The Mysticism of Sound: FORM – Hazrat Inayat Khan

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ART : Sufi Mystic – unknown artist


Volume II – The Mysticism of Music, Sound and Word

Part I: The Mysticism of Sound

Chapter V

The light from which all life comes exists in three aspects, namely, the aspect which manifests as intelligence, the light of the abstract and the light of the sun. The Activity of this one light functions in three different aspects. The first is caused by a slow and solemn activity in the eternal consciousness, which may be called consciousness or intelligence. It is intelligence when there is nothing before it to be conscious of. When there is something intelligible before it, the same intelligence becomes consciousness. A normal activity in the light of intelligence causes the light of the abstract at the time when the abstract sound turns into light. This light becomes a torch for the seer who is journeying towards the eternal goal. The same light in its intense activity appears as the sun. No person would readily believe that intelligence, abstract light, and the sun are one and the same, yet language does not contradict itself, and all three have always been called by the name of light.

These three aspects of the one light form the idea that lies behind the doctrine of the Trinity, and that of Trimurti which existed thousands of years before Christianity among the Hindus and which denotes the three aspects of the One, the One being three. Substance develops from a ray to an atom, but before this it exists as a vibration. What man sees he accepts as something existent, and what he cannot see does not exist for him. All that man perceives, sees and feels is matter, and that which is the source and cause of all is spirit.

The philosophy of form may be understood by the study of the process by which the unseen life manifests into the seen. As the fine waves of vibrations produce sound, so the gross waves produce light. This is the manner in which the unseen, incomprehensible, and imperceptible life becomes gradually known, by first becoming audible and then visible; and this is the origin and only source of all form.

The sun therefore is the first form seen by the eyes, and it is the origin and source of all forms in the objective world; as such it has been worshipped by the ancients as God, and we can trace the origin and source of all religions in that mother-religion. We may trace this philosophy in the words of Shams-i Tabriz, ‘When the sun showed his face then appeared the faces and forms of all worlds. His beauty showed their beauty; in his brightness they shone out; so by his rays we saw and knew and named them.’

All the myriad colors in the universe are but the different grades and shades of light, the creator of all elements, which has decorated the heavens so beautifully with sun, moon, planets, and stars; which has made the land and water; with all the beauties of the lower spheres, in some parts dull and in some parts bright, which man has named light and shade. The sun, moon, planets and stars, the brilliance of electricity, the lesser light of gas, lamp, candle, coal and wood, all show the sun reappearing in different forms; the sun is reflected in all things, be they dull pebbles or sparkling diamonds, and their radiance is according to their capability of reflection. This shows that light is the one and only source, and the cause of the whole creation. ‘God is the light of the heaven and of the earth’, the Quran says, and we read in Genesis, ‘And God said: let there be light, and there was light’.

All forms on whatever plane they exist, are molded under the law of affinity. Every atom attracts towards itself the atom of its own element; every positive atom attracts the negative atom of its own element; every negative attracts the positive; yet each attraction is different and distinct. These atoms group together and make a form. The atoms of the abstract plane group together and make forms of light and color; these and all different forms of the finer forces of life are seen by the seer. The forms of the mental plane are composed of the atoms of that plane; these are seen by the mind’s eye and are called imagination. On the physical plane this process may be seen in a more concrete form.

The mystic sees on the abstract plane one or other element predominating at a certain time, either ether, air, fire, water or earth. Every element in the finer forces of life is rendered intelligible by the direction of its activity and color; and the various forms of light show its different rates of activity. For instance the feeling of humor develops into greater humor, and sadness into a deeper sorrow, and so it is with the imagination: every pleasant thought develops pleasure and expands into still pleasanter thought, and every disagreeable imagination grows and becomes more intense. Again, on the physical plane we not only see men dwelling together in cities and villages, but even beasts and birds living in flocks and herds; coal is found in the coal-mine, and gold in the gold-mine; the forest contains thousands of trees, where as the desert holds not a single one. All this proves the power of affinity which collects and groups the kindred atoms, and makes of them numerous forms, there by creating an illusion before the eye of man who thus forgets the one source in the manifestation of variety.

The direction taken by every element to make a form depends upon the nature of its activity. For instance, an activity following a horizontal direction shows the earth element, a downward direction the water element, an upward direction the fire element; the activity that moves in a zigzag direction shows the air element, and the form taken by ether is indistinct and misty. Therefore the nature of all things is made plain to the seer by their form and shape, and from their color their element is known, yellow being the color of earth, green of water, red of fire, blue of air, and gray of ether. The mingling of these elements produces mixed colors of innumerable shades and tones, and the variety of color in nature bears evidence of the unlimited life behind it.

Every activity of vibrations produces a certain sound, according to its dome of resonance, and according to the capacity of the mold in which the form is shaped. This explains the idea behind the ancient Hindu word Nada Brahma, which means sound, the Creator God.

By the law of construction and destruction, as well as by addition and reduction, the different forms in this objective world group together and change. A close study of the constant grouping and dispersing of the clouds will reveal many different forms within a few minutes, and this is a key to the same process which can be seen all through nature. The construction and destruction, addition and reduction in forms all take place under the influence of time and space. Each form is shaped and changed subject to this law, for the substance differs according to the length, breadth, depth, height and shape of the mold wherein the form is fashioned and the features are formed according to the impression pressed upon it. It takes time to make a young and tender leaf green, and again to change it from green to red and yellow; and it is space that makes of water either a ditch, well, pond, stream, river or ocean.

The dissimilarity in the features of various races in different periods can be accounted for by the law of time and space, together with climatic and racial causes. The Afghans resemble the natives of the Punjab, and the Singalese the people of Madras; Arabs are similar in feature to the Persians, and the Chinese closely resemble the Japanese; Tibetans resemble the natives of Bhutan, and the Burmese closely resemble the Siamese. All this proves that the proximity of the lands which they inhabit is largely the cause of likeness in feature. As wide as is the distance of space, so wide is the difference in feature among people. The similarity in form of germs, worms and insects is accounted for by the same reason. Twin-born children as a rule resemble each other more closely than other children.

Form depends mostly upon reflection; it is the reflection of the sun in the moon that makes the moon appear round like the sun. All the lower creation evolves by the same law. Animals which begin to resemble man are those which are in his surroundings and see him daily. A man who has the care of animals begins to resemble them, and we see that the butler of a colonel has the bearing of a soldier, and a maid working in a nunnery in time becomes like a nun.

As all things are subject to change, no one thing is the same as it was a moment before, although the change may not be noticeable, for only a definite change is perceptible. In a flower there is the change from bud to blossom, and in a fruit from the unripe to the ripe state.

Even stones change, and some among them have been known to become perceptibly altered even in the course of twenty-four hours.

Time has a great influence upon things and beings as may be seen by the change from infancy to youth, and from middle age to old age. In Sanskrit, therefore, time is called Kala which means destruction, as no change is possible without destruction; in other words destruction may be described as change. All things natural and artificial that we see today differ vastly in their form from what they were several thousand years ago, and not only can this be noticed in such things as fruit, flowers, birds, and animals, but also in the human race; for from time to time the structure of man has undergone various changes.

The form of man is divided into two parts, each part having its special attributes. The head is the spiritual body, and the lower part the material body. Therefore, in comparison with the body, the head has far greater importance; thereby one individual is able to recognize another, as the head is the only distinctive part of man. The face is expressive of man’s nature and condition of life, also of his past, present and future.

When asked if the face would be burned in the fire of hell, the Prophet answered, ‘No, the face will not be burned, for Allah hath said, We have modeled man in Our own image’.

The likeness between things and beings, as well as between beasts and birds, animals and man, can tell us a great deal about this secret of their nature. The sciences of phrenology and physiology were discovered not only by examining the lives of men of various features, but chiefly by studying the similarity that exists between them and animals. For instance a man having the features of a tiger will have a dominant nature, coupled with courage, anger and cruelty. A man with a face resembling a horse is by nature subservient; a man with a face like a dog will have a pugnacious tendency, while a mouse-like face shows timidity.

There are four sources from which the human face and form are derived, and these account for the changes which take place in them. These are: the inherent attributes of his soul; the influence of his heritage; the impressions of his surroundings; and lastly the impression of himself and of his thoughts and deeds, the clothes he wears, the food he eats, the air he breathes, and the way he lives.

In the first of these sources man is helpless for he has no choice; it was not the desire of the tiger to be a tiger, neither did a monkey choose to be a monkey, and it was not the choice of the infant to be born a male or a female. This proves that the first source of man’s form depends upon the inherent attributes brought by his soul. Words never can express adequately the wisdom of the Creator who not only fashioned and formed the world, but has given to each being the form suited to his needs. The animals of the cold zones are provided with thick fur as a protection against the cold; to the beasts of the tropics a suitable form is given; the birds of the sea have wings fit for the sea, and those of the earth are provided with wings suitable for the earth. Birds and animals have forms which accord with their habits in life. The form of man proclaims his grade of evolution, his nature, his past and present, as well as his race, nation and surroundings, character and fate.

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In the second instance man inherits beauty or its opposite from his ancestors, but in the third and fourth his form depends upon how he builds it. The build of his form depends upon the balance and regularity of his life, and upon the impressions he receives from the world; for in accordance with the attitude he takes towards life, his every thought and action adds or takes away, or removes to another place, the atoms of his body, thus forming the lines and muscles of form and feature. For instance the face of a man speaks his joy, sorrow, pleasure, displeasure, sincerity, insincerity, and all that is developed in him. The muscles of his head tell the phrenologist his condition in life.

There is a form in the thought and feelings which produces a beautiful or ugly effect. It is the nature of evolution for all beings, from the lowest to the highest stage of manifestation, to evolve by being connected with a more perfect form. Animals approaching man in their evolution resemble primitive man, and animals in contact with man acquire in their form traces of the likeness of man. This may be understood by a close study of the features of man in the past, and of the improvement which as been made in them.

The nature of creation is that it is progressing always towards beauty. ‘God is beautiful, and He loves beauty’, says the [Hadith]. The nature of the body is to beautify itself; the nature of the mind is to have beautiful thoughts; the longing of the heart is for beautiful feelings. Therefore an infant should grow more beautiful every day, and ignorance seeks to become intelligence. When the progress is in a contrary direction, it shows that the individual has lost the track of natural progress. There are two forms, the natural and the artificial, the latter being a copy of the former.

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Night Into Day – Oracle – Divine Guidance


Night Into Day ~ Graceful Transitions, from the Sacred Geometry Cards For The Visionary Path, by Francene Hart

Night Into Day

Published July 7, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Night Into Day ~ Graceful Transitions, from the Sacred Geometry Cards For The Visionary Path, by Francene Hart

Night Into Day: “Graceful Transitions”

“Magic and grace fill the moments just as dawn is breaking. This is a time of transition… dark into light, as the world turns and displays a new day. Owl guards the night sky as hawks patrol the day. Golden spirals form a dynamic Phi flower spinning the blossom of graceful transitions.

Transition is afoot in your life. Each one of us is continuously shifting, expanding, and transforming. Change may seem so gradual that you hardly notice, or you may be poised in the moment between night and day, about to embark on major life transitions. Whether these transformations were brought about by circumstances or by your own intentions, you are required to expand your vision of what is possible and embrace your desire for joy, growth, and freedom.

The age in which we live spins so fast that sometimes it feels as if we are just beginning to understand how one event has touched us when another arrives without warning. Realize that even radical change does not have to be traumatic. How may you more gracefully accept and move through the events in your life? How may the way you view change help your evolution to flower more gracefully?

You are invited to view each transition you experience as another of life’s adventures. Allow the owl and hawks on this card to symbolize a knowing that you are guided and protected in your personal evolution. As you consciously move out of darkness into the morning light, let this card be a signpost of graceful transitions.”

If this card comes to you as challenger: “It may feel as if you are in darkness  or stuck somewhere in between.  Ask for guidance from your Higher Self to help activate graceful transitions.”

~ By Francene Hart

Change isn’t always easy, but, whether we like it or not, it is a necessary part of the process of our personal evolution. We may face it with fear; try desperately to cling on to the past, craving the security, the safety of knowing what to expect. Often we feel that we can change without changing… and sometimes that huge internal shift can be possible without changing things on the outside… yet when this happens, we cannot sustain the old rhythms and cycles. We simply must reinvent the beat of our lives to match that of our Soul.

There is a moment of stillness before the transformation takes place. This is where we stand now. In the silence. In the stillness. The space between heartbeats; the space between breaths; the space between thoughts and emotions colliding. This is the space of magic and manifestation. It is full of creative possibility, a clean, clear canvas just waiting to be painted; a musical instrument just waiting to be played with love.

What will you create in this moment? What will you ask the Universe to co-create with you? What vivid colours will you paint with? What music will light up your Soul? Tune in to your heart and ask it to speak to you in these moments between moments. Listen for the guidance. Watch for the miracles. Feel the love and the light.



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Geometry Cards For The Visionary Path, by Francene Hart

Angelic Expansion to Aid Enlightenment by Lord Melchizedek – Natalie Glasson

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Angelic Expansion to Aid Enlightenment

by Lord Melchizedek

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 8th July 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

With my presence the Universal Light of a golden colour flows forth to greet you, enveloping your entire being in love and universal wisdom. I am Lord Melchizedek, overseer of the Universal Level and a christed being. My purpose today is to bring pure bliss and joy into your reality from the Angelic Realm, especially at a Universal Level.

The Universe of the Creator is such an intricate energy, united and yet can be viewed in multiple ways and forms. Such diverse energies, vibrations, and ideas can be experienced and yet the creation within is always the same, it is a fuller manifestation of the Creator that is the result. When we allow ourselves to recognise the Creator we see, sense and acknowledge beyond our imaginations being touched by the truth of the Creator. The Angelic Realm are truly masters at creating a beautiful state within and around us that allows the truth of the Creator to touch us manifesting beauty, wisdom and greater experiences of the Creator’s love. Whether you feel a connection with the Angelic Realm or not, they have a wonderful gift of supporting you in creating space within yourself, your reality and the Universe of the Creator for the Creator to be present. This could be recognised as expansion; you and the Universe of the Creator are composed of and embody expansion. The Angelic Kingdom encourage you to recognise your expansion and to multiply it. There are no limits to expansion, the Angelic Kingdom support you to recognise and experience this within your being as well as in your surroundings.

The Universe of the Creator is a beautiful example and reminder of the expansion of the Creator as are the Angelic Kingdom. Both can be observed and experienced, yet you can never truly understand or grasp their complete energy. This is something we on the inner planes accept, through our acceptance, we are able to grasp a greater understanding of expansion, especially within our own beings. It is through expansion that the Universe of the Creator and the Angelic Realm embody the great purity of the Creator. This is the same for all beings. As you allow yourself to expand so, you create space within your being for the Creator to be present and for you to realise the Creator more fully within your being. In truth the more you allow your energies to consciously expand the more you allow yourself to access enlightenment.

All beings of the Creator’s Universe are expansive and focus upon the expansion of their beings. However, it is the Angelic Kingdom who act as very pure and easy to recognise examples of expansion. Their energy is not attached to a person, place or even a purpose. They simply allow their energies and inner truth to expand, in doing so they allow the truth, purity, purpose of the Creator to be embodied within the space they create. Thus they are inspired as to the divine will and plan of the Creator. They become expressions of the Creator with clear intentions which are aligned with their essence while also being greater than their essence, they become enlightened extensions of the Creator.

Any and all beings have the ability to embody the essence of the Creator in the same way that the Angelic Realm do. It is simply easier for the Angelic Realm as they are already without attachments and limitations, which are the challenges of the Earth. Focusing upon expansion allows for your necessity and programming as a human being for attachment and the belief in limitations to lessen. Thus expansion can create space and even time within your being and reality for enlightenment to dawn, be accepted and remembered.

Allow yourself to call upon the Angelic Realm to surround you and anchor their energy into your being.

Call upon the Angels of Expansion to be present with you as well.

Then call upon the Angelic Body to anchor into your being. The Angelic Body is an energetic form which represents and holds all the beautiful qualities, blessings, and abilities of all Angelic Beings. When we call upon the Angelic Body, we are inviting a synthesis with the core of all Angelic energies. This can be a very powerful process and download of awakening energy into your being. One of the core energies of the Angelic Body is expansion as well as healing, wisdom, and sacred abilities. When you call upon the Angelic Body you have the opportunity to access the essence of all Angelic Beings. However, it is more truthful to say that you will access and synthesis with the appropriate and required essence of Angelic Beings for you. Accessing the Angelic Body can be an intense and deeply profound experience as a synthesis of supreme Angelic vibrations merge with and awaken from your being. Simply call upon the Angelic Body to connect with and anchor into your being. Imagine, sense or acknowledge Angelic light flowing into your entire being as you simply hold the intention of acceptance and expansion.

When you feel the integration process is complete allow yourself to call upon the Archangels to deepen your development, recognition and experience of expansion within your being. The appropriate Archangels will come forth to work with you. Simply focus upon receiving Angelic light with each breath you inhale and recognising expansion within you with each breath you exhale.

Take time to observe the presence, experience and sensation of expansion within and around your being, acknowledging what expansion means to you. With time you will realise that the expansion supported by the Angelic Kingdom is truly and absolutely evident within your being.

Finally, allow yourself to call upon the Creator’s energies within and around you to anchor more fully into your being and to fill the space created by your focus upon expansion. The presence of the Creator’s energy will create even greater experiences of expansion within your being while also promoting and reawakening states of enlightenment for you to experience and explore.

It is through your acceptance, recognition and focus upon expansion that states of enlightenment manifest. It is through the manifestation of enlightenment that greater expansion is experienced. Cleansing, purifying, healing and aligning your being with the light creates space within your being for the process of realising the expansion and enlightenment energies of your being.

It is time to allow yourself to expand beyond that which you wish to experience, that which you wish to be and even beyond all that you imagine or dream yourself experiencing. Now is the time to allow yourself to think and perceive your reality beyond the limitations which you can currently create for yourself mentally. Not only are old energies falling away and new energies dawning, old perspectives and limitations of the mind are ready to be erased while new expansive perspectives are ready to be born into your mind and consciousness.

The energies of the Earth are changing and transforming dramatically, the same is occurring within your being. The Earth is accepting and manifesting a new body, aura, energy and reality holding the essence of expansion. It may become challenging to exist within the new energies of the Earth as they slowly manifest if you are holding onto old limitations and beliefs in your mind. In the new energies of the Earth, there is a need for souls in physical bodies to manifest new beliefs and hold the essence of expansion as this will allow the Creator to be more fully present. If the Creator is more fully present, then expansion develops, and enlightenment becomes a natural state of every being. New ideas and concepts will flow forth from the Creator into souls upon the Earth which will act like seeds in fertile new vibrations of Mother Earth. It is souls upon the Earth who will truly create the pure embodiment of Mother Earth and manifest the divine plan of the Creator upon the Earth. Through focus upon expansion, you will access greater states of enlightenment which will allow the divine plan of the Creator for these new stages of ascension to manifest upon the Earth for all to experience.

Call upon the Angelic Realm to begin this glorious and fulfilling process of expansion, enlightenment and creation for your own reality, ascension, and the Earth.

You are each continuous sources of divine light and inspiration; I thank you for this.

Lord Melchizedek

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unknown artist


The Elders July Transmission ~ Activating the Christed Heart Petal of the Joyful and Happy Heart- Anrita Melchizedek


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The Elders July Transmission ~ Activating the Christed Heart Petal of the Joyful and Happy Heart

Welcome sweet ones. It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this month of July as you deepen your journey along the Pathway of Divine Love. You are moving into a deepening flow of Divine unconditional Love through the activation of the Diamond Light Codes spiraling forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and through the Galactic Center, and deeper into your Purity and Innocence, your Divinity. And with the additional activation of the Rose Grids through the Overlighting of the Sisterhood of the Rose, the sacred dance of Divine Love, and the rebalancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine archetypes, draws you closer into this Golden Rose Galaxy, the merging of your Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromedan Galaxy.  Additionally, as the Diamond Light Codes of creation continue to activate and actualize through Mother Earth’s Light Body and into her leylines, vortices and sacred sites, a re-wiring of your chakras to these Cosmic Diamond Light Codes and higher dimensional frequencies occurs.
Sweet ones, with your ability to hold alignment for longer periods of time into the New Earth Blueprints of Light and the fifth and sixth dimensional templatings, you are able to experience the Christed Timelines without the karmic timelines and reflections of others and their realities, drawing a greater expression of your Divinity into this Now through the ever-present continuum and your Beloved I Am Presence.
With greater levels of Knowing that you are co-creators to the Company of Heaven and your ability to trust and surrender to Life in WHATEVER CIRCUMSTANCES YOU MAY FIND YOURSELVES, you are now able to release much of the sadness and grief and pain of past betrayals and hurts that you volunteered for as these courageous sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.
And in this sacred month of July sweet ones, you activate the Christed Heart Petal of the Joyful and Happy Heart through the Overlighting of the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light who bring through the Golden-White Light of expansion and increased levels of Cosmic Christ Consciousness, as well as a wonderful healing energy through sound and Light and Divine Love. They can assist sweet ones, in releasing rigidity and trauma within the body and energy field allowing the energy of the Joyful and Happy Heart to expand into greater levels of bliss and ecstasy.  
Sweet ones, Joy is the Knowing that in trust and surrender to the Divine, All is Well. Joy is the quiet comfort and Knowing that abounding synchronicities are occurring within your everyday lives that align you deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and into the next level of your Soul’s blossoming and magnificence. Joy, sweet ones, is the Holy Fire that deepens your service work and heart’s dreaming along with its counterpart, Divine Unconditional Love. Joy is freedom sweet ones. Additionally, Joy creates a sense of “bliss” when experienced through the activating of the chakras and nadis, kundalini channels and cerebro-spinal-fluid (CSF), and in particular the pineal gland; and in its highest form can produce the experience of ambrosia, of sweet nectar, sweet ones. For when the amount of CSF gets over a certain threshold, and activates through the pineal gland, some of it drips down on top of the soft palate and/or on to the back of the tongue. The sensation of the pressure release and the dripping is extremely sweet. It has been said sweet ones, that the soul of man physically expresses itself in and around the brain and spinal cord. Thus sweet ones, when the CSF and neuropeptides are flowing optimally, it effects your consciousness in such a way that you become One with the universal consciousness in “everything”. Furthermore sweet ones, the bliss or joy that is experienced when CSF flows optimally is related to an increased amount of serotonin circulating in the CSF. Serotonin is a large neuropeptide that is secreted into the CSF and relates to one’s sense of well-being and a greater sense of joy and happiness.
So let us set our sacred space as we take you in your Merkaba Vehicles of Light into the Ascension Seat of Andromeda, and into a greater flow of the Petal of the Joyful and Happy Heart.
To start with now, just breath deep into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as you breath in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breath out. As you come deeper into your own hearts, you visualize your Christed Heart activate within the heart and thymus chakras as you merge now with your Beloved I AM Presence, the highest Light that you are within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.  Calling in your Master Guides and Guardian Angel and all other Beings of Light your personally acknowledge and that wish to join you now in this sacred space. Grounding now into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth as she sends you her Love back up your grounding cord into your body and energy field. As you ground into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth you experience too the Diamond Light Codes of Creation and in particular the deepening sense of your innocence and purity. Good sweet ones. And now you connect now into the Unity Grid of Divine Love.  This grid of Light within you and around you holding the New Earth Templates through the Light Body of Mother Earth, that connects all like-minded souls into the group I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light. And now sweet ones, you connect to all the lightworkers and starseeded ones at a Higher Light level, as well as all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High assisting in the ascension of Mother Earth and all her Life, so that all Life may receive these Light frequency codes through the Unity Grid of Divine Love. Wonderful sweet ones.
And as you hold this space energetically you have a sense now of activating your own diamond octahedron within your sacred space. Visualizing initially this beautiful diamond octahedron activating within the heart chakra, spinning it in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction respectively. This diamond octahedron has eight faces of equilateral triangles which form two four sided pyramids. And as you hold this within the soul matrix you have a sense now of drawing upon these Diamond Light Codes, linking in to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, and from here into the Galactic Center. And now sweet ones, you merge into the Inner Earth Sun, the Sun within your hearts, the Sun, the Central Sun, and now the Great Central Sun ~ aligning through all dimensions of Light as these multi-dimensional Light Beings and sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. Wonderful.
You now experience the activation of the 12 petals of your Christed Heart, activating now, your Peaceful Heart, your Loving Heart, your Healing Heart, your Joyful and Happy Heart, your Innocent and Open Heart, your Powerful Heart, your Knowing Heart, your Passionate Heart, your Overflowing and Prosperous Heart, your Trusting Heart, your Heart of Integrity and Truth, and now your Intimate Heart.
As you bring a focus back to your Joyful and Happy Heart, it is now amplified through the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light. Wonderful sweet ones.
The Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light now come forward, surrounding you in beautiful Golden-White Flame of Light. They invite you into the Ascension Seat of Andromeda, to deepen your experience of joy and bliss.  You now find yourselves traveling in your Merkaba Vehicles of Light into the Ascension Seat of Andromeda. As you enter into this Ascension Seat, you are welcomed and greeted by your Andromedan Master Guide and/or Andromedan Multidimensional Self, and taken now into a central icosohedronal shaped Temple of Light.
Wonderful sweet ones. You are now placed within a Joyful and Happy Heart Chamber of Light. This multidimensional multi-colored rectangular grid of Light coming in around your body and energy field initially dissolves rigidity and inflexibility created through the traumas, hurts and betrayals which you have experienced through the karmic timelines sweet ones. To assist in this process, gently move your body from side to side and backwards and forwards, facilitating the process of the cerebrospinal fluid and the recalibration of the nervous system, meridians and chakras. Good.
And now, sweet ones, to facilitate this process into a deeper rhythm of the Joyful and Happy Heart, as the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings assist with your Beloved I Am Presence and Master Guides in releasing any further blockages within the physical body and within the lower bodies, you will focus on a series of breathing exercises while holding the focus on your Joyful and Happy Heart.
Initially now, breath in through the nostrils and out the mouth ~ good ~ and now you will place the hands on each one of the chakras, starting from the base chakra and moving through all the chakras, with one in-breath and out-breath at each chakra.
For women, place your left hand over your right on each chakra, and for men, place your right hand over the left on each chakra ~ good. Now breathe through the nostrils and out the mouth moving through the chakras sequentially from the base chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and now the crown chakra ~ wonderful sweet ones.
And now, sweet ones, you will do this same exercise breathing in and out the mouth, with the tongue on the top palette just behind the teeth, as you continue with your deep rhythmic breaths and the focus on the Petal of your Joyful and Happy Heart. Expand the lower abdomen as you breathe in, and contract the lower abdomen as you breathe out. And now breathe in and out the mouth as you move the hands from chakra to chakra; from the base chakra, now into the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and now the crown chakra. Wonderful sweet ones. And now bring your focus back to the heart and thymus chakras as you experience a deeper activation of the Joyful and Happy Heart.
Good sweet ones. You now experience the activation of the kundalini and tantric channels.
Good. And now, sweet ones, let us take you into the experience of the possible activation of the pineal gland and the secretion of amrita, the nectar of Life.
Breathing deep into the body now, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, and contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out, while keeping the tongue positioned just behind the top front teeth, focus on the third eye. As the Christed Petal of the Joyful and Happy Heart opens now into a greater experience of bliss,  bring a focus to the third eye in a radiant Golden-White Flame of Light ~ and now have a sense of the pineal gland being activated in these streams of Divine Light through the language of Light.
Wonderful. And now, focus on amrita, this sacred nectar of immortality potentially being produced from within the pineal gland and bringing a deeper sense of bliss and joy into the body, from a sub-atomic particle level, through the chakras, through the meridians, through the spinal column, and now into the heart as you simply experience yourself as Divine Love, in Joy, in Happiness, and in Bliss. And now sweet ones, have a sense of focusing this elixir of Life into the bridge between the pineal and pituitary glands, known as the Crystal Palace. Good sweet ones.
Have a sense of taking this energetic liquid frequency of bliss into the lower abdomen as you place your hands upon the hara center, also known as the lower dan tien center, just below the navel, centering you at the seat of the soul, sweet ones. Wonderful. And now have a sense of breathing this sweet nectar into the bone marrow through deep rhythmic breaths, while keeping your hands on the hara center.
The kundalini is now activating through the chakras in this double helix patterning of Divine Unconditional Love and Joy in this safe and sacred space. Breathing deeply through the body, feel this connection to all Life in One Unity Consciousness as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, moving the kundalini energy through the primary kundalini channels and now the secondary kundalini channels within the body. Wonderful sweet ones. And now as the kundalini energy moves through the third eye and out the crown chakra, feel the sense of connecting into the multi-universe as One Heart, One Mind, One Divine Embodiment of Unconditional Love.
And lastly now, have a sense of the immortal chromosomes being activated, the two etheric chromosomes within the physical/etheric body, with the Knowing of your own ability to experience physical immortality as an Initiate of Light, to rejuvenate, to regenerate and to experience your body as the perfect Temple of Light.  
Wonderful sweet ones. Now direct this beautiful Golden-White Flame onto and within the Unity Grid of Divine Love, touching the Hearts and Minds of all Life on this sacred earth through the Petals of the Christed Heart, and in particular, the Petal of the Joyful and Happy Heart, clearing grief and sadness and pain within the hearts of all humanity.
Lastly sweet ones, the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light now activated the Star Ki Codes, and in particular, the Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge and the Re-union with your Multi-dimensional Selves. This is further activated through your original Divine eight cell blueprint, and now the Three Ring Chakra above your Crown Chakra.
As you walk the path of Divine Love through the Christed Heart, through the joy and the bliss of the Knowing that all is well, sweet ones, in the abounding synchronicities that are occurring within your everyday lives, you unveil the hidden knowledge that takes you into the next level of your service work. Into your heart’s dreaming, your heart’s joy, and your heart’s passion, while linking you deeper into the ever-present continuum and the Golden Ages of Light, bringing into this Now the increased extra-sensory perception  gifts and skills that you have to take your service work into the next level of your soul’s magnificence, blossoming and Light.
We honor you for your courage sweet ones; we know that many of you have chosen extremely challenging situations along the karmic timelines to know yourselves as Love. In the Knowing that you are Love there is no need to continue to perpetuate the victim and persecutor consciousness, and as you step off the karmic timelines and onto the Christed Timelines in the Knowing that you are Love, you move deeper into the Christed Heart, into forgiveness, into Love. And indeed sweet ones, through the Love of Mother/Father God and all the Illumined Beings and in this Now with the assistance of the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light, your tears of sadness are washed away, your grief is embraced in joy and your pain is embraced within the Love of the Cosmic Heart of God. All is well, sweet ones. Take a leap of faith ~ trust and surrender to life. Trust in the unfolding of the Divine Plan and all it brings into this Now through the Patterns of Perfection, even in the moments of great uncomfortability welcome this experience. For sweet ones, you have volunteered for every experience upon this sacred Earth. And as you balance the planes of polarity as you walk the Path of Divine Love for yourself and others you come together as One Unified Cosmic Heart.
And now sweet ones, as you thank the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light you find yourselves now coming back into your sacred space. Grounding and centering once more into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, and the Diamond Light Codes of Creation, while keeping this connection open to all Illumined Beings of Light from On High, to your Beloved I Am Presence and to Mother/Father God. In your own time, grounded and centered, open your eyes, looking around you through your Master Eyes, experiencing this deep level of joy and happiness.
We thank you for your service work sweet ones. We bless you and with this we bid you a most magical day.
Transcribed by Eadie Miller
Artwork by Rick Ruggles