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El Morya – unknown artist

El Morya

El Morya is the chohan of the first ray and chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood. El Morya represents the godly attributes of courage, certainty, power, forthrightness, self-reliance, dependability, faith and initiative. These are the qualities of the Father principle—the statesman, the executive, the ruler.

Because he has ably outpictured these essential virtues, El Morya has, through many embodiments, worn the crown of authority, ruling many kingdoms wisely and well. His rulership has not been that of a dictator, demanding that his subjects submit to his human will; but rather, his interpretation of government is God-over-men and his concept of true statesmen is God’s overmen. He inspires in his subjects illumined obedience to the holy will of God.

El Morya, the Statesman.

El Morya, statesman, poet, economist and saint, founder of The Summit Lighthouse® and beloved Guru of the Messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and their chelas: “Not my will but thine be done!”

Statesmen, leaders and organizers are on the first ray under El Morya.

Initiation of the Throat Chakra
Gifts of Faith in God’s Will and the Word of Wisdom
Retreats: The Temple of Good Will over Darjeeling, India
El Capitan, Yosemite Valley, California
Vibration: Blue, White
Keynote: Edward Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance, March #1
Gemstone: Diamond, Sapphire, Star Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli
Qualities: Power, Goodwill, Faith
Day: Tuesday
Quick Prayer: “Beloved El Morya, in the name of the Christ: Charge my four lower bodies with the will of God and my divine blueprint.”

El Morya’s Previous Lifetimes

The Master Morya was embodied as Abraham, the first Hebrew patriarch; Melchior, one of the three wise men; King Arthur, guru of the mystery school at Camelot; Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury; Sir Thomas More, the “man for all seasons”; Akbar the Great, founder of the Mogul empire in India and the greatest of its rulers; and Thomas Moore, the Irish poet laureate.

El Morya ascended in about 1898 after his work with the Master K.H. in founding the Theosophical Society. El Morya has served tirelessly with Saint Germain in the cause of world and individual freedom, training public servants to externalize the will of God through God-government on earth.

Awaken the Light Within and Change Yourself and Your World

Use the Science of the Spoken Word to connect with El Morya

In a simple spiritual exercise, you can tie your heart to El Morya’s with El Morya’s Bonding Prayer:

Where I stand, there is Morya!
And in his name I say,
Thus far and no farther,
You shall not pass,
You shall not tread on holy ground,
You shall not enter this hallowed place,
You shall not come between me and my God.
My God is happiness this day.
My God is holiness.
My God is the divine wholeness of the living one.
I and my Father Morya are one!

Meditation upon El Morya, Lord of the Blue Ray

“Let your Christ Self lead you to the altar where you kneel before Lord Morya El, where you commune in silent meditation with the will of the flame and imbibe the Personal Personality of the one who has consecrated his mind as the diamond shining mind of God. And as you look upon his face, you see the twinkle of mirth that is needed upon earth. You hear the strains of Panis Angelicus, and you know that your soul is fed the holy bread of angels. You drink the communion cup, and you vow obedience to the will of God.”—Djwal Kul, from the meditation, The Hidden Chamber of the Heart.

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El Morya – unknown artist



Archangel Gabrielle: Who is the Council of Love and What is Its Purpose? – Linda Dillon

aer r c gorman ceremony

ART : Ceremony – R.C. Gorman


Archangel Gabrielle: Who is the Council of Love and What is Its Purpose?

Who is the Council of Love and What is Its Purpose?

Saturday Conference Call, Jan. 16, 2016


Greetings, I am Gabriel. I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome, welcome my beloved family, lightworkers, Love-holders, pathfinders, wayshowers, healers, teachers, channels, and just plain ol’ folks, for we are all equal.

Yes, there is splendid diversity and that is the expression and the glory of the Mother. But never has there been a hierarchy, child, and we are all in equal measure and in equal measure of Love.

I come this day to speak to you of this Council of Love of which I am primary spokes being. It is my honor. It is the blessing that the Mother has bestowed upon me at the very beginning because this Council has been in existence that long…and I do not simply mean the beginning of existence of this beautiful planet of my sister and cousin, sweet Gaia, I mean the very beginning. I come because it is time to renew your acquaintance.

The depth of our relationship has need to grow and as spokes being, as Archangel, I desire and I am charged with the responsibility and the promise to make this allegiance and alliance stronger than ever.

You know that this explanation will never change, that the Council of Love is God’s sacred alliance composed of angels, Archangels, enlightened saints, the apostles, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, the ascended masters, the sacred prophets, and those beings that have simply evolved, ascended into sheer energy.

The purpose of this Council is the transmission, the instillation, the infusion, of divine radiance…we have not spoken enough about this…divine radiance and Love, into each of your hearts, into the hearts of all beings who choose, who wish, who desire to align and receive. And let me say to thee, there is no being upon this or any planet, within any galaxy or any universe that does not desire Love. So, we are most certainly an equal opportunity Council.

We are the messengers; we are the messengers of One, of Father/Mother/One/All, of unified Godhead, and there is only one message and that message is Love! That is why sweet Albert’s work and words are so important at this time, because he is reminding you, he is helping you remember, and some of you hearing for the very first time that there is only really one essence and pattern throughout, and that is the essence and design of the Mother, and that is Love. Does it have a multitude of faces, of qualities, of divinity? Yes. But all of these are expressions and experiences and transmissions, activations, alignments of Love.

Now, you may think that this is a very simple explanation of who we are and we know that there is a tendency upon the planet to say “well, you better keep your mission statements brief”, and so we are in alignment with that. But in fact dearest hearts, let us suggest to you that our mission and purpose is so extensive but also flows so far beyond sweet Gaia, but you are the focus of so much attention throughout the multiverse, throughout the omniverse at this time.

This is the destination that most are paying attention to. It is a favorite destination and vacation spot for many of your star family, the ascended masters, those of sheer energy that you see dancing and visiting and assisting.

The restoration of Love upon this planet is Ascension. There are many explanations of how and where and when and what Ascension is and looks like and feels like. So again, in the spirit of simplification, we tell you that Ascension, individually and collectively, is the experience, the anchoring, and the embodiment of Love, in its totality, in its divinity, in its expression, in its actions.

Now you say to me, “Gabby, what on earth does that mean?” And what I suggest to you, as an Archangel that is often considered quite vociferous, is that what it means is is you accepting the truth of who you are. Long ago we have, through this channel, said to you that the keys to heaven are Love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and balance. Now you may take that as an explanation of what does the embodiment of Love look, feel, taste and smell like.

It is not simply to be kind, although kindness is a much underrated quality upon your planet and elsewhere, at times. If you are loving then you are kind, you are gentle, you are considerate, you are compassionate. It is the practice, it is the action, it is the intention, it is the stillpoint, it is putting yourself completely, consistently, eternally, infinitely, in the expression and the experience of Love. It is bliss, it is ecstasy, it is common sense, it is being grounded; it is not being a space cadet walking around and doing nothing.

Have you ever heard one of us…Archangel, angel, guardian, ascended master…have you ever heard one of us say that we are hanging out and relaxing because we feel overwhelmed? Of course not! Now, are there times, yes even as Archangel, that we feel overwhelmed by what we witness, not only collectively as death, disease, destruction, despair, war, hatred, greed, lust? These are distressing.

But what is overwhelming to an Archangel, to me my beloveds, what is overwhelming is when I see or witness or know that you have forgotten, or lost, or do not believe, that you are the essence of Love. That is a tragedy; it is an illusion but it is a tragic illusion because it is the truth, the essence, the totality of who you are.

And this is why I have asked to speak to you in this manner this day. We, of multitude that you can not even begin to imagine, are the Council of Love. We are the messengers, the instillers, the transmitters, the infusers of Love. Now, we have job descriptions that are infinite and yet extraordinarily simple during this extraordinary time of change. When you feel even a whisper that you have forgotten Love, about how it feels within.

Note that I say to you in discussing Love that it is the experience and the expression … I am talking about the within and the without. It is absolutely necessary for you to have the knowing within every fiber of your being that you are Love. And it isn’t a mental process or construct; it is a deep knowing of who you are. And then that expresses because you can only express who you are.

So, if you are feeling less than, then your expression is less than. If you are feeling ignored or isolated or separated or betrayed, then that is your expression. Even though you try and hide it under a mantle of kindness it does not work. So, when you know that you are not knowing and feeling and experiencing the Love, turn to us. Of course, turn to the Mother, the ultimate source, the supreme source of Love, the pattern of Love, the essence of Love.

But we, we are her work force. We are the messengers. So, you may turn to your favorite person, your favorite being…yes they are people – St. Germaine has been a person, Jesus has been a person, many of us have incarnated for a couple of moments as people. We know what it is and it feels like. We are not ignorant of your situation.

So, I come this day to plead with you, to absolutely plead with you to come and turn to us and allow us to fill you with Love. Now you say, “Oh that’s okay; I know that I am in the Love.” Dearest hearts, you have only just begun; there is always more.

So, on behalf of the Mother in the honoring of who you are and the honoring of the divine, the Mother/Father/One, can you let us do our job? Could you call on us, the entire Council of Love and let us fill you and bring you to a higher realm, to anchor your feet firmly in the 7th dimension of Love? We are not waiting.

Months ago, let me be clear…August 15th…five months almost to the day, child, we have told you of the expansion of the 13th Octave, the most precious gift that we have ever been honored to bring forth. What have you done with it? It is sitting there waiting for you…as are we. Please let us be in sacred union; let us be in sacred partnership. We have always been family; you are as much an integral part of this Council of Love as we are. Let us work, play, laugh, and explore the possibilities and potentialities and actualities of creation together, right now.

Go with my Love and go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted



aer r c gorman ceremony

ART : Ceremony – R.C. Gorman

The Hunter of Gifts- Oracle ~ Divine Guidance

The Hunter Of Gifts, from the Shaman's Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan


Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Hunter Of Gifts, from the Shaman’s Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Message From The Hunter Of Gifts: “I am the The Hunter Of Gifts. I seek out the most valuable and vital things you need to enable you to live life to the fullest. I hunt through your thoughts, through your experiences and through your deepest feelings to discover the true gifts of your life, which can help you to find the right direction. Whatever gifts you are looking for, I will seek them for you. And I will teach you how to recognize the gifts you already possess. Follow where I lead, for I can help you to flourish in every way.”

The Hunter Of Gifts: “The gifts this hunter seeks are not just those of food, shelter or possessions. Rather they are the gifts of living; strength, health, vitality, as well as the bountiful gifts of the imagination, of creative flair, love and honour. In times of hardship the gift of perseverance is vital; in times of plenty the gift of wise stewardship is essential. The Hunter Of Gifts is attuned to our most urgent requirements, and senses how best to replenish us when we are lacking. Everything this hunter offers is a gift of life, be it joy, energy, truth or hope. In times of greatest need this figure will bring us what we require.”

Interpretations Of This Card: “Inner gifts ~ Recognizing our skills and values ~ The flowering of imagination ~ Discovering your potential ~ Finding your way ~ Valuing the truth ~ Using skills and talents”*

~by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

What does abundance mean to you? Does it mean releasing everyday worries, doubts and fears, knowing that your needs are met? Does it mean luxury; fancy cars, big houses and lots of designer shoes? Does it mean being fully supported, surrounded by loved ones and friends? Does it mean having new opportunities or unlimited possibility?

Or all of the above?

This is a message to aim higher! A very important reminder that worrying about the mundane is actually holding you back! Set your sights to the stars, decide to manifest miracles… have fun with your creative process. When you spend time wishing, wondering and hoping, you are focusing on the LACK of what you desire to create. You are focusing on the fact that it is not existing in your reality, which is not the vibration that is needed to attract it. Remember, like attracts like.

When you decide to use your vibrant imagination to paint a vivid picture of your amazing dreams and aspirations, that is when the magic happens. That is when you become the magnet to the higher vibration reality. That is when anything becomes possible.

The Hunter of Gifts has come to show you what you are actually capable of. You have gifts that will heal and inspire others and when you fully discover them, and use them for the highest good of all…

That is when the true miracles will happen.



~ Archangel Oracle

*Shaman’s Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Published February 28, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Become an Ethnographer of Your Own Ascension ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Soul Portraits by Wendybyrd Smith...

ART : Soul Portraits – Wendybyrd Smith


Become an Ethnographer of Your Own Ascension

I’m working with a reader, D, on documenting and mapping her consciousness shift.

The invitation I extended to her, I told her I think I need to extend to everybody.  Here’s that invitation.
Start to become an ethnographer of your own consciousness shift.
What’s an ethnographer? My understanding of an ethnographer is that the kind of anthropologist who records what they actually see, hear and feel in an unexplored setting.
They don’t write about the national history. They don’t look at village agriculture through the ages. They actually observe and record what they witness in front of them, right here, right now.
We’re ethnographers in a profound consciousness shift. I can tell you that my consciousness seems to be shifting almost daily (I appear to get some days off to relax and integrate).
When I go into bliss, for example, I notice how I respond to other events in my life while I’m in bliss, where my emotional floor has risen to, how I increase or decrease the bliss, etc. I explore all the questions that come to mind and then make a record somewhere of what I observe.
Sometimes it’s an article. Sometimes it’s a journal entry. Sometimes it’s a note on a notepad.  But I always make and leave a record.
Others will come along after and do with our work what an anthropologist would call a structural/functional study.  Think of the ethnographer’s study as a series of photographs. The structural anthropologist gathers up all the pictures and looks at them for patterns in behavior, dress, gaze, etc.
So the ethnographer’s data is raw material to and for the structural anthropologist.
Our ascension observations, reactions, and discoveries will be raw material to those who gather up all our accounts (or ethnographies) and look for patterns.
Why would people want to do that? For several reasons.
The first is that ours is the first mass, physical ascension ever. I asked Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel whether we were going into an utterly-new, previously-uncreated space and he confirmed that was indeed the case.

Steve Beckow: Is the realm that we’re building, to which we’re taking our physical bodies, altogether new?

Archangel Michael: Yes, it is brand new.

Steve: … Brand new, and the rules have changed?

AAM: That is correct.  (1)

He’s been teaching me how the rules have changed in regard to enlightenment. It’s dizzying.
But back to the new space. Previously people dropped the body to ascend. We’re taking our bodies with us. That’s historic, as if the mere fact of ascension was not historic enough.
So our experience of ascension, I believe, is going to prove a very important and very much studied subject on many planets throughout the universe, who are also planning their own ascensions. I know of an ascension taking place in the Seventh Dimension in 200 years and you can bet your boots I’ll be there. Well, I already know I’ll be there. Reporting for duty.
Second reason, have you noticed that no one handed you a User’s Manual to the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions? Not so much as a Michelin Guide or The Fifth Dimension on $5?  (2)
We pop through into bliss, as a friend of mine did the other day, just out of the blue, and look around as if to say, “Now what do I do?” And, after sitting for a great amount of time lost in enjoyment, one wonders, “Well, how is this useful?”
No one tells us what to do.
So having a User’s Guide would be a very, very useful thing and you and I are writing a piece of that when we do our ethnographic studies of ascension.
Start to make the same kinds of notes about you and your consciousness that an anthropologist might make upon coming into an indigenous village for the first time.
Generate criteria of significance.What’s worth your attention and why? What are you trying to do? What are you focussing attention on? Establish the parameters of your study. You at home? At work? On vacation?  Shopping?

Then keep adequate notes of each event in consciousness. “I popped into bliss at 9:00 a.m. today, fully three hours earlier than I did the day before. And I was able to spend practically the whole day in it before it subsided in the evening. People seem to notice it. They seem to pick up around me.”

Everyone kept a diary once in their lives. Well, I’m inviting you to keep one now. Religiously. Maybe even start a blog and record your journal entries. Forget the journal and just write the blog. (Gotcha.)

This is something that every single one of the people reading this article is capable of doing and it’ll prove so valuable.

Nuff said. Thank you, D., for sparking that discussion. I look forward to what your ethnographic study turns up.

(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 16, 2015.
(2) Am I dating myself if I say Europe on $5 a Day?

Become an Ethnographer of Your Own Ascension


Soul Portraits by Wendybyrd Smith...

ART : Soul Portraits – Wendybyrd Smith

Archangel Zadkiel “The Stillness Within” – Linda Robinson @ Personal Pathways of Light

blossoming_love by Toni Carmine Salerno at Blue Angel Publishing

ART : Blossoming Love – Tony Carmine Salerno @ Blue Angel Publishing



Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst.   We are being joined by a Host of the Angelic Realm of Light and the Hathors.  Today, we wish to discuss the stillness within.

You are being presented with many opportunities to move forward on your ascension path.  Each wave of incoming energy brings new possibilities for paths to explore and ways to serve.

At times, these waves of energy and possibilities may seem to come rapidly.  You may feel as if you do not have time to process one wave of energy before the next one arrives.  When this occurs, you may wish to consider turning to the stillness within to consider your options.

Many of the great sages and teachers often went on a retreat when considering their options or when they were faced with a large task ahead of them.  They would go away from the masses and go into silence to commune with the Creator and their guides and teachers in the Higher Realms.  During this time, they would receive guidance and then focus their energy and intent on the task ahead.

In the society of today, taking a long retreat may not be possible for everyone.  Instead, you may consider a walk in the park, a stroll along the beach, or some time in your favorite quiet place.  A few minutes in a peaceful location can help to clear your mind and bring new insights.

Another way to tune in to the stillness within is to develop a daily routine of quiet time.  You may feel as if you don’t have time to do this practice.  However, as you begin this routine, you may find that you are gaining additional time through the clarity and insights that can come with this practice.  Beginning with just a few minutes once or twice a day can yield great results.

You can use whatever technique resonates with you.  This may be focusing on your breath, repeating a mantra, or picturing a sacred Being.  The important thing is to select something that you will look forward to.

When you are able to sit in a favorite chair or location, your energy will begin to build and help you gain even more peacefulness when you are there.

As your attention rests gently on your selected point of focus, a stillness begins to develop.  This stillness has its own quiet energy.  Your body, mind, and spirit begin to relax, and you are at peace.

As this stillness continues, you may begin to notice a pause or gap between your thoughts.  This pause or gap allows space for insights and communication with your guides and teachers.

As you go more deeply into your inner stillness, you may begin to feel yourself transported to another plane of energy.  This is where you move into the space between the spaces.  This is the point where you realize that you are much more than your individual self and more than your mind and body.  You begin to be aware that you are part of something much greater than yourself.  You are aware of the oneness of all of creation.

When this occurs, you gain clarity and can see things from a much bigger vantage point.  Any decisions that you are considering about your path are seen from a much broader perspective.  You become aware of how your thoughts and actions affect the greater collective. You feel the oneness, and this leads you to a desire for highest good for all.

You move into a greater point of stillness and peace.  You may feel that this is what you have been searching for all along.

When this occurs, you know that you can return to this point any time you wish.  The more you tap into the stillness within, the stronger it becomes.  You are able to move throughout your daily activities with ease and grace.  A state of inner stillness becomes your default pattern, much like a default setting on a computer.  It becomes your natural and normal way of being.

As you move throughout your day, everyone who is around you benefits from your state of inner stillness, and your vibrations of peace and stillness ripple out into the ethers for the benefit of all.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are tuning in to the stillness within.  We are there with you and are sending you our whispers of Love and peace.

Know that you are greatly Loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst
…and we surround you with Love.
And so it is.
All rights reserved Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.
Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.
This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission.  Email:  Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com


blossoming_love by Toni Carmine Salerno at Blue Angel Publishing

ART : Blossoming Love – Tony Carmine Salerno @ Blue Angel Publishing

The Five Kingdoms/Dimensions For This Round of Earthly Ascension – Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman @ Star Quest

art holly sierra art tajdar prince of the himalayas

ART : Tajdar – Prince of The Himalayas – by Holly Sierra







          Beloved masters, everything in the Universe is endowed with a consciousness of its own kind and on its own plane of perception. Remember, ALL Creation–the Omniverse at all levels–is Cosmic Energy, which was sent forth from the Heart-Core of the Supreme Creator. This Energy is composed of vibrational frequencies of infinite variations, which interpenetrate with each other, and yet are separated from each other by the variance in Light frequency patterns. The Light/Energy of the Creator contains all the components of Creation, and these innumerable Seeded Patterns of Light make up the complexity of the many levels of material manifestation. The terms used to describe the multiple levels of Creation, such as “Dimensions and Sub-Dimensions,” were established to bring clarity and understanding of the very complex “nature of the reality” in which you all exist. As most of you are aware, each Dimension within your earthly etheric environment has seven sub-levels.






DUALITY     +      SPIRIT     +     MATTER



FIRST DIMENSION * MINERAL KINGDOM: First Dimension and lower sub-levels of Second Dimension: The Mineral and Vegetable Kingdoms are ruled strictly by instinct, and they are infused with God Light/Life via the Devic and Elemental Kingdoms. The First-Dimensional environment is the world of the elements, the building blocks of the material world from the sub-atomic elements to the soil, rocks and water that make up the body of the Earth. This is the foundation for the manifestation of all plant life, and home of the lowest level of the Elemental Kingdom whose mission it is to relay from the sun the life-giving elements or nourishment for all of the mineral and plant kingdoms. Under the guidance of the Elemental Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom also began to experience an instinctual desire to reach for the sunlight and bask in the warmth of its radiance.    


SECOND DIMENSION * FLORA & FAUNA * PLANT & ANIMAL KINGDOM: The mid-Second-Dimensional level is where the Animal Kingdom materialized and a sub-level of consciousness began. Originally, the Animal Kingdom subsisted and received sustenance from plant life—it was never intended that they should become carnivorous. Basic feelings and emotions began to be displayed within the Second-Dimensional environment as the Animal Kingdom evolved and began to experience primal fear, anger and instinctual love or compatibility with a strong desire for companionship. The Animal Kingdom is strongly influenced by inborn instinct. The animals’ Sparks come from and return to a Group Soul in between each incarnation.


THIRD DIMENSION: Since humanity’s fall in consciousness many thousand years ago, the Earth and its physical environment have been composed of Third–/Fourth–Dimensional components. The Third Dimension consists of length, breadth and depth of space. The Sentient Beings of this Dimension are the more evolved Animal Kingdom (group consciousness) and Human Beings, which have individualized Soul-consciousness.


THIRD KINGDOM / THIRD DIMENSION: * FIRST THREE SUB-PLANES * ANIMAL / NATURE KINGDOM: Higher-conscious species of Animal Kingdom—instinctual /sub-conscious.


FIRST THREE LEVELS OF THE THIRD DIMENSION: Animals who are gradually evolving into a higher species, and who have developed a limited sentient intelligence, are within this range of intelligence: such as Primates (Apes and Monkeys), Elephants, Horses, Dogs and Cats.  In some future stage of the “Ascension process,” they will be “ensouled,” and will be allotted an individualized I AM consciousness. 

          There are also some humans—very young Souls—who obtained their individualized I AM consciousness within a more recent “Round of Evolution”. Their first incarnational experiences have been in this solar system or on the Earth Plane, and they are, therefore, still functioning within an animal/human base-instinctual nature, along with a varying degree of intellectual capacity. These Souls are the true “earthlings.”

          There are no longer any young or early mature Souls being incarnated on the Earth Plane. Only “mature and old Souls” who have had a vast number of incarnational experiences throughout this Universe, and quite possibly in other Universes as well, are incarnating on Earth now.


THIRD DIMENSION * SUB-PLANES FOUR THROUGH SEVEN * HUMAN KINGDOM: The Third-Dimensional realm of material expression is more mentally focused, with a strong desire to create, conquer and to control nature. It is the lowest level of humankind’s experiential existence. A basic, instinctual-survival nature began to develop with a gradual, limited consciousness of self, “I am separate and different from you.” Human Beings began to emerge from a herd-state of consciousness, where there were seldom any unique or individualized thoughts. Most knowledge came forth from the group instinctual nature and basic concepts handed down from the elders.  


FOURTH KINGDOM / FOURTH-DIMENSIONAL HUMAN KINGDOM: Sub-conscious and conscious awareness. In the Fourth Dimension a conscious awareness of the “NOW” moment is added to length, breadth and depth of space. The Fourth Dimension is the realm of emotions, Maya/illusion—the Astral Plane. Since it is the beginning stage of higher frequency patterns, time is more fluid, and the laws of time and space begin to change. It is sometimes called the Etheric Realm. You must pass through the mass consciousness belief structure, which is mostly comprised of a conglomeration of inharmonious Third-/Fourth-Dimensional vibrations. It is your responsibility to clear or neutralize your personal discordant vibrational frequencies in order to traverse the seven sub-levels of the Fourth-Dimensional environment, and to tap into an awareness of your “I AM” within the Fifth-Dimensional environment.


FOURTH KINGDOM * SUB-PLANES ONE THROUGH THREE: HUMAN/HUMAN KINGDOM:  Human Beings within this stage of evolvement are still using some of their animal instinctual nature along with the sub-conscious / conscious human nature. Sub-planes four through seven: the beginning of the development of a human/Spiritual nature.


    Whales and Dolphins are a special, unique species which does not fit within any of the evolutionary profiles that we are presenting to you for your greater understanding. They are considered to be the most spiritually and intellectually advanced species on Earth. As the Earth was created for human inhabitation, these wondrous Beings of Light were sent forth from far-distant Star Systems as “Keepers of the Divine consciousness for the human species.” They are the recorders of the en-Lighten-ed, and also the diminished consciousness of all life forms from the beginning of this Sub-Universal experience—not only in this realm, but also in many other realms within this Sub-Universe. They embody the recorded history of Earth, all planets, solar systems and galaxies, and they constantly bring forth reverberating frequencies of Light and advanced information.

           Wisdom teachings of the past from some of the en-Lighten-ed conveyers of Dolphin and Whale wisdom have brought forth much information regarding these powerful servers of the Light. The Dolphins and Whales facilitate the weaving of energy matrices of crystalline consciousness throughout the planet. This allows humans who are vibrationally receptive and spiritually ready to embody the deeper infusions of pure love throughout their cellular structure, and to experience deeper, more refined levels of telepathic communication. They represent all Beings on the Earth, and their mission and their glory are to hold the entire Earth in a liquid Auric Field of greater love. They send the tones of love through the waters, and deep into the Earth, as well as to all humanity, in order to keep the evolution of consciousness on the Earth moving according to the greater plan. They are not as they appear to be in form. They are great, magnificent Beings whom we admire, and if we are receptive, we will feel their loving energy as they continually patrol the oceans spreading our Father/Mother God’s frequencies of love, harmony and grace.


          FIFTH KINGDOM: FIFTH-DIMENSIONAL SPIRITUAL/HUMAN NATURE * FIRST SUB-PLANE OF THE FIFTH DIMENSION: Integration of all Third-/Fourth-Dimensional Soul Fragments has been accomplished. Therefore, the Soul-infused Personality is released from the Wheel of Karma. Gradual development of conscious / Superconscious / intuitive awareness —the beginning phase of SACRED-TRIADAL CONSCIOUSNESS.












    For your better understanding, we will give you an “ENERGY FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS” for each Dimension— an arbitrary designation of what we are calling, WATTS OF GSALP:





**ENERGY FIELDS OF CONSCIOUS AWARENESS** “GOD-SEED ATOM LIGHT POWER.”  *    FIRST DIMENSION         *     1,000 TO 1,999  WATTS GSALP *    SECOND DIMENSION     *    2,000 TO 2,999  WATTS GSALP *    THIRD DIMENSION        *    3,000 TO  3,999 WATTS GSALP *    FOURTH DIMENSION        *    4,000 TO  4,999 WATTS GSALP *    FIFTH DIMENSION        *    5,000 T0   5,999 WATTS GSALP   




Higher sub-levels of the Second Dimension and the first three sub-levels of the Third Dimension:  2,500 to 3,300 watts of GSALP


















        Most of you who have followed our teachings are aware that you must clear 51% of your negative frequency patterns and attune to your Soul Song to at least a portion of the lower sub-level frequencies of the Fifth Dimension in order to begin to receive the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. In doing so, you gain the ability to breathe in this Essence of rarified Light containing the refined vibrational frequencies of the higher realms. You, while in your physical vessel, are being given an opportunity to incorporate the Divine Essence of the New Age, which is permeating the Earth at this time.

      There is no firm demarcation between Dimensions, for they ebb and flow in a wave pattern and interpenetrate each other to a certain degree. Much of humanity is now resonating to the frequencies of the higher, more harmonious frequencies of the Third Dimension, while tapping into and integrating various levels of the Fourth Dimension.  Many dedicated Souls are beginning to access some of the frequency patterns of the lower  sub-levels of the Fifth Dimension, and there are even some more advanced Souls who are integrating small amounts of Sixth-Dimensional frequency patterns (and even higher) via the Cities of Light. 

       Beloveds, we know some of the concepts we relay to you can be very confusing.  However, as you expand in consciousness and wisdom, your Sacred Mind will open to the well-spring of knowledge you have in reserve, and you will remember and understand. I am with you always.  I AM Archangel Michael.


​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : RonnaStar@earthlink.net


art holly sierra art tajdar prince of the himalayas

ART : Tajdar – Prince of The Himalayas – by Holly Sierra

The Octaves of Energy Fields and my Quest ~ Judith Kusel

The Octaves of Energy Fields and my Quest

Infinite Being and all cosmic existence are in multiple forms, in octaves of existence and dimensions exist simultaneously.

It is in intricate masterly movement of simultaneous existence, in one single eternal dance of perfection, and not one single cog in the giant spiraling vortex of Creation is out of place nor nonfunctional – creation always exists in perfection.

Yet it is then forever expanding onto itself, continuously.  Nothing is ever static.  The laws of death and rebirth are one continuous cycle for nothing which is stagnant can ultimately enhance the greater spirally flux and therefore it will disintegrate in its stagnancy at some point.

What I have discovered in the last few years of my earthly and cosmic journeys, when I started to tap into the different dimensions and the Super consciousness Energy fields, is that life on this planet is not only in existence in the all too familiar 3D world.  Therefore we truly cannot measure life or life forms, or any form of existence, just one the physical world alone.

There are OCTAVES of simultaneous existences all working together AS ONE SINGLE UNIT, ONE single ENERGY FIELD – but in different dimensional states and then in a type of time-warp mechanisms, where one cannot tap into the higher octaves of co-existence, if one is not ready to step into them.

To me this has been an immense inner journey of starting to grasp the fundamental concepts involved here and I find this fascinating: = most scientists and human being only exist in the very dense and low/slow density of the 3D world.  To them this is what reality is all about, and then the utter chaining to this, the fear to explore beyond the norm – beyond the physical and move into that which is non-physical but exists.  It is on perceive by limitations of the human mind as non-physical, when reality it is just as physical but in a different octave of Being/Existence!

What we often see as non-physical is actually PHYSICAL and in Physical EXISTENCE in another dimensional form and higher frequency fields.  It is just AS REAL as the physical forms and physical existence in the dense 3D world and it moves in the higher octaves of energies and energy fields, which vibrate at a much higher frequency band.

Now, if you would step into the 7th dimensional state, with your very dense physical body, with very low and slow mechanisms which are holding it together in that state, you would disintegrate..  Your physical form would not be able to hold its low frequency band and therefore cannot hold form in the 7th dimensional state or higher.

You can however access the 7th dimensional state through your soul (and the soul connects directly to the heart energies) which is infinitely connected and exists in multiple dimensional, parallel lives and Universes, in other galaxies SIMULTANEOUSLY!

It is not bound by the physical form at all and you can tap into your higher soul frequency bands anytime and then tune into the other dimensions and the Super consciousness energy fields at all times. 

Your soul is not bound by anything.  It can therefore move in the infinite cosmic spaces of all existences, once you remember how to tune into them.

It is when you wish to switch television channels – some of the channels you can only access with the correct satellite mechanisms and technology.  For instance the pay channels will prohibit you from just using their connections, and then other Institutions also have security systems in place, so that persona non-grata cannot access this.

The same basic principles apply to the Super consciousness Energy Fields which are held in the collective 12 Central Suns and then those of their Ilk.

It also has its own security systems in place, mechanisms which will prohibit anyone from accessing them who do not have the correct intent, nor the correct decoding systems.

There are places on planet Earth where those same Energy Fields have been carefully hidden and access has been denied to human beings for billions of years, until they finally can start accessing them, with the correct keys and codes.  However these are so carefully programmed and therefore intricately encoded that only those which the correct SOUL INTEGRITY and PURITY OF INTENT will ever be able to access them at this time.

The crux lies in humanity and their inability to keep their own integrity, truth and higher states of Consciousness, without at some stage resorting to self-destruction and with it then the sea of forgetfulness.  The greatest lesson to master for the collective mankind is the LAW OF POWER AND RESPONSIBILITY.  The use of power, with integrity and within cosmic Laws – never to destroy, to use against each other, but to use for the greater good of all, and for the enhancement of what already exists elsewhere in the cosmos.

What I have experienced in the last few weeks and months have had me reeling at times.  I have been steadily prepared for this massive energy work since 2004 when I went through a total dying of the old me, and then culminating in 2008 when I finally had the guts to heed the call, and to allow my old Eve to disintegrate and myself cleanse, cleared, revamped, and systematically upgraded for this work.

With it I had to let go of all restrictive thinking, belief systems, and all ideas of what I thought was physical and what I thought was non-physical.  I literally often had to disintegrate and allow myself to disintegrate completely – before I could access what I had to retrieve, and then allow myself to remember how to ‘read’ what I had to ‘read’ and remember doing. 

Systematically I started to learn to tap into these energy fields and then also to do the work with them that I was supposed to do.  I had no maps to go to, for the so-called ley lines, and the so-called RULES (the grid system that even the army, navy, air forces are aware of).

I had to totally prepare myself for something so ancient, so high in technology, and no futuristic, that it took my breath away and had my mind reeling.  I could not understand this with my mind only – I had to understand it with my soul connected to my heart, my inner knowing.

Yet, with all of this, I had to do the inner work.  I had to shed skin after skin after skin, for if I had not allowed myself to reinvented, rebirthed, I could not have done this work.

It has been an immense humbling journey for me and one which I have systematically recorded, and culminate in my book-in-editing, “Why I was born in Africa: – the untold and unrecorded true history of the first ever civilization on earth, the crystal pyramids and pyramid grids, and the Lightning Rod of the Earth”

Yes, I am humbled to the very core of my being, for what I experienced goes beyond words, beyond expression as often I experienced such immensity of being and technology, soul expansion, for which I struggle to find the human language to start expressing this.

The human language, was only given to human kind AFTER THE FALL, for before that they had no use for language, for they communicated telepathically.

That is also why you will not find their history recorded on clay tablets, nor in hieroglyphs, nor in such like very primitive form – for writing is primitive.

There were far more advanced ways of recording which go way beyond even our IT abilities, and our own recording abilities.  It is such high technology that we will only be able to regain this expertise in the next thousand years when the New Golden Age finally makes its appearance.

I often stood with tears running down my cheeks, having experienced the inexpressible, and knowing I could not share what I just experienced with any human being I knew – mainly because they would not understand the immensity of this, and the profound KNOWING.

Yet, now is the time where my story has to become public and for the understanding to dawn to humankind that we are on the threshold of returning to the Cosmic Citizenship fold.

I profusely thank the Lion People, the Ancient Ones, my cosmic helpers and those pertaining to this,  the Divine (with whom I cannot function nor live nor breathe), and those who stood by me in this time, even if they could not understand what was happening to me, and why.

All I can say is that I would not be able to do my Soul Readings, if I had not gone on this journey.  Since then I have been given this gift to assist me to pay for the journeys I had to undertake and for the writing and recording of this.  This forms part of my highest service to mankind, and I am infinitely grateful that I can assist souls in this way, and through my writing and teaching on a daily basis to a global expanded audience.

Nothing in life comes without a cost – but whatever this cost me in ways few people even know or understand, I would not have one bit of the journey changed and I am grateful that my soul volunteered to come and do this work, and I am grateful that no matter how much I was challenged, and how hard the going got, nor how hard the initiations and testing, that I never gave up and that I now can gift humanity with this book, the knowledge, and this higher cosmic understanding of energy fields.

Here I stand – I can do no other, than serve with all that I AM.

(Judith Kusel)



Magical Thinking ~ Lord Adama Discourse @ Walking Terra Christa


Magical Thinking ~ Lord Adama Discourse

Greetings My Dearest Ones,

It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Counicl of Light. We are very happy to be with each of you this evening as we are working within the elements of Divine Oneness.

There are many particles that could be experienced or discussed that do not make up Divine Oneness. I am sure each of you probably understands within yourself what they may be for you. If we think of envisioning ourselves with many others of gathering together, we start to feel the heart connection from others unto ourselves and that gives us the feeling of Oneness. It is the same particle of light of bringing in your I AM Presence, bringing in the Source of Light that you are. We always start with the Higher Self first because that is the easiest higher frequency to connect with and then eventually through the Monad and I AM Presence.

Tonight I want to discuss a little bit about what is happening within the earth; the changes that are occurring, what has happened since the first of the year and how you might be adjusting with those frequencies.

As we are coming into those energies, it creates more conflict within ourselves. But how is your stabilization occurring is the true question. What is your foundation like through this process?

That is the most important element because as you go through each of these changes you are going to be creating a better foundation. When you accept something within yourself as a truth and you feel it in your physical life, you walk through it, and then it becomes you. It’s when you don’t fully accept that truth in your daily life and work upon it, utilize it and use it to its best advantage, that it becomes a problem; because it will come back to you to be work upon you again and again.

Now there maybe elements of partial frequencies of thoughts or emotions that you work upon but it won’t be the whole focus that is occurring for you.

It is important during these times to be diligent with what you are going through to really work through it from your subconscious thoughts so that they can become the super-conscious. And the changes that are happening presently are causing those elements to be addressed which can create confliction. The most important element for each of us is that we continually tune in to that higher source that we are to become that energy. It will assist you in that process.

I think that our dearest Dr. Martin Luther King, Master Altebetahn, gave to us this week truly represented that movement of how to fully bring in those energies into the self. So it is important to reflect on what you are experiencing. Every time you are part of these teachings how are you addressing them in your physical life?   What happens to you? I know that many of you have a tendency to fall asleep, many of you are not able to remember what you experienced. It is imperative to experience these energies especially for these calls, for the New Earth cities. There is so much work that is occurring for you in many different levels that it is important to be able to address it in your conscious mind. That is why you are on this program. That is why it is important for you to continually work through the issues as your life will change because of it. So this gives me the doorway to talk about “Magical Thinking.”

It is true of many individuals of humanity that sometimes you may think that the gifts from the Universe are coming to you because you are in a special place. So you say, “That was gifted to me and I am thankful.” Even something simple like a parking spot in a lot. That is the particle of light that represents not magical thinking but creation of your spirit, of the light of the universe to make that parking spot available to you. So then it becomes a physical experience.

When I speak of magical thinking of the terms of what desire to have in your life and then you think that the Universe is just going to take care of it. This happens with many, many lightworkers because of the energetic exchange of what is happening within the earth especially since 2012 as many individuals do not think they have to go any further with it. They call upon Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, Lord Metatron, the great beings of the Earth, Lord Melchizedek, possibly myself and then they expect that doorway that they have been trying to walk through to occur because that energy is coming in.

This is a fallacy only, because at this time it is more about each of you becoming the ascended beings, the ascended masters on this earth. I think a lot of this information comes through the I AM discourses. This is because when they were written in the 1950’s. The meetings occurred in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, the energy was different then. They had to prove to the initiates that magic can happen, that the doorways could be opened, and they needed assistance with those elements occurring. That is no longer the case.

In truth, each of you are those ascended beings, even though you may not feel like it. That is why you are on the pathway to create these elements to happen for you. The tools that are being given from the many masters of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light are to assist you but then for each of you to internalize that and to make it possible in your life.

Every time we give a teaching through one of these calls and you are very attracted to it, it is a tool you can utilize on your own, you should use it. That is why I ask each of you if you have the time to go back and re-listen. When the transcriptions are available, utilize reading them as they will assist. When you see the written word, read it from your Higher Self, from your I AM Presence, from your breath. What do those words represent, not just the message from the consciousness of the ascended masters but a message for you. What does it mean for you?   Print it out and highlight the areas, make affirmations from those parts that will really assist you. Then you take that focus of magical thinking into magical creation.

What is magic?

Magic represents the ability for creation of elements to come together to move, to form a process in the physical existence. What happens when you go to a space in nature you feel the flowers, your feel all those energies that is so beautiful. That is magic. This is because all of those creative forces are coming together in that moment of acceptance. And that is the light coming through the Universal exchange within the earth exchange. That is truly what magic is.

We have to take it from thinking about it into creating it. Which means: To Being It. It does not mean that you cannot have what is being shared in a message, but you have to act upon it yourself. You have to be that energy, you have to be in that breath, you have to be in that frequency and to allow that change to occur for you. Then those elements are created in your foundation. You now have accepted something that you believe in. You are seeing it occur. That creates acceptance.

Then you can say to yourself “Wow, I now see it within me, I now see it before me, and I see it happen in this moment, in my life. This is something for me to remember that I have taken that thought process of magical thinking and allowed it to be a creative process in my physical existence.”

This is when you start to move into Oneness and this is truly what all these energies represent. So it is imperative that you utilize these tools and as we go along you will find that other tools will work better for you than some.

But in the moment, what is the creative process that happens to you? What is your truth? In that moment how does it feel for you?

Your truth represents what the feeling is, what the action is, how it affects your physical life inside and outside of you – that creative process that we talk about so much. Its a out bringing that energy in and it will expand through your field.

This is what I am sharing with you to allow that expansion to occur, but you must do the work, you must create the energy. It is like when you choose to say a prayer or command for your I Am presence that you need to have a parking spot located near the door of a store, you are commanding that through your physical body, you are feeling it within your physical body, and then it becomes a reality. This is truly what we mean when we say, “You need to get out of magical thinking.” It is not bad to have those thoughts but you have to continue with the process and allow it to see it being enfolded within your own life. This is going to assist you with the changes that are occurring.

So it is a powerful time, it is very challenging time but I want you to think how this assisting you on a deeper level. What are your strengths that are appearing; what are your aspects that you have seen previously, but now you are starting to see them occur in your life. You are the Mastery of your destiny; you are the one that is making the changes.

I talked quite about last week about being impeccable and being very disciplined. This is what I am talking about. This is the truth that you will find that will help you accept what you are experiencing. Your lower mind will not assist you. Once you allow these energies to enfold within you, the processes that are occurring within your own experiences of your life path.

I am deeply honored to walk with you through this process. It is an amazing experience to watch so many of you being able to see it for what is being presented in your world. When you don’t see it know that you are not ready to see it. I will remind you to look at it continually.

Thank you very much.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna

Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light

Integrative Channel, Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

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Everything in the Universe has a vibration.@ Reiki with Friends

Everything in the Universe has a vibration.

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

Everything in the Universe has a vibration. The vibration that is felt in a place of pristine natural beauty is very different from the vibration that is felt in a dirty and polluted city. All of us have our own unique vibration as well. Some people exude powerful vibrations of love and peace. Just being in the presence of such people can raise our vibration too. Some people exude a lower vibration. In their presence, energy sensitive people feel drained and lower their own vibration in the process.

Our own vibrations change from day to day. The vibes we exude depend on the choices we make in day to day life. When we choose to take good care of ourselves and make healthy choices, we raise our vibration. When we care little for ourselves and make unhealthy choices, we risk lowering our vibration. It is a good idea to be aware of factors that contribute to the state of our vibration. Reiki practice helps us tune into our vibrations easily. It can help us check our vibration levels from time to time and make positive changes as necessary.

Low Vibration Triggers

  1.  Sensationalism and biased media reports.
  2.  Violent movies, books and other entertainment.
  3.  Company of gossip mongers.
  4.  Company of people who are overly materialistic.
  5.  Oily, greasy, high calorie foods.
  6.  Overly spicy and coloured foods.
  7.  Eating food cooked by people who are stressed or in emotional turmoil.
  8.  Artificial beverages, packaged juice, colas and other soft drinks.
  9.  Tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
  10.  Refined sugar consumed in high quantities.
  11.  Coffee consumed in high quantities.
  12.  Chocolates, cakes, pastries and sweets consumed frequently.
  13.  The need to compete and be better than everyone else.
  14.  Negative attitude and constant complaining.
  15.  Lack of self love.
  16.  Unhealed anger.
  17.  Unhealed hatred, jealousy and desire for revenge.
  18.  Constant anxiety and worry.
  19.  Unhygienic living conditions.
  20.  Lack of personal hygiene.
  21.  Lack of exercise.
  22.  Lack of fresh air and sunshine.
  23.  Addictions of all kinds- food, sleep, sex etc.


Check your Vibration
Image by Sponchia


High Vibration Triggers

  1.  Fresh air and sunshine.
  2.  Freshly cooked food that is light on the stomach.
  3.  Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  4.  Walking , dancing, swimming ,yoga and other exercises.
  5.  Fresh flowers placed in your home.
  6.  Incense.
  7.  Soothing/ Melodious/Foot tapping Music.
  8.  Comedy movies and meaningful movies with a message for the soul.
  9.  Spiritual books.
  10.  Meditation and deep breathing.
  11. Daily Reiki practice! (very important)
  12. Company of babies, children and pet animals.
  13.  Taking a shower.
  14.  Spending time in nature.
  15.  Loving yourself and being gentle with yourself.
  16.  Honouring your passions and living them.
  17.  Adequate time for rest and relaxation.
  18.  Attitude of non-judgement.
  19.  Positive outlook and trust in life.
  20.  Connecting with Reiki Guides, Angels and Archangels.
  21.  Smiles and laughter.
  22.  Being well grounded.
  23.  Company of people whose vibrations resonate with love and peace.
  24.  Seeing the divine presence in everyone.
  25.  Pampering and massage.

The lists are virtually endless. Almost everything we do from moment to moment has the power to alter out vibration. But the greater power is in our hands. External factors don’t have the power to control us unless we give our power away to them. Rather than being negligent by giving in to triggers that lower our vibration, we can make a conscious effort to spend much of our time living in ways that keep our vibration positive.

Have fun but draw the line when necessary. So, the next time you feel like grabbing an extra cup of sugary coffee, ask yourself if you can choose healthier instead. When you feel tempted to watch yet another episode of the news and crib over the state of affairs in the world, pause and take a deep breath. Ask yourself how YOU can make the world a better place in your own small way. Then go do it!

Much love and positive vibes to you ☺

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Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki. She is the founder of Aananda Holistic Center where she conducts as well as teaches Reiki and Angel Healing. Haripriya resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya at aanandaholistic@gmail.com. and at Aananda Holistic Center on Facebook

Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: The Magic of Life

art night bird - digital artwork by christian schloe

ART : Night Bird – Christian Schloe


Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: The Magic of Life

Magic is always seen by humans as a fantasy or just as a slight of the hand, when in fact there is magic all around you, if only you would take the time to notice it. Magic abounds on Earth in nature as well as from the ethereal kingdom and is available to all who believe in it, appreciate it and use it for the Greater Good and/or in the highest and best way.

The magic of nature is not just in the song of the birds, the whisper of wind in the trees of the babble of the rippling stream. The magic is in the way life abounds on Earth and how it is reproduced to fit the environment or habitat of the life-form in just the right way. Life itself is the magic, because it is a wonder of nature that has never found explanation. How is it that the human body, or the body of any creature on Earth, has been developed in just the right way for it to fully function as a complete system that can, in the right conditions, regenerate and heal itself completely? How is it that the different elements on Earth compliment themselves and fit together so well? How did it come about that the food sources for each species on Earth happens to be in abundance within the same ecosystem? Have you ever really wondered at how symbiotic the natural world is and how that actually came to be? That, my dears, is the magic of nature and the magic of life itself.

To be alive is a miracle. Birth itself is a miracle that happens every second of every day, and the formation and growth of the foetus into a fully grown being is a wonder to behold. Conception is the moment of creation when two beings come together as one, and that, my beloveds, is the most magical moment of all. Animals procreate instinctually and as part of their natural cycle, but humans, for the most part, procreate as a result of a loving relationship. The miracle of bringing a child into the world is, for most parents, the most wonderful and cherished time of their lives. For others it is an event that they would rather avoid or do without considering the vast responsibilities that accompanies the arrival of a baby.

The miracle and magic of life is something that must be respected and held sacred. To deliberately take a life is a travesty that is felt enormously in the ethereal kingdom, even if it is the life of an ant or a fly. All life is sacred and of the utmost importance – there is no separation between insects, animals and humans in the level of sacredness, for all is one and everything equal.

Honour the body you have been given and the life-source within you, because your breath is the life-source that connects you to the Creator of All That Is, who is the Supreme Source. Every breath you take is sacred and every day you live is a blessing. We honour you for accepting the huge challenge of living life on Earth and, when your time comes to return to the ethereal planes your soul will be wiser and your spirit more connected to the light in the knowledge that you are, and never have been, alone.

I AM Merlin

Victoria Cochrane

About Victoria Cochrane



art night bird - digital artwork by christian schloe

ART : Night Bird – Christian Schloe


Straight Talk on Ascension with Steve Beckow @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

 - art-greg-spalenka-Bouquet

ART : Bouquet – Greg Spalenka


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Straight Talk on Ascension ~ Your Collective Self Sings the Song of Life & Talk with Steve Beckow

Feb. 24, 2016

Straight Talk on Ascension ~ Episode #4

Your Collective Self Sings the Song of Life

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There are many gems of wisdom that have been lost to your third-dimensional memory, however, your soul has collected everything that you have ever done, thought, said and experienced and compiled it into the whole of your “Collective Self.”

Your Collective Self is vital to your personal and planetary Ascension because this component of your Multidimensional SELF is the integration of all the incarnations that you have ever had on the body of planet Earth.

Then, when you cross into the higher dimensions of reality either through meditation or through what you once called “death”, your Collective Self deposits this information into your “Soul Bank.” Your Soul Bank is just a title and has as many names as there are people. This Soul Bank then deposits all that was collected during your myriad versions of reality and integrated it into all the experiences that you have had in your myriad incarnations.

You have a section in your Soul Bank for every earthly incarnation, as well as other planetary, dimensional and even possible, parallel, alternate, simultaneous, probable and fourth-dimensional realities that you have ever experienced.

All of these experiences are constantly being integrated into the ONE of each incarnation. Then each and every incarnation with all of its possible, alternate, parallel and simultaneous realities, which are usually hidden to your third-dimensional self, are sent into your Soul Bank.

However, once your multidimensional thinking and multidimensional perceptions come online, you are able to see and understand how every individual life is actually part of a tapestry of myriad choices, actions, thoughts, emotions and inter-dimensional experiences.

Some of these inter-dimensional experiences were unconscious to you during your incarnation. But you can easily peruse these experiences from the vantage point of your Multidimensional SELF. Your Multi-dimensional SELF is the great interpreter who pulls all of your myriad, and sometimes separate, experiences into the ONE of the NOW of the fifth-dimension and beyond.

Within this ONE of the NOW there is no separation, as there is no time to create the illusion of separation. Time is a vital component of the third dimension because it creates a separation between each second, minute, hour, day, month, year, decade, possible, probable, simultaneous and alternate reality.

Time is the vital component of the third dimensional matrix of the school of Earth. Different planets have different matrices because the purpose of each planetary school has a different contribution within the NOW of the ONE.

Every Planet, Solar System and/or Universal School offers a different frequency and “song” through which the inhabitants can learn and expand their consciousness. By “song”, we mean the collection of information that is spun into a collective whole so that it can be shared with others. We also use the term song because the words, thoughts, emotions, and melodies are strung together into a cohesive whole that is enjoyable for others to visit and experience.

Yes, you often visit and experience others’ realities, which you may interpret as a great meditation, an amazing walk in the woods, or even a wonderful communication with an inner being. In fact, these “other beings” are of course higher expressions of your own self. There are many, many ways in which you can experience these inter-dimensional songs of your life.

It is at this point in Planetary Ascension in which we present the information about your “Song of Life” because we want you to enjoy your process. We want you to rejoice in your process. And, most important, we want you to share your process. We ask that you use your amazing individual consciousness because each individual experience is a contribution to planetary Ascension.

You are vital to Gaia’s Ascension because you are becoming awake and aware of your expanded self. Once you are fully aware of your own expanded, Collective Self, you will never be alone. We would like to take a moment of your “time,” to which you still resonate, to remind you of the components of your Multidimensional SELF that are speaking with your physical self.

We ask your physical self to fully connect with

your own inter-dimensional line of communication and share your experiences.

Many of you have shared your experiences with others, and whether you know it or not, you are always sharing your experiences with Gaia. Do you see now how important you are and how important your current physical and individual self is to the process of planetary Ascension?

Your current self has the ability to fully connect with all of your Collective Self. Then, your Collective Self can perceive all the incarnations that you have ever experienced in order to remember everything that you have learned in all of your myriad incarnations on Planet Earth, as well as any other planet, place, dimension or realm you have ever experienced.

We tell you this information NOW because only the consciousness of your fifth-dimensional, and beyond, self can resonate to this timeless Now to be able to activate your Collective Self. You see you can only perceive this Collective Self when you are consciousness resonates beyond that which you have called “your individuality.”

As you can well imagine, if all the experiences you have ever had, as well as all your myriad incarnations, were laid out in the sequential fashion of your third-dimensional consciousness, it would take an infinite “time” to perceive them.

Fortunately, more and more of you, our volunteers to Gaia, are increasingly having experiences of a fifth-dimensional frequency of consciousness, which is actually your Collective Self, who is becoming your Ascending Self.

Please remember that all of you to whom we speak are multidimensional. Therefore, you all have many expressions of SELF who reside within the fifth-dimension and beyond. Because of that fact, you have not come to Gaia for your own personal experience of Ascension.

In fact, many of you are now receiving visions and experiences of your true Multidimensional SELF, as well as us, your Galactic Family, who now surround Gaia in our myriad Starships. As you know, from looking out your window, our Starships are not visible to your third-dimensional world.

Our Ships are patiently awaiting your visits in the fifth-dimension and beyond realities of your/our Collective Self. Yes, we are all ONE within your/our Collective Self. In fact dear Gaia, and Her planet Earth, also resonate to this higher dimensional Collective Self.

This higher dimensional collective includes all life that has ever been, and has ever existed, in any timeline on Planet Earth that has been able to embrace the NOW of the ONE. This Now of the One first appeared as their as their personal Collective Self.

However, on the return to their Collective Self, who resonates to the timeless Now of the fifth-dimension and beyond, each of you experienced the NOW of the ONE of Gaia’s Planetary Collective Self who resonates just beyond the Rainbow Bridge at the highest sub-plane of the fourth-dimension.

Remember our dear ones, who are returning home to your Multidimensional Self,

you have never really left your galactic collective reality to which you are returning.

Oh, the rush of Unconditional Love that you will experience as you return to your Galactic Collective Self, as well as to all the inter-dimensional friends who have been supporting you with your experiences of having the great honor of assisting dear Gaia as She returns to Her fifth-dimensional Planetary Collective Self.

Blessings, Suzille and the Arcturians

What do YOU experience when you fully connect with your

inter-dimensional line of communication?

Please share your comments below.

How with Steve Beckow Recording HERE
Transcript of recording HERE

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The 12 Star Councils of Light Star Ki Code Invocation ~ Anrita Melchizedek


anrita melchizedek 12 codes blog


The 12 Star Councils of Light Star Ki Code Invocation

By Anrita Melchizedek


You Tube https://youtu.be/Oi9OwerbMxs


Mp3 download http://www.pleiadianlight.net/free-downloads


Transcribe http://www.pleiadianlight.net/elders-transmissions-february-2016/


In this magical year of 2016, we are invited to experience the next level of our Soul’s forward evolution as starseeds and sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love through our connection to the 12 Star Councils of Light.


The 12 Star Councils come forward to activate a deeper knowing of our magnificence and Light as the I Am Avatar Race as we integrate the Christed Heart frequencies, Cosmic Light Codes and Star Ki codes brought forth by these Illumined Beings of Light from On High.

Through a Divine Dispensation given by the Federation of Light, we start by experiencing the recoding of the Star Ki codes. This recoding process activates through Chambers of Light and within the original Divine Eight Cell Blueprint found within the perineum center.

We are further lifted into Galactic Christ Consciousness as we experience a deeper sense of our multidimensional Selves and awaken to the next level of our Soul’s forward Evolution; as Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Venusians and so on, choosing to down step our vibration to assist Mother Earth and all her Life.


Furthermore, we start to experience the activation of our Christed Hearts, and the integration of the Twelve Petals of our Christed Hearts through these sacred Illumined Star Councils of Light. Additionally we experience a re-union of hearts with our own Beloved Soul clusters.


In receiving these higher dimensional Star Ki codes through the Star Councils, we will experience the manifestation of the New Earth. We will begin to find it easier to achieve loving soul-utions to all that is presented or reflected to us, as we access our multidimensional Selves through the Christed Timelines and the Overlighting of our Beloved I Am Presence. Multidimensional realities present themselves and with Cosmic Conscious awareness all that we are wanting to shift, activate, integrate and experience in Divine Love is achieved as we step into the next level of our blossoming, our magnificence and our Light.

A truly joyous re-union of hearts as we merge the Timelines and connect to all aspects of our Christed Extraterrestrial Selves in the knowing that we are all One.

And so it is.

Invocation to the 12 Councils of Light


Overlighted by Mother/Father God, and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High,

I now merge with my Beloved I Am Presence,

the highest aspect of my Soul Light within the Cosmic Heart of God.


I now call forth the 12 Star Councils of the Light,

letting them know I Am ready to experience the Star Ki codes of Light,

and the next level of my Soul’s blossoming and Light.


The Meldekian Star Council now step forward, surrounding me in a beautiful Copper-Gold Flame of Light.


They place me in a Soul Retrieval Star Ki Code Chamber of Light. As this multidimensional Light Chamber activates around my body and energy field, I have a sense of bringing back into my heart chakra all the aspects of my Self that have fragmented through all karmic timelines, planets and stars.


As I now merge with my Meldekian ET Self or Master Guide, the Meldekian Star Council activate the Star Ki codes of Soul retrieval, alignment to the Divine and groundedness through my original Divine Eight Cell Blueprint.


And now, they activate the Christed Heart Petal of my Healing Heart.



The Orion Star Council now step forward, surrounding me in a beautiful Platinum Flame of Light.


As the Orion Star Council link to me in Soul consciousness, I am now placed in a Beauty, Harmony, Peace and Creativity Star Ki Code Chamber of Light. As this multidimensional Light Chamber activates around my body and energy field, I have a sense of how my heart and Soul and Spirit are moving into perfect balance, in peace and harmony and beauty. How every cell in my body is receiving these Light codes and moving into resonance with Galactic Christ Consciousness, in creativity and beauty.


I now merge with my Orion ET Self or Master Guide. In this sacred re-union of hearts, I experience the knowing of how I Am a Creator Being and are here to Be, to Experience, to Love and to create through choice as I merge with my Orion ET Self or Master Guide.


The Orion Star Council now activates the Star Ki codes of beauty, and harmony, peace and creativity through my original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now, the Orion Star Council activate the Christed Heart Petal of my Peaceful Heart.



The Venusian Star Council now step forward, surrounding me in a beautiful Pink and Purple Flame of Light.


As the Venusians link to me in Soul consciousness, I am now placed in an Appreciation, Trust and Surrender Star Ki Code Chamber of Light. As this multidimensional Light Chamber activates around my body and energy field, I am taken into a deeper sense of the sweetness of life and the appreciation of myself and others.


I now merge with my Venusian ET Self or Master Guide. In this sacred re-union of hearts, I experience the Christed Timelines of my Service work with my Venesian ET Self or Master Guide.


The Venusian Star Ki codes of appreciation, trust and surrender now activate through my original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now, the Venusian Star Council activate the Christed Heart Petal of my Trusting Heart.



The Arcturian Star Council now step forward, surrounding me in a beautiful Violet Silver Flame of Light.


As the Arcturian High Council link to me in Soul consciousness, I am now placed in Multidimensional Awareness, Crystalline Consciousness and Interconnectivity Star Ki Code Chamber of Light. As this multidimensional Light Chamber activates around my body and energy field, I have a sense of the sub-atomic particles within my body splitting into even smaller sub-atomic particles as I look through my Master eyes at all of Life around me.

I now merge with my Arcturian ET Self or Master Guide. In this sacred re-union of hearts, I experience the Christed Timelines of my Service work with my Arcturian ET Self or Master Guide and how we are co-creating in this Golden Age of Light.


The Arcturian Star Council now activate the Star Ki codes of multidimensional awareness, crystalline consciousness and interconnectivity through my original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.

And now, the Arcturian Star Council activate the Christed Heart Petal of my Powerful Heart.

The Vegan Star Council now step forward, surrounding me in a beautiful Pearlescent Flame of Light.



As the Vegan Star Council link to me in Soul consciousness, I am now placed in a Divine Equality Star Ki Code Chamber of Light. As this multidimensional Light Chamber activates around my body and energy field, I experience the knowing of the Divine Equality of All Life, in the recognition it is simply the levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness that differs from individual to individual, and that all Beings hold the seed of God’s Light.


I now merge with my Vegan ET Self or Master Guide, stepping beyond the ring-passeth-nots and into all Golden Ages of Light as I now see or sense my Service work with my Vegan ET Self or Guide.


The Vegan Star Ki codes of Divine Equality now activate through my original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now, the Vegan Star Council activate the Christed Heart Petal of my Loving Heart.



The Niburian Star Council now step forward, surrounding me in a beautiful Rose Gold Flame of Light.


As the Niburian Star Council link to me in Soul consciousness, I am now placed in a Non-Judgment, Self-Love, and Forgiveness Star Ki Code Chamber of Light. As this multidimensional Light Chamber activates around my body and energy field, I recognize myself as a compassionate loving Being, immeasurable in my magnificence and Light, as I come simply into loving and forgiving.


I now merge with my Niburian ET Self or Master Guide. In this sacred re-union of hearts, I experience the knowing that I am able to embrace those aspects of Self I wish to change in Love and non-judgment.


The Niburian Star Council now activate the Star Ki codes of non-judgment, Self-Love, forgiveness and higher mind intelligence through the original Divine Eight Cell Blueprint.

And now, the Niburian Star Council activate the Christed Heart Petal of my Innocent and Open Heart.


The Sirian Star Council now step forward, surrounded me in a beautiful Silver-Gold Flame of Light.


As the Sirian Star Council link to me in Soul consciousness, I am now placed in a New Earth Geometries of Light Star Ki Code Chamber of Light. As this multidimensional Light Chamber activates around my body and energy field, I have a sense of the New Earth Templatings and geometries of Light linking me deeper and deeper into the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love and the knowing that I am walking the Pathway of Divine Love as a co-creator to the Company of Heaven.


I now merge with my Sirian ET Self or Master Guide. In this sacred re-union of hearts, I experience the converging of the Christed Timelines and Golden Ages of Light.


The Sirian Star Council now activate the Star Ki codes of the New Earth Geometries of Light as well as healing codes through the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now, the Sirian Star Council activate the Christed Heart Petal of my Intimate Heart.



The Alpha Centaurians now link to me in Soul consciousness, as I am wrapped in a beautiful Magenta and Violet White Flame of Light.


I am now placed in a Unity Consciousness and Manifestation Star Ki Code Chamber of Light. As this multidimensional Light Chamber activates around my body and energy field, I am taken into deeper levels of wholeness and unity consciousness as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love, in the knowing that All is One and that I am a Master Co-Creator to the Company of Heaven.


I now merge with my Alpha Centaurian ET Self or Master Guide, as the Alpha Centaurian Star Ki codes of One Unity Consciousness and Manifestation activate through the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now, the Alpha Centaurians activate my Christed Heart Petal of the Overflowing and Prosperous Heart.



The Pleiadian Star Council now step forward, surrounding me in a beautiful Silver Flame of Light.


As the Pleiadian Star Council link to me in Soul consciousness, I am now placed in a Sacred Sexuality, Passion and Joy Star Ki Code Chamber of Light. As this multidimensional Light Chamber activates around my body and energy field, I experience the ability to breathe Love into every sub-atomic particle of my Beingness, knowing how greatly I am appreciated, celebrated and deeply loved.


I now merge with my Pleiadian ET Self or Master Guide, deepening this re-union of hearts and loving those parts of me that have felt unloved, or heartbroken, or abused, or abandoned, ashamed or angry.


The Pleiadian Star Council now activate the Star Ki codes of Divine Love, sacred sexuality, re-union of hearts, passion and joy through the Original Divine Eight Cell Blueprint.

And now, the Pleiadian Council activate my Christed Heart Petal of the Joyful and Happy Heart.



The Antarian Star Council now step forward, surrounding me in a beautiful Pink and Emerald Green Flame of Light.


As the Antarian Star Council link to me in Soul consciousness, I am now placed in a Wisdom, Compassion and Telepathic Star Ki Code Chamber of Light. As this multidimensional Light Chamber activates around my body and energy field, I experience the ability to telepathically connecting into the realms of Illumined Truth and to other life forms on this planet and other planets as my senses and energy field now expand.


I now merge with my Antarian ET Self or Master Guide, stepping into the Christed Timelines and Golden Ages of Light with a knowing of the Service work with my Antarian ET Self or Master Guide.


The Antarian Star Council now activates the Star Ki codes of wisdom, compassion and telepathy through the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now, the Antarian Star Council activate my Christed Heart Petal of Integrity and Truth.




The Andromedan Star Council now step forward, surrounding me in a beautiful Golden White Flame of Light.


As the Andromedan Star Council link to me in Soul consciousness, I am now placed in an Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge and Sacred Re-Union of Self Star Ki Code Chamber of Light. As this multidimensional Light Chamber activates around my body and energy field, I experience the ability to see into the Timelines of my Highest Potential and to draw to me all the gifts I wish to actualize in this Now; in the knowing of I Am a multidimensional Master Being of Light, and Christed Extraterrestrial.


I now merge with my Andromedan ET Self or Master Guide, stepping into the Christed Timelines and Golden Ages of Light in this new light frequency spectrum that activates through the third eye and the physical eyes, taking me beyond the veils of illusion and allowing me to physically see that which was previously hidden.

The Andromedan Star Council now activate the Star Ki codes of the Christed Timelines, the Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge, and the sacred Re-Union of Self.

And now, the Andromeda Star Council activate my Christed Heart Petal of the Passionate Heart.



The Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light High Council now step forward, surrounding me in a beautiful Diamond Flame of Light.


As the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light High Council link to me in Soul consciousness, I am now placed in a Rejuvenation and Regeneration Star Ki Code Chamber of Light. As this multidimensional Light Chamber activates around my body and energy field, I have a sense of being able to activate my immortal chromosomes, as well as my ability to rejuvenate, regenerate and youth my body at a cellular level.


I now merge with my Melchizedek Brotherhood ET Self or Master Guide. In this sacred re-union of hearts, I experience the knowing of how I Am a Melchizedek High Priest.

The Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light High Council now activate the Star Ki codes of immortality, rejuvenation, regeneration, and Melchizedek Consciousness through the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now, the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light High Council activate my Christed Heart Petal of the Knowing Heart.


And now, as the photon-gamma Light particles activate through the Galactic Center and the Diamond Light codes of Creation take me deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, I experience the merging with all my Soul and Star Families, my Soul Brothers and Sisters, Soul Mates and Twin Flames.


I Am One with All Life,

I Am One with Mother/Father God.

I now ground into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth while keeping this connection to all these Illumined Beings of Light from On High, knowing that I am living my Life in Love. That I Am Love, I Am Love, I Am Love.

Video Production by Karl Morfett



Brought to you by The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network



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Master Thoth ~ Changing Our Vibration Through Our Higher Mind @ Walking Terra Christa

buddha art megan forbes

ART : Meganne Forbes


Master Thoth ~ Changing Our Vibration Through Our Higher Mind


This article is a channeled message from Master Thoth.  He is the initiator of the Universal Laws of our Universe as given in his lifetime as “Hermes Trismegistus”. He is working with Walking Terra Christa to help bring an understanding to the Universal Laws within the concept of accepting them in our Mastery pathway for the betterment of our existence as we co-create a Fifth Dimensional New Earth. He will give a teaching this weekend on the Law of Vibration.

“The Universal Law states that everything in the Universe moves, vibrates, and travels in circular patterns. The same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires, and wills in the Etheric World. Each sound, thing, and even thought has its own vibrational frequency, unique unto itself.”

A Divine Light Language Message from Master Thoth of the Unified Whole
– Channeled Transmission by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden


“Understanding the Law of Vibration represents the ability to allow the physical mind to work in alignment with the Higher Mind.”

This is a huge awareness to fully allow the Law of Vibration to come into your consciousness. In fact, you don’t physically see the vibration, but it is felt. Until that happens an individual cannot truly comprehend what it means to experience a certain level of vibration.

For a person that is very intuitive they may be able to actually see a vibrational line of frequency.   Did you ever experience the electric turning on in your house, say a light bulb, or when a heater would start up its higher level of increased heat to come into the room. An individual may see a beam of light run across the room.  This is indeed a special gift as this person is allowing their Higher Mind, the Intuitive Mind, to be very present within the physical mind.

This is exactly what happens within the Law of Vibration.

In order to fully comprehend the subject matter of this law it is important to be One within your full consciousness. I can talk about vibration, and how it relates to your present life, how you feel about yourself, and how you send out waves of love to another person. But, what happens when that love is very low, and you may send out frustration or lack of understanding. First of all, you are feeling it within you. So you are utilizing your emotional body. Then you project the thought form out of your consciousness into the Universe, maybe to a particular person. You may even be thinking of an individual and you pick up their energy field. This, then means that they are going to energetically receive this projection of thought.

It depends on how intuitive that person may be. It may just go into their field and sit there for a while. They may receive some feelings of insecurity or lack from your thought projection or it may be just a matter of “I am feeling Bill but I don’t know what that means.”

So now you have created a line of frequency between you – the vibration of what you are thinking is being sent out to Bill and then you will receive it back. It is the Law of Oneness but now we go a step further into the existence of how that vibration is felt.

Your emotional and mental bodies are now engaged in a conversation that may be uncomfortable.   So what do you do about that?

It needs to be changed so the first step would be to heal the issue that is bothering you. Utilizing the Violet/Purple Flame and then the Pink are really good places to start. You then command that energy into the thought projection you had previously. It will change the frequency into a higher level, a step towards the healing process within you and the other person.

We call this the First Sacred Principle of Metalism

Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted, from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration. ~ The True Hermetic Transmutation of Mental Art

It represents the Principle of Rhythm as it is in constant vibration. Nothing is permanent as everything changes from moment-to-moment. All things evolve from other things as the constant inflow and outflow, creation and destruction occurs.

So in any given moment you can feel that your Highest Essence is within you and you feel that extension of Love within your physical self. Your Emotional Body is being engaged in the process of a thought that is becoming you. This can change quickly – if you read something, feel another person’s energy, are involved in a conversation, or just connected to the Universal vibration essences that circle around the globe. It is part of THE ALL.

No soul, entity, or light form is without the experience of The All. We are all things together at the same time. This is why individuals that awaken are very gifted psychically.  They are tapping into the Oneness of the All which changes in a moment’s notice.

So what is between you, as a human, and the essence of the ALL that represent many dimensional frequencies? Some are good, but some are very negative. This is part of the experience of being multi-dimensional. The physical body that you inhabit allows for the incorporation of the Higher Mind to blend with the Physical Mind. This means that the level of vibration that you can incorporate within you can change very quickly.

This is where the role of being responsible within your pathway takes place. Let us think about it for a moment.

The earth houses many different types of souls and each of these souls brings a remembrance into their consciousness. The earth has always struggled with the handling of light against dark so all of these energies come into play. This means that as a human being it is your right to experience life as you desire it to be, but if you are not aware of your Higher Mind / your Higher Intellect, to be in control and not the physical mind, then there is a lot of transmutation that needs to be done within your thoughts and feelings.

Let’s face it – everyone wants to feel loved which causes you to feel more balanced within your life, within your consciousness. But when you are in a playing field that has a multitude of many dimensions and energies coming into play, then it can become very confusing to understand who you are and what you are thinking or feeling.

In essence, the Vibration within You is not balanced and is not serving your purpose. You are not in Oneness, you are not part of the ALL, but very separate.

This, My Dear Ones, is the ploy of this Earth. Many feel these energies in this way and it affects their lives very deeply. They may not know what to do with it or feel that is the way of this world.

So that is why you have awakened. You are now in a position to understand what the Law of Vibration means on a very deep level and how to overcome the imbalances that occur within your consciousness and feeling levels.

Is this easy? No, of course not, but it is attainable.

The Law of Vibration is part of the Universal structure, you are part of that structure, so now understanding how it works within the cosmic levels, you can then allow it to be part of you within the physical world. This is your Free Will – as a Soul within a Physical Body you have the accessibility to fully command the Law of Vibration to be your guide in each moment of your life.

If we take this further, the Law of Vibration represents the Law of Manifestation but without command of the vibrational law, an individual will have a difficult time with creating abundance within one’s existence. The elements that hang in the balance are the lower frequencies that do not allow for the transference of the energies to be in a higher state of conditioning.

So many individuals do not realize these facts and that is why many souls have a difficult time dealing with their finances and creating a lifestyle that is flowing within their physical existence. It must start first with the Higher Mind to be activated within the Physical Mind as they come together in unison the create the life that you, as the human, desires to experience.

It takes great responsibility to constantly be aware of the vibrational essence that you are experiencing and sending out to another. But it can be achieved and that is why Personal Alchemy starts with the Law of Vibration.

I Am Master Thoth, at your service.

Integrative Channel, Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

Note: If you are interested in learning to understand more about raising your vibration to better incorporate the frequencies of the Law of Vibration, join Walking Terra Christa this weekend as Master Thoth gives a more in-depth teaching on Saturday, February 27th, 2016 at 12:30 p.m. Pacific. This class can also be accessed as a MP3 AUDIO self-study course. For more details, please see our page CREATE WITH THE LAW OF VIBRATION.

© 2016 The Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery. WalkingTerraChrista.com by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Use for commercial websites, blogs and any printed or written reproduction requires written permission. Rights are granted to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog as long as you include this copyright statement and the referral links below to stay informed and share our messages:

What is the Real Reward for a Lightworker? ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

blue cosmic

unknown artist


What is the Real Reward for a Lightworker?

Grail 2

In 2013, I asked Archangel Michael, on An Hour with an Angel, a question that arose out of a discussion I’d just had.

A friend had asked me to write to more people than just lightworkers. I asked Archangel Michael to comment and he replied:

Archangel Michael: Does the conversation expand organically and naturally? Does the energy go out to the entire planet, those who want to hear and those who don’t want to hear? Yes, it does. But it begins with the lightworker community. That is what we have need of.

Steve Beckow:  And I suppose then more and more people will join the lightworker community?

AAM:  Exactly, until it is one family and one path. (1)

One family and one path.  We’ll all be lightworkers, whatever else we also are.

That doesn’t mean that all of us are going to be the same. It doesn’t mean we can’t continue with our spiritual discipline because we’re  lightworkers.

Like so much about this Ascension, things are now becoming additive. So “lightworker” is an additive to what we’re already doing, an additive that we’ll soon share with all the world.

What’s the difference between a seeker and a lightworker? A seeker is interested in personal enlightenment and all his or her efforts are bent towards it. Usually we call a seeker a lightholder. The true lightholder gives up every attachment (but not every thing) for enlightenment and approaches spiritual disciplines with strong determination.

A lightworker is interested in service to others and puts his or her own enlightenment second. Usually a lightworker was enlightened in other lifetimes, but doesn’t remember it. That’s implicit in so many lightworkers being incarnated angels – or “physical angels,” as Sheldan Nidle’s sources prefer to call us. (2) Angels are transcendental, which means “enlightened.”

“Lightholder” and “lightworker” are just different soul agreements.  One is not better than the other and both are needed.

It can still be the case that enlightenment proves to be part of the Divine Plan for a lightworker. Perhaps they’re meant to model a particular state. Modelling bliss has been a challenging experience for me. Lots of skinny branches, wing-walking, and feeling way, way out there.

But whatever the form of the service in question, with a lightworker, the accent is not on his or her own enlightenment so much as on the service.

Long ago, my mother used to volunteer as an usherette at the newly-built Queen Elizabeth Theatre here in Vancouver. Such a fan of the theater was she that she was totally happy just being given a free seat to watch the show, in return for her many hours of service. That generosity of spirit has always been, in my view, characteristic of lightworkers.

We’re ushers, waiters, cooks and maitre d’s at the banquet of Ascension. Volunteers for now, but paid staff later.  And we get to participate as appropriate to our service contracts.  Yes, you can drink bliss on duty. Drink deep of that ambrosia.

The minute I say this, I can hear a dozen voices shouting, “What’s my contract? What’s my contract?” Simple. What do you love to do? That’s your contract. If you love it, do it.

What to model? Easy. Model love and bliss. Not all matters are complex. Or dramatic. It’s really very simple and easy when one is attached only to service.

Service to whom? I hear from way back there.

The Divine Mother.  There’s no one else here or there, under or over, up or down to serve than the Divine Mother. She’s the One and Only, in a dress of form. And certainly the only One you and I will ever see. Her divine husband has nothing to say and doesn’t lift a finger to help her, as statues of Shakti and Shiva suggest (see below). (3)  She’s the head honcho.  He’s nowhere to be found. Jai Ma!

The Mother creates; the Father is still

Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabrielle, Seraphim, Elohim, gods and goddesses, avatars and ascended masters – everyone joyfully serves the Mother.

I hear another voice from the back: You’re really talking about the bodhisattva vow, aren’t you?

I’m not talking about it, but the discussion is relevant. The bodhisattva takes a vow not to enter Nirvana, which is one of the higher dimensions (exact dimension would probably be disputed), until all beings have gone ahead.  I think that vow is much more exalted than ours. Ours is a simple agreement to serve. As and where needed.  With weekends off and benefits.

Soon our fiber as lightworkers will be tested when abundance hits. A tsunami of money. Will we be able to maintain our center, our balance? Will we remember what the money is for? That it’s the Mother’s sacred wealth to be distributed to her beloved children? That includes us, but it extends a lot further.

A lightworker takes on assignments like these. Not for personal gain, although some personal gain may come and isn’t a bad thing. In carrying out their assignment, lightworkers stay within limits and prefer the center, the middle, the balance point. It’s from the heart, the centerpoint that love flows outwards.

How do you know you’re succeeding as a lightworker? Simple again. If you’ve been telling the truth, you should experience greater and greater release from upsets.  If you’ve been cleaning out your core issues, letting go of your conditioning, breathing love up, and sending it out to the world, you should be experiencing greater and greater levels of love and bliss.

These delicacies are not denied to lightworkers. We just set limits on our personal desires that others don’t, in the name of service.

What’s the reward for a lightworker?

I know! I know!


There is no other reward. Just say how much you want and in which account you’d like it sent to.  This is the real Prosperity Program.

Try it once and you’ll never go back to drama and trauma. Ever-new, ever-fresh bliss. (4)

Bliss is the real reward of the lightworker.


(1) “Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values, Part 2/2, ” channeled by Linda Dillon, September 16, 2013, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/09/archangel-michael-a-global-reset-of-values-part-22/.

(2) For instance: “These exercises can permit you to ready yourself for regaining the status of physical angels.” (The Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation through Sheldan Nidle, Feb. 16, 2016, at http://www.paoweb.com/sn021616.htm.

(3) The Heavenly Father is silent and still, while the Mother creates, preserves and transforms the universes. And he doesn’t have a finger to lift. The Father is formless, invisible. Only the Mother has form and so she’s the only one we’ll ever see, hear, and talk to. Jai Ma! = Victory to the Divine Mother!

(4) Thank you to everyone who has written in saying they’ve popped through to bliss. More, more, more!


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Emptiness is the Alchemical State -Tiara Kumara ~ Children of The Sun

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Emptiness is the Alchemical State

pathless copy 2To be empty means to be aware of a supreme source in your life and allowing the grace of its power to carry and to sustain you at all times, in full faith. We are not proclaiming to really know anything for all true knowing is of this absolute source.

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Surrendering to emptiness is really surrendering to be your natural self. This means to always be true to the authentic you. You are opening up, in total vulnerability, to the understanding that you are created, in the image of the Infinite. Therefore, live your true and most natural self always.

The conflict comes in when we are trying to be something or somebody that we are not. This throws us for a loop internally. Then life reflects back to us this conflicted energy in the form of some really uncomfortable experiences of struggle and strife.

When you are your natural, most authentic self, you will recognize the conflict-free zone of being perfectly centered in abundant life energy. You become a living, walking still point, because, you are willing to “surrender” to your true self in each and every moment.

There is no better way to reach into this emptiness than through a stillness type practice such as meditation, yoga or just simple down time from the busy mind. The other vital key is to create space in your day to connect and commune with the consciousness of pure ‘Presence’ Itself.

This does not mean that you have to sit cross-legged, with hand mudras and chanting the names of God. Meditation can be however you define it to be, and whatever works for you to get into a space of quiet communion with your source of life.

It is to put into play whatever feels comfortable for you to authentically feel in harmony with life and the underlying spiritual presence that guides and sustains you. Through this attunement, it is much easier to make contact with that deep vibrational resonance of stillness that is at your core.


This is an excerpt from the MORPHOGENESIS:
Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness.
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presented by Tiara Kumara
Spiritual Teacher and Morphogenesis Creatress
Founding Producer, I AM Avatar Education
Founder, Children of the Sun Foundation



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Amma & Gratitude ~ Brian Anahata Russo @ Be Sound Now

Art  Krishna Radha Gopi Indian painting at Art n India

Art : Krishna Radha Gopi Indian painting @ Art n India


Amma & Gratitude

By Brian Russo

“We are all the beads strung together on the same thread of love.” I read these words of togetherness on the back of a t-shirt of the woman sitting in front of me at the Best West Royal Plaza’s World Trade Center. Cute, I think to myself, that ideal of unity that we are always falling short of because we can’t just share the thread together and respect the other beads … But then my cynicism wanes as I catch a glimpse of Amma looking in my direction. Everyone is gathered to be in her presence. She is known worldwide as an avatar: one who has incarnated the divine within herself. We meditated with her and then she gave a teaching on gratitude. I would like to share with you what has crystallized in my heart after listening to Amma’s teaching.

Amma’s unconditional love reveals to us that our greatest value comes from giving. The embrace she gives inspires us to give ourselves to others. This giving is the profound lesson that Amma has taught millions of people across the world. Her gift is so great that we are compelled to repay her loving-kindness by paying it forward to others. Paying it forward is exactly what Amma intends for us to do with the gift she gives us. She is continuously aware that loving-kindness is the gift that keeps on giving itself the more it is given. Her embracing the world revolves around her power to spread loving-kindness through all the grateful hearts that she touches.

In a humanity that too easily takes, it would be easy to say that Amma is motivated by recognition or that she has her own God complex. Yet it is in seeing her that the beauty of her being shines forth and beckons us not with a word but with a feeling. Amma does not give in a self-serving way because she needs to receive gratitude.

Instead, she gives to ignite the flame within us so that we may open others to the same gratefulness that yearns to spread loving-kindness. Amma makes giving seem as effortless as an easy reach to her welcoming arms, yet many of us have to make the effort to be giving of ourselves. We are so stuck in the patterns of taking that we can’t recognize how much we can grow by giving to others. In the act of giving,we feel a deep love for the well being of others within ourselves which makes us want to give, so that everyone’s longing for love can be met.

As much as she teaches us how to give, she also teaches us how to graciously receive. She says that a heartfelt thank you is one of the highest prayers we can say to deepen our devotion to the divine nature of loving-kindness. This ‘thank you’ is not the disingenuous kind that is casually said without real feeling or as an embellishment but one that is authentic and penetrating. Furthermore, she teaches those who choose her as their guru to receive by giving their very best devotion. This opportunity to perfect our devotion through Amma is something we humbly receive and cherish and admit that we are worthy to receive it. For it is by giving the very best of ourselves that we can walk the path to expressing our innermost being.

Ultimately, gratefulness for the gifts bestowed to us in our lives belongs to the divine. We should never take credit for the blessings we receive but should thank the source from which they come. Amma teaches us that this source wants us to recognize and be grateful to the infinite aspects of the web of creation that selflessly support our existences. From the elements we are made of to the elements we consume, each moment offers an opportunity for gratitude to dawn within us. Gratitude is like taking in the warm glow of the rising sun that reflects its light on the water. Watching the surface glitter with the radiance of infinite gold and silver flashes, there is no question that feeling gratitude is as natural an occurrence as the sun illuminating the water. God pervades everything and we simply need to appreciate the gratitude that spontaneously flows from our devotion.

Overflowing with gratitude reminds us to stay in our power. Amma teaches that it is a sign of maturity to be mindful of how fortunate we are and to not complain when the least little thing doesn’t go according to our plan. We are so quick to be moved by erratic thoughts and emotion that we miss out on the loving-kindness right under our nose. Amma gives an example of this behavior, stating that it is like the tongue that finds it difficult not to go into the gap left by a missing tooth. We fixate on what we don’t have and not on all the good around us that we do have. But we do not need to be stuck in these thought patterns. Amma states that the moonlight of gratitude parts the clouds of anger and anxiety to immediately clarify our consciousness in the moment. As soon as we are grateful, a flood of remembered experiences of gratitude pour into us and we are energized by their vibrational charge. Amma say this experience of gratitude is reminiscing about the support you have received. It reminds me of an Oscar speech that we could give each moment!

By teaching us that recognizing goodness in others helps us find goodness in ourselves, Amma demonstrates gratitude’s ability to purify ourselves. She says that the mind is strange and misses what is right in front of our eyes. Yet at the same time, we are also seeing many things that don’t exist! So filling our cup with what isn’t there isproblematic because it does not leave room for the peace and equanimity that naturally abounds. Amma says that the Earth, watching humanity, must think, look at them repeat this folly over and over again. When will they learn? Amma tells the story about a dying man who gives his son a magic pot of gold coins that refills itself once it is depleted. He is about to tell him the three magic words, but dies right before he can utter them. So a few years pass and the son is down to his last gold coin. Instead of using it to buy himself a few more days of comfort, he gives it to a homeless beggar. The beggar, who is used to only receiving cheap coins, is delighted that someone values him and he says to the son, “Thank you Lord.” As soon as he said these words, the empty pot refills itself with gold. The message of this story is we can reap huge abundance when our giving and receiving is in harmony. The gold is our heart and we replenish ourselves when we give ourselves to others. It reminds me of the quote: A thousand candles can be lit from a single candle; meaning that sharing our love does not limit our love, it increases it!

Amma told another story about a rich man who was drowning because he was holding onto a trunk of his possessions. He paid the price of losing his life because he couldn’t let go of his material wealth. Amma found this story amusing, remarking how funny it is to be so attached to material possessions when we can’t even take a grain of sand with us. Yet at the same time, she also says,“I exist then, now and will forever.” So, consciousness —that most fundamental property of our being— is preserved. Since this is true, then why so much effort for short-term superficial gains? Why are we so wilfully blinded by ignorance? Amma makes it clear that the only thing of real importance is to purify our consciousness through devotion and loving-kindness.

Amma gives her affection to all beings and the cradle of nature that holds them. She is sad that we have reduced the purity of the air with pollution. In the past, it was easy to heal our bodies by exhaling air to remove toxins and inhaling air to revitalize our body. But now that the air is so polluted, so too is our natural cycle of purification. She urges us to plant as many trees as possible because so many are falling to our greed and ignorance. In every lesson she teaches, we can be grateful to recognize that love is in giving not taking. Yet when it comes to nature, we have foolishly tried to assert our authority over it at our own expense. Amma states that we don’t have the right to assert our authority over anyone or anything. In trying to conquer mother nature instead of worshipping her, we disrespect the greatest resource we depend on and create an unsustainable way of life. Yet there is always a potential for a sustainable future. With this in mind, heart and most importantly action, Amma says that gratitude can help us save nature!


A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (24)

ART : A Andrew Gonzales by Catherine La Rose

When it comes to karma, Amma plays by the rules. She says that karma is the law of this universe, where we reap what we sow and get what we give. In Hinduism, karma is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. She says that the grateful can be decisive in freeing themselves of the negative karma they accumulate because they stay content and do not bend in the face of temporary difficulties. She states that good deeds are like money in our karmic bank account that we can always cash in when we are truly in need of help. However, when our bank account gets low, we can perform remedial actions for alleviating certain kinds of karma. She gets a big laugh out of seeing those who like to blame God for their karma. She says that by not realizing they are the ones creating their karma, they create even more of it! She tells a true story about two friends who each buy a new car and get in separate car accidents. No one is hurt but both cars are ruined. The first man has car insurance and all of his expenses are paid. He even gets to buy a better car! The second man comes to Amma and tells her that the car accident has bankrupt him and he blames God for his misfortune. Amma asks, “Did you have car insurance?” to which he replies “no”. In this story we find and learn the lesson the importance of managing our karmic bank account. The first man anticipated future difficulties, prepared for them and saved himself from misfortune. On the other hand, the second man did not think of the consequences of not having insurance and so he had to suffer those consequences.

Similar to this second man who curses the universe for his troubles, most people only really pray to God when hard times befall them. Their attention is usually turned toward the creation and not the creator. When times are good they do not remember God because they are too engrossed in their pleasure. Amma’s lesson in this is we should be eternally grateful, especially in bad times when we must make the most of what we are given and learn the lesson that our experience is teaching us. Unfortunately, for especially brutal karma, Amma says that we have no choice but to pray and endure. In certain situations, we just have to accept it and ask for mercy.

The fact that there is not always an easy answer is not the answer we want to hear. Yet it it is the only truth we can accept when life throws us a curveball that we don’t think we can hit. The good news is that we are adaptable. When life takes a turn we have the power to turn with it. Amma says that our fate is like the current of the river on which the boat of our soul navigates. Free will is our boat engine. We can be careless and let it fall into disrepair, or we can maintain it by being our most authentic self. Either way, when the river runs faster, we’ll have to use all the effort we have to steer toward our destiny. In our journey, Amma says that self-confidence is a booster rocket that blasts us forward. And so we go, to experience the full depths of our being, all the while enjoying the journey.

We are grateful in every footstep, because even the next breath is not in our hands.
Life as we know could end any moment, but that does not stop us from moving forward. It is the very life urge within us that does not want to rage against the inevitability of death but to be truly alive while we are living. Amma tells a story of a man from a poor country running a big international race. Midway through the race he takes a terrible fall. Yet, he gets back up and finishes the race as quickly as possible. After he is the last to cross the finish line a reporter asks him why he continued running even though he couldn’t win. He responded, “I was sent here by my country not just to start the race but to finish it.” It is this enduring spirit that carries us and allows us to win even when the odds are impossible. I recently watched a video where the same story unfolded except this time the runner did triumph!

Amma teaches us that if you force open a flower before it’s ready to bloom, it’s fragrance and beauty will be lost. But with patience, it’s fragrance and beauty will be revealed. By telling us that patience is the foundation of growth, Amma instills gratefulness in us along the way that helps us to appreciate the unfolding of our being. For those that rush around yelling “I want peace now,” their very attitude is what keeps them from the experience of peace. As Amma says, it is like they have a “Closed for roadwork” sign on their mind. Meditation takes the opposite approach. Amma says that meditation is as precious as gold. Our ability to hit pause and be grateful arises directly out of a meditative mindset. Rather that letting ourselves be pushed and pulled by our cravings and aversions, meditation instills – pun intended – a deep sense of peace in us. Amma says that even a moment is precious as it allows us to know that freedom lies within. We might think what is the big effect of just one person being able to cultivate this peace? Well, the effects can be huge! Consider a mindful CEO. Amma says that managing 500 people is like managing 500 minds. If this CEO has only externally developed them and neglected their internal lives, then he has failed to integrate the two and there will be disharmony. However, harmony will flow if she is mindful and can integrate mindful practices and ideas into the workplace.

deevoti-sekhar-roy art Fine Art America.

ART : Deevoti – Sekhar Roy @ Fine Art America


In our society, selfishness is praised as a virtue. The remedy is selflessness. This way of being is a tall order but turning towards the divine can bring us there. Devotion is the root of selflessness, as it allows our limited sense of self to drop away in pure love for God. Amma says that in this life, the true meeting between self and God takes place in selflessness. She states that it is not of the body, but of the heart. She told a story of a traveler who meets the Gopis. The gopis are simple cow-herd girls who long to see Krishna, the divine personality of the Godhead. The traveler tells them that Krishna is faraway but the gopis are not sad. They are overjoyed to hear that Krishna is enjoying himself with his wives! They tell the traveler to bring Krishna some butter they made for him but to not tell him from whom it had come. So the traveler visits Krishna and presents him with the butter. Krishna knows immediately who the butter is from and exclaims how grateful he is for the gopis. Then, he washes the traveller’s feet off in a bucket and drinks the dirty water in it. His wives and attendants are disgusted and ask him why he would do such a thing. He responds that the sand in the water had been walked on by the gopis and carries the sweet nectar of their presence. He said that even the Gods long to partake of such devotion! This story contains a profound lesson – our devotion can move the divine to be devoted to us. However, this devotion is not toward our ego but to our innermost being which is already aligned with the divine. So in striving to live up to our best version of ourselves, we can be devoted to the divine in our every breath.

Amma stresses the importance of communication because it is the basis of relating. She says there are many factors in communication, such as the mental and emotional states of those you are interacting with, but that you need them all to relate masterfully. If you don’t understand all the factors that go into any communication, you might accidentally hurt the person you are talking to with your words. To evidence the subtly of good communication, Amma tells the story of a woman who goes on vacation. Her husband calls her to tell her that her cat has fallen off the roof and died. “Why couldn’t you have broken the news more slowly!” she exclaims. “You could have told me a few days ago that you were worried about my cat because it climbed up on the roof. Then you could have said that it fell and you had taken him to the hospital. And lastly you could have said that you did everything you could but he didn’t make it.” And so the woman comes back home to pay her respects to her cat and then returns to her vacation. The next day she receives another call from her husband, who says, “Honey, I have something to tell you, your mother just climbed up on the roof.” This humor is a little dark, but it does get down to the bedrock of communication. When we fail to understand the heart, we do not communicate with someone where they are but rather where we want them to be. We risk hurting the other when we do not discriminate in the actions we perform. We may think words are little insignificant things but they have the power to create or destroy.

Communicating well and living purely may seem daunting tasks because there are many factors that influence the outcomes of our life. But through devotion, we are aided in our journey and are empowered to aid others too. Instead of thinking my will, we shift to feeling “thy” will and listening to that divine consciousness we call conscience within us. Amma says if we see a man we don’t like walking down the street, our mind says “Avoid!” But then she asks us, “What does the heart say?” Answering her own questions, she replies, “The heart says give.” The times I have been most grateful for in life are when I can give the best of myself to others. It is in finding what we can give –not what we receive– that determines the values of our lives. We must call upon that strength of our gifts so that we have the power to give them. It has been weeks since I have seen Amma, but her words are with me still:

“Love doesn’t worry about how much it receives it just gives. It endures; it removes fears and transforms ugliness to beauty. It is the spring season of life, which births newness in every moment. So I am grateful for you dear reader and all the gifts that you share! For we not only share with each other but with the deep interconnection that we ultimately are each other and our unique self! Amma reminds us that just because there is water in between two banks does not mean there are two banks. No matter what seems to divide us I am grateful that we are all slowly realizing that the two banks are one and we are never without the divine presence that is our innermost being.




Short bio: Brian Russo is a healer who works through sound and color to balance the frequencies of the mind, body and soul. He teaches instant light body activation. This process entails raising one’s frequencies to levels where instant inter-dimensional teleportation is possible. Brian literally opens up new worlds for people. He is clairsentient and clairaudient, using what he feels and hears to retune his clients.

In his healing work, he combines overtone chanting with singing bowls to provide an entirely new healing modality that balances one’s energy and raises one’s frequencies. Brian is also an English Dharma Instructor for the Chogye Order of Korean Zen Buddhism and spent time living in a monastery in Bodh Gaya, India where Buddha attained enlightenment  He studied throat chanting in Dharamsala at the Gyuto Monastery and knows the Rainbow Voice, a key tool of the light body ascension process. Brian studied with the founder of vibrational therapy Fabien Maman and singing bowl guru Sarah Turner. He is also a registered BioAcoustic practitioner under Sharry Edwards which enables him to use software for voice analysis. He uses this software to detect physical and chemical imbalances based on the frequency patterns of the voice.

In his practice, he employs a range of tuning forks, reiki techniques, vibrational acupressure, sacred geometry tools, crystals, vocal profiles and chants from around the world to help clients to be well and transform. He can be reached by phone at 781-258-8601 and via email at bjrusso333@gmail.com.  His practice address is 4 Humphrey St., Unit 2, Wakefield, MA 01880.

Energy Update 2-23-16 ~ Jenny Schiltz @ Channeling The Masters

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Energy Update 2-23-16


Anyone else feel like they have a spiritual hangover today? I was thinking that it was because I spent the weekend at a shamanic workshop, but I am told by my guides that many are feeling the same.

The full moon energies were particularly strong because their purpose is to help align people with what is needed moving forward. For some this is seen as a coming together of things, AH-HA moments, a feeling of being in alignment and that all is well. For others, this alignment can look like destruction as all that is not serving you is showing its face. It is like a screaming child that just keeps getting louder when ignored.  Take a look and see what has worked for you and what has not.

You may find that many around you are mirroring what is taking place inside you at this moment. All that you see out of alignment within another is an opportunity to look at what is out of alignment within you. You may find similar themes at play. Pay attention to the advice you are giving and see where you might apply the same information to yourself.

Mirroring is often found very strongly in our children. When they are restless and bored and we say “go outside!” this is wonderful advice for ourselves as well. We often underestimate the impact of energy on children, especially those we know that vibrate high. Yet it is these high vibrating souls that feel the disharmony in the world even more deeply. They feel when tensions are high and people are clearing. I have found that in times like this, routine is very important in the life of my 7 year old. Deviations in the routine cause anxiety because their system is already over loaded from all the swirling changes.

Pets may be clingy and showing signs of physical distress too. I know we are really receiving tremendous energy when my dogs belly starts rumbling and she is outside more than normal. Pets are simply angels on earth. Our cats help to equalize our vibration with their purr and dogs tend to be the steady companion, ready to be near you, acting as a stabilizer. All animals are clearing their density right now as well as helping us clear ours. It is no small task they have taken on. It is also not uncommon to have a pet as your guide on earth.

Physically we are receiving energetic downloads that upgrade our entire electrical system. For some this brings stomach issues and flu like symptoms.  For many it is headaches, ear ringing and dizziness as the body reacts to the expansion of light within its form. Dreams are still playing a very important part as we are still clearing timelines, contracts, agreements and past lives.  You may be seeing a pattern with the solar flares and coronal mass ejections. Solar flares are like being at a night club when the music is pumping loud. Some will feel completely pumped up and happy, others will experience rush of energy and then find themselves over loaded and wanting to go home. Others are turned off the moment they step in the door and are cranky, uncomfortable, and the body wants to shut down. With the Coronal Mass ejections some may feel deep peace and an inner knowing that all is ok and some will find themselves receiving incredible insights on direction and purpose. Others may experience this energy as needing to sleep deeply as the body is releasing denser cellular memory. Whatever you are feeling and to whatever degree is perfect for you at this time and trust that all is ok.

This is a very intense time that we are going through right now and it is clearing out all that it can for the massive wave of energy that will begin building during the 2nd week of March, peaking and holding in the 3rd week of March until mid-April. This wave is designed to awaken those not yet awakened as well as pushing more into the 5th Dimensional vibrational frequency. For those who have made it past that threshold this wave helps us embody more of our soul. Think upon this period as the last month prior to a triathlon, it is when the training gets really intense and you push yourself to the max so that you have the endurance to make it through the race.

Each of us will be feeling these energies differently depending on where you are in this process and how your body handles the energies. Don’t get lost in judging or comparing yourself against others because this is your journey and no two journeys are alike.  Be gentle with yourself and others as we are all part of an incredible evolutionary change.


I also wanted to share with you an extraordinary interaction I had. About a month ago I was asked if I would allow two beings who said their race is called Meentaurs to observe life on earth through me, my personal hologram.  I agreed and periodically they would come and ask questions and offer observations. They came to me yesterday morning, saying that they had concluded their observations and I asked what they had learned. This is their reply:

“Humans are remarkably resilient. Even the slightest flicker of source within is able to sustain hope, even with the ego blocking it. When the human knows that this spark is within and seeks to expand it, this is miraculous to see. They are able to walk with love and faith even amidst all the noise.  We saw source energy expand by smiling, laughter, prayers and gratitude. When it is realized the human becomes truly beautiful.”

Sending you all lots of love and blessings


Energy Update 2-23-16


February Full Moon Update ~ Festival of Lights of Pisces with Virgo @Walking Terra Christa

art keeper-of-the-planting-moon by gretchen del rio

ART : Keeper of the Planting Moon – Gretchen del Rio


February Full Moon Update ~ Festival of Lights of Pisces with Virgo

This full moon represents the pathway of “Redemption” in which we, as souls, start to realize that our third dimensional mind and heart are not in control, but our Higher Essence of the Source of Light is the commander of our ship. The energies of Pisces allows this pathway to be fully opened into our conscious self so that we begin a new way of understanding life and applying it in our experiences upon the Earth.

This full moon is within Virgo that represents our physical self, our day-to-day tasks that help us to understand who we are within the role of being human. But what can happen within that concept is that the spiritual self can be lost, because we are a species of human conditioning and programming. These tasks are very important for our lives, but we must also accept that we are a Spiritual Being Learning the Experience of Being Human. Many times it takes quite a bit of effort for a soul inhabited within a body to get the realization that they are so much more than their physical life and how what kind of reaction occurs within that life.

So the Sun of Pisces helps us to realize our God-given potential as a spiritual being to be fully realized within the physical self through the Mind, Body, and Spirit. We come to a space of reckoning with this moon to realize what we have been doing, thinking, and acting previously needs to be rectified or healed. So we are redeeming ourselves from our previous way of interacting within our world. Our Higher Self becomes more involved within the physical self.

During this phase we can go through a period of spiritual “illumination” in which we truly see our lives or particles of our life to be addressed in a completely different manner. This can be a true wake-up call for any of us to truly see that we need to address the way that we have been walking through our world. It is a very emotional and raw energy to find the truth within ourselves that we did not see previously.

Some may call this BRINGING ORDER TO CHAOS.

It is a time in which the truth needs to be revealed from the sense of the Higher Mind and Heart into the Physical Mind and Heart. It can create emotional upheaval to look at the issue that may be appearing in our lives, but it is a necessary element in order to fully command the True Essence that we are from the Source of Light, our beginning existence.

The mantra from Master Djwhal Khul this month represents the journey of the self as we allow the acceptance of our Higher Essence to be our guide; we then see that the way we have been thinking and acting no longer serves our purpose. As we step into the healing of the issues that are arising, we are helping humanity to do the same.

As we come into the existence of Oneness, what does not flow within each of us will be activated through the Law of Vibration into the Universe, and then returned to us. In retrospect the same is happening when we step into the role of deep healing. That vibration that we are sending outwards will be felt by others within the full consciousness of the Light That We Are Together.

So at this time Grandmother Moon is truly helping each of us to see our true “illuminated” self to be revealed. This is when we have to go into the essence of “redemption” as we learn the way we have been living may not be serving our Higher Purpose.

It truly is a time of deep reflection and movement into being better, more attuned with the Universe, and giving back what we desire to have within us. Many individuals will feel the power of this moon, as it can be a very deep journey of great change. When each of us does, it then affects the Greater Whole. It is the way of the Universe.

So how do we get through this period of time with ease and grace?

Those words of Ease and Grace are exactly what we need to do at this time. We have to think about what it feels like when we come out of a meditation. We can become serene, balanced, having a sense of peace within our heart. This is how we need to live our lives presently. We no longer have a choice. As the planetary energies rise into a higher state of conditioning, we are required to move along with it.

This may be your time to truly look at yourself more deeply to see where you may need improvement in your life.

What are your thoughts and actions in each moment of your life? Are you able to flow from one element to the other even if it is a challenging one to face?

The Moon of Virgo with the Sun of Pisces is bringing forth that moment of connection, of divine remembrance to allow each of us to flow more gracefully from one focus unto another. It is pushing us to be better, think better, and then act better.

This process can be very challenging as the emotional body is the part of us that is being healed within layers and layers of old elements that come from our Etheric Self. The Feminine Divine is again the focus with these energies so that it takes us into the pure existence of synchronistic movements in our life not matter what the consequences may be.

Those that find this process challenging and difficult will be filled with distraught emotions that have been plaguing you for some time. They are coming up to the surface to be revealed. It can cause the body to be affected with emotional issues that cause infections to arise, one can feel very tired and not being able to move, energy levels can go in varying degrees of being on a high then being on a low. It will be like being on a merry-go-round that you cannot get off and will cause a lot of despair.

So I say, it is time to get off the merry-go-round and be grounded with the feet planted within Gaia’s core. Utilize this time to go deeper, use your breath and your voice by chanting. Allow the vibration essence of your voice to take you into a journey you have never experienced before. Become one with the healing process as you are able to remove the old wounds of the past. Let the Universe help you and the Divine Masters to walk with you through this process. Call upon the Archangels and find your own inner angel, your Solar Angel of Light to assist you. Become One with All that you have ever hoped to be.

It is a moon of great change, great power, and wonderful realizations by allowing the Illuminating Light to Shine Down Upon Us.

Walking Terra Christa held a full moon ceremony on Monday, February 22nd. The MP3 file is available via our website, .Free MP3 Audio Library. Master Djwhal Khul is our guide; we journeyed to the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid which is the Throat chakra of the Earth to extend these healing energies to that area.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can become a Student by participating in the LIVE teachings and be part of our mentoring program OR participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings.

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art keeper-of-the-planting-moon by gretchen del rio

ART : Keeper of the Planting Moon – Gretchen del Rio

The Accelerating Phases of Our Ascension ~ Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution

art goddess by susan seddon boulet

ART : Goddess – Susan Seddon Boulet


The Accelerating Phases of Our Ascension

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

As mentioned in the previous article on the Resurrection phase, the first weeks of March will find us deep in embodiment preparation. By mid-March, the next wave of amplified light aimed at acceleration – and embodiment in particular – will begin to arrive. This means the next few weeks are important to the Resurrection phase, the conscious merging of Higher and Lower Self. For some the welcoming forth of the Christed state of consciousness rises to a brand new level. Things happen quickly this year; pay attention.

Christic Ascension – Pure Unity of Crystalline Consciousness

Our Christic Ascension on Gaia is a unique Ascension process. We are beings that can be sealed up in density, completely wiped of their higher skills, and reunify with Source while still in form. It makes us extremely strong Creator beings; we become capable of connecting with, and maintaining, Source consciousness in any situation.

The experience of the true Christed stats overwrites the multidimensional consciousness into Unity with the Solar beingness, then Source. This reaches beyond the unity of Higher and Lower Self; there is a profound unification with the Solar aspect of our fractalized nature. Many of us are ready to surrender to this level as the Resurrection phase comes to a close over the next two months for first embodiers. Many are receiving days of this state to stretch their energy fields and conscious perception of that true Christed state.

We are receiving these tastes of pure Christ consciousness for two reasons. First, to strengthen and amplify the Solar dynamic of Gaia’s fields (Gaia grids, HUman Heart grid, Noosphere) for the upcoming influxes of Light. Secondly, it allows us to make the conscious free-will choice if we want to move forward. We receive a day or two of the experience, then it recedes a bit for integration and the opportunity to opt out or continue. Why not continue? Simply put, that level of consciousness is somewhat autonomous; there is no default to old behavior, old Self. You will become the I AM state of beingness. I discussed my three-day experience of it in this interview on InLightUniversal.

Waves of Light

We have three preparatory waves of intense light prior to the dimensional-shifting flashes of 2017. The first arrived mid-December last year and flowed through mid-January. That was when we migrated realities from the lower timelines to the higher timelines. Synthetic timeline structures which kept people re-creating the same reality were dismantled. The synthetic impulse for more of the same, that tricky loophole in free will, dropped away. End of an era. Because of the time lapse it takes a while to settle in. There are many who will probably never experience light in the way that we do. And yet the acceleration is getting palpable even for the newly awakened. All is well. Keep your focus on Ascension if that is your outcome/timeline choice.

The higher Ascension timelines were then amplified, so the Mastery collective now has the opportunity for full embodiment. Embodiment changes everything. It changes your personal life, collective belief systems, the energy fields of the planet, and the overarching mission of Gaia becoming a more Solar entity herself. That is why we do the good work; it has nothing to do with our personal journey when we surrender to this state.

The high-vibe tribe is becoming strong and quantum in its effect on the collective consciousness. Cooperation and solutions will begin to be the norm, rather than complaints and apathy. And that also applies to the spiritual path. Spiritual Disclosure far outweighs disclosure of political, financial, ETs or conspiracy. Embodiment changes everything on every level. I highly recommend spending more of your day focused on love, solutions and creative service than feeding fear programs. Vibration = vibration. Choose your moment-by-moment actions wisely as the waves intensify.

Our second wave lands mid-March and flows through April. Many of us will begin to hold those embodiments for longer periods of time, which assists Gaia in preparing herself to be a more Solar entity as well.  The third amplification this year arrives in September. That is as linear as the year gets when it comes to Gateways, because the work and energy is consistent. Day to day, moment to moment choices for amplification, purification, and expansion. We always honor our natural Gaia and Galactic events; Equinoxes, Solstices, Moons and collective events which we co-create to assist HUmanity. Unity will be the primary agenda with this next wave. Cave time comes to a close; Gather your Tribes accordingly.

Dimensional Shift

Rather than thinking of the dimensional shift in linear/material terms, feel it as an adjustment of consciousness and an evolution of form. Duality sees it as here or not here, material or non-material. Look at a tree; that tree will still exist in 5D/6D; your perception of it will change dramatically. Everything will look new, feel new, and the heart’s perception sees All as Divine.

It’s not a matter of matter in the beginning – it is the way in which creation is interpreted that shifts first. Love first. Non-judgment first. Then you are resonating with the higher dimensional timeline experience.  The higher unified perspective sees Divine Will, the through-line of Ascension; the evolution of a spiritual Sun and its population of Christed HUmans. Don’t concern yourself with what will or won’t exist. Love will exist. Compassion, service, joy, faith and Source consciousness will exist. Resonate with that in everything you do, say, think and feel – and set your worries to rest. That state of consciousness changes everything.

Perception and Gratitude

It is the nature of our Solar beingness as a fractal of Source to have a unique experience. Source doesn’t create two exact copies of any experience. Your creation has an opportunity in density that is not even engaged with a higher level. Uniqueness on a free will playground. Enjoy your freedom, celebrate that reality now. Ascending into the Christed state means that you become pure service; there is no more lower self desire. Form is still transforming, however the vibration and intensity of that Light has Divine Will as its agenda. A new kind of freedom we haven’t felt in a very long while.

The Source mirror within your heart is not dualistic; it won’t see things in a one-to-one electromagnetic mirroring as it did in 3D/4D. Perception becomes very multidimensional, which means infinite possibilities for our expression. You’ll be able to see things from many different perspectives and that in itself brings peace and divine love into one’s consciousness. You gain the cosmic perspective on yourself, the world, everything else. You won’t be able to contain your gratitude, even in the face of adversity.


The new light can be very stimulating to the mental level, which is why we have done so much work. We clear out the subconscious, creating new pathways in the body, brain and heart center, and operate from this multidimensional perspective. Mastery is not about controlling the external; it is about mastering the inner response to the external world. Words. deeds, and actions speak volumes – and effect the noosphere in a stronger way – as we accelerate. Gratitude and respect for everyone, no matter what path they have chosen, shows your level of Divine Grace, Love and Non-judgment.


As Revelation rises to the forefront it is imperative that we be as authentic as possible with ourselves and with each other. The days of Egoic strength are over; strength is from the heart and higher consciousness now. You’ll find an infinite flow of energy when you do the work, take the risks, honor your creation and devote yourself to Source. Source is the whole reason why you’re here; when you honor that and everything that we have co-created with Source, you won’t be consistently trying to tear it apart. You’ll find that desire to support creation itself, and the desire to correct what no longer serves our experience. It is that enduring faith in all of creation which is unconditional Love.

Intention Check-In

In Ascension Path we recommend the Essene method of setting your intentions four times a day. A regular check-in for staying conscious, living in a state of highest possibilities, and a consistent honoring of our Creator state of beingness.

The Christic path, the middle path, honors balance. This is not an ascetic or strict spiritual path of control. Highest choices come from a genuine desire to serve, to be love, to embody something new. The intention check-in can be used to recognize the things that you continue to re-create out of habit, as well as your progress as you align with the Higher levels and stay vibrantly conscious all. day. long.

If Nirvana is the absence of desire, then we can examine what we create that is not giving us that result. Needs and desires tend to dwindle as we raise our vibration. Service becomes the focus, the desire to give more Service. Our love for HUmanity, Gaia, and all of creation override the lower desires.

Some use suffering as a safety net, because it’s easier to keep desiring or re-creating the same things over and over again – even if it makes them miserable – rather than risking change and moving forward. Use the intention check-in to stay balanced. Much of this Crystalline path is about letting go of old Self. Surrender to spirit and the Universe will show up right in your heart center.

Resurrection Protocol

Whatever you have used as your Resurrection practice, apply it over the next two weeks with diligence. By now you know how to prepare for a wave. Put all of your tools into practice and enjoy it as a sacred passage of preparation. Busy-ness won’t do until the wave hits, and it will be very stimulating by Equinox. Put all of your focus on the good work, and the Christed merge if that is your goal. Many of you feel the need to get things in order; prepare and do this now. Shed the old, you will not need it. Relax, give the merge plenty of space to unfold. This is a Divine newness we are entering; try not to recreate what was, or watch unapplicable systems burn. Let it go, let the old Self go, and embody the New.

In Love, Light and Service,


art goddess by susan seddon boulet

ART : Goddess – Susan Seddon Boulet


Bliss – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

native american white buffalo woman

White Buffalo Woman – unknown artist


Will Not Quit

Sacred 14I’m so filled with bliss today. It just will not quit.

And all along, I’m learning new things about it. Here’s a few.

I really discovered the value today of sending one’s blissful energy down into the core of Gaia.

I carried that out, really intending and really using my creative imagination.

I was on a city bus and outrageously blissful and I didn’t know what I could do to keep to myself away from dense vibrations without losing my bliss by resisting.

I went inwards and began to meditate on the bus. I was guided in my meditation to take my bliss and send it deep down into the core of Gaia.

I found that, the deeper I sent it, the more anchored I felt.  I saw, at the level of realization, that the degree that I felt anchored in life was directly proportional to the depth I sank my blissful energy into the core of Gaia. I had an experience of it and a realization (which is of course made easier by bliss itself).

It wasn’t until I saw how stable and satisfying it felt that I saw that I had been ignoring the whole field of bliss’s depth. I’d been thinking of bliss as only soaring aloft. But it has a whole different quality when sunk down into the Earth.

That showed me that the way I was thinking about bliss limited it. It also demonstrated that I could use some mentoring in managing bliss because I don’t have a user’s manual.

As I walked along the street today, I felt myself suddenly overwhelmingly grateful for this ongoing experience of bliss. And I heard myself say that from that moment on I will do nothing that impedes the flow of bliss. The days of my ratty behavior are over. Why would I want to jeopardize this?

[The next day…]

I learn something new about bliss each day I’m in it. I emerged from a meeting of a team I participate in absolutely swimming in bliss.

And on that occasion I learned to allow bliss to sweep through my body and transform every cell. I allowed the cells to lock in the memory of bliss, to allow themselves to be drenched with it and colored by it.

Now I feel bliss, not just in my head region, but throughout my body.

And again I send bliss down into the core of Gaia to be anchored there. That increases my sense of substantiality – in a gender-free way, by the way. I cease to be a featherweight, flighty, afraid.

At this moment I feel love for all the world. And that takes me to a door that I cannot enter and continue to write after.

I choose to continue writing. That’s what I’m here for. The rest can come later. There’s more territory here to explore.

Bliss is no respecter of paradigms, belief systems, interests, etc. It will as happily borrow from one as from the other, to make a point. It may bestow itself on someone adjudged to be not worthy of it. It may withhold itself from someone adjudged to be worthy.

Bliss has to be of another dimension. Third Dimensionality cannot exist in bliss. Judging is gone. Hating is gone. Anger is gone. Anything harsh is gone. It definitely feels like a new dimension of experience and it definitely does not include the old.

In bliss, it’s as if there’s no room for negative or unwanted emotions.  That’s one way of seeing it.

You could say that bliss drowns out the other emotions. You could say it lifts one above them. One could use various metaphors. What they all have in common is that, while one is in bliss, unwanted emotions are gone, absent.

At the same time, it allows me to exercise my will and experience any emotions I have a compassionate desire to experience. I have some manoeuvring room.

For instance, it allows me to experience a modulated degree of righteous indignation when I hear that pensioners in an American state had their pensions cut in half as part of an elaborate scheme to claw back pension funds in America. I was not aware of the organized attempt, but it sounded plausible from the article.

In any case, I watched the rise of righteous indignation and saw that it could not get near the core of me. I experienced it out more on the peripheries of my field of awareness, as was the case with transformative love and unwanted feelings. Both transformative love and bliss keep unwanted conditions away, but, of the two, bliss is … what metaphor will I use? Denser a love medium? A more resistant barrier? A significant obstruction to unwanted conditions? Unwanted conditions cannot penetrate the bliss that surrounds me at these times.

That being the case, it was no problem for me to release the emotion back into the Ethernet, the Great Beyond, the Void.

Right now, I feel drunk on bliss. Usually, when I feel this way, I have trouble walking. I’m almost reeling. That’s the report from my inner gyroscope.

As long as I’m seated, I feel wafted aloft on a river of the finest, gossamer waves of bliss. I’m floating down the river as one would on a great salt lake, remaining on the surface without effort, without concern.  All I’m aware of internally is the flow of bliss. I have no desire to be aware of anything else or to be anywhere else.

Exactly this outcome was what Archangel Michael said motivated my guides to measure out bliss. Too much and I’d stop writing, he told me. And I agree. Much more than this and I may … not stop writing … more fail to remember it. Who I am. Where I am.

So I’m surfing – getting out into the water but only as far as prudence and alignment (1) allow.


(1) The need to remain aligned with the whole, to orchestrate, to coordinate. Also the need to have one’s expression remain in the domain of the easily-understandable (Peter Rabbit English) if one’s mission is to serve as a communicational bridge between two parties (terrestrial and galactic).

Will Not Quit


native american white buffalo woman

White Buffalo Woman – unknown artist

Unconditional Love for Our Self – Chakra Seven @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Unconditional Love for Our Self ~ Chakra Seven


Hello everyone,

I wish to thank you for your wonderful dedicated participation in our 7 Minutes ~ 7 Chakras ~ 7 Weeks of Unconditional Love project as we reach our final chakra. So far, we have logged over 267,890 minutes of unconditional love throughout these seven weeks! Let’s see how many more minutes we can add as we complete this final week and wrap up the process. I invite you to join us for our “Grand Finale Webinar” that we will be offering on Saturday, February 27, 2016, at 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time. You will find more details at the bottom of this page. 


Thank you again and again! It has been a joy reading your wonderful comments and seeing the same names again and again. Together WE are “Birthing New Earth,” and we are doing so with the Unconditional love we have for our SELF. 


I hope to see you in the webinar. If you sign up, you will receive the recording even if you are not able to join the meeting.

Unconditional Love to you all.

Suzanne Lie

Unconditional Love for Our Self







Transcript for Meditation

Chakra7 copy


Chakra #7

I just discovered something I had written back in September 2012, that had become lost in the midst of all the many things that I had received and I realize that I couldn’t begin to understand it then. So it just got put away. But as things do appear to us when it is the Now for them to be shared – this appeared to me.

I will read it now …

My mind swept through reality after reality as if I was searching for something or someone. It was as if I was in a holocaust running a holographic reality within my own mind.   I knew that I was creating this experience as I could hear the Arcturians reminding that I was the creator of my life. I was recovering realities that I had created.

I was a Pleiaidan at first, but as my resistance to this experience diminished, I fully surrendered to my process. I saw realities in which humans, Antarians, Sirians, Tau Centians, Lemurians and Atlanteans were all working in a unity consciousness to assist Gaia.

These great beings were all there, and I know that was what I was searching for. However, in the reality that I thought I was in, Atlantis had not happened nor had many of the timelines within my third dimensional memory.

Within this realization, I switched into a reality that I’d never heard of called Earth. However, once the reality came into my imagination mind and consciousness, I was there within that timeline. For an instant, I was in a completely different timeline. Then I began to randomly shift through realities in different timelines which I had never known existed before this vision.

What could be the point of this vision, I thought. I heard the Arcturians say, “Be careful.” What was I to be careful about? And then I found out. The worlds began to coarse through my mind faster and faster until they all blended into one. I guess I would have to say – a fountain. The reality shifted so fast that they formed interconnected circles which moved deeper and deeper into my core.

My Core – it felt like my core was filled with Light. But actually it was more Light than I could contain. I felt a sudden eruption as if a fountain had been turned on and many, many lives joined into one force of energy and rushed up my core like an erupting volcano. And it flowed up through my crown like a huge fountain of Light. The Light spray from the core rushed out in all direction. I could see the higher and higher frequencies of reality as brilliant images, many possible, parallel and alternate worlds began to take a semblance of form.

Then suddenly everything stopped. The images froze in place, and all the worlds stopped their rotation. All the images were completely still ~ except for the image of myself. However, this image was without form. It was the image of a swirling energy field filled with myriad images.

I moved from image to image observing. War stopped and bombs in mid-air, parades of marches with one foot on the ground, starships stopped in space with everyone and everything frozen in place. “What happened?”, I asked. The invisible Arcturian said, “You have left time.”

To my surprise, I totally understood that concept. The world was still because there was no time to move the inhabitants from place to place. I peeked into many realities and realized that they were moving so slowly to me that I had to observe them for a “long” time to watch one step being taken. I looked down to see my still body being surrounded by myriad bubbles of reality that floated through the streams of Light flowing from my core.

I decided to enter one of these dreams and found myself inside six-dimensional creatures that preferred to live within the Light network of the mothership. In fact, they had much to do with the ship being alive for their sixth-dimensional energy field was always moving and enlightening the life force of the ship.

The sixth-dimensionals are the epitome of collective consciousness. For a flash of the Now, I experienced the Unity Consciousness of being a sixth-dimensional being.

And then – I was awake or I was awake when I was asleep. As I slowly awakened, I heard …

“Listen to the quiet as it floats throughout the air.

Listen to the quiet, you can hear it everywhere.

Listen to the quiet, it will take you if you dare.

Once you listen to the quiet, it’s a message you can share.

The quiet will remain inside the moment your heart hears it. It’s fine to do, it’s yours to take – there is no need to fear it.

The quiet is a force; it is the core of Life and Love. It is a part of deep inside and comes from far above.

If you listen to the quiet, you will find there is much to say.

If you hear the quiet deep inside it will take the stress away. When the stress is gone, you can hear the “you” – the One who lives inside.

That One is there each time you laugh and holds you when you cry.

If you listen to the quiet, you find it is within you.

The quiet is the Still Small Voice that tells you what you can do.

It will tell you how to listen and to understand the reason. All life must have a certain flow and each moment has a season – the season of your longing for the self you felt you lost when you took the path that was not you and now you feel so lost.

But as you flow into the nowhere within your heart and mind, you may find that you are happy with the mystery you will find.

Then, as the Captain of your Life, you will live within the Now to surrender all your questions as you will remember how. How to be the one you are as you assist dear Gaia to be a Star.


LOCATION: The location of the seventh chakra, also known as the crown chakra, is at the crown of the head, the location of our “soft spot” as an infant.

PETALS: The crown chakra is known as the Thousand Petal Lotus. When it is clear and open, it is our own personal Stargate, or vortex, into the higher dimensions.

NOTES AND MANTRA: The musical note for this chakra is B and the Mantra is “aum” or “ee” as in bee.

COLOR: The color for the seventh chakra is violet. Red, which is the lowest color on our physical perceptual light spectrum, and just above infrared light, rules the root chakra. Conversely, violet, the highest color on our physical perceptual light spectrum, and just below ultra-violet light, rules the crown chakra.

RULES: The crown chakra rules the cerebrum, top of head, entire brain, and nervous system. It is also said to rule the right eye. In Egyptian mythology, the opened Third Eye is called the Eye of Horus. The physical left eye rules the Moon and the feminine, manifest physical world, and the right eye rules the masculine, unmanifest spiritual world. Therefore, the Right Eye of Horus brings the Spirit down into matter and then feeds that Spirit into the Left Eye of Horus. In this manner, the Third Eye remains open, grounded in the physical world, and fully perceptive.

The more we “download” our higher dimensional powers into our physical body, the more it is essential that we are centered and grounded. If we plug in a small fan we do not need a third prong. However, if we are plugging in a powerful air conditioner we must have that third, grounding, prong or we can burn out the electrical system of our house. It is the same with our Soul’s house—our physical earth vessels—we must remain grounded or we can burn out the electrical system (the nervous system) of our physical body.

The crown chakra rules, not only our brain’s control of our entire nervous system, but also our Higher Self’s control of our entire physical incarnation. Once our crown chakra is open, we can become aware of our true “brain” (control mechanism) that exists beyond the limitations of the third and fourth dimensions. Our ability to perceive our physical life from that higher perspective allows us to gain access to our multidimensional consciousness. While in that multidimensional state, we have the ability to see the myriad forms of our existence in the many different planes and realities.

The crown chakra governs Cosmic Consciousness that is our connection to spiritual wisdom, aspirations, and knowledge of the Truth. From this perspective, we see ourselves as a spark of consciousness creating all and, paradoxically, “Being” ALL. From our Cosmic Consciousness, we are the dreamer dreaming a dream and realizing that all that is perceived is an extension of our SELF.

Just as the root chakra represents our connection to Divine Mother or Mother Earth, the crown chakra represents our relations with our Divine Father or Father Sky. Father Sky and Mother Earth join together, Spirit into Matter, to create their Child of Love— consciousness in a physical form. Mother Earth in our first chakra grounds our power and sends it up from the earth to join Father Sky in our seventh chakra. This rising Kundalini connects us with the energy that comes from the higher dimensions while it gives us the power, and responsibility, to, in turn, ground that energy in the physical plane.

Our relationship with our mothers is associated with our first chakra. If our bonding with our mother was not sufficient for our needs, we often feel cut off from our roots, and from our very physical life, and our attitudes toward home, security, and money are negatively influenced. Conversely, our relationship with our human fathers is associated with our seventh chakra. Since the crown chakra represents our unity with all life, we feel a sense of isolation from “God” and humanity if our bonding with our father is insufficient.

SENSE: Our multidimensional and extrasensory senses are ruled by the seventh chakra. Once this chakra is opened, our sense of empathy and unity expands. When we raise our consciousness, we experience another person, place or object as if we are inside of them or as if we are “being” them. It is important, then, that we remember that with this power comes responsibility. We should activate these senses only to provide help or healing— NEVER for mere curiosity or with any malicious intent.

Compassion is the main sense that develops as our crown chakra opens. We have two kinds of compassion: Crown Compassion, which is more about perception and communication, and Heart Compassion, which is more about emotions and empathy.

ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: The signs of Capricorn and Pisces rule this chakra; Capricorn rules inner viewing, concentration and the essential perception of matter by Divine Light, and Pisces rules dissolution of limits, devotion, and Oneness with ALL THAT IS.

ELEMENT: The element of this chakra is the Cosmic Energy, which is often experienced as an inner light emanating from the deepest part of our being. This Cosmic Energy, which rules the higher kingdoms and stems from the Source, feels like an ultimate intelligence and a sense of all knowing. When our crown chakra opens we can also experience the complete isolation and blackness of the Great Void.

This Void, which resonates just below the fifth dimension, represents the raw potential for all that can, or will be. The total darkness is representative of the center of a seed before it opens into the light of manifestation. when we can perceive from our crown chakra, we can identify both extremes of all polarities.

The opening of the crown chakra expands our perception into the fifth dimension where there are NO polarities. Therefore, there are many paradoxes associated with this chakra as it represents the “end of all paradox”. As we travel through the higher dimensions, it is important that we release all judgments associated with the polarities of light and dark. We must instead consult our own inner knowing and higher consciousness to navigate us through our inner worlds. Eventually, we will all be aware of our fifth dimensional selves; they know no judgment and hold no fear. For what is judgment, if not a form of fear?

CONSCIOUSNESS: Since our crown chakra represents our multidimensional consciousness, as we open this chakra our reality will no longer be limited to the third and fourth dimension. When our brow chakra, the sixth chakra, opens we begin to travel into the higher sub planes of the fourth dimension. With the opening of our seventh chakra, and the subsequent activation of our Third Eye, our consciousness can now enter the fifth dimension. It is then that the many realities around and within us gradually become consciously apparent to us.

The process of our awakening begins with expanding the consciousness of our physical selves and working to clear our etheric bodies. Then the astral, the mental, the causal and the spiritual I AM consciousness can align themselves in preparation to ascend into the fifth dimension. Until we reach the fifth dimension we can “work” towards enlightenment, but from the fifth dimension on, we must simply “BE”. “Doing” is not important then; consciousness alone is important. And finally, in the sixth and seventh dimensions even consciousness is not important as there is only the “Isness”, the “Nowness” and the “Hereness.”

To experience the worlds beyond the lower fifth dimension, we must release ALL desire, even for “good” or “right,” for there is no polarity. Therefore, there is no good or bad, right or wrong. To travel the higher dimensions, an empty mind is needed, a mind that is not longing for anything, not waiting for anything, even Truth or enlightenment. This “empty mind” just IS. It is without longing, without desire, and without wish. Then, suddenly, you are there, and even the cosmos is gone.

PERSONAL TIME LINE: The crown chakra represents the stage in our life when we are SELF-realized. We no longer need the polarities of male or female, human or divine. We understand that this physical reality is but one small segment of our total SELF, and we realize that we chose to incarnate during this space and time to fulfill our Mission, our reason for embodiment.

Riches and adulation from others is no longer a driving force because we know that completion of our mission may or may not be recognized on the physical plane. We also know that when we stay attuned to our inner guidance, our ego’s needs and fears will be balanced with love, and all will be revealed to us within the proper Time.

This detachment does not mean that we are disassociated from our human self. So long as we wear a physical form, there is a portion of us that remains limited to the rules of the third dimension and separated from our total SELF. However, when the crown chakra is open and our Third Eye is functioning, we can view our reality from the perspective of our Higher Self. Then we can give our often struggling human self the unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness that is ALWAYS needed and deserved.

In this stage of our life, we realize that the third dimension is a hologram of our own illusions set forth so that we can learn and grow. We are aware that the third dimension is now collapsing into the fourth and then the fifth dimension and we are active in the facilitation of this process. In fact, it is likely that we are now in the fourth dimension. How this changes our experience of “life” is for each of us to discover and, hopefully, share with others.

As we each awaken, it is our responsibility to assist in awakening others in the manner that our Soul directs. In this way, the planetary ascension can proceed. We are all One, and every time we help another we help ourselves. Paradoxically, every time we help ourselves, we help others.

SOCIAL TIME LINE: When enough of our Earth’s population opens their crown chakra and activates their Third Eye, Earth’s collective consciousness will reach the fifth dimension. We then will become a Galactic Civilization with full awareness of the life forms on other dimensions, planets, and worlds. We will no longer need to wage war against each other, as we will realize that we are the United Peoples of Earth. We are one family, not only on our planet, but also in our solar system, our galaxy, and beyond.

From this state of consciousness, we no longer need to worship any beings that we consider “higher” than us, because we understand that we, too, have a “higher” portion of our own being that we can constantly, consciously access. Therefore instead of worship we commune and communicate.

ENDOCRINE GLAND: The crown chakra is ruled by the pineal gland. The pineal gland has photoreceptor cells which regulate the secretion of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin regulates our circadian body rhythms, which are our rhythms of waking and sleeping, or consciousness in our outside world and consciousness in our inside world. The pineal gland is also the primary link between our Soul and our brain. It is, therefore, our gateway to multidimensional awareness.

Science and metaphysics agree that the pineal gland functions as a regulator of light and that it also plays a role in our reproductive cycle. Scientific research suggests that the pineal gland may function in converting neural information about light conditions into hormonal output.

In other words, when there is less light, the pineal gland produces more melatonin, and when there is more light, it produces less melatonin. This keeps us awake and functioning in the daylight and facilitates our sleep at night. The pineal gland also plays a significant role in sexual maturation as there is an abundance of melatonin in young children, which is believed to inhibit sexual development. The pineal gland shrinks as we enter our early teens and puberty begins.

Metaphysics teaches us that the pineal gland transduces Cosmic Light down from our fourth dimensional bodies into our physical vessel so that we can “download” it into our third dimensional consciousness. The pineal gland rules our biorhythms of feeling high/light and feeling low/dark.

Because we live in the “land of polarities, the crown chakra and its pineal gland is needed to blend the darkness of the Great Void with the Cosmic Light in order to integrate the entire spectrum of the constantly streaming, higher dimensions into our physical reality. Once the pineal gland has “downloaded” this energy, our pituitary gland can instruct the other endocrine glands to assist us in raising the vibrational patterns of our physical form.

NERVE PLEXUS: The crown chakra connects us to our Unity Consciousness. Therefore, this chakra rules our brain and entire nervous system.

CLEAR: When this chakra is clear we can receive cosmic energy to initiate the development of our Galactic Consciousness. In this state of consciousness we can perceive the Cosmic Love and the All-Knowing of our fifth dimensional SELF. This re- awakens our ability to perceive the patterns of cause and effect, as well, and the light matrixes that create the illusions of our holographic physical reality. This skill, however, is usually not remembered until we are able to release at least 51% of our programmed core beliefs in limitation and separation. The Path to Illumination is paved with patience, so we must be patient with ourselves regarding this issue.

Most of us have worn physical bodies thousands of times over millennia of time. Fortunately, with an opened crown chakra we can again access a sense of well-being, unity with all life, open mindedness and faith in ourselves and in our higher directives.

We then can gain enough peace of mind to listen to our Higher Self more and more frequently. It is our own Higher Self that will assist us in re-programming our minds to the daily acceptance and integration of our own divinity.

When we change our selves, our relationships with others change as well. When two people with clear crown chakras mix their energies, a soft golden light fills their auras as both people experience a deep sense of unity and communion. The three upper chakras of both people join in the communion/communication as the transference of wisdom is carried from third eye to third eye. This mutual communication is understood via the throat chakras and their heart chakras. This mutual language of love communicates in an empathic, telepathic manner.

UNCLEAR: Depression, a feeling of confinement, closed-mindedness, intense worry and anxiety, cerebral tumors, cranial pressure, headaches and migraines, mental disorders, scalp problems, and sleep disorders can result from an unclear seventh chakra. There can also be a fear of religion or spirituality, frustration and unrealized power, little joy in life, fearfulness of things that cannot be understood with the physical senses, and even schizophrenia.

When someone’s crown chakra is blocked, a very unpleasant muddy, dark curry color taints their crown chakra and their entire aura. When communicating with them, we may experience a tingling and prickling sensation in our crown, and we may feel a warning that psychic protection is needed. When two people communicate whose crown chakras are unclear, many misconceptions and misunderstandings are common. Their exchange may become adversarial with no evident means of understanding or effective communication.

EARTH CHAKRA: The seventh chakra of earth is said to be Mt. Fuji in Japan. Just as the crown chakra rules both the sense of isolation and unity, Japan was isolated for many years while the society was unified within itself. Mt. Fuji, or Fujiyama (yama means “mountain” in Japanese) has provided a spiritual basis for Japan since ancient times and pious people endured hardships for days in their quests to climb this sacred mountain. This mountain is a 12,380 foot high dormant volcano which is world-renown for its symmetry and serenity.

Mt. Fuji, as does the crown chakra, welcomes each new season in a beautiful and dramatic way. In spring, cherry blossoms burst into bloom at the foot of the mountain, followed by the flowering vermilion azaleas, which announce the coming of summer, and by July, the Alpine Roses start to bloom. By late August, summer is over and the Fire Festivals of Fujiyoshida celebrate the coming of winter and the end of all treks to Mt. Fuji’s peak.

DIMENSION: All Dimensions are ruled by this chakra, as it represents our full multidimensional consciousness.

SUMMARY: Just as many have climbed our personal Fujiyama to reach the peak, the opening of the crown chakra represents the culmination of Kundalini’s journey from our Root to the thousand-petal lotus in our Crown. This journey represents the completion of one world and the commencement of a new one. That world, of course, was always there, but we have forgotten it. We forgot where we came from, and we forgot the great glory and complexity of our true SELF.

The opening of the crown chakra represents the termination of our ability to live as a victim to the illusions of our physical life. Yes, we are still human. We still live within our corporeal body and are, therefore, subject to fall into the dramas of our separate, limited self. However, we are no longer live in it.

We have kissed the ONE and we are left with our Divine Discontent fully activated. This “discontent” is like a homing beam that pulls us in the direction of our core energy frequencies. Now our Homes in the stars, in other galaxies, and in other dimensions, call us continuously and implore us to return. That is, to return and yet stay; return Home in our awareness and in our consciousness, yet stay in the third dimension where we are actively living our Mission.

Now that we remember who we are, we are beginning to remember why we came here. There is one Mission that we all have in common, that is the mission to ground the vibrations of our Homes in the higher dimensions into our daily lives. Each dimension has a different resonant frequency. Resonant frequency is the base line frequency or center frequency.

Within each dimension or personal consciousness there is a resonant or primary frequency, or vibratory rate. This frequency is higher on days when we are filled with love and lower on days when we are filled with fear. In other words, our third dimensional self will fluctuate in frequency from “survival” to “peak experience”.

Our personal resonant frequency, or frequency signature, is often determined and/or measured by our brainwaves. (Brainwaves are covered in length in the Physical Body Door of the Conscious Section under “States of Consciousness.”) Opening the crown chakra allows us to access our Delta waves while we are still somewhat aware of our physical body. These brainwaves are the “homing beam” that allows us to access our SELVES existing on other stars, galaxies and dimensions.

Once we access these portions of our total SELF, we can develop a relationship with them. These higher SELVES permit us to see our world from their perspective. To perceive the separation and limitation of the physical world from a portion of our SELF that lives beyond just illusion is the beginning of our Galactic Consciousness.

As we communicate more with these higher dimensional portions of our SELF, the veil between the words begins to thin, and our perspective of all life is raised above the third dimension. That is how we become aware of the causes of our problems that have stemmed not from this life’s childhood but from other third and fourth dimensional lives (often known as “past lives”), as well as other parallel realities. Fortunately, by this time we can also access our SELF to assist us in understanding and integrating this multidimensional information.

Our connection to our greater SELF, our Soul, gives us the support and courage to consciously remember the root life in which we first experienced the fear that has echoes through many other lifetimes. This “first time” that we had an extreme negative experience often creates an engram, which is like scar tissue in our Soul.

This engram programs our Soul to recreate that experience over and over until it is resolved. Once we have journeyed in our consciousness into the realities in which these patterns first began, we can call upon our Higher Self to balance that pain and fear with Unconditional Love. Our Soul has recreated these situations in life after life so that we can gain mastery over these emotions and situations.

Once love has balanced fear, our resonate frequency can rise through out ALL our lives in all dimensions, times, and locations. We receive our connection to this Unconditional Love, on a daily basis, once our High Heart is opened. Our physical heart resonates to the color green. This portion of our heart chakra rules our human love. Human love can be courageous and selfless, or fearful and selfish. On the other hand, our High Heart resonates to unconditional love and compassion. Our High Heart is located just above and in front of our physical heart in our fourth dimensional etheric body. Our High Heart resonates to the color pink.

Unconditional love is based on compassion. With this compassion, we can unconditionally love, unconditionally accept and unconditionally forgive all life. All of us, no matter how spiritual or self-realized, have difficult times in our physical lives. It is in these times that we are challenged to accept the unconditional love and compassion of our Higher Selves into our physical awareness so that we may receive its love and comfort. We have been trained that it is divine to suffer. Now we must rewrite that limitation to the truth, which is that we no longer need to suffer because we ARE divine.

It is our open crown chakra that initiates this process of “releasing suffering.” The crown chakra is the center of paradox—light and dark, known and unknown. The great love of the Cosmic Light brings us Unconditional Love and the great darkness of the unknown can bring Enormous Fear. From standing in the absolute center between light and dark, known and unknown, in the center of the open thousand-petal lotus, we can see that they all are merely different extremes in the illusion of physical life.

From the perspective of our opened crown chakra, we are in constant contact with the assistance and understanding of our fifth dimensional selves. Therefore, they can give us understanding, love and compassion to assist us when we become fearful or confused. With their assistance we are able to see the big picture that allows us to remember that we chose to enter our physical life to fulfill a Mission. We will still feel the emotions of fear, anger and sorrow because we are wearing our earth vessel. However, even if no one in our physical reality can help, we can ALWAYS receive what we need to complete our initiation from our own inner guidance.

Multidimensional healing is the process of finding the original cause of all our “life issues”. We have been reliving these issues over and over, in this life and in other lives. These core beliefs in separation and limitation have keep us asleep and battling the worlds around us as well as within in. When we can heal these issues at the core, that is the first life in which they were experienced, we can change many of our realities at the same time.

Once the first experience is healed, then the patterns that have resonated through out many other lives can easily been seen. When we can consciously perceive the patterns of our behavior, then we can begin to “catch our selves in the act” so that we can change. However, even though these patterns will diminish, they will not completely leave because it is these issues that are tied to our Mission. The issues that we have worked on life after life are the core of our service to others, to the planet and to our Higher Self.

It is through healing ourselves that we can learn to heal others. Once we have faced our Dark Side, our fear greatly diminishes. After all, is it not the “enemy within” that causes the greatest threat? This release from fear gives us greater courage to continue our own personal healing and to assist in the healing of others and our planet. We all chose to come here from the higher dimensions to assist in this great time of transformation. Just as we have had lives where we “fell into the darkness”, we have also had lives in which we were Spiritual Initiations. Upon the completion of these spiritual lives we consciously returned Home to a higher dimension.

Through connection, communication, and deep understanding of these “Initiate lives” we can access and remember the innate power that we were born with. These powerful lives will also introduce us to our higher-dimensional, intergalactic selves. Every time that we interact with these higher portions of ourselves we download a bit of their frequency rate. For example, if we have a bowl of ice (our densest physical self) and we subject it to steam (our highest, formless self), the ice will turn to water, which is the pure essence of both the ice and the steam and the midpoint between the two.

In other words, the two polarities working against each other will move us into the center point, the fulcrum point, and the point of balance. This center point is the point of power because it is the point from which we can see both sides. Being able to see both sides, both extremes, allows the detachment that creates compassion. Compassion opens us up to our higher worlds because it frees us from the dramas of our physical self. Compassion lifts us out of the third dimensional matrix and into our multidimensional perspective. Then we can view the third and fourth dimensional polarities around us without getting stuck in them. We are then “in the world, but not of it”.

From this center point, we are free to experience the worlds below us (the ice) and the worlds above us (the steam) while we remain in the center (the water). The center point is the flow, the point of surrender—surrender to our Soul. This is the place without emotional charge, negative or positive, that loosens us from the constraints of our old beliefs in separation and limitation. From this place we can fall into the flow, surrender to the NOW, unite with the Oneness, and allow our Soul to become the Captain of our Earth Vessel.

The more individuals who are able to hold this center point, the more we all will experience the paradigm shift out of materialism into spirituality, out of limitation and separation, and into the Oness, Hereness, and Nowness of our true nature. Each time any one of us communes with our Higher Self and downloads our higher dimensional resonance into our physical bodies, we contribute not only to our personal ascension but to the planetary ascension as well.

TOGETHER we will each discover our own personal puzzle piece, and then connect it to the whole. Then, as a planet, and as a species, we can create Heaven on Earth.

How many minutes will we all spend collectively in unconditional love? As we begin the final week of our 8-week process, we are currently at 267,890!

Help us celebrate on Saturday.

Unconditional Love Finale Webinar

Saturday, February 27, 2016

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Pacific (Find Local Time)


Please gather with us as we complete our process of unconditionally loving ourselves through each of the seven chakras. In this culmination event, we will focus on unity consciousness as we bring the unconditional love into our high heart and third eye for a loving process finale. We look forward to having you join us!

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If you sign up, you will receive the recording even if you are not able to join the meeting.

See you there!

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Journey of Love ~ Brian Anahata Russo @ Be Sound Now

Om Shanti by Sheranda Ann Kumara at Sheranda Silks

Om Shanti painting – by Sheranda Ann Kumara @ Sheranda Silks (see artist’s website link at the end of this post)


art Zen Garden by Toni Carmine Salerno at Blue Angel Publishing

ART : Zen Garden – Toni Carmine Salerno @ Blue Angel Publishing


Journey of Love

1. Start in the Heart

Where to begin? Can’t start in the past and the future is not here yet so now is the only time. Right now, I am writing about love. It’s the foundation of who I am and where I want to go. Love is that sweet feeling in the heart that has been with me as long as I can remember. It’s the warm and fuzzies we have from kindness, compassion and joy. Love drives us to dive to the depths of our hearts. Our hearts are the innermost part of ourselves so it makes sense that the heart is the heart of the matter! The heart wants to be heard so much that it contains the word ‘ear’ and “hear” within it. When we listen to the heart we hear that it calls us home to the love of our being. Love is synonymous with heart because our heart center is the home for where we feel love so naturally.

We cannot have home without the heart just as the word ‘Hearth’, the symbol of home is not complete without the word ‘heart’. Our heart beats to keep our body alive while the love of our being beats to keep us spiritually alive. We feel love so viscerally as a fluttering of the heart, a stream of tears or booming laughter. Yet these physical expressions are just the tip of the loveberg as the depths of its connection, expression, growth and purpose are infinite.

2. See Love to Be Love

We can’t say love has a shape, size, or volume. But we know it when we see it. I am not talking about what you see in a jewelry commercial but what you see in the eyes of a couple gazing at each other or how a mother looks at her child. Gaze into anyone’s eyes and it is impossible not to see that person’s divine nature. When we see love we also feel it. The connection we share with everyone is the warmth and tenderness stirring in our heart. When we see love, we can’t help but be love!

3. Be Love Now

Resonate your being with love and know the perfection of all that is right now. Be love now to bring the vibration of love into every thought you think, emotion you feel and action you take. By being love now, we journey into unfolding our highest self. You are not a work in progress moving toward love, you are a love being deepening your love. This heartset allows you to resonate with love now instead of later. Resonating with love is not about what you need to do, it’s about a state of being you need to hold. Chanting, meditation and mindfulness can help you to resonate love now but the most powerful vibration comes from your heart center where you already know that you are love. Connect your heart to your breath. Know that every inhalation receives love to the trees and every exhalation sends love to the trees. Love is our nature as nature itself undergoes constant birth death and sacrifice as the cycle continues to evolve life on Mother Earth.

I can’t say enough about how awesome it is to feel love in every dimension of my being and still know there is always more love to love! When we resonate with love on a multidimensional level, every moment invites a miracle and new way to grow more loving.

To resonate with love is to send and receive the message that we are beings of light to our bodies, minds, souls and the outside world. When we receive and send this signal in and out, we cannot help but raise the frequency of our being! The love vibration makes the seventy trillion cells of the body dance. Our longing for love puts out a call to the Universe. Once the Universe answers, we keep on calling. We don’t call because we crave more love and are not satisfied with the love in our life. We keep calling because we long to know love in all its forms.

We can always resonate with the love that is innate within us as well as the boundless love others have for us. We are never not loved. This double negative makes a positive. It reminds us to abide in love every moment because there is nothing that has the power to take us away from our highest self. Live by the mantra “Make every moment a loving one” and this will be the vision that manifests into your reality.

4. Express Love to Explore Love

Love is music. If we put it in words, it pours out as poetry. A poem is by its very definition both speech and song! It is wonderful to feel our feelings deeply through these words which dance and sing out from within our souls! How we choose to be love is our unique contribution to the cosmos. How we play with others is the collective mastery of unfolding our love in the world. The more mediums we explore to express love, the greater love’s experience of itself. Now that’s creation! Indeed, the love of creation is what life is literally all about! There is a Source of all things we know as Father-Mother God. The mystery of God and creation is a diamond with many facets. But to keep it simple, the source is love! As part of the whole we are created by love for love. Everything we create from a thought to work of art is a reflection of the love that brings the formless into form. Each expression of love is a new exploration that goes further into itself. The Great Spirit provides the space in which the infinite expressions of love manifest. Every act of love teaches the universe more about the nature of its own potential. So go forth and create love in old and new forms alike and we will all rejoice in knowing love more fully!

5. Be the Love You’re Looking For

We can wake up to love so that even when we sleep we still abide in loving being. Just allowing. Not striving. That is the thing about allowing love into our hearts. We just be and give the love space to breathe. It’s deceptively simple. Its effortless when we stop putting up the dam to block its flow! We don’t need the hear-a-tron 9000 to enter into our heart space. In fact, it is dropping the idea that we need something flashy –or even need anything– to make us feel what the Source allows us to know and experience all-ready. We are all ready! We are all worthy to love and be loved! We are invited to step into the dance of giving and receiving love for love’s sake.

Kindling the love of ourselves is a constant gift we can give ourselves every moment! We may degrade our love of self but we never lose the potential to reignite love’s fire in our hearts. We can always rekindle the flame that makes love burn bright. We can always go deeper into loving ourselves because love is our nature. It is a joy to constantly be returning back home to who we are by taking a different root each time. And each time we come back to ourselves we have added another layer of love to our being. When you are the love you seek, you become unflappable. Nothing can upset you because you are grounded in the unshakeable love of your being!

6. Loving Others is Loving Yourself

It is often said that we have to love ourselves before we can truly love others. These words are relatively true because we have to shine within before we can shine out. But we usually always have inner-work to do so we should not let that stop us from loving others. In fact, loving others is the key to casting more light onto yourself! The entire process is a work of heart (and humor)! We’ve all made mistakes and done things we are not proud of but luckily our pencil has an eraser. We can always forgive ourselves. However, we should remember the patterns we don’t want to repeat so that we do not draw them again in our lives! By respecting others, we abide by the Golden rule of how we expect to be respected. When we are in right relationship with all beings, we honor them as an extension of our self. When we honor the collective consciousness, we are honoring ourselves. I like the notion of being monogamous with everyone I meet in the sense that we can share a special intimate relationship. Any relationship that is open to trust, acceptance of vulnerability and even tough love is built to endure. Really getting to know people tells us whether or not we should be with them romantically. Romantic love is a beautiful way to expression the affection and desire we have for one another on a physical, mental, emotional and soul level. Through this type of love some of the most intimate human relationships form. Romantic relationships are a healthy way to become one with the love of the universe. Relationships teach us countless lessons about what works and what does not work in how we love. Each lesson teaches us how to love more fully because of what we gain and lose. There is no jealousy in love because jealousy is separation. Love is union. If someone chooses to romantically love another over you, that is just how it is. If we listen to the Serenity prayer we may be inspired to change the situation or just accept that we cannot change the situation. Either decision can be in good relationship if it is based on love.

Embrace by Toni Carmine Salerno art

ART : Embrace – by Toni Carmine Salerno @ Blue Angel Publishing


We only have to look at the divorce rate and the state of dating culture to see that love is missing in many relationships. To heal our relationships, we attend to how the other want to be loved and how we want to be loved in return to find a harmonic balance. Complications arise when we do not want to love the other as the other wants to be loved and vice versa. In this case, we may find someone that suits us better and who we suit better. Life goes on. Finding someone to marry or be with forever can happen in a moment or it may take a lifetime. Either way, finding the right one or ones for you is a matter of listening to your heart. The feeling in the heart will tell you what to do. You may meet someone and feel the most magical sensation in your heart but it still may not work out. Don’t dismay! Every heart connection has something to teach you and the one you love.

You can actively ask the universe to be reunited with your twin flame or soulmate and your heart will send out the signal. But do not get so caught up in waiting for your partner to fall into your lap that you miss what is right under your nose. As the song says, “People fall in love in mysterious ways.” So remember to keep your eyes and heart open. Your ‘one true love’ might not be what you expect in every respect. No one is going to be exactly how you want him or her to be and the same goes for you! Some cons are not worth staying for but the pros know the cons are not even the biggest consideration! The biggest consideration is not just whether that person says he or she loves you, it is the love that person infuses into every moment of your relationship. In this love, there is perfect balance of friendship, attraction, abundance, adventure and joy. There is no love lost if you never have a partner. The clarinet and saxophone sound beautiful together but sound just as beautiful in another form when they are played solo.

Love is boundless but it respects boundaries. We have to love people as they are and not as who they’ll be. But that being said, we can provide strength for other’s weaknesses and allow our weaknesses to be improved in turn. Loving others as you love yourself is a good rule of thumb but your love for each being is unique as a snowflake.

7. Getting Out of Your Own Way is Going Love’s Way

When we realize how ridiculous it is to turn ourselves into the biggest obstacle in our paths, we learn to let love take the lead toward manifesting abundance. Let go of what does not serve you and embrace what does. Every situation and every action you take reflects the love of your being, so make the choices that shine your love the brightest! There are a million ways you can self-sabotage from always playing the victim to being an outright aggressor. Getting out of your own way allows you to take responsibility for being your best and brightest self.

There is no lacking and no wanting in being love now. There is only a deepening of the resonance of your higher self that is unfolding. Love is a renewable resource we must learn how to tap into. There is an infinite supply of love in the Universe that is just waiting to be actualized. All you need to do is open a little to love and the floodgates will pour forth an infinite supply of abundance. The false ego is driven by scarcity but this only serves to cut off the flow of love from our being. We need to get out of our own way by realizing love does not compete. Love completes. When we love fully, the love of our being exponentially expands. We no longer worry about being a certain way because we have undergone such a profound shift in going love’s way that we no longer even have the impulse to act in a way that does not serve love!

8. Love Says Thank you

Experiencing the interplay between giving and receiving love has made me immeasurably grateful for all the love I’ve received. It makes me want to give love in return. That is the beauty of love, it makes us want to love it forward. Its contagious!

Gratefulness makes my heart overflow with love so that it may fill others. This intention is how we open up our heart centers while opening up others. We help ourselves by helping each other. We pour love into each other’s hearts because the overflowing love from my heart overflows yours to make more love to go around! The gift of love is so profound that a simple thankyou might seem insufficient, but being profoundly grateful is always a great response to the love we receive. We say thank you to the love we receive by radiating it outward. Our love, like pebbles thrown in a pond, creates waves that ripple outward. Each ripple merges to add to the beauty of the overall pattern while maintaining its own unique essence. When our kindness receives kindness in kind, we continue the dance of creation in a beautiful and new direction.

9. Love Forgives

You’ve heard it a million times but it’s always a good reminder. Opening to forgiveness and letting go returns us to the present moment without burden and regret. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. Forgiveness means acknowledging and accepting what is and bringing it back into right relationship. It takes a lot of love to forgive when we feel so hurt but that makes it all the more important to forgive. This is the great power of forgiveness: to take us from a place of hurt, mistrust, anger and judgment to a place of love. Forgiveness teaches us that anything is possible through love!

10. Love Says Sorry

When we know that we have not been loving, we can either keep on going or turn around. Sorry is turning around. When we sincerely apologize for hurting another being in any way, we reaffirm the love in our self. Our false ego can get in the way and make us too proud to say sorry. So, we have to cast it aside and be honest with our faults to deepen the perfection of our love.

11. Love Says I Love You!

I love you! You might think, “How can some stranger love me if they never even met me?” The answer is that love is unconditional and that saying “I love you” is one of the most beautiful expressions of our being. Of course getting to know you would allow me to love you more fully but generally speaking, there is no reason not to love everyone and every reason to love everyone. Why? Because when we let ourselves love, it is the most powerful and freeing state of being. Saying “I love you” is a wonderful way to expand our love. It is so simple yet so profound. Do not takes these words lightly but do not let them be to heavy either. Say “I love you” with all the power of your heart. Love is the portal to infinite potential, creativity and fun! Love is the stuff we use to build Heaven on Earth. Tell someone you love them and invite the flow of love into your life!

12. Love Balances Giving and Receiving

It is generally true that it is better to be of the giving mindset than the receiving. We all know that love is always giving without expecting anything in return. Love is cool like that. But many people feel entitled and greedily take too much. The state of our Mother Earth reflects this imbalance. So we all really need to focus on putting forth the effort to give back. On the flip side of the coin, many kind people go to the extreme with their giving and give to the point of exhaustion. Not only does this way of being go against self-love, it also does not serve others. Being overly giving depletes one’s energy reserve to the point of not being able to give in the future and even possibly becoming a burden. Also, always giving does not allow for the equal exchange in the circuit of the relationship. The word “circuit” sounds like “circle,” and a circuit needs to be circular to work. The wires have to go from the power source to the device and back again, much like the equal exchange that balances relationship through the electric current of love.

Also, over-giving does not serve others because they might need to learn how to stop always being takers and they can’t do that if they are always just receiving!

I Am - Fine Art Print by Toni Carmine Salerno at Blue Angel Publilshing

ART : I Am – Fine Art Print by Toni Carmine Salerno @ Blue Angel Publishing


13. Love is Unconditional

Unconditional love is caring for another no matter what happens. We forgive from a place of unconditional love. Yet, unconditional love deserves its own recognition due to its significance in our journey. We all want to live up to the highest and best but we often fail to do so. Unconditional love for ourself and others is what gives us the strength to get back on the horse and be the best version of ourself. There are many people who feel unloved or feel like they cannot love. These people need love the most because they are furthest away from feeling love in their lives. Sometimes these people are the most difficult to love, but it is well worth the effort when we see what a difference we can make in positively affecting their lives. This help is not given with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude but with a sincere love to serve and sow the seeds of peace.

14. Love Hugs Fear

As with anything true and beautiful, we fear that love can be taken away.

Although we sometimes fall out of love and lose loved ones, I believe that it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. This cliché takes us back to being open to giving and receiving love. We never have to think that we ‘lose love,’ it just changes and evolves with us. Being in relationships can be full of challenges. But unconditional love is the purest reason to do anything. It is was makes overcoming all obstacles possible! When romantic love with someone ends or goes unreturned, we are called to see the bigger picture by returning to the equanimity of living from the space of unconditional love. Similarly, we cannot let difficulties with familial love shut us off from giving and receiving love. Letting bad experiences with love dictate how we perceive it causes us to limit the love that wants to manifest in our lives. We don’t need to let fear of another ‘bad’ relationship ruin our next one! When we remain unjaded, every person is seen through the eyes of love. When we look at them through those eyes, they are more likely to return our gaze with eyes that are also full of love.

15. When We Love We Remember We are Love

Love is all you’ll ever be, so come to know yourself throughout eternity.

Every time we love we are reminded that love is the essence of our being. By opening ourselves to love, we embody its fluid and voluminous nature, marveling at how it has the most substance of anything we know, yet is not a physical substance that can be destroyed. Love is indestructible. Love simultaneously takes us back to our original nature and propels us forward to create more love in deeper, subtler and more masterful ways. I believe love fuels and maintain our life’s journey and remains with us as we pass out of one physical existence and enter into the next phase of our journies. When our heart calls, love answers. Whether we are called by compassion, beauty or both, love always picks up. We are all worthy of being loved and are always loved by the Great Spirit from which we emerged. Our souls shine bright when we vow to live each day with more love than the day before. I laugh at how much of my life has been spent living in my head instead of in my heart and how when I made the conscious decision to live in my heart, my dreams began coming true. I take the way of love to heart. I take you in my heart and hope you take me in your heart too.

16. Laugh to Love

It is why we love to laugh! When we laugh, we give our hearts a hug. Laughter exercises our hearts because it stimulates our diaphragms. The diaphragm is a thin dome-shaped layer of muscle and tendon at the bottom of the rib cage that contracts and expands as we breath. The diaphragm is the only muscle in the body attached to other muscles. When we laugh, our diaphragms move up and down rapidly and our heart gets a nice massage from the movement. Laughter decreases our blood pressure and risk for cardiac disease, floods us with mood enhancing endorphins, oxygenates our blood, strengthens our immune systems and regulates cell growth which prevents cancer! So make sure to laugh long, hard and often!

17. Love is Power

Power is the capacity and agency to actualize our will. Power can be either constructive or destructive depending on the motivation. Love is the root of power because the power of love has created us and also determines our development. The love of our being is determined by both nature and nurture. Our power to actualize is decreased when we are stuck in the power over mentality that dominates others. Our power is also decreased when we have a power under mentality. This way of being causes us to let others push us around and use our victimhood as an excuse not to thrive. Many people just love power (power-over) or love being only a follower (power-under). But the best balance is aligned power where we can exercise our agency with our authentic being. When we act from love, we unlock the power within us easily and naturally. It’s through the power of love that we are all honoring our collective being and embracing right relationship with the entire universe.

18. Love in Purpose

Love feeds our purpose and purpose grows our love. Writing about love is part of my service toward other beings. It is great to love on purpose in any simple moment. But it is especially meaningful when we love in purpose. When we love in purpose, we see the goals we have are not just something we love to do but are loving within themselves. In the perfect world, what we do is done by love for love.

We should never force purpose onto love. Sometimes, we see something that we think fits our needs but we know it does not serve our best interest. Yet, we settle and try to love the person or situation in spite of what our heart is telling us. This mentality might think, “I love this person because I get financial security from them” or “I love this object because it makes me feel important” But this type of thinking has love backwards. We don’t want to force our love like a puzzle piece that does not fit in a certain part of the puzzle. Instead, we can give our love to the purpose that most naturally calls to us! For example, I answer the call of writing about love because my purpose is to deepen the love in all beings with these words. I love every word I write. Each is a note in the song of a love story that I wrote for you.

19. Love Liberates and Heals Us

Love liberates us when it pervades every one of our thoughts, words, emotions and actions. The process of becoming the love being that is our higher self is a practice of inner-alchemy. The light of love shines through our darkness and purifies our souls. Each moment that we are love transforms us until we are totally light. We need to make countless transformations to transmute our traumas and attain the higher frequencies of being. Yet we are empowered to take the journey because all things are possible through the liberating and healing of love! Knowing how love heals us on every level of our being is the path to transformation. Everything I write about love is a guidepost on this path so that we may all heal together to transform ourselves and heal Mother Earth.

20. There is Only Love

“There is Only Love” is a song by Karen Drucker. She sings, “In this moment, in this place, I remember who I am when all fear and worry fall away from me, I open my eyes and see. There is only love. When I lose myself. When it seems I’ve lost my way. When I go inside and quiet my mind. I can hear Spirit gently say. There is only love.” I have these lyrics tattooed upon my heart. They remind me that when all worry and fear falls away, there is nothing stopping me from shining the light of my being forever. I don’t need to doubt the love of my being and let my resolve waver like a flickering lightbulb

There is no darkness. There is just a temporary absence of light. This same logic applies to love. Free will allows us to decide how much love we will reflect back into the reality we all co-create. We do not see hate or even an absence of love because nothing is ever totally without love. The existence of all is cherished in the circle of light. On a relative level, of course we can see that some people fill themselves with hate. But the fear, hatred and psychopathy that make us lose our way are not what is ultimately real. We know that ultimately, there is only love because our spirit tell us so when we quiet our mind and listen. Love never leaves. The basis of our being is always there to support us and drive us forward toward our destiny! Remember who you are and know that it is so!

21. Love your Infinite Potential and Possibilities

Love brings our castles in the sky down to Earth. When I abide in love, I am filled with infinite possibilities to grow, express, connect and have purpose in myself and with others. I don’t have to think about it. I just follow what I feel. For example, right now, there is no premeditation in my writing. I am just letting my stream of consciousness flow. But when we limit ourselves and do not believe we can achieve, we write the recipe for disaster. It has been said, “If you think you can you can, if you think you can’t you’re right. Either way, we create the self-fulfilling prophecies we actualize. We need to get smart about accessing our potential. Think of the Tarot. We begin with the suit of wands which represents our ability to manifest all possibilities. The cups represent the possibilities we want to actualize and the sword represents choosing the possibilities we decide to actualize. Then, the pentacle represents bringing what we want to actualize to fruition. Through these four suits, we are shown the process of how our love can come into being.

Now think of blowing up a balloon that has many points on its surface. Time is like the expanding surface of the balloon where we perceive all possibilities moving away from us. These possibility points represent all that we can attain and resonate with. Most people stay close to the points that they habitually actualize. These people make occasional jumps to changing their hairstyle or even their career, but for the most part stay put. Love invites us to quantum jump from point to point to fulfill our largest ambitions. When we believe in ourselves enough, love catapults us towards the possibilities that forge our destiny. Opening to love enables us to make radical changes that allow for unlimited manifestation. But if we stick with a limiting self-fulfilling prophecy, we will never make the jump from the pond to the ocean. We were made to be free. We don’t need to think like pawns. We are all Kings and Queens that deserve to actualize the best for ourselves and the world. We can do it! We have the potential. We wait for nothing. The possible becomes the probable becomes the doable becomes the actual right now. Nothing holds us back! We run toward our dreams with grass under our feet, the wind through our hair and love in our hearts.




Short bio: Brian Russo is a healer who works through sound and color to balance the frequencies of the mind, body and soul. He teaches instant light body activation. This process entails raising one’s frequencies to levels where instant inter-dimensional teleportation is possible. Brian literally opens up new worlds for people. He is clairsentient and clairaudient, using what he feels and hears to retune his clients.

In his healing work, he combines overtone chanting with singing bowls to provide an entirely new healing modality that balances one’s energy and raises one’s frequencies. Brian is also an English Dharma Instructor for the Chogye Order of Korean Zen Buddhism and spent time living in a monastery in Bodh Gaya, India where Buddha attained enlightenment  He studied throat chanting in Dharamsala at the Gyuto Monastery and knows the Rainbow Voice, a key tool of the light body ascension process. Brian studied with the founder of vibrational therapy Fabien Maman and singing bowl guru Sarah Turner. He is also a registered BioAcoustic practitioner under Sharry Edwards which enables him to use software for voice analysis. He uses this software to detect physical and chemical imbalances based on the frequency patterns of the voice.

In his practice, he employs a range of tuning forks, reiki techniques, vibrational acupressure, sacred geometry tools, crystals, vocal profiles and chants from around the world to help clients to be well and transform. He can be reached by phone at 781-258-8601 and via email at bjrusso333@gmail.com.  His practice address is 4 Humphrey St., Unit 2, Wakefield, MA 01880.

Extended Bio:


Life is a spiral without beginning or end. So lets begin in the middle of my journey!

In March of 2015, I began to recognize my ability to hear sounds from within my inner ear. At first, I thought I had a serious case of tinnitus, but then I began noticing how the sounds would fluctuate based on my thoughts and emotions. Then, I started to hear the sounds of others. Sitting across from one woman, I heard three distinct tones sounding in a pattern that sounded like music! I couldn’t believe my ears, but eventually I learned I could!


Listen to the Earth and be healed by what you hear

It was a relief to discover Sharry Edwards, an acoustic pioneer who is also able to hear the sounds of herself and others. She said the scientific term for these sounds is oto-acoustic emissions. She defines “oto-acoustic emission” as “A sound emission from the inner ear; understood as an epiphenomenon of the active cochlear amplification process. This emission can be conceptualized as the result of the communication between the brain and the body. These communications, which are constant, have to do with determining how and where to distribute energy and other resources in order to most efficiently address all of the body’s needs.” I learned that these oto-acoustic emissions were not only signifiers of a person’s health but also a primary form of communication within the body. So, I became a certified BioAcoustic practitioner from Sharry’s Institute of BioAcoustics. This was a valuable experience as she taught me how to use her voice analysis software to analyze and then correct the frequencies of the body to bring it back into balance.


The Sacred Geometry of Sound (http://www.positivehealth.com/article/sound-and-music/toning-and-energy-alignment-to-heal-tinnitus)


After I recognized my gift of hearing oto-acoustic emissions, I felt called to share it with the world. I already had some training in sound healing. I had learned the seven sacred sounds as taught by Jonathan Goldman and had been practicing them over the last five years. I also spent a month at the Gyuto Tantric Monastery learning overtone chanting from the monks there. So, when I began hearing oto-acoustic emissions, I already had some background in how I could use my gift on a spiritual as well as a physical-emotional level. However, I still needed to align myself with Spirit more to explore the potential of my gift. As fate would have it, I had the opportunity to experience a Cherokee healing ceremony with Reverend Richard Allen and the chance to learn Cherokee chants from the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo. These experiences helped me tune into Spirit and the love in my heart to recognize the power of my gift. I also studied with Fabien Maman, the father of vibrational sound therapy who taught me how to how to use acupressure tuning forks to tonify and sedate the parts of the body. Professional sound healer Sarah Turner was also instrumental in teaching me how to use Tibetan Singing Bowls to detect and correct energy imbalances in the human body and aura. All of these teachers and lessons along the way have allowed me to come into my own as a healer.


Cherokee Healing Mandala (www.sun-nation.org/sun-rainbow-prophecy.html)

I have create a never before seen (or heard) healing method that combines every modality that I have learned on my path. By tuning into the oto-acoustic emissions of others as well as the sound of the bowls I play near them, I am able to detect energy imbalances in the body and aura. I play the bowls in a way that shifts the energy and restores the flow of energy to where the imbalances are detected. Also, the sounds are deeply relaxing or energizing depending on what is needed. I create some of the most powerful healing sounds when I overtone chant into the bowls. If the energy center I am working with is healthy, then my voice and the sound of the bowl create an indistinguishable unison. However, when my voice is not able to lock into phase with the bowl, disharmonic overtones are heard. While incoherence is necessary to the body’s frequency patterns, it is mostly a sign of an energy that needs to be shifted. To harmonize the energy, I align with the present frequency and then gradually shift my voice until the frequency entrains to it. Then, I am able to easily be in unison with the new sound. Sonic entrainment is the phenomenon of sound in which the powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object will cause the less powerful vibrations of another object to lock in step and vibrate at the rate of the first object. Also, I realized that certain colors can be visualized along with the sounds as these light frequencies make the healing effects more powerful and last longer. My method of healing has proven tremendously successful but I am always improving upon my techniques.


We are what we love (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/220887556700345151/)

While technique is integral to my healing, the most important aspect of my healing approach is calling in Spirit to help guide me through every moment of the healing. With the spiritual energies that I call in, I create the conditions and provide the energy that allows people to heal themselves. Spirit is the source of love and resides in the core of our being. It is this love that empowers us to heal ourselves. When we visualize the intention for what we want to transform within us, our consciousness is directed to return us to a state of wholeness. Through healing with intention, sound and visualization of shapes and colors, we can let go of habits and afflictions that no longer serve us and resonate with frequencies that bring us back into balance. I invite you all to contact me and explore this site’s resources so that we may all be sound now!


One of my sound healing at the Mun Su Sah Temple in Wakefield, Massachusetts




“The New Technologies Are Coming” – Adama, One Who Serves and Ashira @ Ancient Awakenings

art the key of love painting by korinna 

ART : The Key of Love painting by Korinna


Believing Is Seeing!

“The New Technologies Are Coming” – Adama, One Who Serves and Ashira

“Adama” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on February 21, 2016)

I am “Adama”. Wasn’t this a special gift you had today, was it not?
Planned but beyond knowing. We will tell you that it is but part; it is the new knowing of the technology that is coming to you.

This type of technology has its presence throughout the world. These types of technology are coming to you faster and faster now. This group will find many amazing things that can be done when you go home.

The technologies that you are seeing are old technologies. The technologies that you are hearing are exciting and things that we have enjoyed for a long time.
We want to say that this one who brought this today is an emissary. He is showing his gifts although he does not know exactly what they are. But that too will change as the near time come. We say that we are happy for you because this is another one of those things that is promised to you and which you have.
Thank you.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you.
You have a saying do you not? “There are no accidents”. Certainly that is the case here in this time and this moment and you have a new friend who has come on the scene here. He brings a technology that is ancient as “Adama” has said. It is certainly from the Lemurian times and the Atlantean times.

It has a frequency that it carries that is beyond most of your understanding at this time. But I t is the new technology. It is the new understandings that are coming. It will replace those frequencies that you have available to you now. We have been saying this to you, that the three dimensional devises you have in your understanding and realm will no longer work. These types of devices will replace them.

But this device particularly is making a transition here. It is transitioning those negative energies that you have now in those various devices and it will move those frequencies into higher frequencies to allow you to subsist with those devices you have now.

This is a transition, the next step. It is an evolution. Just as your bodies are evolving you are moving through an evolution. You are moving through a “quantum leap” in evolution and you are going to continue to have this leap here.

These particular devices that are coming out now and many more of these as it becomes easier to come out with these devices whereas before they could not. They would not have been allowed or held back in some way or in some way they would have been killed for their devices so they would not be brought out.
But that is all changing now. You are moving into a new process, a new time here where these will be released more and more and more. This is just the beginning here. There is so much more coming. There is so much more that is not yet begun to be released yet but it is coming.

You have heard of the replicators. You have heard of many various devices. Much of this comes from the Tesla Technology that has been in the past. It is being brought out now. It has been used by the secret government or the secret societies or things of that nature and they have been using these for some time. They did not want you to have them because if you had them, just as this one can cure diseases or protect you from having diseases, if they stayed in this vibration they could ward off this kind of thing.

We have said that you cannot have this in the higher vibration. We have been saying this and saying this. You, your bodies, are moving into a new vibration yourselves and this type of device will assist you in doing so.

That is our message here. Now for questions for “Ashira” who is standing by and ourselves.

Question: Was Nicolai Tesla killed?

He died of natural causes but he was moved into the direction of being ill in his later years because of, many ways, a broken heart. He was not allowed to bring into the world his inventions which he so much wanted to do. He was held back in many different respects, in many different ways. Does this answer your question?

Question: Do you have contact with Kathleen?(asked by the new member who brought the device to the group about the ancient one from Lemuria that gave the information to build the “crystal plate”)

We know of whom you speak. Not direct contact here but we certainly know of this one. She is ancient. She has been around for a very long time. She has come to you in that respect of what you have said and she is standing by, you might say! She is ready to assist in this process as it moves on. This is yours and her endeavor together.
Any other questions here?

Question: I feel that I am doing what I need to be doing but that I am not fulfilling a mission at this time. Can you help me understand?

Dear One, you are a man of action. Seeming that you do not have the opportunity to act at the moment seems to put a bit of slowness in your movement. We know this about you and we know that you are verbalizing something that many in this room, many on this call and many who read this feel too.

We know that you are moving forward in the consciousness and the thoughts that you have. We know that even though you feel as though you are in a low spot in the moment you can once again contribute to the greater whole. The greater, who at the moment is consciousness work, my friend. It is sending those good thoughts. It is sending those feelings of well-being onto the greater consciousness, the mass consciousness.

We know that is not the kind of action you are accustomed to seeing and accustomed to being but it is appropriate for the time. It is appropriate for the time, my friend.

So, bid yourself a little longer in this state. Not to be feeling depressed or feeling down at this time. Take the time to enjoy your loved ones. Take the time to do the work you are called to do. Take the time every moment to be in gratitude. That will be of assistance to you at this time.

“One Who Serves”
Please understand, Brother, you have so much to look forward too! All of you do. But what you are stating here is what many are feeling here at this time. They are feeling enough is enough! They are feeling enough is enough and they want to get on with it. They want to move ahead.

There are those who feel fine within the moment and we tell you always to be in the moment. Not to be focused on the future and what is going to be although that is to be glorious. But to focus in the moment, in the every now moment that you have. Because if you do not, you will miss the moment that you are in. You see?

So, be in that moment. Be who you are in the present time and allow for the different types of feelings to be there and don’t be too concerned if you are not finding your purpose or finding your way because you are. You are finding your way. You are all living your purpose in the NOW. You may not believe so but you are. Even in just being a member of this group and becoming aware and awakened in many respects and allowing us to offer guidance and training and all of this, to move you ahead in your Ascension Process.

All of this is important. All of this working with consciousness and group consciousness and city consciousness and country consciousness and world consciousness. You are doing all of these.

Do not be concerned that you are not doing enough. You are all you need to be.

Comment: I wanted to share that if we are helping or loving one person that spreads around the world.

That is correct and very well said.

Question: I received that I was to open up to receive this past week so I was in a state of reception. I received the joy and energy and that might be helpful too.

“One Who Serves”
Yes. Always know that if you are feeling less than you would be at any moment, ask for help!

Ask for our guidance, our assistance. We are all there to help you. We are all
there to help you in your times of need, whatever they might be.

Call out our name and we will be there

Question: I was struck by the member last week who went through a gateway. I was not going to call upon my guides and guardians. If I call on them, is it OK to then go through the gateway as I am drawn to it if I am protected?

“One Who Serves”
That is the optimum saying there. As long as one is protected. As long as you believe and feel that you have protection.

The gateway is there but it is not something to be trifled with. It is not something to go willy- nilly through into “never-never” land. Just allow yourself to experience whatever you need or want to go through but know that you have guidance and ask for it. And certainly, always have the light. Does this answer your question?

We are going to bring up again for you to read. It is the “Emerald Tablets’ by Thoth, the Atlantean. And it will be very beneficial to you, this talk of going through gateways and portals and what you need to be concerned about with this.

It is not something that you take lightly. It is NOT something to go and play with. OK?

Question: Does your spiritual maturity and frame of mine change your experience?

“One Who Serves”
Very much so. Take someone as yourself doing it and someone as the Cabal doing it and you can see the difference here. The one going through as the dark forces will need more of that.

Going through as Light, you will need more of that. Like attracts like. Vibration. We speak always of vibration, raising your vibration and the more you do the more easily you will move through these experiences. There are many of those types of experiences that are coming for all of you.

Question: I have been looking for a new home to move to and do not seem to be getting the guidance I am seeking. Can you help?

“One Who Serves”
OK. We will do what we have always done with you.
Know that you are on the right path as you are asking. But it is not only in the asking you are looking for something more profound to come to you. When it does not come, you believe you are not receiving. But you do not think you are receiving because of constant chatter in your mind which we have told you many times.

That chatter is very difficult turning off. You are receiving answers. You are receiving answers to your questions when you ask. You are receiving answers but you only feel you are getting the answer sometimes. Those times that you are, are moving you in the direction you need to go at this time.

But we would add to this here that it is certainly for you and for everyone here, go with the flow. Be in the flow of the moment. Be in the flow of the energy. You will be in the direction you need to be. “We can show you the door but you need to walk through it” (quote from the Matrix). It is there. Just open your third eye. You are not so good with your physical sense but open your third eye. This is why we bring it up.

Question: Is it true the more powerful we are the easier to manifest?

“Óne Who Serves”
The more powerful you are? Yes. Certainly. It is “believing is seeing”. Is it not? And the more you believe it the more you will create it. The more you create it the more you feel that power within you. The more this happens the more you will be able to create anything you need.

Question: Do you have a suggestion for those who have a thick covering over their third eye? Maybe some advice like for dummies.

“One Who Serves”
Oh, my Brother, we have to chuckle so much for the thing you say. “Open the Third Eye for Dummies”. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful book? Probably not ready for publishing yet.

Brother, we recall at one of the Advances that you had tremendous sight during that weekend. And it would seem that you are operating in that part of you that is much in that rational side. That side that want to see first before believing as opposed to believing is seeing.

We know that this is a heartfelt question from you. We can tell this. And as you have not experienced that experience from that weekend we would say that you and others you are helping along their path simply need to get in the habit if believing is seeing. Giving into the habit of thinking that, practicing that, creating that in your life.

There are others in this room, on the phone and probably many of those who are reading who have these similar challenges. Who have challenges in seeing in their third eye, in their brains what is to happen. And following through on things such as visualized meditation.

Know what? We would basically say you need practice. We know you don’t like this word but that is the word we are going to use today. Practice. Practice. Practice. That will make perfect. You need to have faith in yourself. Faith in your system because it works! Once you have this down, you will never lose it.

“One Who Serves”
Many of you come to the group to get re-charged and this is wonderful but then you go out into your regular work and you get pulled back down. We have been saying this for some time. You go back up and back down. Like a yo-yo here. It feels like you are not going anyplace here because the world is with you in so many ways. You continue to be held down by the 3D programming.

But, and this is a big but, you are moving through in raising your vibrations more frequently. This is important because the more you raise your vibrations, the more you get up into those higher levels, you will stay there longer and longer. And that is what is important.

You will begin to hear the new term brought up here. “Ascension Language”. We are so pleased that this came out here because it is a new understanding, a new “Ascension Language”. What does that do when you hear that? “Ascension Language”. Doesn’t it feel that you are in higher vibration just in those words?
Certainly “believing is seeing” is Ascension Language, is it not? Saying you are well instead of sick is Ascension Language. You see? All of this is going beyond the programming that you have become accustomed too.

The more that you get into the higher vibrations, the easier and easier it is for you to get back up there. And then stay longer yet. OK?

Question: I learned a new word, “heartricity”. I have a lot laying on my mind right now and would like some guidance around this. How this word may relate to my present circumstances of relating to my family and attempting to help them awaken as I am?

“One Who Serves”
We see so many things here. To start with your family, though your family connection and the idea that you are sharing the awakening you are going through and they are not responding to this. And we would ask those in the group, how many are having the same think happening? Yes, you are certainly
not alone.

You have everything going for you. You do not yet realize it all the time. This is what we speak of. You go up into your higher vibrations during your meditations and you see wonderful things and then the world pulls you back down. All are having this same thing. It all continues until these changes we have been speaking of. This will alleviate much.

But again, it is important to be in the moment at all times. Be in gratitude in the moment and as you are in gratitude in the moment, your next moments will change. They will become what you want more and more. If you allow yourself to be pulled into the old doldrums, this is what will be coming forward. You see?

Bravo! Bravo! We are pleased that you are seeing these things in your life because you are releasing some of these. And as you heard the group support you with their challenge with their family you know are not alone. You can be the most spiritual person and still have these problems with friends and family.

And as far as the job that has been vexing you for weeks and weeks with this group’s conversations perhaps it is time now to look for something different. It is coming to a lot of people in the planet that it is time to leave an old job and find something new. Make something happy. Choose something different for yourself.

Know that we have shared with you in the past that it may not be the time to leave but we would say today, that this is an opportunity for you. An opportunity to let go of those thing which are vexing you. Let go.

You cannot do anything about your children. You can make changes in yourself. Make your life happier within your job. Take the time you need to do that. You will at the end of your week that you have for yourself a much better picture and that alone will bring you into a better space. Does that help?

Question: I have been seeing a lot of figure 8’s I believe having something to do with infinity. Can you tell me about them?

We are so pleased to have you in the group today.
This is a sign of a guide who is with you. We smiled as you spoke of infinity. This is one who is guiding you in the process that you are dealing with now. This is in your own spiritual growth as well as your healing. This is one who is
strong with you at this time.

They will make themselves known to you in other ways too. They are visiting you in dreams and in meditations. So know that you take their light and know
that they are visiting you.

“One Who Serves”
We need to release channel. Please continue on in your daily activities and allow for all the processes to happen within you. And continue to allow for the changes to come over you. And be aware of your ability to hold off any kind of illnesses or diseases or anything of this nature. As you move in to the higher nature, these things cannot get you.

But, as said by one earlier today, there are openings that can occur. And when these occur then energies can come in, of the dark energies, and they can have their way with you. So do not allow these vibrations by staying in those higher vibrations. Then there will be no openings here. But if there are, know that it cannot hold it for very long. You can move through it and not have it be of any significance. OK?

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am Ashira.
I wish to share with you this day all the changes that are occurring on this planet. That are occurring in you, in your lives, in the relationships that you hold, in the jobs that you have. All of these are changing.

For all of those of you who do not appreciate change in your life, you have wild rides coming. Be patient with yourselves. Look at your lives and look at those in your lives and you think, “What is happening here?”

But when you can look at these from the highest point, the highest frequency, take care of yourself. Be sure to come from the highest point of light and love that you can immerse yourself in at that moment.

We know that we speak of being grateful, of giving thanks throughout your days. And we know that there things in the 3D world that may not be enjoyable. That is not your life. Every day you call yourself to the highest good. Riding through those moments in life that are challenges and moving to the other side where it is light and love again.

Have an amazing week.
Our love and our light. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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art the key of love painting by korinna

ART : The Key of Love painting by Korinna

The Elders Christed Heart Transmissions ~ The Loving Heart – Anrita Melchizedek

art signs-of-christ-by nicholas Roerich

ART : Signs of Christ – Nicholas Roerich


 The Elders Christed Heart Transmissions ~ The Loving Heart

Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this month of February, as you deepen the connection that you have to Mother/Father God and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, and indeed, sweet ones, as you deepen this connection to yourself with a greater knowing of your magnificence and Light, immeasurable and incomparable to others and what you bring to the collective. Sweet ones, as we have mentioned, with the coming together of the Twelve Star Councils of Light, there are many beautiful planetary activities of Light unfolding on this sacred Earth, and through the Unity Grid of Divine Love; and with this, greater levels of connection being made for each one of you to your star families of the Light and to your multi-dimensional selves, and with this sweet ones, your ability to move into the next level of you soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light. And in the Christed Heart transmissions, in this month of February 2016, you are activating the Loving Heart Petal, and releasing the remnants of anger.
So let us start sweet ones, simply by moving into this beautiful sacred space setting and into the connection to all these Illumined Beings of Light from on High and in particular to the Vegan Star Council who come forward, assisting you in the journey of the Loving Heart and the release of anger, surrounding you now in this beautiful pearlescent Flame of Light. You just allow yourselves now, sweet ones, to bring a focus back to the body, breathing deep into the body. Expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, and contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out. Bringing yourself into this balance and rhythm and the knowing of the changes that are happening in your life, sweet ones that are taking you along the Pathway of Divine Love as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love. Breathing is important. It anchors and grounds and centers you, as well as slowing you down into the Knowing of what you need to do next to allow for the abounding synchronicities and to allow for greater levels of your own intuitive guidance to take you deeper into your hearts.
As you call now upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High ~ the Archangels and their Divine Feminine Counterparts and Legions of Light, the Mighty Elohim and their Divine Feminine Counterparts, Lord Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek, the Ray Masters, and the Ascended Masters. And calling in now all these beautiful Star Councils of Light ~ the Maldekian Star Council, the Orion Star Council, the Venusian Star Council, the Arcturian Star Council, the Vegan Star Council, the Niburian Star Council, the Sirian Star Council, the Alpha-Centaurian Star Council, the Pleiadian Star Council, the Melchizedek Star Council, the Antarean Star Council and the Andromedan Star Council. And having a sense now of merging with your Beloved I AM Presence, the highest aspect of your Soul Light within the Cosmic Heart of God. Merging now into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, and feeling her Love as she sends you her Love back up your grounding cord and into your body and energy field. Feeling grounded, and rooted, and centered, and firmly in your body, and knowing, sweet ones, that these Light frequency re-codings that are coming through from these Star Councils and onto this sacred Earth, are lifting you into the next level of your Soul’s forward evolution through the inter-dimensional resonators and programs of Light, aligning you deeper into the Divine, lifting you into Cosmic Christ Consciousness. And in this beautiful energy of the knowing of your magnificence and Light and all that is being transmuted to know yourselves as Love, the Vegan Star Council come forward, linking to you in soul consciousness. You now find yourselves being placed in a Merkaba Vehicle of Light and traveling the grids of Divine Love, of stralim radiation, entering now into the Vegan Ascension Seat of Light.
As you enter into this beautiful Ascension Seat, surrounded by the Vegan Star Council you are placed in a Divine Equality Star Ki Code Chamber of Light. As this multi-dimensional Light Chamber activates around your body and energy field, you bring a deeper sense of knowing of the Divine Equality of all Life, in the recognition, sweet ones, that it is simply the levels of cosmic conscious awareness that differs from individual to individual and that all Beings hold this seed of God’s Light. With this, sweet ones, comes the ability to release the lesser-than and better than consciousness, judgment of self and others, and a deeper level of the recognition that all Beings are doing the best they can, according to their level of cosmic conscious awareness.
There are two aspects to this, sweet ones. One is simply the recognition of your own uniqueness, your own unique vibration that is the gift to the collective in who you are and what you bring; and further to this in the recognition of your own uniqueness, you no longer compare yourself to others, your gifts, your talents, your energies ~ stepping out of judgment of Self and stepping out of judgment of others. This additionally allows you to step deeper into forgiveness and letting go of blame when you recognize that those around you are doing the best they can. And this amplifies, sweet ones, not only your beautiful Loving Heart, but also a deeper sense of compassion within yourselves ~ and compassion for others as you walk this Pathway of Divine Love.
And as you have a sense of this Star Ki Code Chamber of Light activating into a deeper level of the Divine Equality of all Life, the Vegan Star Council now assist in the activation and the actualization of the Fire letters, Sacred Geometries, ET Ki Codes, and Numerologies within your twelve strand DNA. You are taken deeper into the knowing and the remembrance of your magnificence and Light as you find yourselves now merging with your Vegan ET Self, or Master Guide, and releasing from your physical/etheric body any level of arrogance or unworthiness that is still being cleared at a cellular level or through your lower bodies.
Good, sweet ones. What is also being released is the remnants of anger which comes up quite naturally for many of you, sweet ones. You are observing the anger and knowing that it is no longer about blaming others, and it is no longer about re-acting to the buttons that have been pushed for you, from a 3-dimensional perspective, by those beings around you, playing out with you the victim-and-persecutor consciousness and pressing the buttons that have assisted you, through your re-actions, in coming deeper into the embracing of the full range of your emotions. Those around you sweet ones, are no longer reflecting your reality, but rather you are observing how this sacred Earth and all her life is evolving into the higher dimensional sacred fields of Light. With this comes the reactionary levels of the oscillation of emotions that are now being embraced within the field of Divine Love, within and around the Unity Grid, and within your sacred Christed Hearts. The anger that may have been suppressed or held at bay, or experienced through the victim/persecutor consciousness is being embraced now within your Christed Hearts, and within your Love. And as the Vegan Star Council wrap you in this pearlescent Quantum Healing Pod of Light, sweet ones, they will assist you in traveling the Christed Timelines and taking yourself into the ability to experience the karmic and Christed Timelines through past lives, parallel realities, alternative Earths and dimensions, to the particular timeline most related to this energy of anger that you are embracing now within your Christed Hearts. And as you find yourselves traveling the timelines, sweet ones, you know that you are Loved, that you are these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and all you are doing right now is embracing and Loving, appreciating and celebrating the full range of your emotions, while also seeing and hearing and appreciating each experience ~ what it has taught you, and where it brings you to in this Now moment, sweet ones.
“Welcome, Anger. It is okay to be angry,” you say to this sub-personality aspect of yourself. “I am here to love you and embrace you within my Christed Heart, and as we travel these timelines together now I am taken to the point of origin of a particular timeline most related to this sense of anger that we are experiencing ~ this anger at others, or this anger at self, and I give you this ability to express yourself. I give you the Love that dissipates this energy, and indeed Anger I let you know that you are seen and heard, and Loved and appreciated.”
Good, sweet ones. As you have a sense of how you have been hurt or have hurt others, of how you have not been able to express yourself in a way that you would have liked to, or played out re-actively, you find this Love that replaces your anger, soothing your heart, your Christed Heart, your Loving Heart. As you bring yourself to this point of origin now, and your ability to turn off the gene code that created this false belief, or disease of any kind within the physical body, you now affirm to yourself: “I am able to magnetize, to manifest and to bring into my reality those that truly see me, hear me, Love me, and appreciate me, as I do them. I no longer need to experience this anger or rage within myself. I no longer need to judge myself, and I no longer need to judge others, and I let go of the idea that others use me, or take advantage of me, as well as letting go of any level of needing to control or take advantage of others or any situation. I know that all is unfolding perfectly as I move into my Loving and Compassionate Heart, as I experience my Warrior-Light energy as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love. It is the Wisdom within me that guides me ever deeper into this Pathway of Divine Love.”
Wonderful, sweet ones. You now experience the full activation of the sacred petals of your Christed Heart ~ of your Peaceful Heart, of your Loving Heart, your Healing Heart, your Joyful and Happy Heart, your Innocent and Open Heart, your Powerful Heart, your Knowing Heart, your Passionate Heart, your Overflowing and Prosperous Heart, your Trusting Heart, your Heart of Integrity and Truth, and now your Intimate Heart.
And now, sweet ones, you have a sense of these Star Councils coming together and lifting you in Soul Consciousness through the Grids of Divine Love into Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca, sweet ones, is a beautiful Vortex of Light that connects into the dimensions of Light and also is experienced as a Vortex for the twelve Star Councils of Light, serving as a stargate for many of the higher dimensional Beings of Light to enter on to this sacred Earth. It is a feminine portal of Divine Love, and is activated now through the beautiful crystalline City of Light above Lake Titicaca where you now meet with the Councils of Light.
What is happening in this sacred month as you move into the Full Moon energies on February 22nd and 23rd sweet ones, is a recalibration of the New Earth Templates of Mother Earth, as well as a bio-circuitry re-calibration of your lower bodies, your physical body parts and organs. To experience a  deeper sense of these frequency upgrades many of you have experienced flu-like symptoms, body aches and pains, short term memory loss, or other feelings of emotional oscillations and challenges to know yourselves as Love. This is now being amplified into a new frequency of Solar Christ Consciousness through the infusion of interdimensional tonal resonators and the activation of the twelve Golden Solar Sun Discs of Light within and around the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love, which are creating a Golden Solar Sun Shield of Divine Love around this sacred Earth and around your energy fields.
The Star Council medical teams, sweet ones, will offer each one of a medical core group for your own personal re-balancing, as they work with you in this re-calibration process of Light, and the telewebinar this month sweet ones, activates a deeper level of this healing of the physical body, and the lower bodies. What we would like to focus on in this Now is a deeper knowing and understanding of the Golden Solar Sun Discs of Light and how this energy of Crystalline Solar Christ Consciousness is affecting each one of you, sweet ones, through a greater level of your magnificence and Light, how it is affecting all life on this sacred Earth.
Sweet ones, we tell you the original Solar Sun Disc of Light was experienced through a great temple in Lemuria, a symbolic representation of the Great Central Sun, and that also at this time, a re-union of hearts was experienced through the twelve Star Councils and Beloved I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on this sacred earth as you lived your lives in Love, with the activation of the twelve-strand DNA, the activation of the lightbody/merkaba fields of Light and the activation of your extra-sensory perception gifts which occurred quite naturally for each one of you, sweet ones. Whenever this Sun Disc was struck by the High Priest it would create particular vibrational frequencies that activated into the New Earth Templates as well as the alchemy of Air, Earth, Fire and Water, in the ability to work with the devic consciousness, with the ability to create change on all levels and in fact changing the rotation of the earth itself ~ whatever was needed in the co-creation of Light with the Illumined Beings of Light and the Councils of Light was experienced and anchored and activated through this original Solar Sun Disc of Light. And made from transmuted gold it blazed as the eternal Divine Light of Solar Christ Consciousness, and the Crystalline Consciousness that was experienced within the hearts of all life.
When the continent of Lemuria broke apart during the demise of Atlantis the Andean Mountain Range sprang up along the West Coast of South America. At that time there was an ancient city in what is now the country of Bolivia, and during the ensuring cataclysms the city was raised above the level of the sea, causing a Lake to form at its feet, and at 12 000 feet above sea level Lake Titicaca came into being. And sweet ones, it is Lake Titicaca that holds the energy of the Original Solar Sun Disc of Light and the memory of your highest potentials, and full magnificence and Light as this was experienced in the Golden Age of Lemuria. The Incas were to come into possession of this Solar Sun Disc at some point, although it did not hold the same Lemurian energy sweet ones, but it was the knowing, symbolically, of the representation of the Return of Christ Consciousness, or the Return of the Inner Sun. This activated sweet ones, through the Gateway of Divine Love, the 12:12:12 Gateway and again on the 2st December in 2012 as you moved into this new Golden Age of Light.
At the time of Atlantis, the Atlanteans constructed twelve major Solar Sun discs, each one in turn activating the others. The disc that is this ancient Golden Solar Sun Disc is hidden within Lake Titicaca, but serves as this vortex or portal, anchoring the Light of Creation onto this sacred Earth, as well as lifting you into the multi-dimensional realms of Solar Christ Consciousness, Galactic Christ Consciousness and beyond. These twelve Golden Solar Sun Disc discs emit a zero point energy, an energy of pure unconditional Love that is only experienced  through the fifth dimensional templates, and the spiraling strands of DNA that bring through a greater level of the knowing of yourselves as Divine Love, sweet ones, as yourselves as these star seeds in service to Mother Earth and all her life, walking the Pathway of Divine Love; and they are now being activated into a new frequency, that as it connects into the original Golden Solar Sun Disc within Lake Titicaca will bring through the Golden Solar Shield of Divine Love around this sacred Earth.
And so sweet ones, let us take you now into the focus of this planetary Light work which is connecting the primary chakras of Mother Earth into the connection of these beautiful Councils of Light and frequencies of Light to be made available for all life as all life is lifted into Solar Christ Consciousness, and from here, activate these beautiful golden Solar Sun Disc discs of Light. From within Lake Titicaca as you draw now upon this original Golden Solar Sun Disc of Light sweet ones, you bring your focus to the Lake and Mountain Batur in Bali, Indonesia where you now activate this beautiful Earth Chakra vortex through the Overlighting of the Meldekian Star Council as they bring this beautiful copper-gold Flame of Divine Love into this sacred vortex and into your earth chakra, 15 centimetres below your feet, bringing in now the Star Ki Codes of Soul Retrieval, Alignment to the Divine, and Groundedness, into the original Divine eight-cell blueprint, this Earth Chakra vortex and your Earth Chakra.
And now, sweet ones, the Orion Star Council step forward wrapping you in this beautiful platinum Flame of Light. They direct this platinum Flame of Light now to Table Mountain in South Africa activating the Star Ki Codes of Beauty and Harmony, Peace and Creativity, through Table Mountain and now through the Three-Ring Chakra beneath your feet.
The Venusian Star Council now step forward wrapping you in a beautiful pink and purple flame of Light. They now direct this Flame of Light to Uluru in Australia, bringing through the Venusian Star Ki Codes of Appreciation, Trust and Surrender, activating this within Uluru and within your original Divine eight cell blueprint, as well as within your Base Chakra.
And now the Arcturian Star Council step forward, wrapping you in a beautiful violet Flame of Light. The Arcturian Star Council now activate the Star Ki Codes of Multi-dimensional Awareness, Crystalline Consciousness and Connectivity through Mount Kilauea in Hawaii and through your original Divine eight cell blueprint and your Sacral Chakra.
The Vegan Star Council now step forward surrounding you in this beautiful pearlescent Flame of Light. The Vegan Star Ki Codes of Divine Equality now activate within the chakra vortex at Delphi, Greece, as well as through your original Divine eight cell blueprint and Naval Chakra.
Good, sweet ones. The Niburian Star Council now step forward, surrounding you in a beautiful rose-gold Flame of Light. They now direct this rose-gold Flame of Light into the Vortex or Chakra of Mount Fuji in Japan, as they activate the Star Ki Codes of Non-Judgment, Love, Forgiveness, and Higher Mind Intelligence through Mount Fuji as well as through your original Divine eight cell blueprint, and your Solar Plexus Chakra.
And now the Sirian Star Council step forward, wrapping you in a beautiful silver-gold Flame of Light. As this silver-gold Flame of Light now activates within the Tor in Glastonbury, England, the Sirian Star Council activate these Star Ki Codes of the New Earth Geometries of Light as well as Healing Codes through Glastonbury Tor, through your original Divine eight cell blueprint and now through your Heart Chakra.
Good. The Alpha Centaurians now step forward wrapping you in a beautiful magenta and violet white Flame of Light. As this magenta and violet white Flame of Light now activates into Palenque in Mexico, the Alpha Centaurians bring through the Star Ki Codes of One Unity Consciousness and Manifestation through this Vortex, this Earth Chakra of Palenque in Mexico, through your original Divine eight cell blueprint and now through your Throat Chakra.
And now, sweet ones, the Pleiadian Star Council steps forward, surrounding you in a beautiful silver Flame of Light. This silver Flame of Light now activates within the Great Pyramid in Giza, as the Pleiadian Star Council bring through the Star Ki Codes of Divine Love and Sacred Sexuality, Re-Union of Hearts, Passion and Joy, through the Great Pyramid of Giza, through your original Divine eight cell blueprint, and now through your Third Eye.
The Antarean Star Council now step forward wrapping you in a beautiful pink and emerald green Flame of Light. The Antarean Star Council now activate these beautiful Star Ki Codes of Wisdom, Compassion and Telepathy through Mount Denali in Alaska, through your original Divine eight cell blueprint and now through the Crown Chakra.
The Andromedan Star Council now step forward surrounding you in a beautiful golden-white Flame of Light. As they direct this golden-white Flame of Light into Mount Shasta in Northern California, activating the Star Ki Codes of the Christed Timelines, Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge and the Re-union with your Multi-dimensional Selves. This is further activated through your original Divine eight cell blueprint and the Three Ring Chakra above your Crown Chakra, sweet ones.
And now the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light step forward, surrounding you in a beautiful diamond Flame of Light, activating now the Star Ki Codes of Immortality, Rejuvenation, Regeneration and Melchizedek Consciousness into the Vortex of Machu Pichu in South America as well as your Cosmic Portal at the topmost part of your energy field. You are indeed coming into another level of magnificence, unparalleled and not previously experienced sweet ones, on this sacred Earth. As you join together in this re-union of hearts with soul and star family within Lake Titicaca, as you connect into all these sacred vortices and chakras of Light, your own chakras now align in one unified column of Light.
You experience yourself now drawing upon the Galactic Center and the diamond Light Codes of Creation, This further activates now, sweet ones, through Lake Titicaca, connecting into the original Solar Sun Disc of Light that now amplifies from Lake Titicaca into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, bringing with it the new Crystalline Consciousness Codes of Light, activating now each one of these twelve Golden Solar Sun Discs of Light. You now experience, sweet ones, a sense of this beautiful Golden Solar Sun Shield of Light activating around this sacred Earth, activating around Mother Earth, and around your own energy fields as well as these mini Solar Sun Discs that activate through your chakras and through the chakras of Mother Earth.
This is a healing energy too, sweet ones, that will assist you to deepen the knowing of your magnificence and Light in the healing of your lower bodies, in the healing of the body parts and organs, and you are invited too to work with your own Star Council Medical Team, simply by invoking them and calling upon them. And as you come back now into your sacred space, we invite you to sit in this sacred space to feel these energies, to feel this activation, recalibration and integration of these Divine frequencies of Light that amplify all the golden Timelines of Light. You are taken back into Lemuria in particular and into the knowing in this Golden Age of what you are co-creating, manifesting and experiencing as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love and Master Being of Light. All is well, sweet ones, all is well.
As you ground into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, you feel and know that these changes are already occurring for all life on this sacred Earth, as you lead the way as the Way Showers, the Star Seeded Ones, Master Beings, transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and Solar Christ Conscious Beings of Light. And we thank you for your service work, and with this we bless you, as we bid you a most magical day.
Transcribed by Eadie Miller
Brought to you by The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

What are you creating, what do you wish to crea- te? Marilyn Raffaele @ Oneness of All

art jim clements rising dawn

ART : Rising Dawn – Jim Clements

FEBRUARY 21, 2016

Dear ones, greetings from the Arcturian group. We see you eager and aware and growing more so each day. It is a time of celebration on this side as we observe the Light of mankind becoming ever more bright. These times have been anticipated eagerly by all on this side working with Gaia and her people. Know that you are loved immensely and honored for the courage and bravery you show in the midst of so much turmoil and struggle arising to be cleared at this time.

We wish to speak of the great gains you have made in your journey because many believe nothing has changed. This is because without your realizing it, your evolving consciousness has become your ordinary. Take a moment to examine the you of ten, five, or even one year ago and you will see how much you have grown and changed in attitude and beliefs. Issues that seemed important, valid, and unchangeable to you, no longer seem even worth the effort of concern. You have moved to new levels of awareness.

Some of you still believe that a powerful religious experience must take place or you are not truly evolving. No dear ones, the spiritual journey consists of one footstep at a time (some of which may be “bloody” footsteps), each one bringing you ever forward into a new and higher state of consciousness. Some will have powerful inner experiences and others will not, but do not seek them as proof of your spirituality or believe that they are necessary.

Never judge your spiritual worth based on stories of the “saints” and sages. Their miraculous experiences more often than not, have been exaggerated and embellished by those wishing to impress others and validate their own personal beliefs. The mind forms energy. If a seriously religious individual were to dwell on the wounds of crucifixion continually, it is very possible he could manifest them for himself. Just a thought to ponder.

Arcturian group wishes to discuss awareness– physical, emotional, and mental awareness. What am I aware of on each of these levels? Awareness serves to illuminate the belief system–the ideas you may still be holding that resonate with old and finished energy.

Physically, do you believe that the body governs you, that you at the mercy of it? Are you giving inordinate power to the medical profession, drugs and treatments? How completely do you accept the many beliefs regarding age and deterioration, many of which are promoted simply for the financial benefit of drug companies?

You are evolving into a consciousness of Oneness with Source. You cannot be Divine consciousness and at the same time be a victim of the body you yourself formed for use on earth. What are you creating, what do you wish to create? Are you aware that you– YOU/consciousness formed and govern your body?

Begin to understand that this YOU is in charge and is the power and energy maintaining and sustaining the body. The body does not govern you, YOU govern it–manifesting the outer according to your soul plan and attained state of consciousness.

The general public is not aware that every bill board or action promoting some fight against a particular disease, establishes it more firmly in world consciousness. The choice of when to leave the physical body is made by each soul on a level they are not consciously aware of. Their disease may be their chosen “out”.

Now, many of you are saying; “My friend was very spiritually evolved and she/he died.” Yes, this is not to say are to ignore a problem or are never to consult the medical profession because to stubbornly stand in absolute truth before it becomes an attained state of consciousness is very human.

These are the steps we speak of. Firstly know the absolute truth– I am Divine Consciousness and therefore complete and whole in every way. State your intention to find the solution that most closely resonates with your energy. Go within, listen, and then take whatever human footsteps you feel guided to take. You may get direct information on how to handle the situation without outside help or you may be guided to the medical person or holistic practitioner that is right for you.

Intuition speaks very softly like a nudge or an “knowing” guiding you to the right person be the need legal, spiritual, or medical. Guidance comes in unlimited ways; as a name that stands out in the phone book, someone mentioning a person in conversation, or your remembering a particular professional that you resonated with at another time. The manifestation of a consciousness of completeness is limitless. Believing that solutions must or can only come in a certain way limits the flow and acts to block the experience.

Awareness of the emotional body is the process of honestly examining any issues that “push your buttons”. When you find yourself reacting to some person, place, or thing, and judging it as good or bad, it indicates an issue in cellular memory needing recognition. Reactions are gifts, tools not to be shoved aside with guilt or repression, for they serve to make you aware of issues needing deeper examination.

Emotions of anger and hurt from some past experience long believed to have been resolved can and often do reappear even when the experience was many years ago. This never indicates failure on your part but instead indicates your attained spiritual readiness now to go deeper and more completely realize, release, and move beyond the experience.

Powerful experiences leave an imprint in cellular memory and continue to manifest as inordinate fears, attractions, desires etc. until cleared. Much of what you are now spiritually resolving you have carried with you through many other lifetimes but only in this lifetime were evolved enough to address.

Awareness of the mental body means taking time to seriously and honestly examine everything you think and believe to be truth. Beliefs presented and accepted by you through parents, schools, churches, and “experts”, as well as strongly held beliefs brought with you from past lives serve to form your belief system. However, much of what individuals hold to be true simply represents whatever beliefs are popular at the time.

Examination of one’s belief system often results in recognizing a need to detach from some organization or group– one that served fully at one time, but no longer resonates with the individual’s new state of consciousness. There are those who choose to stay in outgrown places simply for companionship and familiarity but this will serve only to stagnate the evolutionary journey. The window on earth for ascension is NOW.

We remind you of the importance of self examination on all levels because it is a powerful tool for discovering beliefs you may be ignorantly still holding. The material world manifests concepts of the spiritual reality–interpretations of a collective consciousness conditioned by beliefs of good and bad and separation. You are ready to pull aside the curtain of material sense and fully embrace the realities you will find there.

Some, after discovering God and being “saved” choose to coast through life in the belief that once “saved” they need do nothing. They then wonder why their lives may seem to fall apart at some point along the way. No dear ones, it is true, your innate Self does embody all the qualities of the Divine but this must become your attained state of consciousness before it can fully manifest outwardly.

It is important to have quiet time at least once a day in which you contemplate and rest in truth after stating your intentions and sending Light to your cells, chakras, and the world. You will be intuitively guided to other actions as well because in silent awareness, you become receptive. This is the evolutionary journey, and these are the footsteps.

Examine your belief system on all levels, discovering for yourselves the areas in which you may be more susceptible to world beliefs. Past life experiences and cellular memory cause individuals to be open to some beliefs more than others. A person who has experienced many lifetimes of poor health is often more receptive to world concepts of disease while another tortured in one or more lives for speaking out may be more susceptible to beliefs regarding laws and regulation–always fearful of not doing what they are told.

A person who has spent many lifetimes committed to organized religion may still blindly and without question, be drawn to it again in the belief that all religious doctrine is truth. The ability to recognize one’s deeply held false beliefs and move beyond them comes when you start to seriously work with and trust your intuition, not dismissing what comes to you as unimportant.

If you have not already done it, state your intention to evolve, to clear and move beyond all remaining obsolete cellular memory. Withdraw attention from all the third dimensional promotions and hype that constantly bombard you.

Become your own authority, taking back the power you ignorantly gave away, and be who you already are.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/21/16



art jim clements rising dawn

ART : Rising Dawn – Jim Clements

HOLD ON! WE ARE MOVING TO THE NEXT LEVEL – Patricia Cota-Robles @ Era of Peace

LORD BUDDHA XII art by Chitra Singh

Lord Buddha XII – by Chitra Singh


by Patricia Cota-Robles
February 21, 2016


Since the birth of the New Earth on December 21-22, 2012, the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on this Planet has been raising the frequency of vibration of our Earthly Bodies the maximum we can withstand in every 24-hour period. Day-by-day this process of Divine Alchemy has been slowly changing the cellular structures of our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies from carbon based planetary cells into 5th-Dimensional crystalline based Solar Light cells. Many people are consciously aware that there is something unusual going on within their bodies, but the masses of Humanity are oblivious to what is actually taking place at this time. This lack of awareness is causing much stress and anxiety as every day our bodies are pushed to the limit in this transformational process. Fortunately, the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are aware of the mental and emotional challenges this process is causing, and they have joined with the I AM Presence of every person to cocreate a Divine Plan that will ease the stress and bring comfort to the process without slowing down our physical transformation.

It is important for us to understand that this great acceleration would not be allowed by our Father-Mother God or the Company of Heaven if it was going to cause more harm than good. The only reason it is being allowed with this intensity is because of the assistance we are receiving from the heartfelt invocations of Awakening Humanity and the myriad Celestial and Global opportunities being presented to us at this time. Please open your heart and mind and focus on the following information with the full power of your attention. Your I AM Presence has brought this Celestial Sharing into your sphere of influence because you have a role to play in holding the sacred space for the next quantum leap in Humanity’s Ascension Process.


As we moved into the full embrace of the Sun Cycle of Aquarius on January 18, 2016, we officially completed our transition from the Age of Pisces into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Age of Aquarius. During that Cosmic Moment, the Earth was bathed with the radiance of a rare Celestial alignment involving Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. This alignment created a protective forcefield of Light around the Earth that paved the way for several events that helped to anchor within the Core of Purity in every single atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth higher frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Seventh Solar Aspect of Deity, which is the VIOLET FLAME OF GOD’S INFINITE PERFECTION. This is a higher frequency of Light than Humanity and the Earth have ever been able to withstand.

This exquisite and unfathomable Light will be the predominant influence on the Earth for the next 2,000-plus years as we sojourn through the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Age of Aquarius. During the initial impulse of this Aquarian Age, the Sons and Daughters of God embodied on Earth will learn how to effectively use this Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection to cocreate the New Heaven and the New Earth.

The anchoring of the monumental NEW frequencies of this Violet Flame from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God was made possible through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth. After entering the Sun Cycle of Aquarius, the I AM Presence of every person on Earth gathered the energy from the thoughts, feelings, words, actions, memories, and beliefs each person expressed that in any way added to the Light of the World. At the behest of each person’s I AM Presence, the entire Company of Heaven purified this energy and utilized it to assist with the anchoring of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

In addition to Humanity’s individual efforts, there were many events that drew the collective attention of people all over the World. Whenever there are hundreds of thousands of people focused on a particular event a Cup of Consciousness is formed. That Cup creates an open portal through which the Company of Heaven can exponentially expand the Light of God flowing to Earth. All that is necessary in order for Humanity’s collective attention, on even the most mundane or horrific event, to become a Chalice of Light is for Lightworkers to invoke the Violet Flame to purify the energy the people focused on that event are releasing.

After purifying the energy, we can invoke every person’s I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven to Consecrate that purified energy with the Divine Intent of accomplishing the Highest Good for ALL concerned. That purified energy will then form a fluid field of unmanifest Divine Potential upon which Humanity’s I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven can encode NEW patterns of perfection to accomplish whatever facet of the Divine Plan our Father-Mother God have revealed to us. That is exactly what happened after we officially entered the 4th year of the New Earth in 2016.

One of the events that was used in this fashion was the Super Bowl Football Game which took place on February 7th in the USA. An estimated 100 million people participated during the actual Super Bowl game, but there were many events that took place during the preceding week which greatly enhanced the building momentum of Humanity’s collective attention.

Since the birth of 2016, we have experienced many other attention grabbing events, both good and bad, that have drawn Humanity’s focus of attention around the World. For instance, the stock market crash, terrorist attacks, the ongoing Presidential elections in the USA, inclement weather conditions, and all manner of chaos between governments and wayward souls bent on abusing their power.

On the positive side, we experienced the incredible influx of Light we always receive during the birth of a New Year, a powerful Full Moon, the Chinese New Year, several life-enhancing Global Meditations, Valentine’s Day, and the annual event that takes place on Valentine’s Day called World Sound Healing Day. During the past 14 years, on Valentine’s Day while millions of people are focused on Love, Lightworkers have projected the Divine Intent of Compassion and Love into the body of Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her. This is accomplished on the Holy Breath as thousands of people around the Globe, at 12 noon local time, sound the Sacred Heart Keynote of “AH” for five minutes. This is done by each person with the Heartfelt intention of raising Global Consciousness.

In my hometown of Tucson, Arizona, there is another very powerful event that takes place every year during the Sun Cycle of Aquarius. This event is the Annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show which is known worldwide as the largest gem and mineral show on the Planet. This is the 62nd year we have hosted this event, which consists of approximately 4,000 venders and hundreds of thousands of people who travel to Tucson from every corner of the Earth laden with their precious gifts from the Elemental Kingdom. Since the inception of the gem and mineral show this gathering has drawn more than 100 million people to Tucson, Arizona.

The venders bring with them the most exquisite reflections of Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System that nature has to offer. These precious crystals, gems, stones, minerals, and metals are actually Crystallized Sacred Fire. They pulsate with the highest frequencies of the various Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity that Humanity and Mother Earth are capable of receiving. These Elemental Beings form Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System function as acupuncture points and meridians in Earth’s physical body.

The Chalice of Light and the permanently open portal created by this annual gathering of Humanity and Elemental Beings are awesome to behold. Every year during this event the floodgates of Heaven open and the most intensified frequencies of God’s Divine Light that Humanity and the Earth are capable of withstanding flow into the Elemental Beings that are brought to Tucson. This Light is then projected into the Divine Momentum in the Heart of Mother Earth and breathed out through her Crystal Grid System in a tremendous starburst of Light that is secured into the Core of Purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth.

This year as the Earth officially entered the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Age of Aquarius the frequency of Light that flowed through the Chalice of Light in Tucson and into the Earth’s Crystal Grid System was unprecedented. This Light not only greatly empowered the Divine Qualities that reverberate within the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity that pulsate as Crystallized Sacred Fire in the Elemental Beings brought to the gem and mineral show, it secured within the Core of Purity of each one the NEW frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. This Violet Flame now gently pulsates as a resplendent aura of God’s Infinite Perfection around each and every crystal, gem, mineral, stone, and precious metal within Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System. This has moved the energy, vibration, and consciousness of Mother Earth and ALL her Life forward in the Light a quantum leap, thus paving the way for patterns of God’s Infinite Perfection that we have not even begun to fathom.


The Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity and the Divine Qualities associated with each of them have been greatly empowered by the NEW frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. Now that we have completed our transition into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Age of Aquarius this Divine Light is perpetually pulsating through Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System and through each of Humanity’s Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Chakras. This information is being revealed to us by our Father-Mother God so that we will be consciously aware of this Divine Light during this auspicious time. This is the Light we will all be using as we cocreate the patterns of perfection for the New Earth through our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, beliefs, and memories.

As we Ascend into higher and higher frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline New Earth, the frequencies of the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity and Earth’s precious Elemental Substances are also Ascending into higher and higher frequencies of Crystallized Sacred Fire which is greatly intensifying the Divine Alchemy taking place within our Earthly Bodies and the Bodies of Mother Earth. The NEW frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection which are now radiating as a resplendent aura around each of the Aspects of Deity are lifting every Divine Quality into previously unknown expressions of God’s Infinite Perfection. We are being asked to remember this profound Truth as we invoke this Divine Light each day in our meditations.

1.   The 1st Solar Aspect of Deity is Sapphire Blue with a resplendent aura of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

The Divine Qualities of the 1st Solar Aspect of Deity are: God’s Will, Illumined Faith, Power, Protection, and God’s First Cause of Perfection.

2.   The 2nd Solar Aspect of Deity is Sunshine Yellow with a resplendent aura of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

The Divine Qualities of the 2nd Solar Aspect of Deity are: Christ Consciousness, Enlightenment, Wisdom, Illumination, Understanding, Perception, and Constancy.

3.   The 3rd Solar Aspect of Deity is Crystalline Pink with a resplendent aura of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

The Divine Qualities of the 3rd Solar Aspect of Deity are: Transfiguring Divine Love, Adoration, Tolerance, Oneness, and Reverence for ALL Life.

4.   The 4th Solar Aspect of Deity is White with a resplendent aura of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

The Divine Qualities of the 4th Solar Aspect of Deity are: The Immaculate Concept, Purity, Hope, Restoration, Resurrection, and Ascension.

5.   The 5th Solar Aspect of Deity is Emerald Green with a resplendent aura of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

The Divine Qualities of the 5th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Illumined Truth, Healing, Consecration, Concentration, and Inner Vision.

6.   The 6th Solar Aspect of Deity is Ruby-Gold with a resplendent aura of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

The Divine Qualities of the 6th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Divine Grace, Healing, Devotional Worship, Peace, and the Manifestation of the Christ.

7.   The 7th Solar Aspect of Deity is Violet with a resplendent aura of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

The Divine Qualities of the 7th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Transmutation, Liberty, Justice, Freedom, Victory, and God’s Infinite Perfection.

8.   The 8th Solar Aspect of Deity is Aquamarine with a resplendent aura of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

The Divine Qualities of the 8th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Clarity, Divine Perception, and Discernment.

9.   The 9th Solar Aspect of Deity is Magenta with a resplendent aura of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

The Divine Qualities of the 9th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Harmony, Balance, Assurance, and God Confidence.

10.   The 10th Solar Aspect of Deity is Gold with a resplendent aura of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

The Divine Qualities of the 10th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Eternal Peace, Prosperity, Abundance, and the God Supply of ALL Good Things.

11.   The 11th Solar Aspect of Deity is Peach with a resplendent aura of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

The Divine Qualities of the 11th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Divine Purpose, Enthusiasm, and Joy.

12.   The 12th Solar Aspect of Deity is Opal with a resplendent aura of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

The Divine Qualities of the 12th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Transformation and Transfiguration.


The reason the newly anchored Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection is so powerful is that it pulsates with the perfect balance of our Father God’s 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar frequency of the Masculine Blue Flame of Divine Power and our Mother God’s 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar frequency of the Feminine Pink Flame of Divine Love. When the Masculine and Feminine Polarities of our Father-Mother God’s Crystalline Light merge into a perfectly balanced Violet Flame, everything this Sacred Fire embraces is lifted into a higher expression of its Divine Potential and Infinite Perfection than it was previously able to express.

The NEW Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection pulsates with all of the Divine Qualities we have known and associated with the Violet Flame; Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion, Transmutation, Divine Ceremony, Justice, Liberty, Freedom, and Victory, but now the full Divine Momentum of God’s Infinite Perfection permeates every aspect of this Sacred Fire as well.

The Cosmic Being of Light known as Saint Germain is still the Keeper of the Violet Flame for this Universe and he has evolved into a higher expression of his Divine Self in order to expand this New Crystalline Solar Violet Flame in, through, and around every facet of Life on Earth during the 2,000-plus years that we will be held in the embrace of the Age of Aquarius.

One of the first things Saint Germain has done in order to assist Awakening Humanity to become aware of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection is give us a multidimensional image of this Sacred Fire. This beautiful image was created in the Inner Realms of Light and then projected into the physical plane of Earth for our benefit with the cooperation of one of Saint Germain’s embodied Daughters. She has copyrighted this image so that it will continue to reverberate with its original Divine Intent and not be changed in any way, but this precious soul has given the New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose permission to distribute this scintillating image of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. This image will remind us to utilize this powerful gift from On High on a daily basis.

This powerful image is designed to inspire each of us to focus on the Violet Flame in our daily invocations and meditations until we can perceive this Sacred Fire pulsating around us and effectively utilize it without any need of a physical reminder.

I will share with you that in my personal experience, I have witnessed dramatic shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness in my home and office ever since I placed this beautiful Image of the Violet Flame in those locations. I have also witnessed very positive shifts of energy in other places where I have seen this image displayed. For this reason I will state with great confidence that this gift from Saint Germain is far more helpful in our Ascension process and in our ability to cocreate the patterns of God’s Infinite Perfection for the New Earth than we can comprehend with our finite minds.

We at the New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose have done everything we can to make this Image of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection as accessible as possible for anyone who has the Heart Call to place this powerful multidimensional poster or canvas print in their home, office, place of meditation, place of relaxation, or anywhere else in their environment.

In order to see Saint Germain’s beautiful Image of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection just click on either of the links below. One link will take you to the space on our website where you can see and order the POSTER if you are interested. The other link will take you to the space where you can see and order the high quality CANVAS PRINT of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

POSTER:  http://www.eraofpeace.org/the-new-5th-dimensional-solar-violet-flame-poster

CANVAS PRINT: http://www.eraofpeace.org/the-new-5th-dimensional-solar-violet-flame-on-canvas

Saint Germain has assured us that he has encoded this Image of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection to be truly multidimensional. He said that the atomic and subatomic particles and waves within this Image will be recalibrated into higher frequencies of this Violet Flame every time Humanity and the Earth are raised in energy, vibration, and consciousness into higher frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light on the New Earth.

Precious Hearts, regardless of whether or not you have the Heart Call to have an Image of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection in your home or sacred space, know that this New frequency of the Violet Flame is a Life-transforming Gift from our Father-Mother God and the more we focus on it the sooner we will transcend the negative habits and miscreations of the old Earth. God Bless YOU!

Patricia Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization
www.eraofpeace.orgFAX: 520-751-2981,  Phone: 520-885-7909

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, PO Box 41883, Tucson, Arizona 85717

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

©2016 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


LORD BUDDHA XII art by Chitra Singh

Lord Buddha XII – by Chitra Singh

Living Heaven Earth – Sharon Lyn Shepard @ Divine Musings

Pilgrim of the Moon by Judith Laboria Art

Pilgrim of the Moon by Judith Laboria


Living Heaven Earth


There’s a lot of buzz in the spiritual community about the New Earth. We’re all anxiously awaiting living heaven on earth.

What if I told you the waiting is over….
What if heaven and earth are one in the same?
Since both have been created by the Divine Creator, are they not both Divine? What if it is simply our attitude, our belief, or our religious programming that holds them apart?

We have been indoctrinated from the time of our birth that humans are inferior to God, born in sin and that our bodies are deficient. No wonder we spend our whole lives attempting to live up to some projected standard of goodness that will earn us the ticket to walk through heaven’s gates after our body has deteriorated and let us down. Oh what a bill of goods we’ve been sold.

While I was in medical school, I realized how amazing our physical bodies are. Even with the crazy manipulations we thrust upon it, the heart still beats, the blood flows, the breath enlivens, adapting and thriving in ways we can not begin to imagine. I have no doubt that my physical body is God created and it is magnificently Divine in nature. I continue to revel at the abilities of the human body with the wonderment of a child. I cherish my body. I nurture my body. And I honor my body as the vessel in which my GodSelf experiences life.

And yet, my mind still doubts the divinity of my humanity. It’s so busy attempting to protect me, using all the accouterments the mind it has been taught, that it can’t see beyond them. It takes a courageous person to stand up to the mind and engage in a new conversation, a conversation that is open to trusting the Divine.

Since the vibration of the planet is increasing and my conciseness is expanding, I have days when I am floating through life with the realization and awareness that I AM the Divine, where everything flows with ease and grace. When I drop out of that consciousness, being human feels harsh and all I want to do is recapture that state of being. After experiencing numerous such spontaneous episodes, I finally realized that I can’t capture them. My mind thinks it can, so it attempts to log it as a program to which it can return. But my GodSelf is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. It can not be captured, it can only expand and flow.

When I spontaneously slip through heavens’s gates, it’s because my mind has drifted off and there’s nothing anchoring it in place. Understanding this, when I drop out of this heavenly state of consciousness, rather than attempting to capture it or return to this state, I allow my divinity to flow into my mundane life rather then attempting to escape my humanity. This expanded consciousness, when allowed to flow unencumbered, enlivens everything with ease and grace including the uncomfortable parts of life’s journey. As the buddhists teach, carry water, chop wood. What others consider to be the mundane world, that which many of us want to toss aside in favor of the new earth, this too is Divine. It’s all Divine, as is our physical body. It’s all Heavenly, we’ve just been taught otherwise.

Once we release the dualistic perception of Heaven or Earth, we realize there is something beyond this ideology. There is HeavenEarth, the realization that all of life is Divine, the spiritually acclaimed as well as the mundane. For how else could the Divine experience life, unless it has a body of Divinity which is our magnificent physicality.

With this awareness, my experiences of expanded conscious are lasting longer and the bouts in-between are becoming shorter. In other words I’m living HeavenEarth more and more often as my full embodiment. It’s not something that can be taught or forced, it’s a realization that can easily slip in while walking in nature, meditation or napping. With a shift in perception and a commitment to my embodied enlightenment, what used to be brief glimpses have become my reality which continue expanding along with my consciousness.

I invite you to remove the veil between Heaven and Earth. There are no pearly white gates of separation. That’s only a construct of the mind. Once removed, the mind is exceedingly happy to be living HeavenEarth.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

gratitude to the artist Josephine Wall

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The Significance of Context and Transformation to Lightwork – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art buddha meditate

unknown artist


I’d like to increase the number of tools in our lightworker toolbox by looking at what Werner Erhard called “context” and “transformation.”

I look upon the Human Growth Movement as my Father and Spirituality as my Mother.  And, in my opinion, no one (with the possible exception of psychologist and workshop leader John Enright) approached Werner’s mastery of human growth.

Werner had two experiences of enlightenment. The first woke him up to a new domain of possibility and the disappeared.

The second occurred while driving his car across the Golden Gate Bridge.  To try to convey what occurred and provide others with access to that experience, he created the est Training.

In all his programs, Werner combined social activism and spiritual depth in a unique and valuable approach to creating what he called a world that works for everyone. We call that world the Fifth Dimension.

Central to his view were the two notions of context and transformation.

What is Context?

Context for him meant the whole. The whole is equivalent to saying the One, All That Is, Unity, etc.

If Spirituality stresses unitive consciousness, I’d like to coin the phrase “holistic  consciousness” for Werner’s focus.  I think the two terms refer to the same state.

One of Werner’s code names for God was “Everything/Nothing.”God was everything that is, while at the same time being no thing. Krishna captured this paradox:

“This entire universe is pervaded by me, in that eternal form of mine which is not manifest to the senses. Although I am not within any creature, all creatures exist within me. I do not mean that they exist within me physically. That is my divine mystery. You must try to understand its nature. My Being sustains all creatures and brings them to birth, but has no physical contact with them.” (1)

Like so many paradoxes this one is resolved by distinguishing between the two levels of reality that are implied but not acknowledged.

“Everything” refers to all levels of reality, from the material to the transcendental.  God is everything. “Nothing” refers simply to the material: God is “no thing” or not a thing, an object – and especially not an object of awareness. God is the universal Subject, the only One that is, the One without a second.

When viewed from a transcendental standpoint, God is everything; when viewed from a material standpoint, God is “no thing.”

That which is everything while being no thing is the context for all that is.

Context is a principle that organizes everything in the space it creates.  Examples of contexts include peace, health, love, etc.

War could go on in peace but peace cannot go on in war and a state of war exist. “War” does not describe the whole but “peace” does.

A context needs no maintenance. Peace needs no maintenance but war does. New recruits need to be trained. Men and materiel need to be transported to the front.

Battles need to be fought. The wounded need to be tended to and the dead buried. On and on the activities of war go until war finally ends in peace again.

Peace is therefore a context and war is a condition that goes on in the overarching context of peace.

Since only God is whole, context ultimately refers to God. “Coming from context” we’d call today coming form the divine qualities of love – bliss, compassion, detachment, patience, etc. Being qualities of God, they’re contextual or holistic.  Both Werner and the Company of Heaven, for instance, talk about coming from love. That’d be an example of what Werner meant by “coming from context.”

What is Transformation?

The est Training was eminently hands-on. It wasn’t a mere discussion of spiritual truths. It was a training session in two things: Ways of being that worked to (1) end unwanted conditions like depression and despair and (2) provide the participant with tools to keep unfolding their own transformation and that of society at large into transcendent satisfaction and universal workability.

Transformation is an inner process of realization that results in an instantaneous discontinuity in thought and emotion. One is not the same after as one was before and yet one has not changed at all. “I used to be different,” Werner would say, “and now I’m the same.”

Change/no change is another paradox until we resolve it by sorting out the dimensions of reality being referred to.

“Transformation” refers to a shift at a very deep level of our being. Compared to it, “change”causes only superficial altering of surface matters (clothing, hairdo, habits, beliefs). The changes we make are merely cosmetic, merely window-dressing, compared to transformation.

Many aspects of the shift that transformation causes are permanent. Change does not produce a permanent shift.

At best, the impact  of change is weak and transitory.  Because it avoids a deep shift in consciousness while keeping us spiritually busy, it can be said to cause the persistence of the phenomenon in question. The unwanted condition, underneath the cosmetic changes, continues on.

Change can postpone the time of ascent by distracting us endlessly. The failure of change to ultimately satisfy means that we move from one sensory object or pursuit to another in an endless cycle of desire.

In our language, change is a Third-Dimensional concept; transformation is multidimensional.

If life is all about ascension from plane to plane to plane, then what Werner calls “transformation” is the way to ascend and ascend and ascend.

The significance of context and transformation to lightwork is that they provide a second perspective on the value of the ultimate goal – holistic or unitive consciousness – and the means of attaining it. For anyone who can’t “get” the path and goal as the Company of Heaven are describing it, Werner’s way offers an alternative.

Vigrinia Satir emphasized the usefulness of having three approaches to a therapeutic breakthrough. If we had one, we might encounter an insurmountable obstacle and have no way around it.

If we had two choices, the mind tends to make one right and the other wrong. So it creates having only one from two anyways.

If we have three choices, the mind cannot handle it. It tends to fall silent in the face of three.  I therefore am looking for a third approach in addition to Spirituality and Growth.

The teachings attached to the Human-Growth perspective offer hands-on, practical ways of achieving the constant and continual opening that transformation is. If you don’t think you know what these tools are and yet have been reading this site for any amount of time, you’ll have been exposed to them because the extent to which I’ve drawn on Werner and other Growth leaders is great.

The Growth Movement in general offered us tools to harness the levels of intellectual and experiential knowledge to the process of ascendence, something many conventional Spiritual sources don’t necessarily emphasize. Growth was more about a human push towards holistic consciousness rather than a divine pull. It was seen as “down and dirty,” as opposed to the more pure and perfect conventional Spiritual paths.

Linda Dillon might say that growth concerns itself with a divine process of descendence – descent into the heart of physicality – our feelings, experience, beliefs and assumptions.  We ascend by descending into this now moment of life. We ascend by being here now. We ascend by being fully alive to everything in and around us while not attaching to anything.

We ascend by being fully who we are. And the “fully who we are” of Growth is no different than the “fully who we are” of Spirituality.


(1) Sri Krishna in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, trans., Bhagavad-Gita. The Song of God. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1972; c1944, 80.




art buddha meditate

unknown artist

The Exposé – Ground Crew – Alchemy of Life – Blood, Health, Aura – Intergalactic High Council of 12

The Exposé – Ground Crew – Alchemy of Life – Blood, Health, Aura – Intergalactic High Council of 12

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

alchemyGreetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe!

The transmission that you are about to see is quite a fascinating one. Some parts of this transmission have intrigued me and I was guided all over the internet in order to coherently explain to all of you some parts of the message that our benevolent counterparts are trying to convey to us. After you read this transmission I will talk about what I have discovered. This information which should assist you in releasing and purifying yourselves even more is found further below so be sure to scroll all the way down.

Now having said this here is the channeling that I have received from The Intergalactic Council of 12.

“The exposé of the global quests for the benevolent creation of fire and water principles is unfolding swiftly throughout the deep waters of GAIA. The exposé of the said principles is making itself known and preparing…

View original post 3,674 more words

Taking Responsibility for the Consciousness of Humanity ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

khaleesi_by_escume-d661w1z ANNA DITTMANN ART

Khaleesi by Anna Dittmann

Taking Responsibility for the Consciousness of Humanity

by Archangel Michael & the Galactic Federation

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  19th February 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

art OM NA triangle

We bring forth the vibration of peace to ignite within your being and burn up all forms of unrest and unbalance within your being. You are transforming dramatically at this time as is Mother Earth. Cocooned in love by the Beings of Venus, it is our combined energy of the Galactic Federation and Archangel Michael which is overseeing a movement of peace within all. Being erased from humanity are the feelings of unrest, resistance and disharmony especially connected to the Creator and the journey of ascension. Our focus is to replace the struggle and striving of a soul who has moved through numerous lifetimes so that peace can be ignited and experienced within. This is not a stillness nor an energy of being motionless, in fact it is an active energy of contentment and happiness within.

Our purpose as love is anchoring so profoundly upon the Earth is to erase the perspective and focused concentration that many hold upon negativity, separation and suffering. The greatest result of our healing work with humanity would be a shift in a great percentage of humanity concentrating upon positivity, truth and joy.

Each person upon the Earth has an aspect and energy of suffering, fear and disharmony within them, this is projecting into the consciousness of humanity continuously. Those of humanity who strongly resonate with negativity, suffering and pain then experience the projections placed into the consciousness of humanity as fuel to create and energise plans, corruption and devastation upon the Earth.

Imagine that your belief in suffering and devastation was so strong that you attracted like a magnet all the energy of suffering and devastation that every person on the Earth holds within them. You would be empowered beyond your understanding of power. Imagine also that with this power you were given ideas of creating more destruction upon the Earth. These ideas would then support you in attracting more people of similar vibrations and beliefs into your reality. This may feel impossible and yet it is occurring on the Earth now causing chaos, pain and suffering within the realities of those instigating and the recipients.

Many are also being fuelled by the consciousness of humanity in an entirely different way. There are those who are focusing with such intent upon love that they are drawing the love which is held within every person upon the Earth and is automatically projected into the consciousness of humanity into their beings. The love projected by many into the consciousness of humanity is acting as their fuel to encourage and empower them to create beauty, enlightenment and healing in the world touching the hearts of many.

We can see that the consciousness of humanity is creating a powerful energy like a charge of electricity which can influence the Earth and humanity tremendously. The consciousness of humanity acts like fuel which can be used for positive or negative experiences, it is predominantly a powerful weapon born from humanity to be used by humanity. There are those who have yet to discover the focus of their being, therefore they project both negative and positive energies and imprints into the consciousness of humanity. They are sometimes focused on love and other times fear, this fuels both negative and positive experiences upon the Earth and within their own reality. Such people are also being influenced by the power of the consciousness of humanity, being swayed, tossed and rocked each and every way. Therefore, experiences of insecurity, anxiety and resistance to the Creator arise from wi thin them.

The valuable insight to grasp is that every feeling and idea that every person experiences within them, whether it is fleeting or persistent is projected into the consciousness of humanity, which is akin to a network or body of energy. Every person on the Earth is connected to the network or body of the consciousness of humanity. Each person also receives energy and information from the consciousness of humanity as well as being influenced unconsciously or consciously. There are many levels of energy within the consciousness of humanity from the thoughts and energy of jealousy, fear and agony to the quicker vibration of pure enlightened, love and unity with the Creator, as well as everything else in between.  Your daily focus, beliefs and emotions determine the level of the consciousness of humanity you connect into and draw upon to support your reality upon the Earth. This signi fies that your negative thoughts can support a situation of pain and suffering on the other side of the world. For example, those who are responsible for acts of terrorism or violence towards others are drawing from the consciousness of humanity the pain and suffering that every person has experienced, including your own inner pain and suffering, which has yet to be realised and healed. So we could say the energy within you and others is creating the chaos upon the Earth, in the same way it is creating love and kindness upon the Earth.

Everyone is connected and everyone is co-creating the experiences of the Earth together.

We bring this to your realisation not to create fear or shame within you, it is to support you in realising that you are powerful. As you take responsibility for the energies within your being, so you change the consciousness of humanity and the experiences of everyone on the Earth. Imagine if a vast majority cleansed their thoughts and emotions creating and projecting loving qualities. The consciousness of humanity would transform into a source of loving qualities. This would mean that those wishing to create harm and destruction would only receive loving qualities from the consciousness of humanity, this would no longer fuel their intentions creating a healing within them, realisation of their past actions and a positive change in their perspective. Thus chaotic and devastating experiences, incidents and situations upon the Earth would be fewer.

It is time to take responsibility and realise that the healing work you achieve within you creates peace upon the Earth. When you see or hear about a situation upon the Earth, whether you perceive it as negative or positive, if it is your neighbour, in your country or another country we wish for you to contemplate the situation. What are the energies created by this situation? Then recognise that the same energies may be within your being and that energetically you played a part in the manifestation of the situation as did everyone else on the Earth. The energies you discover connected to the situation may have been held within your being in the past and projected into the consciousness of humanity, however they have since been healed within you. Perhaps you recognise the energies remain within you. If they are positive loving qualities rejoice in their manifestation upon the Earth, t heir presence within your being and the consciousness of humanity. Ask for your angels and guides to amplify the same energies within your being and the consciousness of humanity, asking that they manifest upon the Earth continuously for all to experience.

If the energies are of a negative vibration or quality, then it is first important to recognise honestly that these energies exist within you or have done in the past. If previously healed, then share your compassion with yourself and express it into the consciousness of humanity as a healing and purification. With recognition of the energies within the situation and the same within your being currently, a powerful healing process can begin. Your purpose is to heal and release the energies as well as erasing them from the consciousness of humanity.

‘With the support of my soul, Archangel Michael, the Galactic Federation and the Creator, I recognise the energies within me which I am imprinting into the consciousness of humanity. The energies within me I recognise are………………

I also allow myself to be illuminated concerning how these energies hinder and impact my own reality and connection with the Creator.’

Take time to allow any realisations which are required to be recognised to emerge from within your being.

‘I invite the healing of my soul, Archangel Michael, the Galactic Federation and the Creator to purify and erase these energies from my being and from the consciousness of humanity. The energy I chose to fill my being and the consciousness of humanity with is……………………… I experience this wholly now. Thank you.’

Such a focus as we have provided to you above supports realisations and healing of the energies within you. Sometimes the realisation is all that is required, other times persistent focus, inviting healing and inner awareness is required.

Your inner healing process is healing the world, creating peace for all to experience. We, Archangel Michael and the Galactic Federation are supporting the creation of peace as the Beings from Venus continue their download of love into the Earth and all of humanity.

Eternal peace is within,

Archangel Michael and the Galactic Federation

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Khaleesi by Anna Dittmann