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The Yin Yang of Healing

The human body is a sound system. We are the physical manifestation of vibration. Every atom, molecule, cell, organ, tissue, liquid and bone in our bodies has its own specific rate of vibration which moves according to the same harmonic laws found in music. For centuries, mystics have known these universal laws that are only now becoming evident to modern science. The great Sufi mystic and musician Hazrat Inayat Khan captures the essence of harmonic law, stating: “The whole of life in all its aspects is one music, and to tune one’s self to the harmony of this perfect music is the real spiritual attainment”


The Ying Yang, formally known as the Taijitu, is a perfect symbol of this harmony. It symbolizes the balance between complementary opposites to form a dynamic wholeness. The white half of yang and black half of yin are opposites, yet they are complementary because each half has a dot of the opposite color, symbolizing that there is always some yin with the yang and vice versa. Although they are totally different and opposite in their individual qualities and nature, they are complementary because they are inseparable. It is impossible to have one without the other. For example, light and darkness, hot and cold, positive and negative all form Yin-Yang pairs. Each are necessary to form the whole. The Ying Yang shows us that all life is a polarity: The duality of opposites that are essentially one. Just as the twilight gradually merges day into night, the spectrum between polarities subtly gives rise to an infinite variety of forms and combinations.


Exploring the possibilities of this polarity spectrum of life is our healthy natural state of being. Healing is necessary when our energies become stagnant or excessively active in one of the polar opposites in any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual way. If we are too still, our energy stagnates and our bodies atrophies. If we never rest, our energy becomes too active and we become burnt out. So, we see that either no movement or constant movement results in trauma and disease. The question is, what can we do resonate with the energies of health?


In his book Harmonic Law, Vibration Therapist Don Estes states, “Treating the physical symptom of the shadow, rather than the cause, is only a temporary fix. All true healing comes forth from an individual’s faith in the cure. The so-called “Placebo Effect” will one day be the most powerful medicine and method of choice in healing, rather than being used to put down other miraculous healing experiences that were actually real.” So, having faith in our power to heal is the most important aspect of the process! The answer to resonating with your health is like Dorothy realizing she could get back home by clicking the heels of her ruby slippers three times and repeating, “There’s no place like home.” Talk about the power of belief! But that is how reality works.


Our body wants to correct the imbalances to flow freely throughout the full range of the circle of life. All we need to do is get our heart to make our mind get on board. This is the ability to do nothing but allow the healing to happen within you. We all have an inner healer. If you cut your finger, it heals. Your body knows what to do. Someone else can band-aid it or stitch it up but you do the healing. All most healers do is provide an overflow of life force energy that catalyzes or speeds up the healing process. Although there are some healers that help you to heal on a soul level that it would be very difficult for you to heal on otherwise.


The Yin Yang teaches us how to correct our imbalances through modeling the healing process itself. The Yin Yang is whole yet its nature is to flow and change with time. This process shifts the whole and brings it into ever more expanded states of experiencing itself. Whether we are unbalanced or just coasting through life, lack of growth will cause a crisis in our lives. “Crisis” comes from the Greek krisis meaning “turning point in a disease.” So, by simple karma of cause and effect we bring about our own crises. Yet, these dramatic times in our life are divine in that they can be a total wake up call that forces us to radically awake to the changes we need to make within our self. When crisis befalls someone who knows how to heal themselves they do not ask God, “Why me.” Instead they ask themselves what they can learn from what caused their current state and what actions they can take to come into balance.


The universe can seem counter-intuitive sometimes! “Why did I manifest disease when I asked for health?” you might ask. Yet, the crisis of the disease is necessary to upset your current equilibrium where patterns you want to change stay stable. Crisis seems to split you in two halves, but it does so to provide the healing momentum that shakes up your yin and yang, allowing your energies find a new balance with each other. In our spiritual evolution, we are all drawn to upset the old “balance” to form a more perfect equilibrium. The whole reason the crisis comes about is because one’s old way of balancing things: health, family, career etc. is not working out. To truly rebalance requires a holistic shift in our energies. This shift brings about a vibration that we will feel truly blessed to resonate with in all time and space.


But what is resonance anyway? There are many definitions of resonance, but as a sound healer, the one I resonate with most comes from fellow sound healer Anne Tooley. She states, “Resonance works on the principle that like attracts like. When the C string of piano is struck, all the other octave strings of C begin to vibrate. When the C string of a harp is plucked, all the C strings of all other harps nearby begin to vibrate. The C strings are in resonance with one another.” The phenomena that she was describing in particular is the phenomena of sympathetic resonance, which is when one vibrating object influences another vibrating or even stationary object causing changes in its vibratory rate. An extreme example would be a singer causing a glass to shatter. But sympathetic resonance causes stability as well as dissolution. We can use the power of sound to resonate the right vibrations on physical, mental and spiritual levels simultaneously. Your ears have now been opened. Go explore the sounds of the universe and resonate with your higher self! That is all it takes to be sound now!



July 2016 Energy Report – Jennifer Hoffman @ Enlightening Life

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July 2016 Energy Report

July 2016 Energy Report

If you haven’t signed up for this month’s Energy Mastery call, a live and recorded call where I go deeply into the month’s energy report, you can sign up here. The call is July 6, 2016 at noon US Eastern time.

cactus_flowerWhen I think about July’s energy I am reminded of what happens when a developer tries to build a parking lot and accidentally uncovers an ancient city. All of the parking lot work stops while archeologists come in and carefully remove the artifacts of a long forgotten culture. The process of excavation we will encounter this month will uncover many different facets of our emotional history as we enter a month whose theme of emotional clearing may take us to depths we have never experienced before so we can rise to heights we have never imagined were possible. It’s going to be a very busy month energetically and we’ll see this in the amount of emotional energy we process. It’s all good though, because we’re now in the second half of 2016 and preparing for new beginnings in 2017. We cannot enter higher dimensions with the baggage of our past and our biggest baggage is grounded in our emotions. Let the clearing begin!

On July’s first day the moon (our emotional barometer) was void of course, which means it made no aspects to any planets. This was the space of no-thing, which is not nothing, it is the space of unlimited potential, pure creative energy waiting to take form. It is a significant commentary on July’s overall energy, how use the creative power of our emotions to process energy. Then on the 4th we have a new moon that includes a grand trine in water signs, indicating that this is going to be a month that is all about emotions and emotional energy. And that is definitely the case as the focus will be all about emotional awareness, clearing, and forward movement into new paradigms, dimensions, frequencies, and vibrations.

We will have a lot of opportunity this month to discover how we use emotion to create our reality, by first examining the vehicle through which we usually express our emotions, our wounds. There are three core wounds that will be emphasized this month, our karmic history, the ‘mother wounding’, and the pain we experience in our current lifetime, which is generally a manifestation of the other two wounds. July’s energy is an invitation to move beyond healing and into wholeness and congruence, where we use our emotional history to gain closure so we can take action into new, more fulfilling, positive, and expanded directions.

Our wounds keep us in cycles of healing as we seek answers to our most desperate question – why would anyone be so mean, unkind, critical, cruel, or inconsiderate? There is no answer to that question unless we understand healing cycles and the give and take of our karmic history. Closure is our greatest gift but it is a gift that we give to ourselves when we believe that we deserve to have joy, love, peace, and abundance and we create those things out of the ashes of our wounds, once we no longer use their energy to create our reality. This is July’s gift if we are able to move clear of our past and create a bright and bold wound-free future.

Numerologically, July is a double 7 month – it is the 7th month of the year and 7 + 2016 = 7. Aside from being a mystical number, 7 is the bridge between the material world of the 6 and infinity, represented by the 8. When we’re in the 7 vibration we are between worlds, able to access both the material and the spiritual realms. But while we have the awareness of both, the one in which we actually stand depends on our emotions because they are the portal through which we receive and process universal energy. In the Tarot deck, 7 is the Chariot, which is quite descriptive of this month’s energy as it invites us to go within and see whether we’re the chariot’s driver, moving forward with intentional focus, or the chariot, being driven by emotional forces we are not in control of.

The New Moon of July 4 includes a trine (a helpful aspect) between the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Chiron, the Wounded Healer. All of the personal planets, those which govern our ‘person-ality’, are involved, each one of them representing an area where we are incomplete because of some kind of wounding that prevents us from feeling whole, clear, fear-free, and confident. This is where we feel unworthy of love and acceptance and where we seek wholeness through others. But the Chiron emphasis demands self healing and going within to find it. In July we have to decide whether we’re going to take another turn on the healing merry-go-round, or jump off.

This energetic signature opens a new portal for us in July, which can also bring forward many old wounds, going back into lifetimes of karma and soul cycles. This time though, they are coming up in a way that is aligned with the foundation of closure and completion that we have been creating since January and going back to the Saturn cycle of 1985 that we’re closing now, with the end of this Mars retrograde cycle. Any time we have a strong aspect with Chiron a lot of old wounds can re-surface. And combined with the strong Mars in Scorpio retrograde, in effect since April 19, those wounds can be painful reminders of situations that we have never been able to resolve. Closure is our solution but that is something we have to give to ourselves – we have to arrive at the place of serenity and peace, we have to be done and not wait for others to give us what we need to feel better about our pain.

This new moon also connects with the energy of the Uranus/Pluto square cycle, which began in 2012 and ended in 2015, bringing up the transformation revolution that this cycle initiated. But this isn’t about creating change because we’re tired of the status quo, with Pluto it involves excavating our pain to its core, and removing all of the energy that supports it. This will reveal our most painful emotions but that’s only because we need a fresh start now, a clean emotional slate, so we can start driving the chariot instead of being driven around by forces we cannot identify.

And we have to consider the Saturn/Neptune square, now exact, which asks us to look at the reality we are creating for ourselves. All of the world is an illusion, but that’s either an intentional manifestation of our creative power, or wishful thinking using deception and self manipulation. Neptune holds the power of our dreams, while Saturn requires the discipline, focus, and alignment to ground those dreams into our reality. This is a time when too much spirituality will cause us to spin our wheels while too much materialism will create frustration and fear. We need to find the balance point for ourselves, so we can use our creative power, as channels and portals of universal energy, to create the dreams and make sure they are grounded, real, and relevant.

Mars has finally gone direct, after months of retrograde and in Scorpio, Mars’ traditional sign of rulership, it is especially strong. The planet of action has been taking a dive in the bottomless pit of healing and it has not been fun. Saturn was here during the final months of 2015 in its long retro in Scorpio. It was also here in 1985, when it stationed at the same point. Is there anything from 1985 that is now coming up for final review for you? Are events from 2015 arising now too, reminding you of things that are not quite complete and where you need to choose your path? Are you ready to transform your 1985 thinking in 2016 action? July is the month for that.

I also have to mention the Uranus/Eris conjunction, which is still very active, and its effect on the world at large. Britain decided to leave the EU in June, while this aspect was exact, and others may follow in the coming months. While some may argue that this is a bad move, it is a sign of the collapse of the 3D paradigms of domination and control. EU membership requires the sacrifice of national sovereignty, an excellent example of the 3D power structures which demand adherence to the status quo while relinquishing individual power and control. Those power structures have no room for self awareness, self determination, or self sovereignty.

We can be self sovereign and connected and live in a world that is not run by corporate greed, political ambition, and self serving interests. That is the 5D world that we are now giving birth to and our first step isn’t to demand change in the world, it is to start living our lives from the point of energetic and emotional sovereignty. We cannot demand a level of transformation in the world that we cannot create in our own lives.

The fun continues throughout the month with a full moon on the 19th at 27 Capricorn which pokes a stick at the Uranus/Eris conjunction again. This energy will remain in effect until 2020 and it will be highly active throughout this year. It will bring up uncomfortable reminders of the change we wish to see in ourselves, not to annoy and frustrate us, but to show us where we have been going with the uncomfortable flow, and finding the inner strength and desire to allow transformation. We make changes when the pain of staying where we are becomes greater than our fear of change. Sometimes we are willing to put up with a lot of pain to avoid change. July make bring us to the point of ‘enough’, where we decide that we no longer want to be in pain and we’re ready to move beyond our fears to allow change to happen.

We have a lot of activity in the sign of Cancer this month, which is the moon’s rulership and also the ‘mother’ energy. This brings up the ‘mother wounding’, that place where we were not mothered enough, or to the level we think we should have been. This is one of our core wounds and it is often the source of our doubt, insecurity, fear, loneliness, and lack of self love. The connection between our karmic history and our mother wounding is a strong one and it is one of our energetic anchors that we must lift if we are to explore the vast seas of our potential.

There will be many opportunities for greater self awareness this month, and sometimes that journey may be scary and very painful. But it is by excavating our past and seeing what is not aligned with our intention for the present and the future that will allow us to see where new beginnings are possible. Some very challenging memories, beliefs, and situations may arise this month and we have to carefully navigate them so we don’t get stuck at the emotion and forget that its purpose is emotional closure and not a reminder of something we would prefer to forget. How we want to ‘feel’ in our new realities will guide us to the emotional energy that we need to create now. And as channels and portals for energy (which we will also discuss in this month’s Energy Mastery class), we are containers for energy. When we’re clear about the kind of energy we want to be a container for, we have more control over the energy we receive, and therefore the reality we create.

We’re in the second half of 2016 now and all of our focus for the rest of the year will be on creating the energetic foundation for new beginnings in 2017. The core of that foundation is our emotions, so let the clearing begin and we’ll arrive at the end of the month with higher energetic frequencies and vibrations so we can become energy containers and portals for the highest possible frequencies. Have a wonderful month.


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