times that are coming.

Anchoring through your heart will move you beyond the illusion of these impactful times. Enabling you as an individual to stay connected, stabilized within your heart while you witness these increasing dramas. Understand this turmoil has always been part of the plan, and you must remember this is illusion only that is being played out. By connecting into your heart structure you can remain stable.

You are known as the ‘way-showers’ and part of your mission is to also hold the Platform within your stable heart structure with us. Don’t be afraid to open up into an introspective process and witness your ego self and the dialogue of the mind. How the illusion of fear may still play a role within your lives. Investigate how you can align through your heart and shift the fear as you witness the drama. This process can support you in remaining stable during this upcoming time of upheaval.

Your heart reflects Truth, revealing that which actually exists within events and situations in your life. It is essential to remember that through your heart structure you get to choose in each moment how you are going to respond, process and receive what is there for you in any situation. We are reminding you to keep letting go to receive the sacred of Self.

We continue to support you as a member of ‘the family of light’. You have had the experience of being separate. Now you move into your freedom within your heart and away from the illusion.

Your link to Home has always resided within your heart. Know all is in hand as you choose to transition consciously through your heart structure back to your sacred heritage.


The Pleiadians.

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