Archangel Michael on Waiting – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

This painting of the ascension of Christ is by Giotto di Bondone 1267-1337 art

This painting of the ascension of Christ is by Giotto di Bondone 1267-1337


Archangel Michael on Waiting

I had a personal reading with Archangel Michael on Canada Day, July 1, 2016.

I was feeling depressed from all the wait around the Reval, the fact that I had been invited to ascend and had not (more waiting), the paucity of people with whom I could seriously discuss events, etc.

I post this exchange because I think other people may be in the same position and might want to hear AAM’s response.

At the end is the mention of a small, miraculous event that continues to happen every day. Each time I approach a busy intersection at the end of my street (13th), which has no crossing light, the light at the end of the next block down (12th) turns red and stops the cars. Every time.

I thought the archangels were doing it, but AAM says it’s the galactics. How uplifting is that? Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

AAM: You look a little cloudy or perhaps a little dim. It is not an aspersion about your mental or physical capacity because the physical improves.

But there have been invasions, both chemical and actual, into, not only your physical body, but all of your bodies. Are you still recuperating? Yes.

Steve: What do you mean by intrusions. Lord? Do you mean the operation, the anaesthetic?

AAM: That is exactly what I mean. I do not mean that in any way, shape, or form that you have been infiltrated.

Steve: Yes, thank you very much for clarifying that!

AAM: That would not be permitted. (1) Regardless of the lack of news, as you put it, there is still the platform [to run] that we, you and I [, produce].

Do not underestimate the importance of what you call or term philosophical discussion. It is quite sad that so many human beings have turned away, forgotten, are bored with or do not engage in the expanded mental, emotional, and spiritual realm of discussion and thought and consideration of the meaning of their life, of the meaning of how they behave, how they proceed, what the undertakings are at hand, what they have been, what they will be…

Yes, we understand the human cultural, social thirst for news and we are not dismissing that.

But also we ask you, do not dismiss the importance of the consideration that needs to, and in many ways must, take place in order for humanity to proceed.  If there is proceeding without the shift in consciousness, then there is a great deal of fear – and also catch up – to take place.

Now you say, “What comes first, the chicken or the egg?” And it is true that, if there were enough situations, what you call news, to report that turned the entire planet on its ear, much of the reaction, as you have already seen repeatedly, is denial or simply shoving aside what is very obvious and apparent because the mental and emotional bodies have not been adequately honed or prepared in order to make the shift.

Now humanity is being penetrated. Much of even what you are feeling is residual debris coming to the surface and it feels amorphous. It feels like a deep sense of dissatisfaction.

Steve: … Depression.

AAM: Yes, depression.

Steve: Okay: dissatisfaction, disappointment. All the disses.

AAM: … All the disses… But it does not dismiss the validity of what you and many are going through. I do not wish not only to deny or dismiss your feelings, but [I] also [wish] to encourage you to feel them. But you say to me, “But, Lord. I am going into a deep, dark, black hole.”

Steve: [Exaggerating playfully.] Yes, from which I’ll never return!

AAM: But you know that is not true.

Steve: Yes, it’s the emotional truth. It’s how I feel.

AAM: Yes, there are many truths, are there not? You are not sinking as far as you think or you feel.

Steve: Well, that’s good to know because I thought something not organic but psychological was happening but, if it’s not, that’s great. It’s just the energies….

AAM: Well, it is the energies but it is also your piece of the energies as well and you know that. (2)

That you have experienced a depression and that you have experienced this sense of what is the point and there are many points that are worth living for but at the moment they are not exactly clear to you because you are fed up.

Steve: Yes, fed up with waiting. Nothing seems to have happened [on the Reval, personal Ascension, etc.] and here I am dangling again. …

AAM: You are not dangling. You are in the process of your Ascension and what is coming to the forefront is the tiny remnants – and, yes, we know to you it feels massive – but it is the tiny remnants of what remains in terms of your attachment to the old human experience. That is why it feels so intense.

That is why I keep saying to you and asking you, come back to the bliss.

Steve: Oh, I’d love to! I’ve been looking for it under my pillow, here, there, and everywhere and I haven’t been able to reach it again.

AAM: You are allowing, and I do not say this in a way of criticism, you are allowing yourself to be distracted.

Steve: Really?

AAM: Yes. So what we are encouraging you to do is to let go.

Let go of the feeling that there is pressure to complete. Let go of your angst about events. Let go of feeling that you have put yourself – because you have not – we have put you somewhat in the limelight, (3) let go of the feeling of “I’m alone on this planet and there is absolutely no one to talk to.”

Feel that you are absolutely surrendering on one of my blue white clouds, sink back and let them all dissipate as if it is rain falling out of that cloud as the cloud simply floats up, sideways, wherever you want and we will take you back into the bliss.

Your job is to surrender, let go. Our job is to lift you up.

Steve: Thank you for that reassurance. Okay, so good.

What can you tell me about the red lights at my corner, Lord?

AAM: They are visitations from your star friends.

Steve: Wow, every time I go there, there’s been a red light! Will you tell them, or I’ll tell them, that that was really class. That was really impressive. I like that very much!

AAM: You have had a tiny, tiny, tiny taste of what they are capable of!


(1) This is not an insignificant comment. It validates that we each have our role to play and, if it isn’t part of our role or agreement to experience an implant, then we won’t. Not all lightworkers have it in their soul agreement to go through all trials and sufferings.

(2) That is, my core issues or vasanas.

(3) That has been what I thought was happening. I did write about it but discarded the articles. I’m just going to let happen whatever it is that seems to already be planned and – apparently – set in motion. My resistance to just surrendering is decreasing every week.


This painting of the ascension of Christ is by Giotto di Bondone 1267-1337 art

Archangel Michael on Waiting


What Does “Reiki Flows Where It Needs to” Mean? @ Reiki with Friends

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What Does “Reiki Flows Where It Needs to” Mean?

Article by Angie Webster, Reiki Rays

One of the things we often hear about Reiki is that it goes where it needs to. I have often said this myself, especially when I was first introduced to Reiki practice. However, over time and with personal experience in working with energy, I have come to realize that this statement may be misunderstood and oversimplified.

Reiki travels to various places in the body during a Reiki session. In fact, most people who have had a Reiki session will tell you that they have had the experience of feeling energy moving throughout their body or feeling energy flow in more than one location. Many Reiki practitioners sense this, as well. Among those of us who have experienced it often, there is little doubt that energy is moving in various locations, in multiple ways.

From the beginning of my experience with Reiki, I have seen that people experience shifts and healing with much more than the issue they come to treatment for. Reiki goes to the underlying issues that contribute to or create an illness, problem or pain, helping to gently open ways for the person to create a shift in their life. The shift is often so gentle and easy that they may not even be aware it’s occurring until they look back on it later.

This ability of Reiki to know and bring balance to the true cause of a problem—physical, emotional or spiritual–is what I feel is truly meant by “Reiki goes where it needs to”. Neither the client nor the Reiki practitioner need to know what the underlying cause of an issue is. We don’t even need to know the issue at all in order to bring some relief and peace with a Reiki treatment.

What does Reiki flows where it needs to mean

Image by PublicDomainPictures

However, it would be a mistaken understanding to say that it is not beneficial to apply Reiki to the entire system. Reiki will go to the underlying issue. But the energy works by accessing the aura, chakras, and the energy pathways of the client, via the practitioner. The energy body has numerous meridians through which our energy travels. These run down the front and back of the body, from the top of our head all the way to the bottoms of our feet and everywhere in between, with important energy centers along the way. It makes a great deal of sense to apply Reiki to the entire system so that it has as many access points as possible, thus offering the best possible healing.

In my practice, I am often guided or “nudged” during a Reiki session to move my hands to a different hand position, to apply Reiki in a different manner, or to stay longer than usual in a position. I feel similar things even during a distant session. I have heard many practitioners say that Reiki guides them in similar ways. If Reiki simply went wherever it needed to and we were not necessary as conduits to assist and conduct it, then we would not receive this guidance so regularly. In fact, Reiki would not need us at all! We are like the tuning forks to focus the energy where it is needed. It may get there to some degree without us, but our help brings it sharply into the areas of need.

The application of Reiki directly to areas that are in pain, ill or tense simply feels good! You can certainly offer a Reiki session that only treats a small area of the body and the person will feel relaxed and will benefit. But if there is an area that is in need, there is so much good to be done by treating there, in addition to treating as much of the system as time allows. There are many times that a spot treatment is the best method, such as for an injury. We instinctively know that we should place our hands over an area that has been hurt just for this reason.

I have seen people use “Reiki flows where it needs to” to minimize the role of the Reiki practitioner in the treatment. While it is a good thing to keep your ego out of the equation, you, as the Reiki channel, are important to the Reiki session! We work in cooperation with Reiki. It is similar to the manner that the cells in our bodies work with us. Our cells must work in cooperation with the overall goal of supporting the larger unit that is us. We can’t do anything very well without that cooperation, and our cells need us—they are us. Universal Life Force is the larger and more powerful energy and we are the cells that help it to function well on this level, through us. When we try to resist it or control it, things don’t go well, but when we work together, great things happen. It’s OK to acknowledge your role in as the conduit for focusing the energy and allowing it to flow. Feel free to participate fully with Reiki!

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Angie Webster

Angie Webster is a freelance writer, Reiki Master Teacher and meditation teacher. Angie’s primary focus in her Reiki practice is empowering women with chronic pain conditions, neurological conditions or anxiety. She offers guided meditation and shamanic Reiki as part of her practice, where appropriate. Angie is the author of Infinite Reiki, Infinite Healing: How Energy Medicine Healed my Life and What it Can do for Yours. Reiki and a healthy lifestyle contributed to her healing after a 20 year struggle with neurological and chronic pain issues. She comes out the other side with a new perspective on life and now seeks to empower others, guiding them back to their own innate healing abilities. You can follow her at:,,

“You Are Doing What You Came To Do Perfectly” – Lady Nada, OWS and Ashira​​ @ Ancient Awakenings

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“You Are Doing What You Came To Do Perfectly” – Lady Nada, OWS and Ashira

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Lady Nada” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on June 25, 2016)

“Lady Nada”
I am “Lady Nada”. I have been excited about speaking to you. I was going to speak a little earlier but decided to wait until today. I know that my partner, “Sananda”, will be speaking to you next week (during our call with Hollow Earth Network) as well as others. This was my time to spend with this group for this is an important group to us.

All that we have been talking about is now. You can read across the headlines across the world that much time is spent in speaking about all of this. And yet some of this has been behind closed doors beyond your eyesight, beyond your earshot. Beyond that which you could imagine. We are excited because this is unfolding now. It is starting now and is moving forward.

Everything that my beloved has spoken to you of is now. We know that as this unfolds for you in seeming small doses that you can see that there are actually large things that are happening. Large things that are taking place.

And each of you has that opportunity to be the creative one. To be in charge of your own existence for you are one cell in all of humanity on this planet. You are One in making new pathways to learn more about yourselves and about others. We are proud of you for keenly listening in to those upon the planet while withholding judgment and allowing each to find its way.

I am here to assure you that each of you is doing this perfectly. That you are doing what you came to do, perfectly. We know that there are many questions you can have but if you know that you are doing this perfectly, in the right time and the right place. And that everything you do takes all to the highest, know that you have done it well.

Next week’s call will have new news for you. There will be new opportunities for you to get involved. All of these are things that you have known for years. You have felt in your bones for years. And now, finally are present in your world.

Take your time to get the rest you need. Take your time to examine the pathways that are opening for you. Councils will be opening shortly and calling for you to serve. All of these things we know because we know with whom we are working.

Today I give you great blessings and great love. Know you are exactly where you are meant to be. Thank you.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here to assist you.

Here to tell you that things are about to shift here, greatly. The old paradigm is coming to an end. It is not ending yet. There are still some things to be worked out but changes are afoot here. There is nothing that is going to stop it here.

There are some things that come up for temporary delays but they are just that, temporary delays. They are not going to hold it off. The Ascension is going through. Nothing is going to stop that. You are going through the Ascension process.

Much of what you have been expecting for some time is about to begin to unfold. We cannot give an exact time frame but we can tell you that there are many things happening behind the scenes that are about to come forward.

You have begun to see the beginnings of this. You spoke earlier in your discussion of dominoes and the first domino beginning to fall and yes, that is somewhat true. There are more to come but this is the beginning of this. And as James so well put it, there is a reverberation effect that is going to happen here or is already happening. You are going to see this reverberation happen all the way down the line from the beginnings here now to the next step and the next one and the next one and pretty soon you will have announcements of various kinds.

We are not going to say, of course, when it is going to be or if it is going to be the Fourth of July or the eighth of July or August 15th or whatever is in your thinking process because it is not your thinking process that is creating this. It is the imagination process. It is the higher vibrational process that is creating all of this change here. And all of this is coming together being orchestrated to bring all of this about.

So, you are a part of this orchestration. All that you see out there and all of those things happening behind the scenes are a part of this great orchestration. It is all of the pieces of the puzzle coming together.

But you know when you put a puzzle together that you may have used many hundreds or thousands of pieces to put this puzzle together. You get near to the end and you put the last pieces in and how elated you feel? This is what is about to occur here. The elation from the last pieces of the puzzle coming together. You are coming close to this now.

Do you have questions now for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira” is standing by.

Question: As we move up in consciousness is it important for us to understand how and why things work or are we to know they work and make them work?

Very good question and it is only necessary for that one who believes it is. If it is difficult to come to understanding and one needs to have a realization for what is occurring, then this one would need that at some level.

But for anyone who is finding themselves in higher vibration the higher vibration you are in, the less you will need an analytical side to things because it will just become as it will be. When you are in that BE-ing stage than all that has come into analytical understanding are no longer necessary. Does this make sense?

Question: I was meditating 4 or 5 nights ago and as I came out of meditation I was told, “Find the 444 Gate”. Do you have guidance for me?

Find “444 Gate” is particularly for you, it is meant for you as a code. This is for deeper levels of your being. It does not make sense for anyone with who you might share this because it does not have meaning outside of yourself.

But in the deep levels within you will find the meaning, from where you come from to the understanding you bring into this incarnation here. This code will be given to you again. It will appear in times to come we will just say. It will have a more full meaning for you at that time. It will give you an understanding that you came into the life to move toward.

In addition, this is for you to feel your way through. It is not analytical. This is not something that you are going to understand through your mind. It is something you are going to feel through your heart.

Question:Why were we given an analytical brain if we are not supposed to use it?

You are always the analytical one. You are using it. It is the left brain versus the right brain or not so much versus but the merging of the two. And the merging of the two brings a balance here. The balance brings you into the higher vibrations.

In the higher vibrations your left brain and your right brain will work together in tandem. In that respect you will be more fully into the creation process from your imagination.

The analytical brain is necessary to a point by itself, and this is what the Cabal has done to mankind, is to keep you in the analytical left brain side here. They have attempted to hold back the creative right brain side of self.

Question: So we are top heavy?

For some but not for all. You, yourself, are very much right brained as well. Your creative side has blossomed over the last years here. Your left brain side has come more and more into a balanced state. That is what all are attempting to do is to bring this balance together so they can work in tandem as we say.

This is part of the evolution of mankind. Yes, the left brain has been made more important through the centuries through the work of the Cabal and through the work of humans. As you have moved toward this time of your evolution and feel these energies that are coming into the planet, everything is moving more into the state of balance.

It is time to walk away from what has been seen as the left brain’s actions in this world. It is time to move into the balance of the two. And move more thoroughly into that higher vibration of feeling.

Question: I was wondering if you could confirm that I met an Ascended Master in a physical body a couple of years ago.

That is a personal question we can give an answer to. The answer is yes, you did have an experience and it will accentuate for you as you move along. This particular experience again and it will be more real for you and there will be others who are interacting with you as well.

Then we will release channel. As “Lady Nada” said, “Sananda” will be here next week with your call with Hollow Earth and it is important because there are some special things that are coming.

Special announcements yes and, it is going to be full show, let us put it that way. Keep it somewhat on the secretive side here. Hint. Hint. There are going to be things to share.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the ONE.

I am “Ashira”. It is always a pleasure to be with all of you on these Sundays.

We know that you come hanging on all our words hoping to hear something that makes it real. We do, each week, tell you things. This week it would seem that “Lady Nada” had a good message for you.

We are here to be of assistance. We are here to be on call. If you need us, call us and we are there. We are there for a hug. We are there to hold you if you cry. We are there when you laugh. We love the experience with you.

Yes. The coming call will be a lively one! We are looking forward to it.

With all of our love and blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated


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